Taos County, New Mexico

Regarding your request for information on DOMINGO TRUJILLO following is the information found.Numbered I-Santiago Truxillo,II-Juan Ygnacio Truxillo,III-Juan Felipe Trujillo,IV-Domingo Trujillo and V-Vidal Trujillo.

From the book "New Mexico Marriages Church Of Santo Thomas De Abiquiu."Extracted By:M.Eloise Arellanes,Compiled by:Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca.Published by the New Mexico Genealogical Society.


Page 11-The only mention of SANTIAGO TRUXILLO is in his son's Juan Ygnacio Truxillo marriage record in 1778 and his is listed as Deceased.


Page 11-Microfilm # 26 AASF,Frame 806.30 June 1778 JUAN YGNACIO TRUXILLO,son of Santiago Truxillo,Deceased and Maria Mora,Indians from the Pueblo,Marrying MARIA ANTONIA MARTIN,daughter of Barbara Martin and unknown Father;Witnesses:Antonio Feliciano (N.S.) [No Surname],Antonio Marquez,Juan Domingo Torres and Diego Martin;God Parents:Francisco (N.S.)and Juana (N.S.),Indians from the Pueblo.The said Bride is of this Mission.

From the book "Spanish and Mexican Censuses Of New Mexico 1750-1830."Compiled by Virginia Landham Olmsted,C.G..Published by the New Mexico Genealogical Society.

1790 Abiquiu Census-Pueblo Of Santo Thomas Page 123...

39.Juan Inasio Trugio, 30; Wife, Maria Antonia Martin, 20; 3 Sons: 8,5,2.

Juan Ygnacio Trujillo's mother is lisited next door.# 40.Maria Mora,60, Widow.

From the book "Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez.Pages 365,366. * Indicates from the book(s) "The Quintanas."By:Ida R.Foraci.Volumes 18 and 18.

1-Rafael Trujillo Born 11-25-1782 (Twin) Bapt.11-27-1782,Father Juan Ygnacio Trujillo,Mother Maria Antonia Martin.Padrinos;[Godparents] Lorenzo de Jesus Lara & Magdalena Mestas.

** From the Book "The Quintanas."Volume 17 & 18,Page 1274-b.By Ida Foraci.En esta Parroquia de Santa Cruz dela Canada en diez y siete de Octubre de mil Ochocientos Cinco,Yo El Ynfrars Mtro Hechos los _ _ que el Santo Concilio ordena,leyes los tres amonestaciones inter Missiurm Solemina,y no resultado ynpedimento al guno CASE Y VELE in facie Ecclesiae por palabras de presente a RAFAEL TXUJILLO,Hijo de Ygnacio Antonio Txujillo Y De Maria Martin de San Juan Con MARIA ESTELA MONTOYA,Hija de Juan Miguel Montoya y de Maria Manuela Mestas,Vecinos del Pueblo Quemado.Testigos Juan Antonio Garcia,Juan de la Encarnacion,Hilario Quintana Y Tomas Abeyta.Pa Que Conesta Firmo Ut Supera.Fr.Jose de Castro.(Rubric).

...Translation...In this Parish of Santa Cruz dela Canada the 17th Day of Oct.1805.I the Minister in charge did read the "Banns"(amonestaciones) prior to Mass as ordered by the council [of Trent] and there was no impediment I Married and Blessed in front of the Church in the present RAFAEL TXUJILLO son of Ygnacio Antonio Trujillo and of Maria Martin from San Juan,With MARIA ESTELA MONTOYA,Daughter of Juan Miguel Montoya and of Maria Manuela Mestes,Neighbors of Pueblo Quemado [Present Town Named Cordova].Witnesses:Juan Antonio Garcia,Juan dela Encarnacion,Hilario Quintana and Tomas Abeyta.That it so stands I sign as above. Fray Jose de Castro [Rubric] Note Rafael Trujillo and Maria Estela Montoya have 7 children baptised in San Juan delos Caballeros Bautismos book..Not listed in this report..

2-Juana Delfina Born 11-25-1782 (Twin) Bapt.11-27-1782.Father Juan Ygnacio Trujillo Mother Maria Antonia Martin.Pads:[GodParents]Lorenzo de Jesus Lara and Magdalena Mestas.--..I Will Not List The Parents Names On The Next Entries:..

3-Christoval Trujillo Born 2-21-1785,Bapt.2-24-1785.[Same Parents]Pads:Juan dela Cruz Archuleta and Maria Rosa martin.

