Huerfano County, Colorado
Chama Cemetery
AKA Avila Cemetery

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Notes designated as #2 were contributed by Kenneth B. Taylor.
Notes designated as #3 were contributed by Joyce Abila.

Overall View
Chama Cemetery - 1/2 mile southeast of Chama. S12, T27S, R71W. This cemetery was read and filmed in the summer of 2000. The land for this cemetery was donated by Juan Santos Abila.


Abila, Antonio Fares born 04/27/1921 died 06/29/1998 US Army WWII. (Son of Porfirio and Benedicta Valdez Abila)

Abila, Benedicta born 10/16/1904 died 10/05/1991 Wife of Porfirio Abila (Daughter of Manuel de Jesus Valdez and Maria Manuela Medina Valdez)

Abila, Delfino Arsenio born 03/04/1955 died 04/06/1979 Military Pfc US Marine Corps (#3 son of Walter Abila)

Abila, Esmira Benedicta born 1946 died 11/27/1946 infant daughter of Benjamin Abila

Abila, Gilbert M. born 04/22/1928 died 03/26/1998 (Son of Porfirio and Benedicta Valdez Abila)

Abila, Joe Ben born 05/14/1923 died 03/08/1995 (Son of Porfirio and Benedicta Valdez Abila)

Abila, Julia V. born 1939 died 1965 (#2 First wife of Sergio Abila, died 11-4-1965)

Abila, Maria C. born 1885 died 1969 (died 3-7-1969, Second wife of Juan Santos Abila. Daughter of Juan B. Rodriguez and Teodora Vigil Rodriguez)

Abila, Porfirio born 1898 died 1967 Husband of Benedicta Abila (died 8-6-1967, son of Juan Santos Abila and Antonia Sanchez Abila) SSDI shows birth 8-26-1898 death 8-15-1967

Abila, Shirley M. born 02/07/1923 died 05/08/1992 (Wife of Ben Abila, maiden name Johnson)

Abila, Thomas Quino born 1931 died 1975 (born 1-29-1931 died 8-24-1975, Son of Porfirio and Benedicta Valdez Abila)

Abila, Walter born 09/08/1924 died 12/03/1981 (Son of Porfirio and Benedicta Valdez Abila)

Abila, William O. born 01/14/1939 died 08/26/1969 (Son of Porfirio and Benedicta Valdez Abila. His baptismal name was Guillermo Octaviano Abila) Military Colorado Pvt US Army

Avila, Juan S. born 1869 died 1956 (Abila, Juan Santos died 05/17/1956 buried 05/21/1956 residence: Chama, notes: 87 years, husband of Maria Cruz Abila, son of Florencio Abila and Manuelita Basques, great Catholic [research has shown that his parents were Lorenzo Abila and Maria Rita Valdez. He was born 3-15-1868 at Crestones.] Sacred Heart Death Records)

Aguirre, Andrew R. born 04/05/1924 died 02/12/1998 PFC US Army WWII

Archuleta, Adelaida born 03/16/1934 died --- On stone with Jacob J. Archuleta

Archuleta, Damasio born 07/22/1910 died 03/16/1991 On stone with Martina Archuleta (#2 Son of Pionono Archuleta)

Archuleta, Eleodoro E. born 1-6-1937 died 4-17-2005, son of Damacio and Martina Archuleta.

Archuleta, Emilia M. born 1886 died 1964 On stone with Pionono F. Archuleta (died 9-8-1964)

Archuleta, Fred A. born 12/07/1911 died 02/04/1996 On stone with Mary N. Archuleta (#2 Son of Pionono Archuleta)

Archuleta, Georgette born 04/23/1966 died 06/27/1967

Archuleta, Jacob J. born 04/19/1912 died 09/28/1981 On stone with Adelaida Archuleta Military US Army WWII

Archuleta, Joe C. born 02/17/1923 died 06/30/1993 Pvt US Army WWII (Joe Cupertino)SSDI shows birth 2-26-1923

Archuleta, Ralph Lee born 12/27/1942 died --- On stone with Maria "Bell" Archuleta

Archuleta, Maria Bell born 5-7-1943 died --- On stone with Ralph Lee Archuleta (Daughter of Charles and Evangeline Sanchez)

Archuleta, Martina born 11/11/1912 died --- On stone with Damasio Archuleta

Archuleta, Mary N. born 01/12/1923 died 12/16/1994 On stone with Fred A. (Maria Nevelina Archuleta, daughter of Manuel de Jesus Valdez and Maria Manuela Medina Valdez)

Archuleta, Pionono F. born 1882 died 1970 On stone with Emilia M. Archuleta (Son of Jose Atanacio Archuleta, the youngest of 17 children, born when Father was in his 70's. Jose Atanacio was born in Santa Cruz, N.M.) SSDI shows birth 7-14-1885 death 2-1970

