Maes Cem
Huerfano County Colorado
Maes Creek Cemetery
AKA Turkey Creek Cemetery
AKA Clover Cemetery
AKA Valdez Cemetery

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Maes Creek Cemetery - at Junction of Maes Creek and Turkey Creek Road. This cemetery was named for Jose Benito Maes who settled the area in the late 1860's and which Maes Creek is named for. Located 4 miles north west of Farisita on County Road 620. SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Sec11 T26S R69W. This cemetery has been referred to as all of the above names in the church records. Recently someone mounted a large sign over the entrance proclaiming it to be the Valdez Cemetery but historical records show that it has never been named Valdez.

Outhouse at cemetery
This is the only outhouse in any cemetery in the County

Overall looking east

Overall looking north

unknown 2 wooden crosses with flower

unknown concrete block with statue inside

unknown 6 graves with wooden crosses and white concrete blocks with no names

unknown wooden cross

unknown wooden cross

unknown rock with flowers

unknown concrete cross with flowers

unknown concrete square on base

unknown concrete cross with small wooden cross

unknown rock with flowers

unknown white marble slab with vase

unknown small wooden cross with flowers

unknown 2 graves maybe Montoya's

? Baby

? Baby

? Baby

? Marco

Archuleta Chris M. born 12/11/1933 died 08/15/1986

Archuleta Frances born 1892 died 09/03/1952 notes: 64 years 8 months

Archuleta Jose F. born 9-26-1895 died 01/29/1970

Baca Lorenza Vigil born --- died 12/25/1938 notes: [Baca Lorenza Vigil died 12-25-1938 buried 12-27-1938 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 74 years wife of Vicente Baca daughter of Jose Miguel Vigil and Maria Benina Rael Sacred Heart Death Records]

Baca Marcellina born --- died 03/16/1937 notes: Baca Marcelina died 03/16/1937 buried 03/18/1937 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 79 years daughter of Elonisio Baca and Jesus Maria Valdez Sacred Heart Death Records

Brennan Michael T. born 09/16/1949 died 05/27/1990 notes: FN US Navy Vietnam

Bucci Alonzo M. born 1924 died 1973 notes: Beloved Son

Bucci John Baptist born --- died 1-?-1923 notes: Baby

Bucci Joseph Edward born 11/01/1948 died 01/21/1999 notes: Sgt US Army Vietnam

Bucci Joseph W. born 10/09/1927 died 03/02/1993 notes: US Army WWII

Bucci Julia Isabella born --- died 7-?-1921 notes: Baby

Bucci Libra born 11-?-1850 died 7-?-1933 notes: Born in Castello Pizzuto Italy

Bucci Libro Antonio born 12-19-1886 died 07/15/1969 notes: SSDI birth 12-20-1889

Bucci Marie D. born 10-19-1899 died 12/31/1982 notes: Beloved Mother

Bucci Michael born 1-20-1854 died 03/04/1921 notes: Father Born in Italy (Bucci Michael died 03/04/1921 buried 03/07/1921 notes: 65 years pneu St. Mary's Death Records)

Bucci Millie Camela Fossaceca born 4-27-1892 died 11/16/1918 notes:

Bucci V. Napoleon born 02/19/1913 died 05/21/1916 notes: Son of L.A. and Carmela Bucci

Burge Georgina M. born 09/27/1935 died 01/11/1976 notes:

Chavez Maria de los Reyes born --- died 01/25/1938 notes: (Chavez Maria de los Reyes died 01/25/1938 buried 01/27/1938 residence: Gardner notes: 58 years wife of Juan Chavez daughter of Juan P. Medina and Casimira Romero Sacred Heart Death Records

Cordova Andres born --- died 01/24/1946 notes: (Cordova Andres died 01/24/1946 buried 01/27/1946 residence: Turkey Creek notes: husband of Francisca Cortes son of Jose S. Cordova and Eleanor Gabaldon mal caseido witnesses: Michael Perrino and Jose de Vialpando Sacred Heart Death Records

Cordova Gilbert Francisco Rael born 05/11/1918 died 08/08/1999 notes:

Cortez Anthony born 11-29-1914 died 4-7-2003 WWII

Cortez Cirilia born 1906 died 1972 notes:

Cortez Clarita T. born 1888 died 1957 notes: 7 children 32 grandchildren 16 great grandchildren

Cortez Clorinda born 1932 died 1990 notes: Beloved Mother

Cortez Ernesto born 2-3-1889 died 02/12/1969 notes: SSDI birth 3-22-1889 death 2-15-1969

Cortez J. Masedonio born 1880 died 1973 notes: Together Forever

Cortez Jose O. born 04/17/1921 died 09/02/1991 notes:

Cortez Monico J. born 10/24/1912 died 04/25/1944 notes: Colorado CPL 191 Td Bn WWII

Cortez Morey born --- died --- notes:

Cortez Nora M. born 07/27/1920 died --- notes:

Cortez Procopio born --- died 07/06/1919 notes: Cortes Procopio died 07/06/1919 buried 07/09/1919 residence: Las Gallinas notes: 13 years died by accident son of Macedonio Cortes and Sara Valdes Sacred Heart Death Records

Cortez Rafael born 8-6-1852 died 01/23/1936 notes: (Cortez Rafael died 01/25/1936 buried 01/27/1936 residence: Gardner notes: 84 years Son of Jose Cortez and Antonia Martinez Sacred Heart Death Records)

Cortez Rafael Stanilado born 1885 died 1964 notes: Father middle name spelled Stanislado on metal marker

Cortez Richard A. born --- died 03/15/1953 notes:

Cortez Richard N. born 1930 died 06/14/1905 notes: A loving Father

Cortez Sammy born --- died --- notes:

Cortez Sara born 1890 died 1968 notes: Together Forever

Cortez Todorita V. born 4-5-1889 died 05/23/1939 notes: erected 1978 Valdez Teodora died 05/23/1939 buried 05/27/1939 residence: Gardner notes: 59 years wife of Liberato Trujillo and Ernesto Cortez daughter of Jesus Valdez and Marcelina Baca Sacred Heart Death Records

Duran J.F. born 1915 died 04/01/1905 notes:

Duran Tomasita V. Vigil born --- died 07/09/1945 notes: Duran Tomasita V. Vigil died 07/09/1945 buried 07/12/1945 residence: Taos NM notes: 80 years wife of Francisco Duran daughter of Miguel Vigil and Venigna Rael records says local is nata Taos resioga Sacred Heart Death Records

E.S.T. born --- died --- notes: small double wooden cross

Escobedo Augustina born 1888 died 1955 notes: Mother (Escobedo Agostina died 12/23/1955 buried 12/28/1955 residence: Pueblo notes: 67 years wife of Jose A. Escobedo died in Pueblo of carcinoma of the throat Mortician: Burress Sacred Heart Death Records)

Escobedo Francis R. born 12/22/1934 died 11/20/1935

Escobedo Juanito Clarana born --- died 03/16/1943 notes: Escobedo Juanito Clarana died 03/16/1943 buried 03/17/1943 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 16 days son of Sabino Escobedo and Marta Trujillo Sacred Heart Death Records

Escobedo Maria Antonia Laforet born --- died 11/15/1943 notes: Escobedo Maria Antonia Laforet died 11/15/1943 buried 12/29/1943 residence: Gardner notes: 87 years 11 months wife of Francisco Escobedo daughter of Juan C. Laforet and Encarnacion Velasquez burial date is probably the grave blessing Sacred Heart Death Records

Escobedo Sensicion County Burial Permit: died at Turkey Creek 11-15-1943 age 87y 10m 23d no marker

Espinosa David born --- died 07/15/1944 notes: Espinosa David died 07/15/1944 buried 07/18/1944 residence: Gardner notes: 27 years husband of Crisalda Valdez son of Juan Espinosa and Lucia Maes de Espinosa Sacred Heart Death Records. County Burial Permit: died at Turkey Creek 7-15-1944 age about 28 years.