4-Ysidro De Jesus Born 9-5-1786,Bapt.2-24-1786.[Same Parents] Vecinos de [Neighbors from] Pueblo.Pads:Felipe Trujillo and Ysabel Bustos.

5-Maria Bernarda Trujillo Bapt.8-22-1789,3 days old.[Same Parents] Vecinos de Pueblo.Pads:Juan Martin and Maria Manuela (his wife) Lujan.

6-Maria Barbara Born 3-15-1798,Bapt.3-17-1798.[Same Parents] Vecinos de Pueblo.Pads:Gregorio Martin and Juana Micaela Valdes.

From the Book of Marriages of Abiquiu mentioned above.Microfilm # 26 AASF,Frame 934.Page 53.22 Nov 1814 VICTOR TRUXILLO,single son of Francisco Truxillo,Deceased,and Mariana Diega Lujan.Marrying MARIA BARBARA TRUXILLO,Single daughter of Juan Ygnacio Truxillo,Deceased,and Maria Antonia Martin,All of the Pueblo;Witnesses:Santiago Gallego,Jose maria Garcia,Jose Antonio Benavides,& Juan Salazar;GodParents Domingo Trujillo & Juana Patron.* * Also Page 1274-c. "The Quintana."Book.

7-Maria Aqueda Born 6-18 1801,Bapt 6-21-1801 [Same Parents],Vecinos de Pueblo.Pads:Domingo (N.S) and his Aunt Juana Trujillo.

8-Juan Felipe Trujillo's baptism record has not yet being located but his marriage records and the Bautismos records of his offspring indicates that he is the son of Juan Ygnacio Trujillo and Maria Antonia Martin.The question is his Wife's MARIA DEL CARMEN 's Surname.The Marriage record lists her as ATENCIO the widow of Jose Faustin Montoya.Ida Foraci's Book "The Quintana" has her as PADILLA the daughter of Mariano Padilla and Maria Gertrudes Sanchez.The Abiquiu Baptisms book by Thomas D.Martinez in her offsprings baptisms.Records her as Ramirez the daughter of Antonio Ramirez and Maria Gertrudes Sanchez.

9-Jose Santiago Truxillo's Baptisim record has also not yet been located.His Marriage record from the Abiquiu Marriages Book listed above is as follows:

Microfilm Reel NO.26 AASF Frame 924,Page 50.8 May 1813 Jose Santiago Truxillo,Single Son of Juan Ygnacio Trujillo and Maria Antonia Martin Of the Pueblo,Marrying Maria Gertrudis Martin,Single daughter of Domingo Martin and Maria Cruz Gonzales;Witnesses:Jose Maria Garcia,Jose Manuel Trujillo,Marcial Archuleta and Jose Manuel Martin.God Parents:Francisco Marquez and Barbara Manzanares.


From the book "Abiquiu Marriages 1777-1826." Described above.Microfilm # 26 AASF Frame 937,Page 54.

31 Dec 1814 JUAN PHELIPE TRUXILLO,single,Son of Juan Ygnacio Truxillo,Deceased,and Maria Antonia Martin,Marrying MARIA CARMEN ATENCIO of the Pueblo,Widow of Jose Faustin Montoya,of Pujuaque;Witnesses:Juan Agustin Chavez,Culas Lujan,Juan Cruz Tagueda & Francisco Marquez.God Parents:Juan De La Cruz Tagueda And Gertrudis Trujillo.

From the book "The Quintanas"Volumes 17 and 18,Page 1274-b.By Ida R.Foraci. Juan Felipe Trujillo Married Maria del Carmen Padilla,Daughter of Mariano Padilla and Gertrudes Martin.

Following are the offsprings of Juan Felipe Trujillo and Maria Del Carmen Ramirez as listed in the book " Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez Page 363 and 364.(Note the different Grandparents listed)

1-Domingo Trujillo 3 days old,Baptised 2-14-1826,Father Juan Felipe Trujillo,Mother Maria del Carmen Ramirez,Vecinos de La Cueva.Paternal Grandparents:Juan Ygnacio Trujillo and Maria Antonia Martin.Maternal Grandparents:Antonio Ramirez and Maria Gertrudis Sanchez.Padrinos:Francisco Rafael Valdes.

