Huerfano County, Colorado
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Contributed by Louise Adams, Jean Griesan and Karen Mitchell.
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1960 - 1964

1960 January Walsenburg: Boy Scout Troop 252 earned $115 on their Christmas tree sale.

1960 January Walsenburg: Busy Bee Cafe, 617 Main Street, was sold by Mr. and Mrs. Don Bonacci, operators for over 25 years, to Louis Galvez.

1960 January Walsenburg: Fashion Maids 4-H Club was organized Jan. 14 with Rose Ann Nardini, president; Barbara Ludvik, vice president; Arlene Feiccabrino, secretary and Toni Ann Herman, treasurer.

1960 January Walsenburg: Robert Young and Joe Zgut have retired from the Walsenburg Volunteer Fire Department after serving since 1939.

1960 January Walsenburg: The first baby born in Lamme Hospital for 1960 was a son born to Dr. and Mrs. Marcus Piano of Aguilar, named Joseph Mark.

1960 February Walsenburg: An estimated 200 people attended the dedication ceremonies of the Harry J. Capps Music Hall at W.H.S.

1960 February Walsenburg: Della Robinson and Ida Zapeda have opened The Family Store at 607 Main.

1960 February Walsenburg: Phil Vigil with 31 points led the St. Mary High School Crusaders to a 76-45 victory over Aguilar.

1960 February Walsenburg: The former O'Byrne Hardware at Main and Seventh streets was sold to Standard Oil Company which will raze the old building to erect a modem service station.

1960 February Walsenburg: Walsenburg High School's music building will be christened the Harry J. Capps Music Hall in dedication ceremonies February 10.

Colorado Springs Gazette 3-19-2006 - Return Route - New Passenger-Train Line from La Veta to Alamosa Makes Tracks Through History - La Veta - Gazing up at the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from the town depot you have to wonder: Can a train really get up and over that uplifted granite? Find out for yourself this spring, when Colorado's newest passenger train, the San Luis Express, begins running between La Veta and Alamosa. It's a thrilling, historic ride through some of the wilder regions of Colorado — a ride the public hasn't been able to take for more than a half century. Gen. William J. Palmer was the visionary railroad builder who mastered the southern Rockies, a legendary feat in railway circles. He used black powder to blast a pass through the mountains for his Denver and Rio Grande Railroad in the 1870s. The route between La Veta and Alamosa opened a door to the agricultural and mineral riches of the San Luis Valley and southwest Colorado. Yet for decades the only people who have traveled this remote region by train were the railroad crews that haul perlite, potatoes, barley, lava rock and other freight. An overnight passenger train was discontinued in 1953 after 80 years of operation. Train buffs are salivating at the news of a new rail route. The Express connects in Alamosa to another new line, the Toltec Gorge Limited, which in turn connects in Antonito to the famous Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railway. That means you can travel, with overnight stopovers, between La Veta and Chamas, N.M., on historic trains. Years ago, the La Veta route was billed as the “Scenic Line of the World.” That may be an overstatement, but it is a stunning 65-mile ride through wilderness punctuated by tunnels, an amazing pear-shaped bend, views of wildlife and some of Colorado's highest peaks, and plenty aren't-we-too-close-to-the-edge thrills. It is also believed to be the highest standard-gauge mainline freight route in North America, train officials say. One of the region's ranges is called Culebra, which means snake. And that is how this train crawls at 10 mph up the grueling 3 percent grade and over 9,242-foot La Veta Pass. Most railroad grades are 1 percent or 2 percent. New engineers “get shaky hands and big eyes” when they first travel over the pass, says Mike Lisac, San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad superintendent of operations. He's been in the business 33 years and says, “This route is the best ride you can get.” Lisac's crew manned the Express on a February trip for La Veta and Alamosa officials, who hope the new rail excursion will boost the area's economy. The excursion train is a joint effort by the San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad and the Denver and Rio Grande Historic Foundation. Permian Basin Railways bought the SLRG line from Rail-America Inc. late last year. La Veta residents welcome the train and the economic boost it's expected to bring. Closure of the nearby Cuchara ski area has left a dent in tourism, says Steve Perkins, president of the La Veta/Cuchara Chamber of Commerce. It appeared most of the town's 924 residents turned out to welcome the February train, singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” as the Express lurched to a stop in front of the old depot that is also the town hall. The original line helped build the area, but since the coal mines closed, this town at the foot of the picturesque Spanish Peaks has been reinventing itself as an arty tourist destination. The Francisco Fort Museum offers glimpses of La Veta's pioneer past as well as a look at the country you see from the train. Directly behind the depot is Ryus Avenue, lined with galleries and eateries. The Ryus Avenue Bakery serves up frothy chai, lemon bars and sandwiches. Nearby is Tims Art Quilt Studio and Gallery, owned by renowned quilt artist Ricky Tims. The surrounding mountains, he says, have inspired his sewing. Riding the San Luis Express is stepping back to the Golden Age of passenger travel. The coaches were created by Pullman for the Long Island Railroad in the 1950s. A baggage car has been retrofitted to serve as a snack bar. Owners expect to add an open-air car this summer and use two classic “covered wagon” locomotives that spanned the change from steam to diesel for some runs. Steve Rasmussen, a Littleton draftsman, photographer and historian who spent 10 years collecting photos and interviews for his book “The Rio Grande's La Veta Pass Route,” was aboard for the February trip. “We'll be hanging on the edge of the mountain in some places, with the valley 400 feet below,” he said gleefully. He hiked 27 miles along the track, from La Veta's depot to Wagon Wheel Junction on the west side of the pass, while completing research for the book in 1994; railway officials wouldn't allow him on the freight trains. He calls the route “one of the most interesting stories in railroad history.” Palmer, who founded the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad in 1870, helped fashion Colorado Springs into a resort by bringing his railroad south to shuttle tourists and tuberculosis patients from Denver. He continued the line to Walsenburg, with an eye toward Mexico. But the Santa Fe Railroad went to court to block his access to Raton Pass, so he turned westward at Walsenburg and built his line over the southern Rockies, fortuitously gaining access to the agricultural bounty of the San Luis Valley and the mineral riches of the San Juan Mountains. His construction crews blasted and dumped the earth into ravines using carts and mules. They crossed the pass in 1877 and reached Alamosa in July 1878. The present standard-gauge railway track across La Veta Pass was built in 1900, about seven miles south of Palmer's original narrow gauge route, but follows alongside the older track on the west slope between Wagon Creek Junction (where Highway 160 leaves the railroad) and Alamosa. “The new route is actually more spectacular and scenic than the original one,” Rasmussen says. It is certainly steeper. To see just how steep, look out the back of the train or step out to the back deck as the train lurches back and forth on its way up the pass. The train climbs through abundant scrub oak, piñon, and towering white pine and blue spruce. In February, the small mountain ponds were iced over and the damp rock ledges jutted out of the snow in startling gold-and-russet relief. There are two tunnels, both on tight curves. The longest is about 1,000 feet. A third tunnel kept collapsing, so crews “daylighted” it, blasting it away. In some places the train squeezes through cuts in the cliffs so close that you can reach out and touch them. Along the way there are vestiges of the past, including old freight cars once used as cabins for track-repair crews. Wooden fences that keep snow from blowing onto the tracks look like sculptures. In spring wild irises abound and in fall the forest is ablaze with aspen, crew members say. The train will run from Memorial Day to sometime in October, so passengers can see both. Just when you get used to the train's jerky swaying along the cliffside, pieces of blue twisted metal sitting trackside renew your jitters. A couple of years ago, 19 freight cars derailed in a snowstorm. Train officials assure passengers the new train is safer and has three sets of brakes. They attributed the nonfatal wreck to human error. Remnants of pens where ranchers held cattle for shipment east stand at the summit of La Veta Pass. There's a horseshoe-like bend where the train almost meets itself coming and going; crews call it “The Pear” because of its shape. On the west slope the grade softens to 2 percent and vistas open to some of the area's magnificent fourteeners, including Mount Blanca, Mount Lindsey and Crestone Needle. Even the pale edge of Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve is visible, if you look hard enough. The train picks up speed on the flatlands east of Alamosa, swaying past red-tinged willows, head-high chartreuse brush, a large herd of elk. Most of the passengers have retreated inside to warm up. Those left outside have fallen into a reverie, mesmerized by the rising moon and rhythmic train wheels playing a symphony on the track. The receding mountains are bathed in alpenglow. As the train crosses the Rio Grande River and pulls into the east yard in Alamosa, Rasmussen, the historian, recalls doing research and receiving blank stares from many who didn't know this route existed. In some ways, despite his book, he had wanted to keep this “best-kept railroad secret” a secret — like anyone who has found a special sense of place somewhere. But on this day, the excited welcome by La Veta townfolk and the joy of the passengers caught him off-guard and choked him up.