Boddy, Maxine born 1911 died 1978 (#2 Daughter of Manuel de Jesus Valdez and Maria Manuela Medina Valdez)

Bravo, Benedito A. born 02/17/1940 died 01/29/1980 photo

Bravo, Dulcinella N. born 07/19/1916 died --- On stone with Sabino M. Bravo

Bravo, Sabino M. born 11/04/1916 died --- On stone with Dulcinella N. Bravo photo

Cardenas, Adela born 1901 died 1966 On stone with Salomon Cardenas (died 1-23-1966)

Cardenas, Joe F. born 1919 died 1970 (died 5-4-1970, Joe Fermin, #2 Son of Solomon and Adela Cardenas)

Cardenas, Juan B. born 10-8-1892 died 03/21/1955 (Cardenas, Juan Baptiste died 03/21/1955 buried 03/25/1955 residence: Redwing, notes: 62 years, husband of Nestora Cardenas, adopted daughter: Mrs. Evangeline Sanchez, resident of Redwing (colonia), died Corwin hospital, Pueblo, cancer, blood poison, Sacred Heart Death Records) (died 3-20-1955)

Cardenas, Nestora S. born 1898 died 1971 (born 11-4-1898 at Redwing, died 1-29-1971)

Cardenas, Simodosia born 1890 died 1957 (died 10-2-1957)

Cardenas, Jose Salomon born 5-30-1893 died 12/06/1977 On stone with Adela Cardenas, Pvt US Army WWII

Cordova, Eleanor born 1910 died 1982 On stone with Solomon Sr. (born 7-15-1910 died 11-4-1982)

Cordova, Jerry born 09/02/1951 died 09/03/1951

Cordova, Lupe --- ---

Cordova, Solomon Sr. born 1910 died 1969 On stone with Eleanor Cordova

Gallegos, Jose M. born 1892 died 1956 Husband (Gallegos, Manuel died 05/13/1956 buried 05/16/1956 residence: Pass Creek, notes: 64 years 4 months, husband of Requilda Vigil, son of Castulo Gallegos and Donaciana Baca, Sacred Heart Death Records)

Gallegos, Requilda born 1901 died 1967 Mother (#2 Wife of Jose Manuel Gallegos) SSDI shows birth 8-12-1901 death 6-15-1967

Hawkenson, Kenwood A. born 08/23/1945 died --- On stone with Marlene J. Hawkenson

Hawkenson, Marlene J. born 07/15/1944 died --- On stone with Kenwood A. Hawkenson (#2 Daughter of Charles and Evangeline Sanchez)

Levya, Baby born 1961 died 1961

Maes, Estevan born 6-17-1895 died 05/12/1972

Maes, Jake A. born 11/10/1916 died 01/21/1991 Pfc US Army WWII

Maes, Maria Salome born 6-8-1894 died 04/03/1966

Martinez, Augustinita born 1912 died 1992 On stone with Genaro Martinez Sr., SSDI shows birth 10-15-1912 death 9-1992

Martinez, Donicia A. born 1892 died 1954 (Chama - Martinez, Donicia Mrs. died 12/27/1954 buried 12/28/1954 residence: Redwing, notes: 61 years, deserted by husband, daughter: Mrs. Bertha Rocha of Pueblo and Florence, died in Sisters Hospital in Florence, Sacred Heart Death Records)

Martinez, Genaro Jr. born 07/27/1944 died 09/12/1989 SSDI shows death 9-15-1989

Martinez, Genaro Sr. born 1906 died 1973 On stone with Agustinita Martinez, SSDI shows birth 9-19-1906 death 8-1973

Martinez, Joe Ynacio born 1913 died 1983

Martinez, Maria Amelia born 1915 died 1978 On stone with Savas Martinez photo

Martinez, Randy Joseph born --- died 1971

Martinez, Savas born 1905 died 1982 On stone with Maria Amelia Martinez Also SSDI shows birth 2-12-1905 death 2-1982 Obit shows death 2-16-1982

Martinez, Tanya Sue born 09/06/1975 died 09/07/1975 On stone with Marcelino Trujillo

Pacheco, Jose Luis Severio born 1883 died 1957 (Pacheco, Joseph L. Severio died 03/21/1957 buried 03/26/1957 residence: Pass Creek, notes: 73 years, husband of Veronica Pacheco, buried in Avilla Cemetery, Sacred Heart Death Records)

Pacheco, Veronica born 1890 died 1971 Mother

Rodriguez, Joe B. born 1915 died 2000 (#2 Brother of John Esequiel) (#3 son of Maria Usia Elvira Rodriguez, brother of John Esequiel Rodriguez and Rosana Maria Trujillo)