Espinoza Carmel M. born 1888 died 1982 notes: Mother

Espinoza Manuel born --- died --- notes: Baby

Ferri Barney R. born 1954 died 1973 notes:

Gallardo Patricio born --- died --- notes: wooden cross leaning on fence

Galvez Archie born 01/01/1914 died 12/12/1999 notes: TEC5 US Army WWII

Galvez Wayne "Yana" born 1969 died 1999 notes:

Garcia Dora Tea born 1855 died 1934 notes:

Jaramillo Eloida Valdez born --- died 12/22/1945 notes: Jaramillo Eloida Valdez died 12/22/1945 buried 12/27/1945 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 23 years 5 months wife of Fred Jaramillo daughter of Ismael Valdez and Margarita Vialpando Sacred Heart Death Records

Leyba Duvgen born 10-15-1893 died 10/10/1954 notes: Colorado PVT Co M 110 Inf 28 Div WWI PH (Leyba Eduvegen died 10/10/1954 buried 10/15/1954 residence: Walsenburg notes: 60 years died at Denver sister: Mrs. Joe Escobedo St. Mary's Death Records

Lu? Maria born --- died 4-?-1928 notes: Lucero? Lujan?

Lucero Maria Rosenda F.M. de born 2-18-1875 died 11-7-1892 notes:

Lujan Placido born 1862 died 1941 notes:

Lusero Maria de la Luz V. born 1846 died 1916 notes:

Maes Adolph Roy Jr. "Booga" born 07/17/1975 died 06/26/1999 notes:

Maes Isabel R. born 1896 died 1978 notes:

Maes J. Saul born 1895 died 1983 notes: Married 11-1915

Maes Jose Angel Panfilo born --- died 10/25/1952 notes: Maes Jose Angel Panfilo died 10/25/1952 buried 10/29/1952 residence: Gardner notes: 5 months son of Tobias Maes and Gertrudes Martinez Sacred Heart Death Records

Maes Jose Federico born 03/19/1923 died 05/13/1934 notes:

Maes Juan Pablo born 1848 died 1902 notes:

Maes Juan Pablo born 6-24-1881 died 03/11/1948 notes: (Maes Juan P. died 03/11/1948 buried 01/13/1948 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 67 years 5 months husband of Manuelita Rael son of Nicolas Maes and (Nicol) Perfecta Espinosa Sacred Heart Death Records

Maes Leonardo born --- died 04/29/1953 notes: Maes Leonardo died 04/29/1953 buried 05/02/1953 residence: Gardner notes: 60 years husband of Juanita Maes also from Maes Creek cancer Sacred Heart Death Records

Maes Leopoldo born 1907 died 1990 notes:

Maes Lorencita T. born 1898 died 1973 notes: Married 11-1915

Maes Manuela born 1884 died 1979 notes:

Maes Margarita Lujan born 1857 died 1922 notes:

Maes Mary F. born 01/19/1931 died 07/26/1998 notes:

Maes Nicolas born 1843 died 1908 notes:

Maes Santiago A. born 11/22/1920 died 10/27/1996 notes: US Army

Maes Urban born 1890 died 1966 notes:

Martel Jesus Charles born 11/26/1946 died 07/23/1977 notes: California Beloved Son and Brother [son of Mrs. Guadalupe Tecla Medina Martel Gonzales]

Martinez Abel Juan "Santos" born 11/19/1936 died 09/01/1997 notes:

Martinez Abel L. born 09/06/1936 died 06/27/1991 notes: BM1 Us Navy Vietnam

Martinez Adelina born 1933 died 1934 notes: Our little Angel

Martinez Aniceto born --- died --- notes:

Martinez Antonio born 08/20/1913 died 01/22/1999 notes:

Martinez Benito born 03/30/1920 died 03/28/1933 notes:

Martinez Clofes born 01/19/1927 died 08/27/1927 notes:

Martinez Cruselda V. born 1907 died 12/17/1924 notes:

Martinez Eliria born 1914 died 1922 notes:

Martinez Erma S. born --- died --- notes: wooden cross

Martinez Erma Sandoval born 03/12/1913 died 02/17/1973 notes:

Martinez Eutimio born 7-9-1883 died 12/13/1919 notes: (Martinez Timio buried 12/13/1919 residence: Brenman Mine notes: 36 years fall of rock in mine St. Mary's Death Records)

Martinez Incarnacion Montoya born --- died 10/26/1936 notes: Martinez Incarnacion Montoya died 10/26/1936 buried 10/28/1936 residence: Maes Creek notes: 72 years wife of Lionisio Martinez Sacred Heart Death Records

Martinez Jose A. born 12-6-1891 died 06/03/1978 notes:

Martinez Jose Abel born 1888 died 1926 notes: Father

Martinez Josephine Vivian born --- died 03/21/1941 notes: Martinez Josephine Vivian died 03/21/1941 buried 03/22/1941 residence: Gardner notes: 1 month 15 days daughter of Antonio Lino Martinez and Maria Luisa Escobedo Sacred Heart Death Records

Martinez Juan S. born 1864 died 1936 notes: (Martinez Juan S. died 10/28/1936 buried 10/29/1936 residence: Maes Creek notes: no other entries Sacred Heart Death Records

Martinez Louisa F. born 1917 died 1976 notes: Mother

Martinez Maria L. born 1884 died 1971 notes:

Martinez Mary Candelaria born 06/21/1903 died 01/15/1982 notes: SSDI birth 7-6-1900

Martinez Mercedes Devoul born --- died 08/29/1941 notes: (Martinez Mercedes Devoul died 08/29/1941 buried 08/31/1941 residence: Gardner notes: 66 years wife of Juan de la Cruz Martinez daughter of William Devoul and Iginia Trujillo died at Santa Maria Pueblo Sacred Heart Death Records)

Martinez Steven E. born 1960 died 1988 notes: US Navy

McNabb James Allen born 1954 died 1973 notes:

McNabb John E. Jr. born 1952 died 1973 notes:

McNabb John Elzy "Jack" born 01/06/1930 died 10/22/1999 notes:

Medina A. Rufino born 07/17/1932 died 02/15/1977 notes: Brother

Medina Anselmo "Joe" born 07/14/1941 died 03/08/1988 notes:

Medina Ausencio born 12-18-1886 died 11/27/1945 notes: Colorado PVT US Army (Medina Jose Asensio died 11/27/1945 buried 11/30/1945 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 59 years 9 months husband of Elvira Chavez son of Pablo Medina and Sinforosa Medina Sacred Heart Death Records)

Medina Cedalia born --- died 01/18/1929 notes:

Medina Charles born 1894 died 1980 notes: Beloved Parents

Medina Daniel M. born 1958 died 2000 notes:

Medina Del C. born 10/19/1948 died 11/07/1995 notes:

Medina Delphino J. born 1918 died 1987 notes:

Medina Edward born 05/22/1926 died 05/24/1997 notes: Beloved Uncle

Medina Elvira C. born 1902 died 1967 notes: Mother

Medina Ernie born 02/25/1945 died 11/07/1990 notes:

Medina George born 1930 died 1972 notes: Brother

Medina J. Dolores born --- died 03/07/1939 notes: (Medina Jose Dolores died 03/06/1939 buried 03/08/1939 residence: Maes Creek notes: 70 years husband of Cedelia Wilkins son of Carlos Medina and Guadalupe Trujillo Sacred Heart Death Records)

Medina Jane Theresa born 1951 died 1977 notes: SSDI death 6-1977

Medina Jennie born 12/07/1924 died 01/23/1991 notes:

Medina Joseph B. born 10/25/1924 died 01/20/1996 notes: married 2-18-1946

Medina Joseph Bivian born 10/25/1924 died 01/20/1996 notes: S1 US Navy WWII

Medina Marcellina born 1897 died 1972 notes: Beloved Parents

Medina Teddy Joseph born 1971 died 1971 notes:

Medina Theodore born 04/17/1928 died 02/04/1971 notes: New Jersey PVT Co G 3 Bn 4 Armd Cav WWII Korea

Medina. Mary "Lody" born 08/02/1924 died --- notes:

Montano ?ai?da? born 02/06/1905 died ? notes:

Montano Agapito born 08/04/1913 died 05/05/1951 notes: Colorado TEC 5 216 Armd Engr Bn WWII

Montes Maria N.C born --- died 02/19/1920 notes: Montes Maria N.C. died 02/19/1920 buried 02/20/1920 residence: Clover notes: child daughter of Amarante Montes and Clotilde Martinez Sacred Heart Death Records

Montez Jesus Maria born 1821 died 1898 notes: 77 years

Montez Maria Juanita M. de born 1832 died 1893 notes: 61 years

Montoya Ben L. born 1882 died 1959 notes:

Montoya Cecelia Espinoza born --- died 01/01/1935 notes: (Montoya Cecelia died 1-1-1936 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 77 years no other entries Sacred Heart Death Records

Montoya Fidela born 1886 died 1970 notes:

Montoya Juan B. Lisaido born --- died 08/21/1939 notes: Montoya Juan B. Lisaido died abt 8-21-1939 buried 08/23/1939 residence: Gardner notes: 17 years son of Francisco Montoya and Fidelia Vigil suicide newspaper account Sacred Heart Death Records

Montoya Marcario born 1914 died 1971 notes:

Montoya Ricarte born 11/15/1914 died 04/27/1954 notes: Colorado PFC Co C 38 ENGR TNG BN WWII (Montoya Ricardo died 04/27/1954 buried 05/01/1954 residence: 326 E 4th notes: 40 years father: Frank Montoya car accident St. Mary's Death Records)

Ortega Margaret Medina born 05/22/1922 died --- notes: with picture of her dog "Princess"

Ortega Maria de la luz Vigil born --- died 9-17-1886 notes: Ortega Maria de la luz Vigil buried 9-17-1886 residence: Turkey Creek notes: wife of Juan Ortega St. Mary's Death Records

Perrino Antonia born --- died 1917 notes: RIP

Perrino Domenico born 1859 died 1936 notes:

Perrino Dora born --- died 05/03/1929 notes:

Perrino John born 06/01/1949 died 09/10/1950 notes: Our little John AD 1970

Perrino John P. born 1903 died 1925 notes:

Perrino Louis A. born 1906 died 1993 notes:

Perrino Louisa born 1874 died 1919 notes:

Perrino Michael James born 12/08/1923 died 02/14/1990 notes:

Perrino Mike A. born 1883 died 1957 notes: (Perrino Michael A. died 03/27/1957 buried 03/30/1957 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 64 years husband of Sofia Perrino Sacred Heart Death Records

Perrino Mike A. born 1892 died 1957 notes: Married 6-24-1917 same stone as Sophia

Perrino Mike T. born 1898 died 1965 notes:

Perrino Mita born --- died 06/07/1918 notes:

Perrino Pasquele born --- died 1923 notes: RIP

Perrino Pearl born 10/24/1931 died 06/10/1993 notes:

Perrino Ray born --- died 01/06/1921 notes:

Perrino Sophia born 1897 died 1974 notes: Married 6-24-1917 same stone as Mike A. SSDI shows Maria

Perrino Tom Domenic born 12/18/1911 died 12/07/1978 notes: S SGT US Army WWII SSDI birth 12-18-1910

Pineda Francisco Anselmo born --- died 07/21/1947 notes: Pineda Francisco Anselmo died 07/21/1947 buried 07/23/1947 residence: Gardner notes: 10 years son of Golito Pineda and Isabel Cortez Sacred Heart Death Records

Pineda Juan N. born --- died 09/03/1908 notes:

Pineda Juan Nicolas born 07/22/1934 died 02/05/1995 notes: MSG US Army Vietnam

Pineda Rojerio born --- died 11/15/1934 notes: 28 years

Pineda Soilo born 10/20/1907 died 11/23/1944 notes: (Pineda Soulo died 11/23/1943 buried 11/28/1943 residence: Del Carbon notes: 30 years husband of Maria Estella Cortez son of Juan Pineda and Ursula Vialpando Sacred Heart Death Records] County Burial Permit: died at Del Carbon 11-23-1944 age 38 years.