1960 March Walsenburg: Civic League will buy a merry-go-round for their city park.

1960 March Walsenburg: Huerfano County's nine working mines produced 8,885 tons of coal in January.

1960 March Walsenburg: Pins and Needles 4-H Club under the leadership of Mrs. Chaucey Day, won the window display contest as part of National 4-H Club Week.

1960 March Walsenburg: Receiving straight A's at Walsenburg High School were Shelley Davis, Silas Gonzales, Bill Murray, Bobby Pierotti, Timmy Figal and Ronald Carpio.

1960 April La Veta: Bids are being taken for a suitable building to lease for a post office, according to Postmaster Gilbert Arnold.

1960 April La Veta: John Viola will play in the high school all star football game this summer in Pueblo.

1960 April Walsenburg: An estimated 500-600 boys and girls took part in the annual Elks Easter Egg hunt at the Walsenburg High School athletic field.

1960 April Walsenburg: Twenty-five workers were added to the employment rolls in Huerfano County during March to bring the total with non-agricultural jobs to 2,665.

1960 May La Veta: An iron shed behind Lehman's Drug Store, owned by L.W. Coleman and containing supplies belonging to Charles Masinton, burned down Wednesday.

1960 May Walsenburg: "Enchanted Seas" was the theme of the St. Mary High School prom which was attended by more than 50 couples.

1960 May Walsenburg: Gilbert Valdez, 14, of Walsenburg, won the Colorado marble tournament at Sterling.

1960 May Walsenburg: Twenty-six local men are being affected by the layoffs at the Allen and Frederick mines of Colorado Fuel and Iron in Las Animas County.

1960 June La Veta: A record breaking 1,000 fishermen visited La Veta Lake on the opening day of fishing season.

1960 June La Veta: Edward L. Fitzpatrick Jr. started Ed's Ranch Equipment Company three blocks west of Christ the King Church.

1960 June La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. Warren Johnson bought the house they are living in on south Oak Street from J.J. Ferrari.

1960 June La Veta: The Cuchara store is open with the new owners Mr. and Mrs. Jack Britton and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Watson.

1960 June La Veta: The May production of coal in Huerfano County's five operating mines was 2,348 tons.

1960 June Walsenburg: Georgia Kay Kilmurray and Karen Abell will open a dancing school next week at 224 East Fifth.

1960 June Walsenburg: The O'Byrne building at Main and Seventh Streets, vacant the past several years, has been sold to Standard Oil Company for $15,000.

1960 July La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Sager, Sharron and Carol moved to Rocky Ford over the weekend but their son Leo, who is a high school senior, will stay with his grandfather Frank Hector to continue his school work.

1960 July: Mrs. Lee Boscia attended the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles and saw John Kennedy be nominated for president.

1960 August La Veta: The cable is in for the new ski tow on top of Cucharas Pass.

1960 August La Veta: Work on the new post office building at the corner of Ryus and Oak is progressing nicely.

1960 August Walsenburg: Some 300 persons attended the aquacade at the Walsenburg municipal pool set against the backdrop of Hawaiian decorations.

1960 September La Veta: Dale Tanner is the new pharmacist at Lehman Drug Store.

1960 September La Veta: La Veta Redskins eight-man football team started their season by defeating Moffat 60-14 with Wayne Kreutzer scoring five touchdowns.

1960 September La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. Byrel Goss, married March 19, 1910 in Glenwood Springs, will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend with their two sons and eight daughters.

1960 September La Veta: The new post office at the corner of Ryus and Oak opened Monday.

1960 September Walsenburg: State Sen. Sam T. Taylor will request assistance from the state for further development of Martin Lake.

1960 September Walsenburg: Two city patrolmen saw an unidentified flying object about six feet long pass their car about three o'clock Monday morning on West Seventh Street.

1960 September: St. Mary High School enrollment is 126, or 10 less than last year, and 318 are registered in the grade school.

1960 October La Veta: Francisco Fort Museum is now equipped with a fool proof burglar alarm that can be heard all over town.

1960 October La Veta: The Redskins overwhelmed Manassa 67-6 in the homecoming game, led by Wayne and Glenn Kreutzer with 27 and 25 points respectively.

1960 October Walsenburg: Conrad Martinez, 50, of Gardner, will oppose Sabino Archuleta for county commissioner as an Independent.

1960 October Walsenburg: Northup Brothers of Colorado Springs began construction of a 10-mile road into the Williams Creek area to set up a sawmill.