Rodriguez, John Esequiel "Zeke" born 05/05/1926 died 05/04/1995 (#2 Brother of Joe B.) (#3 son of Maria Usia Elvira Rodriguez, brother of Joe B. and Rosana Maria Trujillo, 1st husband of Virgina Sandoval Rodriguez) SSDI shows death 5-15-1995

Rodriguez, Maria Usia Elvira born 1888 died 1961

Sanchez, Christina born 1890 died 1953 On stone with Gregorio Sanchez (Sanchez, Carolina A. de died 06/12/1953 buried 06/18/1953 residence: Redwing notes: 65 years, 6 months, wife of Gregorio Sanchez, daughter of Daniel Archuleta Sacred Heart Death Records)

Sanchez, George born 1882 died 1972 On stone with Felomena Sanchez, married 4-10-1910

Sanchez, Gregorio born 1882 died 1967 On stone with Christina Sanchez

Sanchez, Charles born 10/02/1923 died 06/09/1995 age 71, On stone with Evangeline Sanchez

Sanchez, Evangeline born 09/02/1921died --- On stone with Charles Sanchez

Sanchez, Felomena born 1889 died 1974 On stone with George Sanchez, SSDI shows birth 8-3-1889 death 2-1974

Sena, Celestina Cardenas died 04/20/1948 buried 04/25/1948 residence: Redwing notes: 37 years, wife of Donaciano Sena, daughter of Antonio Cardenas and Josefina Cardenas, Our Lady of Guadalupe Cemetery, Sacred Heart Death Records, no marker

Sena, Donociano born 1888 died 1965

Sink, Sarah M. born 1933 died 1995 (Wife of Robert Sink) SSDI shows birth 6-19-1933 death 4-15-1995

Spicer, Andrew R. born 1-27-1985 died 4-6-2009 age 24years, son of Mike and Velda Spicer, grandson of Kenneth and Irene Taylor.

St. John, Veronica born 1995 died 1995

Stromholt, Andrew Hallett born 02/06/1947 died 08/16/1994

Taylor, Irene J (Val) Valdez born 10/20/1939 died 01/06/2000 On stone with Kenneth Berry Taylor

Taylor, Kenneth Berry born 10/08/1937 died --- On stone with Irene J. Valdez Taylor

Trujillo, Marcelino born 12/25/1905 died 09/06/1975 On stone with Tanya Sue Martinez

Trujillo, Rosana Maria born 11/29/1906 died 01/18/1988 (#3 daughter of Maria Usia Elvira Rodriguez and sister of Joe B and John Esequiel Rodriguez)

Valdes, Eladio P. born 05/08/1921 died --- On stone with Lisaida Valdes, married 6-26-1944

Valdes, Eleseo Philip born 07/30/1947 died 11/09/1947 Son of Mr. & Mrs. Eladio P. Valdes

Valdes, Erminia C. born 1925 died 1972 Mother

Valdes, John Joseph born 04/17/1916 died 04/28/1959 Colorado Pvt 1167 Guard SQAAF WWII

Valdes, Lisaida born 06/19/1927 died 01/03/1993 On stone with Eladio P. Valdes

Valdes, Pablita A. born 1884 died 1959

Valdez, Andy born 02/03/1910 died 02/09/1985 (#3 son of Maria Manuelita Medina and Manuel De Jesus Valdez, husband of Lucy Valdez)

Valdez, Jose G. born 06/05/1908 died 03/18/1966 Colorado PVT 1851 UNIT 8 SVC COMD WWII (#3 son of Maria Manuelita Medina and Manuel De Jesus Valdez, 1st husband of Dora Abila)

Valdez, Juan Pablo born 06/07/1919 died 03/30/1981 (#3 son of Maria Manuelita Medina and Manuel De Jesus Valdez)

Valdez, Lucy born 12/10/1919 died 01/27/1994 (#2 Daughter of Pionono Archuleta, wife of Andreas Valdez)

Valdez, Manuel D.J. born 1882 died 1980 On stone with M. Manuelita M. Valdez, married 4-19-1900 (#2 Manuel de Jesus Vladez was born in San Pablo in the San Luis Valley. He was the son of Jose Petrolino Valdez, who was born in San Juan, N.M.. Petrolino's wife was Maria Maxima Deherrera)

Valdez, M. Manuelita M. born 1885 died 1972 SSDI shows birth 6-4-1885 death 12-15-1972 On stone with Manuel D.J. Valdez (Daughter of Pablo Medina and Casimira Romero, born 6-4-1885 at Cucharas, Huerfano County and died 12-24-1972 at Redwing)

Vasquez, Maria Ageda County Burial Permit: died at Walsenburg 3-24-1944, age 2y 6m 20d, no marker.

Unknown born 01/15/1942 died 01/01/1958

Unknown large marbled cross

Unknown Cordova?

marble base from missing marker?

three unmarked graves

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