2-Maria Josefa Trujillo 4 days old,Baptised 4-4-1840 Father Juan Felipe Trujillo,Mother Maria del Carmen Ramirez,Vecinos de Ojo Caliente.PGP:Vicente Trujillo and Maria Antonia Martin.MGP:Not Listed.Pads:Antonio Chacon and Maria Guadalupe Martin.

3-Maria Gertrudis Baptised 10-5-1823,10 days old.Father Juan Felipe Trujillo,Mother Maria del Carmen Padilla,Vecinos de La Cueva.PGP:Juan Ygnacio Trujillo and Maria Antonia Martin.MGP:Mariano Padilla and Maria Gertrudis Sanchez.Pads:Santiago Trujillo and Gertrudis Martin.

4-Maria Josefa Baptised 3-2-1828,12 Days Old.Father Juan Felipe Trujillo.Mother Maria del Carmen Padilla,Vecinos de La Cueva.PGP:Juan Ygnacio Trujillo and Maria Antonia Lucero.MGP:Mariano Padilla and Maria Gertrudes Sanchez.Pad:Francisco Antonio Valdes.

From the book 'Taos Baptisms 1701-1848."By:Thomas D.Martinez.Page 597.

5-Maria Tiburcia Baptised 4-28-1833,3 Days old,Father Juan Felipe Trujillo,Mother Maria del Carmen Ramirez,Vecinos del Arroyo Hondo.PGP:Juan Trujillo and Juana Martin.MGP:Antonio Ramirez and Josefa Sanchez.Pads:Manuel Antonio Garcia and Magdalena Lobato,Madrina from San Fernando.

From the book "Salazar's Taos Marriages."By David Salazar and Bill Trujillo.Frame 261.3-4-1850 Juan Patricio Gonsales Single son of Maria Paula Atencio Resident of San Francisco de Paula with Maria Tiburcia Trujillo single daughter of Juan Felipe Trujillo and Maria del Carmen Romero,residents of the same place.Sponsors:Lino Trujillo and Geronima Valdes.Witnesses:Julian Urban and Pablo Sandoval.


DOMINGO TRUJILLO's bautismo listed above,as Number 1 under Juan Felipe Trujillo and Maria del Carmen Ramirez.(Domingo Trujillo Baptised 2-14-1826,3 days old).

From the book "Salazar's Taos Marriages."By:David Salazra and Bill Trujillo.Frame 237.12-10-1849 DOMINGO TRUJILLO single son of Juan Felipe Trujillo and Maria del Carmen Ramires Residents of San Francisco de Pauda,with Maria Encarnacion Martines Single daughter of Antonio Martines and Josefa Vigil residents of the same place.Sponsors:Pedro Herrera and Lorensa Carda.Witnesses:Pablo Sandoval and Julian Urban of D.Fernando.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867."By:Davida Salazar and Bill Trujillo.Frame 740.

1-Date not legible but entry prior is dated 4-4-1855 and the entry after is dated 4-12-1855.Maria Rafaela,Daughter of Domingo Trujillo and Maria dela Encarnacion Martines,residents of San Francisco del rancho.PGP:Juan Felipe Trujillo and Maria del Carmen not legible.MGP:Antonio Martines and Maria Josefa Vigil.Sponsors:Juan Salbador not Legible and Maria Dolores Duran,residents of the same place.

2-LDS Microfilm Reel 032-007B 0017010 Taos Baptisms 1850-1879._ _ y cinco dias del mes de Agosto [_ and 5 days the month of August] 1850 Baptised Jose Vidal Trujillo 6 days old,Legitimate son of Domingo Trujillo and Maria dela Encarnacion Martines,Neighbors from San Francisco del Rancho.PGP:Jose Ygnacio Trujillo and Maria del Carmen Sanchez.MGP:Antonio Martines and Josefa Vigil.God Parents The same Maternal grandfather and Juana Martines,neighbors from the same place.I informed them of their spiritual obligations.I signed as above.Antonio Jose Martines.(Rubric)

LDS Microfilm Reel NO.D-38114 0017017.In this parish of Taos the 21st day of Oct 1872.Married Vidal Trujillo Single legitimate son of Domingo Trujillo and Maria Encarnacion Trujillo,with Teodosia Ocanas Single legitimate daughter of Luis Ocanas and Josefa Gallegos.Witnesses:Jseus M.Martin and Paula Cordova.Signed Gabr.Ussel (Rubric)


The marriage of JUAN YGNACIO TRUXILLO,single son of Santiago Truxillo,Deceased and Maria Mora,Indians From The Pueblo,Marrying MARIA ANTONIA MARTIN,daughter of Barbara Martin and Unknown Father;Wit:Antonio Feliciano (N.S),Antonio Marquez,Juan Domingo Torres,and Diego Martin.GodParents:Francisco (N.S.)and Juana (N.S.) Indians from the Pueblo.The said bride is of this mission. Microfilm Reel 28 AASF Frame 806.Page 11.