1960 October Walsenburg: Northup Brothers of Colorado Springs began construction of a 10-mile road into the Williams Creek area to set up a sawmill.

1960 October Walsenburg: Some 50 women attended a "Pat for First Lady" coffee given Friday afternoon at the W.M. Thach residence.

1960 October Walsenburg: Widespread damage was caused in Walsenburg by an 18 inch snowfall which began Friday and ended Sunday.

1960 October Walsenburg: Widespread damage was caused in Walsenburg by an 18 inch snowfall which began Friday and ended Sunday.

1960 November La Veta: The new $12,000 post office with Postmaster Gilbert Arnold will be dedicated Saturday.

1960 November La Veta: The Redskins defeated Cripple Creek-Victor 34-6 to reach the Class C football finals.

1960 November Walsenburg: A recount of ballots show Conrad Martinez edged out Sabino Archuleta 2062-2035 instead of the latter winning by two votes.

1960 November Walsenburg: A straw vote at Walsenburg High School resulted in John F. Kennedy receiving 220 votes over Richard M. Nixon's 122.

1960 November Walsenburg: The engagement of Laura Bell Ridings and David Lee Kirscht was announced. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Murray and lives with her grandmother, Mrs. E.W. Krier.

1960 November Walsenburg: Walsenburg High School clinched the Southern Peaks Class A League football championship by defeating Del Norte 27-7 last Friday at Del Norte.

1960 December La Veta: Ellis H. Smith was elected chairman of the Huerfano County Agricultural and Stabilization Committee for 1961.

1960 December La Veta: Lehman Drug store is being enlarged and the windows changed.

1960 December La Veta: Members of Snowy Range 4-H Club will pick up discarded Christmas trees after the holidays as part of their soil conservation program.

1960 December La Veta: The Redskins handily won the championship at Sierra Grande Invitational Basketball Tournament with a 52-23 win over Hoehne.  The two Kreutzer brothers scored 32 points between them.

1960 December Walsenburg: A $20,000 fire destroyed the Maitland No. 2 coal mine tipple three miles northwest of Walsenburg, operated by Frank Fink Jr., Clarence Clair and Pete Grgich.

1960 December Walsenburg: Applications for drivers' licenses are now having color pictures taken to go along with the operators' permits.

1960 December Walsenburg: Members of the Walsenburg High school Panther football team were honored Monday night with a banquet in the high school cafeteria.

1960 December Walsenburg: Somewhat over 19 acres of land in the northeastern section of Walsenburg has been purchased by Spanish Peaks Corporation from the Sisters of Charity for a housing development, in the 700 and 800 blocks of Pennsylvania where a hospital was planned in the 1940s.

1960 December Walsenburg: The Veterans of Foreign Wars distributed 95 Christmas baskets to needy families.

1961 January La Veta: About 125 skiers and sledders were counted over the weekend at the Cuchara Ski Basin, Jack Britton, president of Barranca Ski Corporation, reported.

1961 January La Veta: Lorraine Hector is serving as La Veta correspondent to the Huerfano World in the absence of the regular one.

1961 January Walsenburg: Leonard Joiner, operator of the Crescent Motel, was elected president of the Spanish Peaks Motel Association.

1961 February La Veta: Denzel Percifull was installed new master councilor of La Veta chapter of DeMolay Sunday afternoon.

1961 February La Veta: Died, Charles Kimsey in Baltimore Feb. 12. He left La Veta in 1915. Survivors include his sisters Laura Doty and Katherine Laird and nephews Luther and Robert Bruce.

1961 February La Veta: Freshmen on the honor roll this six weeks are Darrell Arnold, James Carver, Wayman Percifull and Jack Rickards.

1961 February La Veta: Freshmen receiving all A's for the past six weeks are George Albright and Karen Kmetz.

1961 February La Veta: Rights to publish a western novel, Arrowhead Ranch by Eugene C. Vories, former local resident, have been purchased by a London, England, publishing firm.

1961 March La Veta: Joe Robino was elected president of Rotary Club, Louis Kopine, vice president, Phil Miles, secretary and Rollie Lehman, treasurer.

1961 March La Veta: Mary Wilkowsky and her daughter Wilma Bruce are visiting Mary parents Mr. and Mrs. John Klikus.

1961 March La Veta: The Denver and Rio Grande Western will close its freight depot here April 1.

1961 March Walsenburg: "Just Ducky," a three-act comedy, will be presented tomorrow night by the senior class of Walsenburg High School under the direction of Mrs. Nell Lloyd.

1961 March Walsenburg: Rita Archuleta, Ray Faris, Connie Garbiso, Ida Gomez, Eddie Jamell and bill Murray were inducted into the National Honor Society Monday at Walsenburg High School.

1961 April La Veta: Died, W. "Burt" Cole, 48, in Modesto Calif. He used to own the home now Gilbert Arnold's.

1961 April Walsenburg: Gloria Santistevan of Gardner was elected president of the Huerfano County Young Citizens League at the group's 16th annual convention, Kathy Bailey, vice president, Leonard Micek, secretary and Larry Nugent, treasurer.

1961 April Walsenburg: Mrs. Dorothy Richman, a nurse who attained the rank of captain in the Air Force, is the first female member of American Legion Post #16.

1961 May La Veta: Evelyn Harryman received an above 3.5  grade point average at Adams State College and will be listed on the Dean's Honor Roll.

1961 May La Veta: Seniors receiving straight A's were Marie Galvan, Cleatrice Miller and Helen Weir.

1961 May La Veta: The freshman class sponsored by Ann Brgoch and Mildred Geiser had a hayride-picnic on Middle Creek, with Jerry Geiser driving the tractor.

1961 May Walsenburg: Judge John N. Mabry signed an order forming a hospital district for Huerfano County, which will be administered by a board of five members.

1961 May Walsenburg: Over 200 people attended the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Albino Vigil, residents of Walsenburg for over 50 years.

1961 June 1 Mrs. Maude Blanton of Klamath, Calif., is here visiting her son, C.B. Blanton and family.

1961 June Walsenburg: Named queen of the Jim Like Rodeo was 14-year-old Sandra Ann Zanon and her attendants will be Lillian Provenza and Carol Jeanne Lisac.

1961 June Walsenburg: Steve Tice, 12, was judged best Huck Finn and Toni Pineda, 8, the best Becky Thatcher, each winning $20 merchant certificates.

1961 July La Veta: About 325 guests attended a party at the Chuck Wagon in Cuchara in honor of Lawrence Welk who is visiting Dwight Wilson.

