Huerfano County, Colorado
Miller Cemetery
aka Pino Ranch Cemetery #3

Listing contributed by Karen Mitchell, Photos by Donna Ross
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Miller Cemetery AKA Pino Ranch Cemetery #3. S side of Huerfano river 1/2 mile. NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Sec 2 T27 R68. This cemetery was filmed during the summer of 2000.


Overall View

Aguirre, Mary Ann born 11/29/1964 died 12/30/1964

Miller, Juan George born 1912 died 1964 also

Miller, Pomosana born 1886 died 1962 also

Miller, William born 1874 died 1952 (Miller, William died 06/12/1952 buried 06/24/1952 residence: Tioga notes: 48 years, husband of Nepomucena Manchego(?), Sacred Heart Death Records)

Pillow, John born 1817 England died 10-30-1927 age 110y

Tappley, Della born 04/09/1916 died 12/16/1982

Tappley, Fred born 11-21-1891 died 04/29/1952, marriage record shows Tapley (Tapley, Fred notes: no entries, between 3-30-1957 and 5-7-1957, Sacred Heart Death Records)

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