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Following is the information found on Juan Antonio Valdez and Maria Catarina Trujillo.

JUAN ANTONIO VALDES and MARIA CATERINA TRUJILLO had 6 children baptised In San Juan delos Caballeros.A Deligencias Matrimoniales on MARIA CATERINA TRUJILLO 9 Mar 1842 lists her as a native of Pojoaque,widow of Juan Antonio Valdes.I suspect that Juan Antonio Valdes and Maria Caterina Trujillo married in Pojoaque.Juan Antonio Valdes's parents also have a DM that lists the father Juan Antonio Valdes from the Presidio de El Paso del Norte.

The following information is from the Book "San Juan Delos Caballeros Baptisms 1726-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez pages 627.The first entry is listed verbatim and the others with only names of the child and date of baptism.

1-Juana Guadalupe Valdes Born 9-1-1807,Bapt 9-5-1807.Father Juan Antonio Valdez,Mother Catarina Trujillo,Vecinos de Ranchitos de Ojo Caliente.Padrinos:Andres Trujillo and Guadalupe Valdez,Padrinos de Canada.

2-Ramon Antonio Valdez Born 7-4-1810,Bapt 7-6-1810.

3-Juan Benito Valdez Born 1-12-1813,Bapt 1-15-1813.

4-Maria Apolonia Valdez Born 2-8-1816,Bapt 2-12-1816. From New Mexico Roots LTD.By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 836.10 Jan 1836 (No.12) TAOS-Jose Francisco Herrera (25)Farmer of Sta.Clara by origin now living in S.Antonio,son of Jose Antonio Herrera and Maria Candelaria Mestas,and Apolonia Valdes (18) N.of S.Juan Parish,daughter of Juan Antonio Valdes and Maria Catarina Trujillo,now living in S.Antonio.Witnesses:Jose Guillen (59),N.of Sta Cruz living in Sta.Clara,Jose Carmen Mestas (35),N.of Sta.Cruz living in Don Fernando,Juan Maes (28) N.and Res of Taos,all framers and married.--Married in Taos Jan 24,1836...

5-Maria Francisca Valdez Born 7-21-1818,Bapt 7-26-1818.From the book "Taos Marriages 1770-1860."By David Salazar and Bill Trujillo.Published By the Genealogical Society Of Hispanic America-Southern Calif Branch.11-16-1835 Antonio Ysidro Duran,soltero hijo de Juan Andres Duran Y De Maria Candelaria Mondragon,oriundo de Santa Cruz dela Canada Y Vecinos dela Plaza de San Antonio de Arroyo Ondo con Maria Francisca Baldes Soltera hija de Juan Antonio Baldes Y de Maria caterina Trujillo,oriundo del Curato de San Juan Delos Cabellaeros y vecina del mismo lugar.Padrinos:Jose Manuel Cortes Y Maria Dolores Montoya Vecinos del Mismo lugar.Testigos Juan Domingo martin Y Juana Sandoval vecinos de San Fernandes.

6-Diego Valdez Born 11-12-1824,Bapt 11-17-1824.

The Taos Baptism do have the two baptisms that you have in your message and they do lists the Grand Parents as you have them

From New Mexico Roots LTD.By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 1872.19 Mar 1842 (No.19) TAOS-Hipolito de Jesus Tafoya (33) N.of Santa Cruz,farmer of La Sssma.Trinidad,widowed of Maria Cocepcion Chaves,and MARIA CATARINA TRUJILLO (30),N.of Pojoaque living in La Sangre de Cristo,widow of Juan Antonio Valdez.Witnesses:Reyes Cordova (25),Farmer and single,Rafael Tenorio (44),Platero and Married.-- Married In Taos 28 March 1842....

The following are the offsprings of JUAN ANTONIO VALDEZ and MARIA ANDREA CHAVEZ; parents of Juan Antonio Valdez.

The following baptism is from the book "Santa Fe Baptisms 1747-1851."By:Thomas D.Martinez,page 589.

1-Maria Timotea Valdes Bapt 1-25-1773 Father Juan Antonio Valdes,Mother Maria Chaves,Padrinos:Salvador Sandoval and Juana Ortis.