1961 July La Veta: Tyrus D. Escalante, Frederick D. Sanchez and John B. Viola were inducted into the Army this week in Denver.

1961 July Walsenburg: The area around Horseshoe and Martin lakes, which is scheduled for recreational development, has been formally transferred to the state.

1961 August Walsenburg: Gardner had its annual St. Isidore Fiesta last weekend with religious rites, parade, rodeo and an open-pit barbecue.

1961 August Walsenburg: Walsenburg Housing Authority will build 30 new low-rent units this year, with 28 specifically for the elderly, at an estimated cost of $874,472.

1961 August: Leagues for the 1961-1962 season for Walsenburg's new bowling facility, Crown Lanes, are now being accepted.

1961 September La Veta: A number of the summer people still in Cuchara saw their first snowfall here last weekend.

1961 September La Veta: Fire destroyed the old two-story log home of Charlie Mack at the Gap, built in the 1870s and now owned by Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hollman.

1961 September Walsenburg: All 10 surviving graduates of the 1911 Class of Huerfano County High School attended the reunion here Saturday, Otto Klein, Gladys Brand Perry, George A. Trout, Laura Richey Bueler, Harold Q. Anderson, Katherine Jones Cunningham, Vernie Unfug Hutchcraft, Edward Williams, Esta Fiegal Hettic and Caroline Sporleder Young.

1961 September Walsenburg: Walsenburg's new bowling facility, Crown Lanes, will open Monday according to Mario Mattero and Ed Zagar, owners.

1961 October La Veta: A proposed $250,000 bond issue for a hospital and public health center for Huerfano County was approved by voters by a margin of 11-1, or 1,632 for and 143 against.

1961 October La Veta: John Beamer was installed Master Councilor of the local DeMolay chapter.

1961 October La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Erwin celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary Oct. 5 with 36 guests.

1961 October La Veta: Sharron Spielmann was crowned Football Queen at the game with Rye Friday afternoon.

1961 October Walsenburg: Mayor Ethel Stacy cut the ribbon to mark the grand opening of Walsenburg's new bowling facility, Crown Lanes.

1961 October Walsenburg: The tipple at the Caddell No. 3 coal mine, opened in 1934 but not worked since 1952, was completely destroyed by fire.

1961 October Walsenburg: Work is expected to start this fall on the projected state recreation area at Martin and Horseshoe Lakes.

1961 November La Veta: Gloria Jean Williams was elected Queen of the Harvest Ball and John Beamer, king.

1961 November La Veta: Over $1,600 was stolen last weekend from Young Brothers Conoco service station, La Veta Cash and Carry and Lehman's Liquors.

1961 November Walsenburg: After registering a high of 64 degrees last weekend, Walsenburg experienced a 9½ inch snowfall this week.

1961 November Walsenburg: Billie's Beauty Shop at Mutual has reopened after remodeling.

1961 November Walsenburg: Huerfano County mines produced 5,177 tons of coal in October with Calumet #2 the leading producer with 1,646 tons.

1961 November Walsenburg: The Elks Club donated a pool table to the new Teen Canteen in the 100 block of West Seventh Street.

1961 November: Ethel Stacy was re-elected Walsenburg's mayor by a margin of two to one. New council members will be Fern Bonicelli, John Wilkins, Robert Frasher, Ann Gasperetti and re-elected were Harry Haines, Janie Lencz, Ida Zapeda and Marie Pavlick.

1961 November: For the third straight year, the La Veta Redskins won the right to play in the Class C football playoffs after defeating Saguache 27 to 0.

1961 November: St. Mary seniors on the honor roll are Jay Geiger, Jane Pacheco, Susan Solomon, Lorraine Trujillo, Carol Ann Visich and Karen Widdifield.

1961 December La Veta: James Gribben, coach and teacher at L.V.H.S. the past two years, has been appointed principal.

1961 December La Veta: School Board president John Geiser presented Z. Howard Moore an award for 27 years of bus driving without an accident.

1961 December Walsenburg: Bill Phifer took over duties as manager of the Walsenburg exchange of Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co.

1962 January La Veta: An estimated 25 to 30 skaters have daily been frequenting our new skating pond.

1962 January La Veta: James Mark Erwin was born in Pueblo to the former Barbara Anderson of La Veta. His father is serving with the Army in Okinawa.

1962 January La Veta: Much damage to trees and structures occurred during the 36-hour terrific wind storm.

1962 January La Veta: Sixty-nine couples took out marriage licenses during 1961 from County Clerk Conrad Cordova, four more than in 1960.

1962 January Walsenburg: Mrs. John Ward and Mrs. Steve Bechaver will be the cooks in the newly completed cafeteria at Washington School.

1962 January Walsenburg: Nestor Mestas, survivor of the torpedoing of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and born in Cucharas in 1921, was the subject of a feature story in the Albany, Calif., newspaper.

1962 January Walsenburg: Walsenburg experienced one of her wetter years in 1961 with total moisture for the 12 months at 19.59 inches.

1962 February La Veta: Howard Baker, who was the contractor for the La Veta Elementary School, is now building the Air Force Academy stadium which will seat 40,000.

1962 February La Veta: Members of the First Southern Baptist Church met Sunday for the first time in their new church.

1962 February La Veta: The Redskins defeated Saguache 58-36 with Fred Scholes and Dick Willcox leading the scoring with 12 points each.

1962 February La Veta: The Stitch-Away 4-H Club was organized Feb. 14 with Mrs. Edward Fitzpatrick leader and Bobby Willis junior leader.

1962 February Walsenburg: Ground is expected to be broken for the new hospital in Walsenburg by next summer.

1962 February Walsenburg: Michael's Novelties, 131½ East fifth, owned by Mrs. Angelo Mosco, was broken into and candy, pop, popcorn, a radio and many comic books were taken.

1962 February Walsenburg: National Honor Society at Walsenburg High School will induct Ronald Carpio, William Cerda, Timmy Figal, Albert Gonzales, Georgia Kay Kravic, Bob Pierotti, Peggy Redpath and Opal Richards.

1962 March La Veta: Chester Howlett visited La Veta for the first time since 1940 and visited his uncles Norman and Charles.

1962 March La Veta: Mike and Clarence Heikes are operating the former Scenic View Cafe on Hwy. 160 while Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strovas Sr. are away.

1962 March Walsenburg: Betty Vicic, senior at Walsenburg High School, reigned as basketball sweetheart queen last Friday night.

1962 March Walsenburg: Junior Women's Club will sponsor an original art contest for Walsenburg high school students, offering a $5.00 first prize.

1962 March Walsenburg: Marck's Coin-Op Dry Cleaners, 238 West Seventh Street, will have a grand opening March 30-31 and April 1.

