Huerfano County, Colorado
Gomez Cemetery, Redwing

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Gomez Cemetery - Located just east of the Redwing cemetery. This cemetery was donated and established by the Theodore Gomez family. Theodore and his grandson, Daniel Gomez, excavated the land and Daniel built the fence. Bernice Castro Gomez is the first person to be buried in this cemetery. This cemetery was filmed during the summer of 2000.
Listing and photos by Karen Mitchell.

Overall View

Gomez, Bernice born 8-30-1924 died 02-22-1993

Gomez, Theodore born 10-25-1923 died---
married 4-23-1943

Gomez, Michael R. born 11-18-1952 died 6-6-2001
(youngest son of Theodore and Bernice Gomez)

Gomez, Michael R. PFC US Army Vietnam
(Mike served during the Vietnam era but did not serve in Vietnam. He was stationed in Korea.)

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