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Regarding your request for information on MIGUEL SANCHEZ and PAULA LOBATO following is the information located.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1848."By:Thomas D.Martinez,page 533.

1-Maria Concepcion delos Dolores Born 10-4-1788 Bapt.10-12-1788 Father Miguel Sanchez Mother Paula Lobato,vecinos de San Geronimo de Taos.Padrinos Don Antonio Lobato y Margarita Martin,Padrino alcalde de Taos.

2-Maria Gertrudis Felipa Sanchez,Spanish,Born 5-26-1791 Bapt 5-29-1791.Father Miguel Sanchez Mother Paula Lobato,Vecinos del Pueblo.Padrinos:Antonio Lobato y Maria Barbara Lobato.

3-Jose Estevan Born 12-26-1794 Bapt 1-3-1794.Father Miguel Sanchez Mother Paula Lobato.Padrinos:Antonio Lobato y Maria Chaves.

* Note Miguel Sanchez and Paula Lobato are listed as Padrinos 9 times from 10-30-1788 to 7-28-1797 in the Book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867."By David Salazar and Bill Trujillo.Published by the GSHA Southern Calif Branch.

This book also has several bautismos of the various Sanchez' offsprings including the one dated 24 March 1827 of Jose Antonio of Arroyo Ondo son of Marcos Archuleta and Maria Dolores Sanches.Marcos Archuleta's parents are entered as Damian Archuleta and Maria Miguela Salazar.Maria Dolores Sanches' parents are listed as Miguel Sanches and Paula Lobato BOTH DEAD.

The book "The Quintana's."By:Ida R.Foraci Volume 21 & 22,pages 1385-b and 1385-b1 has the following information.

Miguel Sanchez' wife Paula Lobato was the daughter of Antonio Lobato and Margarita Martin;The books also lists the following information:

Maria Gertrudis Phelipa Sanchez (Listed No.2 above) married Luis Maria Trujillo,son of Pablo Triujillo and Antonia Teresa Hurtado.

Maria Concepcion de los Dolores Sanchez (Listed NO.1 above) Married Marcos Archuleta son of Damian Archuleta and Juana Micaela Salazar.

Antonia Sanchez baptisim not listed married Pedro Trujillo in 1804,son of Pablo Trujillo and Juana Teresa Martin Hurtado (seems to be the brother of Luis Maria Trujillo husband of Maria Gertrudis Phelipa Sanchez).

Esteban Sanchez (Listed NO. 3 above) married Maria dela Luz Bueno,daughter of Antonio Bueno and Rosalia Valdes.

Juan Sanches baptisim not listed married Maria Luisa Baca,daughter of Manuel Baca and Maria Manuela Casados.(Juan Sanches' 2nd wife Maria Josefa Montoya,Nat.Daughter of Maria Dolores Montoya.

Regarding your request for information on JOSE DE JESUS SANCHEZ and MARIA JULIANA MARTINEZ following is the information located thus far.For the most part I have concentrated on the SANCHEZ part of the Family.

LDS Microfilm # D38114 0017017:Feb 17,1873 Parroqua de Taos,Antonio Lamy married JOSE DE J.SANCHEZ Soltero,Hijo legitimo de Santiago Sanchez Y De Rafaela Martin,Difunta,Con JULIANA MARTIN,Soltera,Hija Legitima De Juan Bastio Martin Y De Manuela Martin.Testigos:Nestor Martin Y Leonor Sisneros.

In addition to the Baptism I sent to you before of MARIA AGUSTINA Bapt.28 Aug 1887,Jesus and Julian have another daughter listed as follows:MARIA CASTULA SANCHEZ of Arroyo Seco Born 26 Mar 1889,Bapt 31 Mar 1889.Hija de Jose de Jesus Sanchez Y De Juliana Martinez.Pads:Francisco Martinez Y Maria Salome Martinez.By:Jose Valezy

The following information is from the Book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867."By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo.Published By GSHA Southern Calif Branch.

This is the Bautismo entry of Jose De Jesus Sanchez.Followed by his brothers and sisters.Children of JOSE SANTIAGO SANCHEZ y MARIA RAFAELA MARTINES.

1-Frame 87.10-19-1847 JOSE DE JESUS 3 days old,Son of Santiago---Not Legible-- and Maria Rafaela Martines,Residents of La Plaza de Purissima Concepcion.Paternal Grandparents:Estaven Sanchez Y Maria De La Luz Bueno.Maternal Grandparents:Pedro Martines Y Maria Dolores Garcia.Pads:--- Archuleta Y Faustina Archuleta,residents of the same place.

2-Frame 134.3-27-1840 JOSE EUGENIO 3 days old.Pads:Eugenio Lujan y Maria Rufina Vigil.

3-Frame 445.11-6-1842 EMILIANA 1 day old.Pads:Manuel Gregorio Martines Y Candelaria Chaves.

4-Frame 844.8-2-1845 MARIA CRISTINA 11 days old.Pads:Juan Cristobal Garcia Y Maria Andrea Sanchez.

SANTIAGO SANCHEZ Bapt.7-25-1819,Born 7-25-1819.Father Estaven Sanchez,Mother Maria Dela Luz Bueno.Padrinos:Juan Antonio Lucero Y Maria Barbara Cordova.

Frame 1037:26 June 1839 SANTIAGO SANCHEZ soltero hijo de Estaven Sanchez Y De Maria De La Luz Bueno,Vecinos de La Plaza de Purisima Concepcion,Con MARIA RAFAELA MARTINES Soltera hija de Juan Martines Y De Maria Dolores Garcia,Vecinos del mismo lujar.Padrinos:Jose Benito Martines y Maria Rosalia Mascarenas,vecinos de la Plaza de San Francisco del Rancho.Testigos:Jose rafael Tenorio y Jose Vicente Montano de La Plaza de San Fernando.

Jose De Jesus Sanchez hijo de Santiago Sanchez y de Maria Rafaela Martinez.Santiago Sanchez hijo de Estaven Sanchez y de Maria Dela Luz Bueno.

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