1962 March Walsenburg: The Sudar brothers of Walsenburg purchased some 4,500 acres seven miles northwest of Walsenburg from Morse Brothers Machinery Company of Denver for the development of the Del Carbon mine.

1962 April La Veta: Frank Piazza of Walsenburg will build a drive-in theater along Highway 160 just west of Martin Lake recreation area.

1962 April La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Kreutzer celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with their five children and eight grandchildren.

1962 April La Veta: Teresa Gordon, 13, will represent La Veta in the Rocky Mountain News Spelling Bee in Denver April 7.

1962 April La Veta: The Junior High track team defeated Sangre de Christo 46-44 in a track and field event in La Veta, with Travis Hickey and Lloyd Weir the high scorers.

1962 April La Veta: The Roping Club elected Billy Riggins, president, Ellis Weir, vice president and Lee Spalding, secretary-treasurer.

1962 April La Veta: There are two at the school, Mrs. Helen Frances Magnino and Ronald Kent Wilson. However, James Gribben quit as principal and coach and Kent Herbert resigned as music instructor.

1962 April Walsenburg: Building plans for the new hospital in Walsenburg have been reviewed, along with soil reports, by the hospital board.

1962 April Walsenburg: J.J. Stimack, county commissioner the past eight years, will be a candidate for re-election from District No. 3. He is 49 and has been a coal dealer since 1937. He formerly served three terms on City Council. He is married to the former Josephine Zgut and they have two children, Donald and Mary Jo.

1962 April Walsenburg: Ten more units are being built plus new apartments for owners Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Transmeier at the Rambler Motel north of Walsenburg.

1962 April Walsenburg: The potential in the development of Lathrop State Park at Martin Lake is virtually unlimited according to the state park and recreation board, and could include overnight camping facilities, parking area, boat launching and picnic areas.

1962 May La Veta: Francisco Fort Museum will open for the season on Memorial Day and new features of a pioneer bedroom and a gift shop added.

1962 May La Veta: Rev. Gerault gave his last sermon at the La Veta Baptist Church after 24 years.

1962 May La Veta: School Superintendent E.A. Stansbury is retiring at the close of this term.

1962 May La Veta: The Junior-Senior Prom was Saturday evening with a "Fantasy of the Sea" theme.

1962 May Walsenburg: A storm over Walsenburg left .08 of an inch of rain to bring the total precipitation for the year to four inches.

1962 May Walsenburg: Cousins Larry Ruiz, 12, and Bob Ruiz, 13, were top shooters in the VFW marble tourney.

1962 May Walsenburg: Formal dedication of Lathrop State Park at Martin Lake recreation area will be June 9.

1962 May Walsenburg: Some 50 picnic tables, three restroom facilities and buoys have arrived for the new state recreation park at Martin Lake.

1962 June La Veta: Jerry Masinton has returned after teaching the past year in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1962 June La Veta: Ten freight cars of a 37-car train were derailed Saturday on the D&RGW tracks one mile west of the La Veta depot.

1962 June Walsenburg: For sale: apartment house, four units, furnished, plus a six room house on three lots on Capitol Hill, $17,000.

Huerfano World 7-5-1962 Freda Scholes, Ronald Cruz Wed in Raton On Saturday, June 16, at 10:30 in the morning Freda Scholes and Ronald Cruz were married in Raton, N.M. by Justice of the Peace Steve Segotta. Vickie, sister of the groom and Tony Griego stood up with them. The four had a wedding dinner at Shosky's Café in Walsenburg. At the reception at the home of Mrs. Emma Cruz in the evening were some 52 guests. Freda Scholes Cruz is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scholes of La Veta, a graduate of 1961 class of LVHS. Ronald Cruz is the son of Mrs. Emma Cruz, also of La Veta.The newlyweds plan to go to California in August, where they will make their home.

1962 July La Veta: Gloria Jean Williams and Barbara Willis will be the queen's attendants at the Jim Like Rodeo this weekend in Walsenburg.

1962 July La Veta: Jerry Masinton has returned after teaching the past year in Honolulu Hawaii.

1962 July Walsenburg: A total of 35,700 persons visited the new Lathrop Park in June, with the average daily count 305 people.

1962 August La Veta: New teachers in the La Veta Schools this year are Miss Shirley Marcen and Mrs. Frances Magnino.

1962 August La Veta: The 5th annual Fly-In Breakfast will be from 8-10 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 12, at the La Veta airport.

1962 August Walsenburg: Sacred Heart Church in Gardner will sponsor an amateur rodeo, carnival and two dances Saturday and Sunday, August 11-12.

1962 August Walsenburg: The second of three doses of the Sabin oral polio vaccine will be given Sunday in Walsenburg schools.

1962 August Walsenburg: Walsenburg junior Woman's Club received a $5,000 prize for their community improvement project, according to Mrs. Alfred Lenzotti, president.

1962 August: A new swimming pool was recently completed at the Rambler Motel just north of the City.

1962 September La Veta: La Veta Redskins fell to Manassa Friday afternoon 12-7 with J.B. Geiser scoring the lone touchdown for the home team.

1962 September La Veta: The Redskins first game of the season, played in Mosca, gave La Veta a 14-6 win.

1962 September Walsenburg: A delegation from Walsenburg went to Denver Monday to ask for a women's prison to be located here.

1962 September Walsenburg: A proposed rehabilitation camp for boys at Lathrop Park has received a favorable report.

1962 September: A city swimming meet last Saturday ended the current season at the municipal pool.

1962 September: A loss estimated at $60,000 was caused in a four and a half hour fire at AA Motel, 706 Walsen Avenue, owned by Albert Amiday Jr.

1962 September: John Love, Republican candidate for governor, will be in Walsenburg Tuesday and will speak from the courthouse steps at 3 p.m.

1962 October La Veta: Elected officers of the junior class were Elsie Shrout, president; Jack Rickards, vice president, Karen Kmetz, secretary and Darrell Arnold, treasurer.

1962 October La Veta: Francisco Fort Museum is adding a new log cabin for a shop in which to sell novelties.

1962 October La Veta: The Redskins beat the Rye Thunderbolts in Rye Friday 27-7 with touchdowns by George Galvan, Pete Percifull and J.B. Geiser.

1962 October Walsenburg: Jean Rogers will be Walsenburg High School homecoming queen with attendants to be Lorraine King, Shirley Olguin, Judy Sandoval and Georgia Kay Kravic.

1962 October Walsenburg: The revised City of Walsenburg budget for 1963 is $120,080 with the largest single item being $30,800 for salaries.

