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Pierre Louis VASQUEZ

Huerfano County Genealogy
NAME: Pierre Louis VASQUEZ
Born: 3 Oct 1798 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., MO
Baptized: 25 Nov 1798 at Old Cathedral, Basilica St. Louis 1
Died: 5 Sep 1868 at Westport, Jackson Co. MO
Buried: Sep 1868 in Mt. St. Mary's Cemetery, (Now) Kansas City, MO
By Father Donnelly 14
Occupation: Mountain Man/Indian Trader/Farmer
Father: Benito Andres VASQUEZ
Mother: Marie Julie PAPIN
NOTES: His father came from Galicia Spain with the Spanish army to establish forts on the Mississippi River. He married a French Arcadian, became an Indian trader and help found the city of St. Louis, MO. His brother Antoine "Baronet" Vasquez was the interpreter for Zebulon Pike when he explored the Huerfano County area in 1806. Louis Vasquez built Fort Vasquez in 1835, was partner with Jim Bridger at Fort Bridger in 1846 and retired in Westport, Mo. in 1855.
Portrait: Colorado State Historical Society Object I.D.# 93.136.1
WIFE: Narcissa Burdette LAND
Married: (1) John COLDWELL 22 May 1837 Jackson Co. MO.
Married: (2) Joseph ASHCRAFT ca. 1840 Son: Hiram Washington ASHCRAFT VASQUEZ
Married: (3) Pierre Louis VASQUEZ ca. 1846
Married: (4) Julius GRENFLO 26 Aug 1869 Jackson Co. MO
Married: (5) James H. Buchanan 27 Jan 1879 LaVeta, Huerfano Co. CO. 11
Born: 4 Oct 1819 in Frankfort, Franklin Co. KY 2
Bapt: 25 Sep 1851 in Platte River by Father DeSmet 3
Died: 23 Oct 1899 in Pueblo Insane Asylum, Colo. 4
Buried: 1899 in Masonic Cemetery Walsenburg, Huerfano Co. CO
Occupation: Pioneer, Fort wife, Housewife, Farmer
Father: Thomas LAND
NOTES: The Vasquez Marriage was solemnized by Father DeSmet on the Platte River 25 Sep 1851 at the occasion of the "Great Smoke" The Horse Creek Treaty. The children born at Fort Bridger were also baptized at this time.
Portrait Colorado State Historical Society-Object ID. 93.136.2
Died in the Pueblo Insane Asylum of old age and exhaustion. Came to Colorado in the early summer of 1871, lived with Louis Vasquez Jr. and her other daughters in the area until her death. Described as a petite woman with a lovely smile, gracious with an effervescent personality. She smoked a clay pipe. She crossed the country many times by horse, mule or wagon and walking. She lived in dugout houses, forts, stately homes and ranches.
Born: 7 Jul 1847 in Fort Bridger, (Utah Territory, WY)
Bapt: 25 Sep 1851 in Platte River by Father DeSmet
Died: 10 Oct 1881 in Apishipa Valley, Las Animas Co. CO 5
Buried: Oct 1881 in Masonic Cemetery Walsenburg, Huerfano Co. CO 6
Married: 7 Aug 1875 Sarah Elizabeth DEAL b. May 1859 at the residence of Hiram Vasquez in Huerfano Co. Territory of Colorado 7
NOTES: Died at his home on the Apishipa River of Mountain Fever OB Arrived in CO the Fall-Winter 1865 and took over Hiram's homestead on the Apishipa. Marriage certificate lists Spring Rancho as residence Honored member of Mason Fraternity
Born: 25 Jul 1849 in Fort Bridger, (Utah Territory, WY)
Bapt: 30 Dec 1903 in Grand Junction, CO. by F.F.Walters Christian Minister
Died: 2 Jan 1925 in Reilly Canyon, Las Animas Co. CO
Buried: 3 Jan 1925 in Albertson Cemetery in Road Canyon, Las Animas Co. CO
Married: Oct 1866 Dallas Polk SPENCER b. 29 Feb 1844 d. 12 Feb 1883 In Westport, Jackson Co. MO 8
NOTES: Died at Wm. Spencer Homestead.