The marriage tells us that He,Juan Ygnacio Trujillo was Indian from the Pueblo.What Pueblo ?There is only one Indian Pueblo there and that is Santo Thomas Apostol de Abiquiu a Genizaros Village.

The following information is from the book "Taos County New Mexico Materials Published In The New Mexico Genealogist 1962-1988 and Related Research Information."Compiled by Ralph L.Hayes Published By The New Mexico Genealogical Society. Page 53-TRIJILLO,Jose Leon and ANALLA,Maria Beatrix,16 February 1885,Page 79.You can view this record in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Taos Marriages Microfilm.

Regarding your request for information on PEDRO TRUJILLO and JOSEFA GOMEZ,following is the information found.

From " Founders and Pioneers of Albuquerque,NM (A Genealogy Collection)."By: Donald Dreesen.I'll list the entry verbatim.

Pedro Antonio Trujillo Born 1805 son of Jose Dela Encarnacion Trujillo and Juana Antonia Gallegos of Los Gabaldones,Los Chaves,Belen,San Lorenso.Married Oct 25,1830 at Belen to Maria Josefa Chaves/Gomes/Griego,daughter of Juan Antonio Chavez and Maria Guadalupe Gomes,or Encarnacion Gomes ? and Manuel Navarro or Maria Francisca Griego. (..*..Note..The baptism records of Pedro Antonio Trujillo and Maria Josefa Chaves'children in Belen show the Maternal Grand parents as G-Father Unknown,G-Mother Encarnacion Gomes and Unknown,The one in Socorro shows her as Maria Francisca Griego.That may be where D.Dreesen got all of the different Surnames..The DM and Marriage record shows her as Guadalupe Gomes)...
1-Maria Paula Bapt 12 Jan 1832 Belen.
2-Manuela Bapt 28 Sept 1834 Belen
3-Juan Baptista Bapt 12 Oct 1836 Belen
4-Jose Manuel Bapt 20 April 1839 Belen
5-Jose Ricardo Bapt 30 March 1842 Belen
6-Maria Florencia Bapt 30 Oct 1845 Socorro
Ref:Belen Baptismal Records B-8,B-11,B-16.Belen Marriage Records M-7.


New Mexico Roots LTD:By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 1956.1830 Oct 25 (No.62) Belen.PEDRO ANTONIO TRUJILLO (25) of Los Gabaldones,Son of Jose Trujillo and Juana Antonia Gallegos,and MARIA JOSEFA CHAVES of the same place,Daughter of Juan Antonio Chaves,deceased and Guadalupe Gomes.Wits:Juan Andres Sanchez (53),Antonio Gallegos (54),Rafael Montoya (31),Juan Miguel Silva (34).

From the book"New Mexico Marriages Churches of Immaculate Concepcion of Tome and Our Lady of Belen-,1793-1856."Extracted By;Raymond P.Salas,Compiled By:Margaret Leonard Windham.Published By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.From Microfilm Reel # 26 AASF,Frame 1059.

25 Oct 1830 PEDRO ANTONIO TRUGILLO,son of Jose Trugillo and Juana Gayego,marrying MARIA JOSEFA CHAVES,Single daughter of Juan Antonio Chaves ,deceased and Maria Guadalupe Gomes.Testigos:Jose Chaves,Juaquin Castiyo and Rafael Marino.

From Belen Baptisms:Microfilm Reel 3 AASF,Frame 520.CHAVES,Juan de Jesus Bapt 25 Jan 1829,age 3 days,son of Juan Antonio Chaves and Guadalupe Gomes.Paternal Grandparents:Miguel Chaves and Maria Getrudis Montoya.Maternal Grandparents: Santiago Gomes and Maria Martin.Pads:Jose Maria Romero and Maria Barbara Luna.

Follwowing is the information found on RAMON TRUJILLO from Ensenada,Rio Arriba County,NM.

I-RAMON TRUJILLO and Maria Valdez.Ramon Trujillo was the son of:

II-JOSE MANUEL TRUJILLO and Maria Mauricia Martin.Jose Manuel Martin was the son of:




From the book "Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez,Page 358.