1962 October Walsenburg: The revised City of Walsenburg budget for 1963 is $120,080 with the largest single item being $30,800 for salaries.

1962 November La Veta: About 45 people enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at the Chuck Wagon in Cuchara.

1962 November La Veta: Although there is 20-24 inches of snow, construction of the new shelter house has postponed the opening of the Cuchara Ski Basin until Dec. 2.

1962 November La Veta: Clarence Heikes has finished the basement of his family's new home near their restaurant on Highway 160.

1962 November La Veta: Juniors on the honor roll are George Albright, James Carver, Karen Kmetz and Wayman Percifull.

1962 November La Veta: Rev. Wayne Thompson is the new pastor of the new Mountain View Baptist Church, although the church has no building as of yet.

1962 November La Veta: The school enrollment, which has been as high as 222 and as low as 194, at present stands at 211.

1962 November Walsenburg: A supplemental Public Works Administration grant of $14,389 is anticipated for the construction of the new community hospital in Walsenburg.

1962 November Walsenburg: Christmas decorations are going up on Walsenburg's Streets.

1962 November Walsenburg: Houston Construction Company's low bid of $457,457 was accepted by the Hospital Board.

1962 November Walsenburg: The county commissioners propose a $272,968 budget for 1963 based on a tax levy of 24.20 mills.

1962 November Walsenburg: The new housing project was started in the area bounded by Russell, Kansas, Colorado and Polk Avenues.

1962 November Walsenburg: Three members of the Walsenburg High School football squad, Don Tenorio, Alfred Owens and Mike Neely, were chosen for the 1962 All Southern Peaks Class "A" League team.

1962 December La Veta: Ethel Brown is the new owner of the Pleasant view Cafe on Highway 160, having purchased it from Mike Heikes.

1962 December La Veta: La Veta High School Student of the Month Pete Percifull was a guest of the Rotary Club Tuesday evening.

1962 December Walsenburg: Approximately 700 youngsters attended the free movie last Friday afternoon at the Fox Theater.

1962 December Walsenburg: Forty-five parcels of property were sold for $3,876 in the annual tax sale according to County Treasurer Thomas Solomon.

1962 December Walsenburg: Some 250 friends and relatives attended a surprise reception Sunday honoring Mr. and Mrs. Louis Andreatta on their golden wedding anniversary.  They both were born in Tyrol but met in Walsenburg and were married Nov. 30, 1912 in St. Mary Church.

1963 January La Veta: A lovely wedding shower was hosted by Helen Weir for Vonna Hector, who married Larry Parsons Oct. 12.  The shower was delayed by Vonna's illness and the death of her grandma Hottinger.

1963 January La Veta: The children's choir of the Methodist church gave a concert Sunday evening.

1963 January La Veta: The Cucharas Sanitation and Water District was formed to build a $2½ million system.

1963 January La Veta: There was a fine snowfall but it all melted before Christmas Day.

1963 January Walsenburg: Star Caywood was sworn in as Huerfano County's representative in the state legislature, succeeding Albert Tomsic who did not run for re-election.

1963 February Walsenburg: Gary Micheli, Tom Simpleman and David DallaGuardia are the first local youths to receive the Ad Altare Dei Scout award.

1963 February Walsenburg: Juan A. Medina, pioneer of Huerfano County, will celebrate his 95th birthday Sunday.  During his years in Walsenburg, he operated a grocery store from 1909 to 1931 and served under Sheriff Harry Capps.

1963 February Walsenburg: Mute testimony to the force of recent winds is the new drive-in on Highway 160 where the screen was completely stripped from its framework.

1963 March La Veta: Four students of LVHS earned straight A's, Glenna Walls, James Carver, Kenneth Arnold and Teresa Gordon.

1963 March Walsenburg: Bellino's Style Shop of Mrs. Pat Bush, successor to Unfug Apparel, has moved from 624 Main Street to 515 Main.                     

1963 March Walsenburg: Forty more low rent public housing units are being requested by Walsenburg. Sixty are under construction.

1963 March Walsenburg: Workmen are tearing down the old adobe grandstand at the county fairgrounds, build by the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s.

1963 May La Veta: Cheerleaders for next year were elected Tuesday and will be Carolyn Wagner, Adelyn Duzenack, Sharron Sager, and Barbara Willis.

1963 May La Veta: Elsie Shrout was installed Worthy Advisor, Order of Rainbow for Girls, Assembly No. 75 on May 26, her 17th

1963 May La Veta: The San Isabel National Forest office is being remodeled to permit more useable space.

1963 May Walsenburg: Despite the drought, there is enough water to open the swimming pool June 2.

1963 May Walsenburg: Walsenburg received its first precipitation since March 13 Sunday when .02 inch of rain was recorded. Total precipitation for the year now stands at 2.93 inches.

1963 June La Veta: The new highway over La Veta Pass is rapidly nearing completion.

1963 July 4: Jack Rickards took his son, Jackie, and his motorboat and Gilbert Arnold took his sons, Darrell and Kenny to Navajo Lake where they spent the weekend fishing and boating.

1963 July 4: Major and Mrs. Gayle Noble and daughter, Kim, from Albuquerque, N.M. came Monday June 17 as a guest in the home of Louis Kopine home. Mrs. Harold Black and son, David, of Yuma came Saturday June 15, and stayed a week, Nobles left Tuesday.Mr. and Mrs. Kopine took their daughter and grandson back to Yuma, then all four went to Menden, Nebraska, through Pioneer Village. The Kopines spent two nights in Yuma then came home. Dorothy's husband, Harold, is a reserve, training in Wisconsin. On their way to La Veta, Mr. and Mrs. Kopine saw the wreck near Crow that killed two young men.

1963 July 4: Miss Emma Vories and Mrs. Carrie Hamilton were luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. P.W. Richert Tuesday. It was a patio party.

1963 July 4: Mr. and Mrs. David Kreutzer had a dinner Friday evening in honor of their daughter Dana Gayles' first birthday......

1963 July 4: Mr. and Mrs. George Welsby Sr. left here for Price, Utah where they visited her brother, Tony Baione and wife. Next they traveled in Northwest Colorado, spent the weekend in Denver with their other son, Mr. and Mrs. George Welsby Jr., and grandson Scott, and came home Sunday evening.

1963 July 4: Mr. and Mrs. Proctor Hayes and daughter, Mrs. Donna Robino, left Colorado, June 9 to visit Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hayes in Bellingham. Washington. ...they arrived home June 22.

1963 July 4: Mrs. E.E. Kirkpatrick gave a party Saturday afternoon honoring the 85th birthday of her mother, Mrs. Mary Shaefer.

