Huerfano County, Colorado
Cisneros Cemetery
AKA Turkey Creek Cemetery
AKA Rito de las Gallinas Cemetery

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Cisneros cemetery - 6 miles northeast of Gardner. 1/2 mile East of Pando house on Turkey Creek Road. NE 1/4 of Sec 21 &25 R70. This cemetery has been referred to as all of the above names in the church records. Filmed in 2001.

unknown #1 with broken crucifix

unknown #2 with cross and broken crucifix

unknown #3 broken cross

unknown #5 cross

unknown #6 broken cross between rocks

unknown #7 cross with foil strip

unknown #8 rocks outlining grave

unknown #9 child's grave

unknown #10 cross in front of tree stump

unknown #11 cross carved in tree stump

unknown #12 marble slab with cross

unknown #13 ten unmarked graves

unknown #14 metal cross with wood cross

unknown #15 wood cross with flowers, outline of rocks

unknown #16 wood cross

unknown #17 wood cross

unknown #18 rocks with flowers

unknown #19 metal marker and rock outline

Abeyta, Daniela M. died 06/23/1942 buried 06/25/1942 residence: Gardner, notes: 69 years 5 months, husband: Romualda Abeyta, daughter of Agapito Martinez and De Gracia Garduno, this record lists the hispanic name of the cemetery: Rito de las Gallinas, Sacred Heart Death Records, County Burial Permit: Daniela Martinez Abeyta, died at Gardner 6-23-1942, age 69 years 5 months 20 days.

Abeyta, Danielita

Abeyta, Romaldo died 4-29-1963

Alvirar, Aurora

Archuleta, Macedonia born 1873 died 1963

Arellano, Alberto (Arellano, Alberto died 06/30/1947 buried 07/03/1947 residence: Gardner, notes: 60 years, husband of Celestina Rizal, son of Ramon Arellano and Ignacita Quintana, died suddenly, Sacred Heart Death Records

Arellano, Twin babies

Autobees, Meliton

Brazel, Isabel died 12-12-1911, of Gardner, age 36y 9m 5d

Brizal, Rosalia

Brizal, Theodore died 07/05/1938 buried 07/08/1938 residence: Del Carbon notes: 72 years, son of John Brizal and Juanita Salazar, wife: M. Luz Ortivis, heart failure, St. Mary's Death Records

Cisneros, Juan (Cisneros, Juan S. died 01/09/1955 buried 01/12/1955 residence: Turkey Creek, notes: 87 years, husband of deceased, daughter: Mrs. Lupe Martinez of Sydney, Nebraska, Sacred Heart Death Records)

Cisneros, Peregrina Arellano died 07/07/1922 buried 07/08/1922 residence: Clover, notes: 75 years, wife of Luciano Cisneros, daughter of Juan Arellano and Luz Salazar, Sacred Heart Death Records

Cisneros, Serafina

Cruz, Andres buried 12-21-1877 son of Antonio Maria Cruz and Valentina Moran, Nuestra Senora de los Siete Dolors Death records, no marker

Eames, Donaciana M. Trujillo died 11/04/1948 buried 11/04/1948 residence: Turkey Creek, notes: 102 years 1 month 14 days, wife of 1st Charles Eames and 2nd Tomas Trujillo, daughter of Tomas Trujillo and Cleotilde (can't read), Sacred Heart Death Records

Gutierrez, Domisinda died 05/03/1930

Martinez, Andrea

Martinez, Della Ames died 9-12-1937

Martinez, Eulalia born 1872 died 1958 Our Mother metal marker

Martinez, Gilbert M. born 11/23/1941 died 07/13/1962

Martinez, Jose Eliseo born 1865 died 1938 (Martinez, Eliseo died 05/03/1938 buried 05/05/1938 residence: Turkey Creek, notes: 74 years, husband of Eulalia Arellano, son of Juan Ignacio Martinez and Jesusita Serrano, Sacred Heart Death Records

Martinez, Lucinda died 6-6-1970

Martinez, Mary

Martinez, Rebecca Arellano

Martinez, Ruben

Martinez, Simodocea Eames died 09/12/1937 buried 09/14/1937 residence: Gardner, notes: 31 years, wife of Jose Pilar Martinez, daughter of Everet Eames and Guadalupe Chavez, from child birth, Sacred Heart Death Records

Martinez, Vivian

Ortibiz, Francisca de died 02/08/1923 buried 02/10/1923 residence: Clover, notes: wife of Narciso Ortibiz, Sacred Heart Death Records

Ortivez, ?

Ortiviz, Baby child of Ray Ortiviz

Ortiviz, Baby child of Ray Ortiviz

Ortivez, Baby child of Ray Ortivez

Ortivez, Manuel D.

Ortivez, Patricio

Ortivez, Ramon born 1886 died 19?8

Ortiviz, Carmelita died 1900

Ortiviz, Francisco died 02/08/1936 buried 02/11/1936 residence: Turkey Creek, notes: 33 years, husband of Valentina Martinez, son of Julian Ortiviz and Domicinda Gutierrez, Sacred Heart Death Records

Ortiviz, Joseph A. born 1895 died 1979

Ortiviz, Manuel died 1/20/1939

Ortivis, Miguel died 03/31/1916 buried 04/01/1916 residence: Rio de Guadalupe, notes: 54 years, single son of Manuel Ortivis and Maria Guadalupe Chavez, Sacred Heart Death Records

Ortiviz, Ray

Ortiviz, Ruth born 1957 died 1965 Our Darling

Ortiviz, Theodore died 7-3-1903

Sanchez, ?

Sanchez, ?

Sanchez, ?

Sanchez, Jose O. born 1896 died 1978

Sanchez, Selestina born 1905 died 1966

Skelton, Fred M. born 04/09/1910 died 05/01/1982 TSGT US Army WWII

Trujillo, Ernest C. born 05/09/1929 died 12-?-1984 SSDI

Trujillo, Florencia (Trujillo, Florencia buried 04/12/1926 notes: no other entries, Sacred Heart Death Records)

Trujillo, Juan Pedro born 1891 died 1968 Father

Trujillo, Manuelita born 1853 died 1941 (Trujillo, Maria Manuela Chacon died 03/06/1941 buried 03/08/1941 residence: Turkey Creek, notes: 88 years, wife of Martin Prospero Trujillo, daughter of Casimiro Chacon and Maria Concepcion Jaquez, this entry uses the hispanic name for the locality: Rito de las Gallinas, Sacred Heart Death Records

Trujillo, Mary Lizzie

Trujillo, Romaldo died 12-18-1918 & 2 small sons

Trujillo, Sophie born 10-14-1934 died 7-29-1996

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