JOSE RAMON TRUJILLO Baptised 9-6-1839,8 days old,Father Jose Manuel Trujillo,Mother Maria Mauricia Martin,Vecinos de Pueblo.Paternal Grandparents:Salvador Trujillo and Maria Encarnacion Martin.Maternal Grandparents:Jose Antonio Martin and Ana Maria Martin.Padrinos Juan Jose Olguin.

Enero 7 1872-RAMON TRUJILLO Con MARIA VALDEZ:En esta parroquia de San Juan Nepomuceno Del Rito as los seite dias de Enero.De Mil Ochocientos Setenta Y Dos.Yo el Parroco Jose Valezy,Despues de Practicadas las Diligencias Matrmoniales y publicadas las tres banas y no resultado ningun impedimento presencie el matrimonio de Ramon Trujillo de Abiquiu,Soltero hijo legitimo de Manuel Trujillo y de Mauricia Martinez Con Valdez de Tierra Amarilla,Soltera hija legitima de Jose Maria Valdez y de Juana Catalina Medran.Fueron Testigos Francisco Abeyta y Maria Gertrudis Sanchez.Paraque Conesta Firme Jose Valezy (Rubric)

The following information comes from the El Rito San Juan Nepomuceno (St.John) Catholic Church Microfilm Reel # 23A AASF.

Jan 7 1872 (Ramon Trujillo with Maria Valdez..On Side Margin) In this Parish of San Juan Nepomuceno Del Rito the 7th day of January 1872.I the Parish Priest Jose Valezy having done the Marriage Investigations and published the Banns 3 times and no impediment was found do perform the Marriage of RAMON TRUJILLO from Abiquiu,Single Legitimate son of Manuel Trujillo and Mauricia Martinez,with ....*.. Blank space... VALDEZ from Tierra Amarilla,Single legitimate daughter of Jose Maria Valdez and Juana Catalina Medran.The witnesses were Francisco Abeyta and Maria Gertrudis


From the book "New Mexico Baptisms Church of Santa Tomas De Abiquiu Volume I-1754 to 1811."Extracted By:Virginia Langham Olmsted and Evelyn Lujan Baca,Compiled By:Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca.Published By The Mew Mexico Genealogical Society.From Microfilm Reel # 2 AASF.

TRUJILLO,Jose Manuel (Pueblo) Baptised 25 May 1788,Born 22 of said month;Son of Salvador Trujillo and Maria Encarnacion Martin,Genisaros del Pueblo;God Parents Bernardo Molina and Maria Loreto Beyta.

From the book "New Mexico Marriages-Church Of Santa Thomas De Abiquiu 1756- 1826."Extracted By:M.Eloise Arellanes,Compiled By:Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca.Published By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.From Microfilm Reel # 26 AASF,Frame 911.

7 July 1811 JOSE MANUEL TRUXILLO,Single,Of the Pueblo,Son of Salvador Trujillo,Deceased and Encarnacion Martin,marrying MARIA MAURICIA MARTIN,Single daughter of Jose Martin,Deceased,and Ana Maria Martin;Wit:Juan De Dios Martin,Jose Antonio Benavides,Francisco Trujillo and Domingo Truxillo.God Parents:Manuel Gregorio Torres and Maria Manuela Mestas.

From the book "Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez,Page 358.

1-Maria Dolores Trujillo (4 Years,This is a Burial Record) Baptised 3-5-1825,Father Jose Manuel Trujillo,Mother Maria Mauricia Martin.PGP:Salvador Trujillo Y Maria Encarnacion Martin.MGP:Jose Antonio Martin Y Ana Maria Martin.Comment This is a burial record.

2-Maria Dolores Trujillo Bapt 7-26-1825,3 days old.Vecinos Del Pueblo,Pads:Not Listed.

3-Jose Bernardo Trujillo Bapt 1-21-1828,3 days old.Vecinos de Pueblo.Pads: Joaquin Gutierrez and Maria Dela Merced Aguero.

4-Maria dela Luz Trujillo Bapt 11-14-1832,Vecinos de Abiquiu.Pads:Rafael Baca Y Petra Bernal.

5-Maria Paubla Trujillo Bapt 11-5-1836,born 10-31.Pads:Juan Jose Olguin Y Maria Teresa Lopez.

6-.** JOSE RAMON TRUJILLO Bapt 9-6-1839,8 days old...Listed prior under I-Ramon Trujillo.