Again the first entry is listed verbatim and the others with only the child name and date of baptisms.

The following baptisms are from the book "San Juan Delos Caballeros Baptisms 1726-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez,pages 627 and 628.

1-Antonio Valdez Baptised 12-5-1774,father Juan Antonio Valdez,mother Maria Andrea Chavez,Vecinos de Santa Fe.Paternal Grandparents:Juan Pedro (El Paso) Valdez and Luciana Telles.Maternal Grandparents:Jose Chaves and Juana Maria Santistevan.Padrinos:Jose Antonio Abeyta and Gertrudes Abeyta.

2-Maria De Guadalupe Valdez 4 days old Spanish,Bapt 7-30-1777.

3-Micaela Barbara Valdez Bapt 5-10-1779.

4-Juana Rafaela Valdez Bapt 1-13-1782.

5-Maria Valdez Bapt 10-15-1787.

6-Juan Simon Valdez Bapt 2-21-1790.

7-Maria Andrea Valdez Bapt 11-30-1791.

8-Manuel Antonio Delos Dolores Valdez Bapt 1-1-1794,4 Years old.

9-Juan De Jesus Valdez Bapt 7-18-1797. New Mexico Roots Ltd.By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 2011 1823 April 1 (NO.21)SAN JUAN Juan De Jesus Valdes (21)Espanol of Los Ranchitos Del Rio Del Ojo Caliente,son of Juan Antonio Valdes and Maria Andrea Chaves,deceased,and Maria Candelaria Gonzales (18),Espano;a of the same place,daughter of Marcelino Gonzales and ana Maria Rodriguez.Witnesses:Bernardo Jaramillio (49),Jose Pablo martin (29)Juan Miguel Martin (77),Rafael Pando (50).

10-Juan delos Reyes Valdez Bapt 1-8-1799.

Deligencias Matrimoniales:New Mexico Roots LTD.By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 2006 1771 April 10 (NO.22),SANTA FE Juan Antonio Valdes (24)N.of The Presidio of El paso Del Norte living in El Rancho De Lo De Vasquez,Sto.Domingo Parish,son of Juan Pedro Valdes and Luciana Telles,and Maria Andrea Chaves (15),of Lo De Vasquez,Daughter of Jose Chaves and Juana maria Santistevan.Witnesses:Felipe Sandoval,Notary;Domingo Ortega (40),of the El Paso Presidio,and Juan Antonio Suazo (44),both by chance happening to be in New Mexico;Francisco Valencia (30),Francisco Valdes (40).

Following is the information found on Juan Benito Valdez.

From The book "Taos Marriages 1770-1860."By:Davis Salazar and Bill Trujillo. Published by the Genealogical Society Of Hispanic America-Southern Calif Branch.

Book of Marriages Taos M-40 (Box 37) 1833-1845,Frame 1429.19 Feb 1845 JUAN BENITO VALDES,viudo de la difunta Maria Martina Garcia vecino de Sange de Cristo,oriundo del Curato de Abiquiu,con MARIA ESTEFANA VIGIL,soltera hija de Gregorio Rodrigo Vigil y de Maria Rosalia Martines,vecinos del mismo lugar. Padrinos:Luciano Maxwel Y Maria dela Lus Beaubien.Testigos:Manuel Antonio Miera Y Juan Nicolas Duran,vecinos de La Plaza de Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe.

Book of Marriages Taos M-41 Taos (Box 38) 1845-1856.Frame 255.1-28-1850 Jose Carmel Vigil Single Son of Juan De Jesus Vigil and Maria Manuela Martinez,residents of San Antonio Del Rio Colorado and native of Abiquiu with Maria Francisca Valdes,Single Daughter of Juan Benito Valdez and Martina Garcia,deceased,resident of the same place.Sponsors:Manuel Antonio Gonsales and Maria Rosa Vigil,residents of Rio Colorado.Wit:Julian Urban and Pablo Sandoval of D.Fernando.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1848."By:Thomas D.Martinez,Page 659.Vigil,Eulogio bapt 3-14-1827,4 days old,Father Rodrigo Vigil,Mother Maria Rosalia Martin,Vecinos de San Francisco del Rancho,Paternal Grandparents:Gabriel Vigil Y Anamaria Lucero.Maternal Grandparents:Antonio Martin Y Antonia Sanchez.Padrinos: Faustin Vigil Y Maria dela Luz Martin.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867."By:Bill Trujillo and David Salazar. Published by The Genealogical Society Of Hispanic America-Southern Calif.Branch.