1963 July 4: Mrs. Gertrude Ashbrook, who has been visiting Esther Smith since Monday, returned to her home in Pueblo Wednesday.

1963 July 4: Mrs. Mary A. Walker has been taken from the hospital in Sayre, Oklahoma City. She is able to be up part of the time.

1963 July 4: Mrs. Merritt McLain recently had a severe fall at her home that bruised her up considerably, but no bones were broken.

1963 July 4: The Kensington Club met with Mrs. Esther Smith Wednesady afternoon. After a time spent visiting and sewing, refreshments of iced tea and lemon pie were served to Miss Flora Woodring, Miss Winnie Woodring, Mmes. Margaret Garren, Elva Lee Briggs, Grace Mallory, Pansy Coleman, Neal Baysinger, Myron Mickey, Gertrude Ashbrook and Charles Firm.

1963 July Walsenburg: Grand opening of the Trail Drive-In will feature three door prizes plus Rosalind Russell, Natalie Wood and Karl Malden in "Gypsy" plus Elvis in "It Happened at the World's Fair."

1963 July: After the stream flow in the Cucharas ceased and because of the continued critical shortage of water, all irrigation in Walsenburg has been ordered stopped.

1963 August La Veta: Born, a son Aug. 16 to Vern and Betty Story of Stockton, Calif.  He has been named "Joseph Lee."

1963 August La Veta: Cheerleaders Carolyn Wagner, Adelyn Duzenack, Sharon Sager and Barbara Willis attended a clinic in Denver.

1963 August La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. Don Vietti and family, who have spent vacation time in Cuchara the past few summers, have purchased lots near the Flowers' cabin in the Albright Addition and are building a cabin.

1963 August Walsenburg: The combined band of the public elementary schools of Walsenburg and St. Mary finished third during competition at the Arkansas Valley Fair.

1963 September La Veta: Cindy Britton and Kim Tesitor were candle lighters for the Cuchara Chapel services Sunday morning. 

1963 September La Veta: Miss Jolene Coombs is the new music instructor.

1963 September La Veta: Re-2 School Board is desirous of selling Lots 9-12 in Block 74.

1963 September Walsenburg: For Sale: Ideal family home, four bedrooms, modem, nice yard, garage, $9,000.

1963 September Walsenburg: St. Mary Crusaders won their first game of the season over Colorado State Reformatory of Buena Vista, 12-0.

1963 October: Walsenburg High School homecoming queen will be Judy Sandoval and her attendants will be Mary Sanchez, Sharon Biggi, Jeanette Mall and Josephine Lucero.

1963 October La Veta: Cuchara people are delighted the highway is now paved up to the Forks.

1963 October Walsenburg: Miss Delia Garcia, who will wed Harold Martinez Nov. 23, was honored at a bridal shower in V.F.W. Hall Saturday evening.

1963 October Walsenburg: Sister Suzanne, principal of St. Mary. School, accepted a donation from the Knights of Columbus to purchase furniture for the convent.

1963 October Walsenburg: Sister Suzanne, principal of St. Mary. School, accepted a donation from the Knights of Columbus to purchase furniture for the convent.

1963 November La Veta: LVHS students will present a comedy, "A Date with a Dream," featuring Jim Carver, Sharon Sager, Jimmie Wagner, Barbara Dixon and Adelyn Duzenack.

1963 November Walsenburg: Robert Ariano was the top scorer in Saturday's punt, pass and kick contest at St. Mary Stadium.

1963 November Walsenburg: The St. Mary Crusaders walloped Antonito 40-0 there.

1963 December La Veta: The annual Christmas musical program put on by the school children was a hit.

1963 December Walsenburg: Albert J. Tomsic, attorney and former speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, was named Man of the Year by the Huerfano County Chamber of Commerce.

1963 December Walsenburg: Approximately 200 children attended the special Christmas feature at the Fox Theater when the admission was staple food items for the needy.

1963 December Walsenburg: Seventy-three parcels of property sold for $6,066.97 in the annual tax sale Monday and Tuesday.

1963 December Walsenburg: The first baby born in the new Huerfano Memorial Hospital was Ronald Eugene, born Dec. 14 to Mr. and Mrs. John O. Donnell of Walsenburg, their seventh child.  They won a $25 credit on their hospital bill.

1963 December Walsenburg: The first patient in the new Huerfano Memorial Hospital was Ben Billingsly who was brought from Hidden Valley Ranch about 50 miles southeast of Walsenburg after he was injured by a horse.

1963 December Walsenburg: Walsenburg High School concert band and mixed chorus will give a Christmas program tonight under the direction of Frank Montera, music instructor.

1964 January Walsenburg: Chinook winds the past week sent the mercury into the 50s for several days.

1964 January Walsenburg: Janet Gaynor, motion picture star of the 1920s, stopped off in Walsenburg to dine at the Little Pig Inn where she ate the baked chicken.

1964 January Walsenburg: Lee Schlabach was named acting administrator of Huerfano Memorial Hospital to succeed the Rev. Allen Erb.

1964 January Walsenburg: Precipitation for 1964 in Walsenburg was 12.87 inches.

1964 February 27: Constance Ghiardi was hostess to Omicron Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa on Saturday, February 22. Nell Frost, president, presided over the business meeting, which was opened with prayer by Alice Kopine.

1964 February 27: Mrs. Neil Miller and Mrs. Pansy Coleman journeyed to Denver Saturday morning. Mrs. Coleman visited Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Stream and found them in good health and cheerful. Mrs. Doris Hansen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stream, called in the evening. Streams and their guest attended the Grand Avenue Methodist church Sunday morning. Mrs. Miller, who had been visiting her daughters and Mrs. Coleman returned to La Veta Sunday afternoon.

1964 February 27: Superintendant of Schools, Edwin P. Hildebrands and Mrs. Hildebrands attended the American Association of School Administrators convention held Feb. 14-21 in Atlantic City, N.J.

1964 February Walsenburg: Fred Eccher has purchased the interest of Ed Zagar in the Crown Lanes bowling enterprise and will operate it in partnership with Mario Matteo.

1964 February Walsenburg: The formal dedication of the new edifice of the First Southern Baptist Church in Walsenburg will be at 2:00 p.m. this Sunday in the 800 block of Pennsylvania.

1964 March La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. James Erwin and little mark came home from Okinawa March 19 after a 14 month sojourn.

1964 March La Veta: Representing La Veta School in the county spelling contest for the fourth grade will be Irene Duzenack and John Britton.

1964 March La Veta: The LVHS Redskins closed their regular league basketball season with a convincing victory over Sierra Grande, 85-46.