From the book "New Mexico Baptisms Church Of Santo Thomas De Abiquiu Vol.I,1754- 1811."Extracted By:Virginia Langham Olmsted and Evelyn Lujan Baca,Compiled By: Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca.Published By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.

From Microfilm Reel # 52 AASF,Frame 305.TRUXILLO,Juan De Jesus (Indian Del Pueblo) Baptised 3 Jan 1773;Son of Salbador Truxillo and Maria Encarnacion (No Surname Listed);Padrinos:Luys Martin and Juana Romero.

From Microfilm Reel # 2 AASF,Frame 2474.TRUXILLO,Mariano Rafael Baptised 12 Dec 1781,Born 8th day of said month;Son of Salvador Truxillo and Maria Encarnacion Martin,His Wife;Pads:Ysidro Truxillo and Juana Romero,Wit:Manuel Lujan.All Hijos de Este Pueblo.(All Sons of This Pueblo)

From Microfilm Reel # 2 AASF,Frame 2508.TRUXILLO,Joseph Santiago Baptised 28 Oct 1785,Born 21st Same Month.Son of Salvador Truxillo and Encarnacion Martin of This Pueblo;Pads:Juan Estevan Salazar and Maria Dolores De Herrera,Vecinos de El Varranco.

From Microfilm Reel # 2 AASF,Frame 2534.TRUJILLO,Jose Manuel Baptised 25 May 1788,Born 22 said month......Listed Prior Under II-JOSE MANUEL TRUJILLO..

From the Book "New Mexico Marriages Church Of Santo Thomas De Abiquiu 1756- 1826." Extracted By:M.Eloise Arellanes,Compiled By:Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca.Published By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.

From Microfilm Reel # 26 AASF,Frame 860.9 Feb 1792 SALVADOR LUJAN,Single son of Miguel Lujan,Deceased,and Ysabel Bustos,marrying MARIA GUADALUPE TRUJILLO,Single Daughter of Salvador Trujillo and Maria Encarnacion Martin;Wit:Manuel Marcial (No Surname Listed),Vicente Sanches,Manuel Lujan,All Genisarios of the Pueblo.

From Microfilm Reel # 26 AASF,Frame 887.5 Sept 1807 MARš TRUXILLO,Single son of Salvador Truxillo,Deceased,and Encarnacion Martin,marrying MARIA BENRARDA (MARTIN),Single daughter of Juan Ygnacio Martin and Maria Antonia Lucero,Genisaros of the Pueblo;Wit:Juan De Dios Martin,Juan Dela Cruz Tagueda,Pascual Gonzalez,Nicolas Luxan;Pads:Gabriel Truxillo and Maria Manuela Martin.

From Microfilm Reel # 26 AASF,Frame 911.7 July 1811 JOSE MANUEL TRUXILLO marrying MARIA MAURICIA MARTIN...Listed before under II JOSE MANUEL TRUJILLO...

From the book "Spanish And Mexican Censuses Of New Mexico 1750-1830."Compiled By:Virginia Langham Olmsted,C.G.Published By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.

Capt.Salbador Trugio, 40; Wife, Encarnacion, 35.

Regarding your request for information on ROMULO TRUJILLO and MARIA SANTANA (CHACON) LOVATO;Following is the information located:

LDS Microfilm Reel # 0017017,Taos Marriages,Page 185.15 de Nov 1886 CASE y VELE a ROMULO TRUJILLO del Canon,Soltero Hijo Legitimo de Antonio Jose Trujillo,Difunto Y De Silvera Mestas,Con MARIA SANTANA CORTEZ del Canon,Soltera Hija Legitima de Luis Cortez Y De Maria Del Carmen Sanchez.Padrinos:Santiago Romero Y Bibiana Lucero.By:Jose Valezy (Rubric)

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867."By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo. Published by The Genealogical Society Of hispanic America-Southern Calif.Branch. Book of Baptisms B-58 1859-1869,Frame 160.

19 Feb 1867 JOSE ROMULO,3 days old,son of Antonio Jose Trujillo and Maria Silveria Mestas,Residents of Don Fernandes.Sponsors Linardo Madrid and Maria Paula Martines,of the same Place.

I Found only one person named MARIA SILVERIA MESTAS'Baptism recorded in the Taos Records.Same source listed prior.Book of Baptisms B-47 (Box 71) 1827-1830,Frame 575.