Books of Baptisms B-49 Taos (Box 73) 1833-1837.Frame 647.29 Sept 1835 Maria Francisca 8 days old daughter of Juan Vinito Valdes and Maria Martinco ? Garcia,residents de Los Desmontes.PGP:Juan Antonio Valdes and Maria Catarina Trugillo.MGP:Francisco Garcia and Maria Gonzales.Pads:Jesus Maria Cordoba and Maria de las Nieves Ortis,all residents of the same place.

Book of Baptisms B-48a Taos Box (72) Jun to Dec 1837.Frame 312.8 Oct 1837 Jose Etilano 3 days old,son of Juan Benito Valdes and Maria Martina Garcia,residents De Los Desmontes.Pads:Tomas De Herrera and Maria Del Refugio Martin,residents of San francisco del Rancho.

Book of Baptisms B-50 (Box 74) 1837-1844.Frame 68.14 Oct 1838 Maria Margarita,8 days old,daughter of Juan Benito Baldes and Maria Martina Garcia,residents of the Plaza of San Antonio de Arroyo Hondo.PGP:Juan Antonio Baldes and Maria Catarina Trugillo.MGP:Francisco Garcia and Maria Andrea Ortega.Pads:Jose Flordngino Garcia and Maria Andrea Ortega,residents of the same place.

Book of Baptisms B-52 (Box 75) 1844-1847.Frame 896.27 Nov 1845 Maria Andrea 4 days old,daughter of Juan Benito Valdes and Maria Estefana Vigil,residents of Sangre de Cristo.PGP:Juan Antonio Valdes and Maria Catarina Valdes.MGP:Gregorio Vigil and Rosalia Martines.Pads:Ricardo Vigil and Maria Dolores Ballejos,residents of San Antonio.

Books of Baptisms B-53 (Box 76) 1847-1850.Frame 24.29 April 1847 Maria Catarina 5 days old.daughter of Juan Benito Valdes and Maria Estefana Vigil.PGP:Antonio Valdes and Maria Catarina Trugillo.MGP:Gregoria Vigil and Maria Rosalia Martines.Pads:Gregorio Vigil and Maria Rosalia Martines,all residents of the Plaza de Los Desmontes de la Sangre De Cristo.

Book of Baptisms B-58 Taos 1859-1869.Frame 215.30 Aug 1864 Maria Guadalupe 5 Years old,descended from the Navajo Tribe.Family of Juan Benito Valdes and Maria Estefana Vigil.Pads:Antonio Domingo Valdes and Maria Catarina Valdes,all residents of Rio Colorado.

30 Aug 1864 Maria Ramona 6 Years old,descended From the Navajo Tribe.Family of Juan Benito Valdez and Maria Estefana Vigil,they were the sponsors,residents of Rio Colorado.

From the book "Extracts from the LDS Family History Library Film NO.0016622."By Maria C.Martinez.

Page 18-12-7-1853 Maria Bibiana 6 days old,daughter of Benito Valdez and Maria Vigil.PGP:Juan Antonio Valdez and Catarina Trujillo.MGP:Rodrigo Vigil and Maria Rosalia Casillas.Pad:Felipe Archuleta and Maria Gumercinda Garcia.Rio Colorado.

Page 62-7-27-1856 Juan Antonio Santiago son of Juan Venito Valdes and Maria Estefana Vigil.Pads:Mariano De Jesus Lucero,El Cura,

Page 198.3-5-1861 Juan Bautista Martinez son of J.Rafael Martinez and Maria Francisca Romero (Costilla) and Maria Catalina Valdez daughter of Juan Venito Valdez and Maria Stefana Vigil (Rio Colo)Testigos:Matias Romero and Vicente Quintana. * Note-"Remarried-Having been informed by respectable authority that the below mentioned couple have been illicitly joined together for more then one year by "El Presbitero"Don Mariano Lucero-suspended and excommunicated."

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