Quintana Juan J. born --- died --- notes: by Jose C. Quintana

Quintana Rita Vialpando born 1912 died 1973 notes: Querida Madre

Rael Antonio born --- died 06/07/1924 notes: Rael Antonio died 06/07/1924 buried 06/08/1924 notes: 4 months pneu St. Mary's Death Records

Rael Catalina born --- died 04/16/1936 notes: Rael Catalina died 04/16/1936 buried 04/18/1936 residence: Gardner notes: 74 years wife of Ramon Rael daughter of Mariano Autobee and Elena Baca Sacred Heart Death Records

Rael Eduarda born --- died 03/07/1935 notes: Age 50 years

Romero? Casimero? born --- died --- notes:

Ruibal Luisa born --- died 3-30-1892 notes:

Sais Della born 1928 died --- notes: Mother

Sais James born 1926 died 1993 notes: Father closeup

Sanchez Agustine born 1904 died 1982 notes:

Sanchez Charlotte P. born 01/17/1948 died 05/27/1982 notes:

Sanchez Eloisa Rael born 1904 died --- notes: Mother

Sanchez Jose Amador born --- died 5-21-1881 notes: Sanchez Jose Amador buried 5-21-1881 notes: husband of Maria Soledad (no entry) St. Mary's Death Records

Sanchez Manuel Sabino born --- died --- notes:

Sanchez Manuel Desiderio born --- died --- notes:

Sandoval ? born --- died 1972 notes: Our loved one has gone home forever with the Lord

Sandoval Agustin born 1879 died 1956 notes: (Sandoval Augustin died 06/12/1956 buried 06/14/1956 residence: Florence notes: 78 years son of Juan Luis Sandoval Sacred Heart Death Records

Sandoval Alonza O.S.B. born --- died --- notes: Entered convent 6-19-1920

Sandoval Antonio C. born 1909 died 1981 notes:

Sandoval Antonio del Carmel born 06/30/1909 died 09/05/1981 notes:

Sandoval Antonio M. born 1863 died 1914 notes:

Sandoval Arthur born --- died --- notes: Baby

Sandoval Clara V. born 08/12/1923 died 07/05/1982 notes: SSDI birth 8-12-1924

Sandoval Dolores Marie born 11/11/1911 died 11/05/1958 notes:

Sandoval M. Pastora W. born 1872 died 1911 notes:

Sandoval Phillip H. born 1894 died 1952 notes: (Sandoval Philip notes: no entries between 6-24-1952 and 10-25-1952 Sacred Heart Death Records)

Sandoval Solomon T. born 11/09/1914 died 04/16/1992 notes: SFC US Army WWII SSDI birth 9-19-1914

Sandoval Ursulita born 1882 died 1956 notes: Mother (Sandoval Ursulita died 03/21/1956 buried 03/24/1956 residence: Gardner notes: 73 years 8 months husband deceased children: Primitivo Vialpando Irma Leo Solomon died of pneumonia Sacred Heart Death Records)

Segura Juanita Catarina born --- died 12/26/1928 notes: 63 years old

Segura Tomisita born 1865 died 1931 notes:

Thompson Samuel L. born 1913 died 1988 notes: Father Sam you were loved

Thompson William E. born 04/20/1939 died 07/23/1975 notes: EN3 US Navy Vietnam

Trevino Domitilia born ?-28-1906 died ?-15-1962 notes:

Trujillo Donaciana M. born 1846 died 1948 notes: Mother of 16 Grandmother of 53 Great Grandmother of 174 Great Great Grandmother of 63

Trujillo Encarnacion M. born --- died --- notes: wooden cross

Trujillo Ramon born 1847 died 1919 notes: Father

Trujillo Thomas de Aquino born 1887 died 1980 notes: Dad SSDI shows Tom

Valdez Charles B. born 11/04/1919 died 07/13/1998 notes: PFC US Army WWII

Valdez Esmel born 5-12-1884 died 04/11/1946 notes:

Valdez Felix V. born 1899 died 1936 notes: (Valdez Felix died 03/04/1936 buried 03/07/1936 residence: Turkey Creek notes: 36 years husband of Sidelia Cortez son of Julian Valdez and Sinforosa Montez Sacred Heart Death Records)

