Huerfano County, Colorado
Farisita Cemetery #2

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This cemetery is located about 2 miles east of Farisita on the south side of the Huerfano River. It is not located on any map, nor is it listed in the GNIS database.

Archuleta, Crescencio died 12-22-1911 age 24y

Archuleta, Ramoncita died 6-18-1936 age 68 years

Galbez, Marcial died 4-11-1923 age 89 years, letters MR

Galvez, Diego Alfonso born 3-18-1931 died 11-11-1998 CPL US Army Korea

Galvez, Maria Maginiana died June 1904 age 31 years

Galvez, ? small cross

Mar???, Maria Clarita died 2-20-1903

Trujillo, Maria Anna born 1897 died 1939

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