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Rosita Sierra Journal 3-9-1882 Our neighbor, Mr. Frank Woodruff is the proud father of a fine girl baby, born last Sunday morning, at 6 a.m. The little angel weighed nine and one half pounds. The mother and baby are both doing nicely.

Silver Cliff Weekly Herald 3-16-1882 Fuller Account – Pueblo, March 11 – On Friday afternoon last, a terrible accident occurred on the Alpine Branch of the D. & R.G. road between Hortense and Cascade, which resulted in the instant death of a brakeman and one passenger, and the fatal injury of three others.

Sierra Journal 4-13-1882 In the divorce case, Louisa Breese vs. Frederick Breese tried in the county court on Saturday last the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff. A division of the property had been made heretofore.

Silver Cliff Weekly Herald 4-20-1882 Four deaths from small pox occurred in Pueblo with two more new cases reported. Every precaution is taken to prevent the farther spread of that dread disease. The health officers were instructed to take active measures, with rigid quarantine and suitable places for the reception of patients, and everything that good sense and care for the public safety may suggest.

Silver Cliff Weekly Herald 11-2-1882 Married – Mr. Lewis H. Bowers and Miss Eleonore Henrietta Tiarks were married this morning at the residence of Mrs. Hessinger, 503 Third street, Silver Cliff, by Rev. C.A. Brooks. The bridegroom and bride left this morning for Bonanza, which they will make their future home. Our congratulations follow them.

Silver Cliff Weekly Herald 11-9-1882 A Wayward Girl – Pueblo Nov. 7 – Miss Rose Rier ran away from her home in Trinidad Monday last, and came to Pueblo with a confidence man. Today her father arrived in town, and seeing the girl on the street, he made an attempt to catch her, but she gave the old man a close run, and but for the interference of the police would no doubt have got away. She was caught, however, and although she at first refused to leave her lover, a compromise was finally affected, and the bereaved father finally carried her off in triumph.

Silver Cliff Weekly Herald 11-24-1882 McIntyre Mulock – Canon City, November 17 – Miss Mulock, daughter of Hon. Ira Mulock, president of the Exchange Bank and one of our cattle kings, was married last night to Mr. C.W. McIntyre, of Gunnison City, son of the newly elected member to the legislature from Gunnison county.

Silver Cliff Weekly Herald 12-9-1882 Frank Staples, a Pueblo horse thief, was captured at Rosita.

Silver Cliff Weekly Herald 12-9-1882 A negro, at Pueblo, beat a white woman with whom he has been living so badly that it is feared she will die.

Silver Cliff Weekly Herald 12-9-1882 Frank Howe, an escaped convict from Canon City, was recaptured by Deputy Sheriff Hamilton at Pueblo, Monday.

Sierra Journal 5-3-1883 Ex-Governor W.M. Stone, of Iowa, has located at Pueblo. Governor Stone is a fighting Republican. He is a valuable acquisition to the state and will doubtless be this much to the republican party of Colorado.

Sierra Journal 6-7-1883 Marriage licenses issued from April 30th to May 31st: W.H. Rains and Miss Jennie S. Adams; John H. McDonald and Miss Kate E. Adams; Victor Bob and Miss Maggie Warren.

Rosita Sierra Journal 7-19-1883 Mr. C.E. Stivers, editor of the Saguache Chronicle, was married to Miss Anna L. Hunter, at Saguache on the 10th inst. The Journal extends congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Stivers and bride.

Sierra Journal 7-3-1884 The supreme court of New Mexico has just decided the case of the heirs of Charles Bent vs. Maxwell Land Grant & Railway Co., in favor of the plaintiffs. The case has been in court about ten years.

Sierra Journal 7-3-1884 James Anthony escaped from the penitentiary on the morning of the 27th. This is one of the most daring escapes in the history of the state prison. Anthony dressed himself in citizen's clothes, which he had somehow procured, and walked by the guards in broad daylight. The prisoner was sent from Pueblo county for ten years for burglary. He is about 40 years of age, about 5 feet 9 inches in height, fair complexion and his face is badly scarred.

Sierra Journal 2-19-1885 Chung Sing, a Chinese doctor of Pueblo, has been arrested for practicing without a diploma or license from the State board.

Sierra Journal 2-19-1885 Mrs. A.F. Carle, a Pueblo lady, stepped on the head of a man the other night as she was getting out of bed. She screamed and the fellow escaped.

Sierra Journal 12-31-1885 Mr. George Brackett and Miss Annie Leaming were married, by Joseph W. Milsom, last Thursday evening at the residence of Mrs. Beauchart.

Rosita Index 2-4-1886 Ula Items - A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Freer, the 27th ult. Mother and son prospering finely. L.H. is the proudest man in Ula.

Rosita Index 3-4-1886 For the benefit of some people who do not seem to understand that this paper is the successor of the Sierra Journal, we make the following statement: The Rosita Index was established by Charles Baker in this place in 1875; was purchased in 1880 by Charles A. Johnson and the name of the paper changed to the Sierra Journal; from 1880 to 1886 the paper under different owners retained that name. The present owners purchased the paper after the first issue in 1886, and returned to the name under which the paper was founded. The Index is now in its eleventh volume and has never missed an issue.

Rosita Index 6-17-1886 Born at Rosita, June 124, to the wife of Wm. C. Vorreiter, a bouncing boy – all are doing well.