Valdez Ismael born 1892 died 1948 notes: (Valdez Ismael died 08/03/1948 buried 08/06/1948 residence: Gardner notes: 56 years 3 months 2 days husband of Magdalena Vialpando son of Juan Santos Valdez and Maria de la Cruz Montano Sacred Heart Death Records)

Valdez James E. Herbert born 07/24/1934 died 09/13/1934 notes:

Valdez Jose Mariano born --- died 12-27-1894 notes: Valdez Jose Mariano buried 12-27-1894 residence: Turkey Creek notes: last name spelled Valdes Nuestra Senora de los Siete Dolors Death Records

Valdez Juan Santos born 3-19-1833 died 08/17/1917 notes: CPL Co E 1st NM Mil Inf

Valdez Julian born --- died 03/07/1928 notes: Valdez Julian died 03/07/1928 buried 03/09/1928 residence: Rito notes: husband of Sinforosa Montez Sacred Heart Death Records

Valdez Julian S. born 1931 died 1997 notes:

Valdez Lulu born 03/28/1905 died 06/28/1982 notes:

Valdez Magdalena born 1893 died 1964 notes:

Valdez Magdalena Martinez born --- died 9-10?-1964 notes:

Valdez Maria de la Cruz born 5-3-1864 died 03/14/1959 notes: Mother

Valdez Max born 10/10/1902 died 11/21/1985 notes: married 1-24-1927

Valdez Olivia born 11/08/1944 died 12/15/1944 notes: Baby

Valdez Olivia born --- died --- notes:

Valdez Rose A. born 01/02/1930 died 02/04/1974 notes:

Valdez Stella Cortez Pineda Y born 06/12/1912 died 07/05/1991 notes:

Valdez Wayne Matthew born --- died 03/21/1977 notes:

Valero Ben born --- died 06/24/1978 notes: Baby

Vialpando statue

Vialpando Delfinia born --- died 01/01/1919 notes: 4 years 9 months

Vialpando Elisaida born 1911 died 1999 notes:

Vialpando Eulalia born 1874 died 1945 notes: (Vialpando Eulalia Maes residence: Gardner notes: wife of Jose Vialpando daughter of Pablo Maes and Margarita Lujan no other entries between 1-26-1946 and 2-5-1946 cemetery listed as Rito Meses Sacred Heart Death Records) Headstone says Vailpando.

Vialpando Fernanda born 1891 died 1977 notes:

Vialpando Jose A. born 1889 died 1954 notes: (Vialpando Jose A. died 12/05/1954 buried 12/09/1954 residence: Loma Park notes: 65 years died in Walsenburg wife: Fernanda Vialpando St. Mary's Death Records)

Vialpando Jose E. born 1867 died 1939 notes: Surname spelled Vailpando (Villapando Jose Eugenio died 03/04/1939 buried 03/06/1939 residence: Maes Creek notes: 73 years 11 months husband of Eulalia Maes son of Dimas Villapando and Soledad Romero Sacred Heart Death Records) Headstone says Vailpando.

Vialpando Jose E. born 03/19/1903 died 10/26/1973 notes:

Vialpando Jose Gabriel born 03/01/1900 died 08/19/1979 notes:

Vialpando Leo born 10/20/1923 died 07/14/1993 notes: TEC 5 US Army WWII

Vialpando Nicolas born --- died 05/29/1932 notes: 80 years old

Vialpando Primitivo Jose born 06/10/1911 died 06/11/1975 notes: S SGT US Army WWII SSDI death 5-1972

Vialpando Roger Paul born 1964 died 1972 notes: Son

Vigil J.L. born 1869 died 1948 notes: (Vigil Jose de la Luz died 04/05/1948 buried 04/08/1948 residence: Gardner notes: 79 years 11 months 25 days husband of Carmen Lopez son of Jose Miguel Vigil and Benigna Rael Sacred Heart Death Records)

Vigil Tomasita V. born 09/18/1864 died 07/09/1945 notes:

Wilcox Marcus Ray Tex born 1898 died 1961 notes:

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