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Jose Tobias Sandoval

Jose Tobias Sandoval
(Century Family)

Written by:
Virginia M. Silva/Sandoval Kleeber

Jose Tobias Sandoval was the fourth child born to Jose Abram Sandoval and his first wife, Albina (Albinita) Espinosa.
DOB--June 12, 1886 in Segundo, Colorado
DOD--April 25, 1972 in Trinidad, Colorado

He married Florencia (Flora) Viguri on December 17, 1904 in Trinidad, Colorado with attending witnesses--Antonio Martinez and Seferina Vigil.

They had eight children--Seven daughters and one son

Tobias's mother died when he was five years old. His father married again and had three more children. At the age of five, Tobias started to herd sheep. He only went to the first grade, but he knew his numbers and could write and sign his name. At the age of twelve, he started to work in the coal mines, carrying coal from the coal cars.

He was a very gentle and polite man, always treated his daughters like ladies, who in return dearly loved him and helped to take care of him in all aspects of life.

After living many years in coal camps, Tobias and his wife purchased land in the town of Trinidad. Together, along with the older children, they built their own house using adobe bricks which they made themselves. While working on the house, the family lived in a little two room house which was called "The casita" When ever Tobias and Flora's family came to visit from various states, they all wanted to stay in the "Casita" as the entire family loved the little "Casita". Wonderful times and wonderful stories that could be told by those walls.

Many people in the community called Tobias "Toby" or "Leo". He loved to dance, especially the polkas and a Spanish dance called the Handkerchief dance.

When the world heard the news on the radio that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands, which started World War 2, Tobias became very upset to think his country had been violated. He felt he had to do something to help in the war effort.

He and his wife left Colorado and moved to Chula Vista, California which is a suburb of San Diego. Despite the fact that he could not read or write, he was employed and went to work at the Rhor Aircraft Plant in Chula Vista located on the San Diego bay.

He learned to read plans and to operate a drill press and a drop hammer in manufacturing war planes. His age at the time was 56 years old. Doing his part in the war effort gave him great comfort. After the war, Tobias and his wife returned to Trinidad and lived out the rest of their days in their home town in safety.

I am very proud that my Grandparents "Jose Tobias and Flora Viguri Sandoval" who were my mothers parents, have been recognized by the Trinidad Historical Society in the Century Families of Las Animas County, Colorado.

Submitted by: Virginia M. Kleeber--San Diego, California

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