Rosita Index 7-8-1886 Westcliffe Wrinkles – Married at Blumenau, at the residence of Hon. Frank S. Roff, his honor officiating, June 30th, 1886, Mr. Louise Lanzendorfer and Miss Clara Zindle.

Rosita Index 8-3-1886 Isle Rappings - Mr. Hamilton of this place, has been setting them up to the boys – all on account of a new daughter at this house.

Wet Mountain Tribune 1-21-1899 On Tuesday last a boy baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Acklebein of Wet Mountain valley.

Wet Mountain Tribune 4-8-1899 A wedding took place at the Lutheran church last Wednesday, the pastor, Rec. Oesch officiating. The contracting parties were Miss Matilda Deickman and Mortiz Brandenberg, both of Wet Mountain Valley.

Wet Mountain Tribune 4-8-1899 On Monday last, Miss Mary Garnier, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Augustine Garnier, of Querida, and Mr. Jas. G. Hocking, of Cold Springs were married, Justice W.B. Wadsworth officiating.

Wet Mountain Tribune 4-15-1899 Last Sunday, Mr. Frank Wyckoff of Querida and Miss Ella Ackelbein were married at the residence of the bride;s mother in Wet Mountain Vally, Rev. Jacobs of Durango, the bride's brother-in-law officiating. The newly wed will reside at Querida where the groom is in business.

Wet Mountain Tribune 4-22-1899 Vernon Urqhart, a well known young man, and Miss Holdsworth, a very fascinating and accomplished young lady, will, we learn, be married at the bride's beautiful villa in the Pines soon.

Wet Mountain Tribune 5-13-1899 On Tuesday morning last at 8 o'clock, at the residence of the bride's parent in this place, Amelia Falkenberg, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Falkenberg, and Frank E. Adams of Canon City, were married, Rev. Servent officiating. Only members of the family were present. The newly wed departed at 9:30 for Canon, their future home. The bride, a most worthy and estimable young lady, will be missed from the social circle here. The couple have the best wishes of their many acquaintances in this section.

Wet Mountain Tribune 5-13-1899 John Koke, of Silver Cliff will lead to hymen's altar next Tuesday, Miss Bertha Schwab, who resides on the Muddy. The wedding will take place at the home of the brides parents.

Wet Mountain Tribune 5-20-1899 Jerry Star and Miss Clara Caughman were married last Tuesday, Rev. Elwell of Silver Cliff, officiating. The wedding took place at the residence of the groom's brother, Mr. Joe Starr, in Silver Cliff.

Wet Mountain Tribune 5-20-1899 Rumor says Billy Bell and Mrs. Mag Wildy were married at Cripple Creek a few days ago.

Wet Mountain Tribune 7-8-1899 With the active assistance of the horse he had just mounted, Henry Goshen gave an exhibition of rapid dismounting in front of our office last Monday. The rapidity part was very sooner, but the manner of reaching the earth was void of grace and exceedingly informal. However, the grunt of satisfaction emitted by Mr. Goshen when he and the earth came together, seemed to indicate that he was used to it.

Wet Mountain Tribune 8-5-1899 The home of Rob Kettle, in Wet Mountain Valley was brightened by the appearance of a beautiful girl baby last week.

Wet Mountain Tribune 8-5-1899 Ed Miles, a young gentleman employed on the Dissmore ranch, was married on Tuesday last to Miss Fellows, a daughter of J.N. Fellows, on Brush Creek.

Wet Mountain Tribune 8-19-1899 The home of J.W. Ralston in Wet Mountain Valley was brightened at an early hour last Monday morning by the advent of a ten pound boy. Mother and child doing well. The liberal manner in which the jolly paternal ancestor was held up by the habituιs of the row, when they learned of his good fortune, indicated that there are those quite ready to "smile" with one when one's tickled by dame fortune.

Wet Mountain Tribune 12-9-1899 Mrs. E.F. Cross presented her husband with a fine baby boy last Wednesday morning. Dr. Collins was called.

Wet Mountain Tribune 12-9-1899 State News - V. G. Young, of Pueblo, was thrown from the buggy last Sunday evening by reason of colliding with an electric car and seriously injured.

Wet Mountain Tribune 12-9-1899 State News - The Aburdix Gold Mining and Milling Company, filed articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State this week and will operate in Custer county. The incorporators are George H. Avery, S. J. Burris, and John R. Dixon, of Pueblo. - Capitalization one million dollars, and general office Pueblo.

Wet Mountain Tribune 12-23-1899 Last Wednesday evening Mr. Al Gongway, a very worthy young gentleman of Silver Cliff, was married to Miss Minnie Vahldick, an estimable young lady of the valley, the wedding taking place at the residence of the bride's father, Mrs. Fred Wahldick, Rev. Snook officiating. The Tribune extends congratulations, and wishes the newly wed couple the choicest blessings of this life. May they live long and ever be happy as they were on their nuptial eve.

Wet Mountain Tribune 12-25-1899 A new boarder arrived at Christ Hansen's home Monday morning last, a young – very young – lady. The little Miss will be fed on milk diet for quite a while.

Wet Mountain Tribune 12-30-1899 Last Thursday evening was born to Bert Smith, a son. Dr. Collins was called. Mother and child both doing well.

Wet Mountain Tribune 4-4-2012 Peaks of the Past – 100 Years Ago – 1912 – Miss Maud Lake closed a six month term of school in the Valley last Friday and left Monday on her return to Pueblo, her home.

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