13 Feb 1827 MARIA SIVERIA MESTAS of San Fernando,3 days old,daughter of Jose Del Carmen Mestas and Maria Mariana Torres residents of San Fernando.PGP:Not listed. MGP:Diego Torres and Maria Cocepcion Trugillo,deceased.Sponsors:Antonio _?_ and Juana Gertrudis Trugillo,residents of La Plaza de San Fernando.

From the book New Mexico 1850 Territorial Census Vol III."By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society,Inc.Page 71,Sheet 164,6 Dec.

MESTAS,Carmel Age 45 M NM
Torres,Mariana Age 35 F NM
Mestas,Maria Sabrina Age 20 F NM
Maria C. Age 19 F NM
Antonio D. Age 16 M NM
Maria A. Age 13 F NM
Maria Dolores Age 10 F NM
Maria N. Age 7 F NM
Maria Y. Age 5 F NM
Maria Age 2 F NM

1860 Census:Schedule-1.Free Inhabitants in The Precinct of Fernandes,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.20th Day of June 1860.Pedro Valdez,Ass't Marshal. Page 36.

334-334 Antonio Jose Trujillo Age 31 M Farmer Value Real Estate 150 Value Personal Estate 300 Born Taos Co.NM
Silvera Mestas Age 24 F Born Taos Co.NM
Prmitivo Trujillo Age 10 M Born Taos Co.NM
Ruperto Trujillo Age 8 M Born Taos Co.NM
Nolasco Trujillo Age 5 M Born Taos Co.NM
Julian Torres Age 26 M Laborer Born Taos Co.Nm

1870 Census.Schedule 1-.Inhabitants in The Town of Fernando de Taos,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.13th Day of Aug 1870.Juan Santistevan,Ass't Marshal Page 5.

47-47 MESTAS,Silvera Age 39 F W Keeping House
-- Jose Age 13 M W Farm Laborer
Trujillo,Romulo Age 8 M W
-- Antonio P. Age - M W

1880 Census.Schedule 1-Precinct No.1 Fernando,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.10th Day of June 1880.Juan Santistevan,Enumerator.Page 21.
232-232 Trujillo,Silveria W F Age 56
Romulo W M Age 18 Son Cattle Herder

1900 Census Schedule 1-Inhabitants In Precinct 1,Taos,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.21st day of June 1900.Laureano Mares,Enumerator.Sheet 11.
236-236 Trujillo,Romulo Head W M Nov 1859 Age 40 Married 19 Years
Santana Wife W F Dec 1866 Age 33 6 Children Born 4 Living
Maximiliano Son W M Jan 1889 Age 11 At School
Juanita Daughter W F Apr 1890 Age 10 At School
Eologio Son W M Jan 1894 Age 6
Amalia Daughter W F Dec 1899 Age 5/12
Cortez,Juan L.Father-In-Law Wm June 1847 Age 52 Widowed

The bautismo information that follows is from the book "Parroquia De San Miguel De La Costilla Baptisms & Marriages 1865-1881."By:Maria C.Martinez.The Author notes that many of the records from the years 1865 to 1870 are incomplete or missing.

Page 58.4-26-1875 TRUJILLO,Maria Marina Born 4-24,daughter of Tranquilino Trujillo and Maria Manuela Vigil.Padrinos:David Vigil and Maria Luisa Manzanares.Costilla(The Padrinos David Vigil and Maria Luisa Manzaneras are Maria Manuela Vigils Parents.)

Page 77.9-15-1877 TRUJILLO,Maria Clara Born 8-7,daughter of Tranquilino Trujillo and Maria Manuela Vigil.Padrinos:Jesus M.Varela and Maria Eulalia Roybal.Costilla.

Page 86.10-17-1878 TRUJILLO,Maria Francisca daughter of Tranquilino Trujillo and Maria Manuela Vigil.Padrinos:Faustin Medina and Maria de Jesus Bernal.Costilla.

Page 107.3-24-1880 TRUJILLO,Luis Maria Trujillo son of Tranquilino Trujillo and Maria Manuela Vigil.Padrinos:Jose Ignacio Arellano and Maria Clara Medina.Costilla.