1964 March Walsenburg: Coal production in Huerfano County during January amounted to 6,498 tons.

1964 March Walsenburg: First National Bank has a new electric time and temperature sign.

1964 March Walsenburg: Gerald J. Skrzynear, grandson of Mrs. Frank Skrzynear of Walsenburg, was initiated into Delta Nu Alpha fraternity at Denver University.

1964 March Walsenburg: Janice Bush and Alexis Lenzini, St. Mary High School, won gavels in debating in a forensics competition at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

1964 April La Veta: La Veta High School football and baseball coach Len Wilson announced his resignation after two years with the school.

1964 April La Veta: Mildred's Fine Foods now has a lighted sign on the corner of Main and Francisco.

1964 April Walsenburg: Castle Coal and Supply Company's new $100,000 Texaco service station on Highway 10 just off 1-25 opened for business this week.

1964 April Walsenburg: Santi Motor and Oil Company is constructing a $78,000 service station at the intersection of Highways 85-87 and 69 north of Walsenburg.

1964 April Walsenburg: Several hundred children participated in the Elks annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday afternoon but four-year-old Alvin Vallejos was the lucky winner of a free theater ticket.

1964 April Walsenburg: Two walls of the new Phillips "66" service station being built by Santi Oil Company south of Rambler Motel and Cafe blew down in up high winds Sunday.

1964 May La Veta: Rufus Linscott is building a cabin in Cuchara for C.E. Foster, Oklahoma City, just south of the caretaker's house on the hill above the highway.

1964 May La Veta: Students of the high school will present "A Will and a Way" May 8-9 starring Darrell Arnold, Wayman Percifull, Gayle Walls, Jim Carver, Jack Rickards, Carolyn Wagner and Mary Watson.

1964 May Walsenburg: High winds in Walsenburg Sunday afternoon toppled t.v. aerials, broke windows, knocked over street signs and sent debris and tumbleweeds along streets and alleys.

1964 May Walsenburg: St. Mary High School will graduate 29 seniors next Wednesday evening.

1964 May Walsenburg: Walsenburg Lions Club has begun a landscaping project at Huerfano Memorial Hospital.

1964 June La Veta: Dewey Hapken sold his attractive home in Cuchara to L.M. Bushart of Liberal, Kans.

1964 June La Veta: Marshall Callahan has been making street signs and they have been installed on the corners along Main Street.

1964 June La Veta: The opening day for Francisco Fort Museum for the season was marred by rain which kept the first-day crowd relatively small.

1964 June Walsenburg: Dr. John P. Knight, a resident of Gardner for the part 25 years, observed his 50th anniversary as a physician Sunday.

1964 July La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wilson have sold their home near Ojo Springs to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Tannahill of Pueblo.

1964 July La Veta: Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Coe hosted a family reunion in honor of their nephew Charles Howlett and his bride.

1964 August La Veta: Twenty-four attended the family reunion and antelope supper at the home of Gilbert Arnold, the first family reunion in over 20 years to include the California relatives.

1964 August Walsenburg: Debbie Simpleman and Ginny Marcon, both 11, enjoyed riding the elephant on East Sixth Street during the circus visit here.

1964 August Walsenburg: Diane Tesitor made the top score in the Red Cross lifesaving and water safety class at the municipal pool.

1964 August: Trail Drive-in, Sunday to Wednesday, David Nivens, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner and Capucine in "The Pink Panther" plus Sidney Poitier in "Lilies of the Field."

1964 September La Veta: Enrolled in Adams State College are Darrell Arnold, Helen Weir, Karen Kmetz, Carol Wagner and Georgia Huffman.

1964 September La Veta: Jim Smith will be installed master councilor of DeMolay next Sunday.

1964 September La Veta: Joyce Goemmer was installed Worthy Advisor of the La Veta Rainbow Assembly Sunday.

1964 September La Veta: Twenty-four members of the Mike Heikes family had a reunion at Blue Lake last Sunday.

1964 September Walsenburg: Jari's, a new café operated by Jim Williams, opened last weekend on Highway 10 just off the Interstate Highway 25 bypass east of Walsenburg.

1964 September Walsenburg: Norbert Valdez was elected president of the WHS Student Council, Shirley Martinez, vice president, Ruth DeVan, secretary and Rose Piazza, treasurer.

1964 September Walsenburg: Walsenburg City Council asked the Utilities Board NOT to install water meters unless specifically asked to do so.

1964 September: The gasoline War in Walsenburg has lowered prices at the pump to 21.9 cents a gallon for regular, six cents less than usual.

1964 October La Veta: Patty Thompson was chosen homecoming queen with attendants Adelyn Duzenack, Teresa Gordon, Patricia Cruz and Judy Bauer.

1964 October La Veta: Sixty-five friends and relatives attended the open house at Mr. and Mrs. Frank Arnold's apartment in the Farrar Apartment House Oct. 18.

1964 October La Veta: Snowy Range 4-H Club elected Barbara Willis, president; Joyce Goemmer, vice president; Shelley Rae Wagner, secretary and Jim Smith, treasurer.

1964 October Walsenburg: A Huerfano County budget of $267,526.76 is being proposed by the county commissions for 1965, not including school funds.

1964 October Walsenburg: Because of the drought, Huerfano County received official notice it has been designated for participation in the national livestock feed program.

1964 October Walsenburg: Because of the drought, Huerfano County received official notice it has been designated for participation in the national livestock feed program.

1964 October Walsenburg: Spanish Peaks Fiesta Association will sponsor a dance Oct. 24 in the Pavilion with 10 percent of the profits to benefit Huerfano Memorial Hospital.

1964 October Walsenburg: The Rambler lounge opened for business last weekend.

1964 November La Veta: La Veta got more than three inches of snow Monday night.

1964 November Walsenburg: A Huerfano County tax levy of 26.20 mills for 1965, including two mills for the hospital district, was approved Wednesday by the county commissioners.

1964 November Walsenburg: A new Enco service station is being built just west of the Highway 25 bypass on Colorado Highway 10.

1964 November Walsenburg: Albert J. Tomsic won the new third district judgeship in Tuesday's general election.

1964 November Walsenburg: Two inches of snow fell in Walsenburg Tuesday and Wednesday, along with drizzle and rain.

1964 December La Veta: A reception and tea at the First Baptist Church honored Rev. J. H. Gerault on his 70th birthday.

1964 December La Veta: Seniors on the honor roll are Joyce Goemmer, Cathy Huffman, patty Thompson and Gayle Walls.

1964 December La Veta: Vestal Callahan has resigned as day marshal and Harold Bankson has been appointed in his place.

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