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Albert and Mary Foote

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Filer Story - Huerfano World - November 11, 1993

Knowing that Shirley and Leslee Filer have sold their home at 213 South Main Street in La Veta and will soon be moving to a new home in Mobile, AL, it seemed appropriate that they tell their story of life in that house for so many years. Following is what they wrote: (Note, "Mom and Dad" are the late Albert and Mary Foote, beloved residents of former years.)

When Barbara called and said "write something about the years you and your Mom and Dad spent in the house on Main Street and some of the things you and they did" I thought what can I say without writing a book, about 51 years of living and loving in a home. With all the laughs and tears, good times and bad times but always close together times. My folks bought the property on Main Street from O.B. Lauth in the early forties. They did lots of work inside and outside on the old place and made it comfortable and cozy and they loved it and enjoyed it until the end of both of their lives. I came back home to stay with my Mom and Leslee in 1983 and we'll be here until we move in a couple of weeks, to Alabama to be near our family there.

During World War II my Mom worked for Bill Kincaid at his big store on the corner of Main and Ryus. She learned to be a butcher and did a good job. She sent "Care" packages to my brother in the Army. Times were tough and there were those darn ration stamps to put up with when you purchased certain things. She liked working in the store, though.

My Dad worked on the railroad and at the cheese factory. He was janitor at La Veta school and worked for the State Highway Department. He always worked hard and provided a good living for his family. I wish he could have known his great-grandson.

We have sold our house to Nancy E. Wood, an IBM executive living in Boulder. She has someone coming in to occupy the house when we move out. I don't know her immediate plans but she told us she intends to live in La Veta because she loves it here and hopes to become involved in the community and perhaps a business in the distant future.

We will be glad to have anyone who gets down to Alabama to come visit us. We will miss our friends and we'll miss our house but we must move on and we're anxious to be close to John and Wanda and my grandson and Les' nephew, Jason. God Bless you all.

Shirley and Leslee Filer

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