Huerfano County, Colorado
Malachite Cemetery
AKA Gonzales Cemetery

Listing and photos by Karen Mitchell.
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Malachite Cemetery AKA Gonzales Cemetery - About 1 1/4 miles south of Malachite on S side of Huerfano River. NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 6 T27 R70. This cemetery was filmed during the summer of 2000.


Overall View

Autobee, Don Juan de died 1-1-1972 (contributed by Gwen Cumins McClellan)

Behery, Debra Ann Gonzales born 2-20-1970 died 8-14-2010 (contributed by Gwen Cumins McClellan)

Glick, Frank Daniel born 11-8-1958 died 9-19-2012 Also (contributed by Gwen Cumins McClellan)

Gonzales, Dan born 09-16-1914 died 3-8-1988

Gonzales, Elias born 5-5-1883 died 01-05-1977

Gonzales, Erminda born 1891 died 1941 Rock says 1894

Gonzales, Esequiel born 6-7-1890 died 07-28-1974 SSDI shows birth 6-7-1891 death 7-15-1971

Gonzales, Isaac S. born 07-19-1926 died 12-15-1996 from obit

Gonzales, Jose Jarinto born 1840 died 1902

Gonzales, Maria Lucia born 10-19-1895 died 12-31-1934

Gonzales, Onan born 8-??-1937 died 2-??-1995

Gonzales, Pedro Pantaleon born 7-7-1862 died 10-25-1952 Father

Gonzales, Premitiva Martinez born 12-13-1900 died 06-23-1938

Gonzales, Samuel born 9-7-1889 died 07-13-1939 Colorado Pvt 1 CL 158 Inf 40 Div

Jaques, Lucia L. born 06-28-1923 died 01-09-1995

Salazar, Braulio born --- died 7-20-1913 from obit, 50 years old

Valdez, Amelia O. born 1923 died 1932

Valdez, Rosita Gonzales born 1895 died 1932

Valdez, Enos Levi died 1962

Valdez, Baby

Vigil, Ben B. born 2-13-1895 died 10-04-1984 On stone with Eva R. Vigil

Vigil, Eva R. born 07-24-1905 died 08-03-1953 On stone with Ben B. Vigil

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