Huerfano County, Colorado
Huajatolla Cemetery
AKA Wahatoya Cemetery

Listing and photos contributed by Karen Mitchell
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Huajatolla Cemetery - South of LaVeta NE1/4 Sec.27, T29S, R68W, 6th P.M. There are many unmarked graves. The original Indian word for this area is Huajatolla, meaning Breasts of the World, in reference to the Spanish Peaks. The anglicized word is Wahatoya. This cemetery was filmed during the summer of 2000.

Overall View

Archuleta, Crusita died January 1930

Belo, Nora born 1923 died 02-03-1941

Belo, Jose David born 10-18-1899 died 06-08-1922

Bowdino, Antonio died 2-1953

Carter, Edith Ward born 05-18-1929 died 04-01-1998 Beloved Mother

Cavera, baby died 10-1913 age 5m, child of Domingo Cavera

Cofer, J.M. died 3-?-1904

Esquibel, Jesus died 11-1906

Gallegos, Baby died 10-1913 age 6m child of Vicente Gallegos

Garcia, Felipa died January 1930

Griego, Abel R. born 1890 died 1940 Closeup

Griego, Geronima born 1896 died 1964 Closeup

Griego, John D. born 1914 died 1996

Griego, Juanita born no date died 1925

Herrera, Florenco

Herrera, Jose Silverio died 3-11-1940 age 54y

Herrera, Mary

Herrera, Ramona

Jimines, Jerry born 1930 died 12-?-1931, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Jimines

Lucero, baby 12-?-1904 child of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lucero

Lujan, Manuel born about 1840 died 1925

Martinez, Andrelita died Dec 1912

Martinez, child died 12-?-1904 son of Mr. and Mrs. Bruno Martinez

Martinez, Juan Urbano born about 1858 died 6-?-1931

Montoya, Jose Elijio died 2-1940

Montoya, Jake died 3-1902 age 18y

Munez, Domingo born 1860 died 1934 age 74

Norton, W.? DR.? born no date died 9-4-1930 52y 5m 5d

Olguin, Felicita C. born 12-7-1891 died 12-28-1928

Pacheco, Jose Gregorio died 12-29-1919

Pacheco, Sabina Martinez died 12-25-1919, wife of Jose Gregorio

Rodriguez, Jose Abustivo born 09-14-1929 died 12-21-1936 born Leadville

Rodriguez, Jose C. born 1894 died 1975

Rodriguez, Jose Del C. born 2-15-1894 died 12-01-1975 Pvt US Army WWI

Rodriguez, Luz M. born 1893 died 1984

Rodriguez, Toribio J. born 5-10-1888 died 07-16-1937

Sandoval, Jose De Jesus born --- died 3-10-1911

Torres, Juan D. born about 1870 died 11-?-1935

Ward, Donald born 1899 died 1978 Father, SSDI shows birth 4-10-1899 death 2-1978

Ward, Filiberto born 05-21-1902 died 01-26-1925 22Y

Ward, Grandma

Ward, Grandpa (Ward, Antonio died 01-08-1940 buried 01-09-1940 residence: La Veta notes: 80 years, son of Tom Ward and Juana Gomez, old age, St. Mary's Death Records. Further research indicates that he is the son of William Ward and Juana Gomez.)

Ward, Joe Vincent born 1933 died 1985 US Navy Korea

Ward, Josie

Ward, Tilda born 1904 died 1948 Mother, on stone with Donald Her obit gives dates as 7-16-1904 - 6-14-1948.


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