1870 Census.Schedule 1-Inhabitants in the Town of Costilla, County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.2nd day of August 1870.Juan Santistevan,Ass't Marshal.Page # 8.
76-69 Trugillo,Tranquilino Age 22 M W Farm Laborer Value Real Estate 100 Born Territory of New Mexico.
Manuela Age 16 F W Keeping House Born Territory of NM

1880 Census.Schedule 1-Costilla,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.11 or 12 day of June 1880.John N.Young,Enumerator. Page 20.
6-6 Trujillo,Tranquilino W M Age 36 Laborer
Maria M. W F Age 23 Keeping House Wife
Maria F. W F Age 7 Daughter
Maria M. W F.Age 5 Daughter
Lewis W M Age 3/12 Son

1900 Census Schedule No 1-Precinct # 12,County of Taos, Territory of New Mexico.27th Day of June 1900.Julian M.Beall, Enumerator.Sheet No.10.
205-205 Trujillo,Tranquelino Head Mex.M May 1847 Age 53 203-203 Married 30 Years Day Laborer.
Manuela Wife Mex F June 1856 Age 43 Married 30 Years 12 Children Born 7 Living
Luis Mex M Mar 1881 Age 19 Single Son
Felis Mex F Oct 1883 Age 16 Single Daughter
Elias Mex M Mar 1891 Age 9 Son
Juan Benito Mex M Jun 1894 Age 5 Son
Mariano Mex M July 1896 Age 3 Son

From New Mexico Roots LTD:By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 1992.1859 Dec 27 (NO.27). Santa Cruz,JOSE MARIA TRUJILLO,21,Native and resident of El Potrero,Son of Jose Francisco Trujillo and Maria Guadalupe Fernandez,Deceased,And MARIA DESIDORA MARTINEZ,Native and resident of the same place,Daughter of Pedro Nolasco Martinez and Maria Apolonia Ortiz.Wits:-Silvero Trujillo (45),of El Quemado living in Lo De Mora;Jose Antonio Trujillo (58),native of El Potrero living in Lo De Mora,both Farmers and Married.

Note that the Thomas D.Martinez book "Santa Cruz Dela Canada Baptisms."Covers 1710 to 1860.Jose Maria Trujillo and Maria Desidora Martinez offsprings baptisms are not listed in the book.

From the book "The Quintana's."By Ida R.Foraci.Volumes 7 and 8.Page 712-a.Lists Jose Maria Trujillo as being born in 1838.The son of Jose Francisco Trujillo and Maria Guadalupe Fernandez.

Same source page 712.Jose Francisco Trujillo son of Diego Trujillo and Serafina Martin.He married 3 times.His 1st wife was Maria Guadalupe Fernandez,daughter of Antonio Fernandez and Manuela Trujillo (NM Roots LTD.May 28,1835).2nd Wife Maria Dolores Martinez,Daughter of Manuel Martinez and Maria Ignacia Tafoya.(NM Roots LTD:Nov 8,1857).3rd wife Maria Cruz Cordova,daughter of Manuel Antonio Cordova and Maria Paula Sandoval.(NM Roots LTD: April 25,1859).

From the book "Santa Cruz dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By:Thomas D.Martinez. Page 430 &431.Diego Antonio Trujillo and Maria Serafina Martin have 8 children baptisms recorded in Santa Cruz Dela Canada.Diego Antonio Trujillo's Parents listed as Jose Antonio Trujillo and Ana Maria Borrego.Maria Serafina Martin's parents as Miguel Martin and Maria Lorenza Benavides.

The following Marriage information comes from the book "New Mexico Marriages Church Of Santo Thomas De Abiquiu 1756-1826."Extracted By:M.Eloise Arellanes,Compiled By:Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca.Published By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.Extracted from Microfilm Reel # 26 AASF,Frame 879.

29 Nov 1800 MANUEL DE JESUS TRUJILLO,Single son of Juan Domingo Trujillo and Maria Ygnacia Montoya,marrying MARIA MANUELA JIRON,Single daughter of Juan Jose Giron and Maria Guadalupe Salasar;Wits:Phelipe Trujillo,Juan Antonio Lujan,Jose Antonio Leon and Xavier Sanchez.

Manuel Trujillo and Maria Manuela Giron have 2 children baptised in the Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870 Book By Thomas D.Martinez.
Maria Guadalupe Trujillo Bapt 12-13-1807,(Genizaro) 3 days old.
Pedro Antonio Trujillo,Bapt 5-8-1810,5 days old.

It is possible the Manuel de Jesus Trujillo's mother was Maria Ygnacia Martin.

Juan Domingo Trujillo and Maria Ygnacia Martin have 5 children baptised (Same book) one of them is Manuel De Jesus Trujillo Bapt 4-7-1779,born 4-2.

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