Cemetery is on the property of the Colo. Fuel & Iron Co., about 7 mi. west of Ludlow up Road Canyon.
CHILD 3 (F) Sarah Ellen VASQUEZ
Born: 14 Jul 1851 in Fort Bridger, (Utah Territory, WY) 9
Bapt: 25 Sep 1851 in Platte River by Father DeSmet
Died: Dec 1875 in Huerfano Co. Territory of Colorado 10
Married: 9 Nov 1870 Samuel SPENCER in Town of Westport, MO 11
NOTES: 1872 Divorced Samuel because of his habitual drunkenness
No children or additional marriage known. Died of Quick Consumption (TB)
Born: 31 Jan 1854 in Salt Lake City, State of Deseret, Utah
Died: 9 Oct 1858 in Westport, Jackson Co. MO
Buried: Oct 1858 in Mt. St. Mary's Cemetery, (Now) Kansas City, MO
By Father Donnelly 14
Killed when crushed by a wagon box.
CHILD 5 (F) Catherine VASQUEZ
Born: 22 Feb 1858 in Westport, Jackson Co. Mo.
NOTES: quote from Hiram Book "In the spring of 1871, Hiram Vasquez returned to Missouri. His Mother decided to go to the Colorado Territory with Hiram. "Sarah, now twenty,...kept a watchful eye on Catherine, thirteen, and Emma, eleven.....nor did Mrs. Vasquez think it wise to take Catherine and Emma away from school and their settled way of life." p.158 One Man's Family :Hiram Vasquez Only Mrs. Vasquez and Narcissa went to Colorado. No other information is known of Catherine.
Born: 13 Jun 1860 in Westport, Jackson Co. MO
Died: 27 Mar 1891 in Tacoma, Pierce Co. WA 12
Married: ca. 1878 Addison J. WHITMAN b. Oct 1852
2 Sons: Albert P. WHITMAN b. May 1880 Huerfano Co. Co.
Gyles A. WHITMAN b.Jan 1882 Huerfano Co. CO.
NOTES: Died of Quick Consumption(T.B.) Resident of Tacoma 7 years (1884)
A.J.Whitman witness to Dallas Spencer Will Las Animas Co. CO 1883
1880Cens.Huerfano Co. Addison@27b.NewYork Sheep Herder Emma@19 AlbertP.@1/12
CHILD 7 (F) Narcissa Burdette VASQUEZ
Born: 26 May 1863 in Westport, Jackson Co. MO
Bapt: in Christian Church, Palisade, CO
Died: 26 Jan 1921 in Walsenburg, Huerfano Co. CO
Buried: in Masonic Cemetery Walsenburg, Huerfano Co. CO 13
Married: 30 May 1883 William C. CALDWELL b. 5 Jan 1858 d. 8 May 1902 in Trinidad, Las Animas Co. CO
Married: 16 May 1908 Joe HOUSE in Aguilar, Las Animas Co. CO
NOTES: Known as Aunt Bird. Had a lovely singing voice. Bought Land with Dallas Spencer on the Apishipa River in Las Animas Co. CO in 1881
Taught School in Aguilar
1 Copy from Old Cathedral, St. Louis
2 Mormon IGI 1987 Film #1396298 Sheet #26 Batch conversion #8700903 (unable to verify source)
3 Records of Father DeSmet DC
4 Colorado State Record from Pueblo Hospital (copy)
5 Tombstone Obituary Huerfano Newspaper
6 Tombstone
7 Huerfano Marriage Certificate Book No. 4
8 Marriage book Jackson Co. MO 1861-68 Book B Page 5 file 211
9 1860 Census Bible of Mary Ann Vasquez Spencer
10 Bible of Mary Ann Vasquez Spencer
11 Samuel Spencer & Sarah Ellen Vasquez Marriage filed 18 Nov 1870 Recorded Independence MO, united 9 Nov 1870. Divorce Petition filed April 1872 Jackson Co. MO from Huerfano Co.CO (document copy)
12 Death Certificate (copy)
13 Tombstone Narcissa B. House
14 Death Record of Father Donnelly, Westport, MO. Catholic Archdiocese Records
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DATE: 11-14-2000

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