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Maria De Jesus (Jesusita) Roybal First wife of Severiano Martin was the daughter of Tomas Roybal and Maria Dela Cruz Martin.The following baptism of a child of Tomas Roybal and Maria Dela Cruz Martins identifys the Grandparents.The information is from the book "New Mexico Mission De San Lorenzo De Picuris Baptisms 1750-1867."By:Betty Pacheco.

Page 486.20 April 1851 Maria Dolores,5 days old,daughter of Tomas Ribal and Crus Martines.Paternal Grandparents:Pablo Ribal and Dolores Lopes.Maternal Grand parents:Rafael Martin and Manuela Pais.Padrinos:Casimiro Romero and Ana Maria Gonsales,Vecinos del Penasco.


The following information is from the book "San Juan Delos Caballeros Baptisms 1726-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez.Page 520.

1-ROYBAL,JOSE TOMAS,Bapt 3-8-1825,Born 3-5-1825,Father Pablo Roybal,Mother Dolores Lopez,Paternal Grandparents:Andres Roybal and Ana Maria Griego.Maternal Grandparents:Antonio Jose Lopez and Barbara Anaya.Padrinos:Jose Miguel Trujillo and Gertrudis Labadie.

2-ROYBAL,Pedro Antonio Bapt 7-1-1827,Father Pablo Roybal,Mother Dolores Lopez,PGP:Andres Roybal and Ana Maria Griego.MGP:Antonio Jose Lopez and Barbara Anaya;Pads:Not Listed...** Note listed on page 520 with wife Maria Leucadia Garcia,Vecinos de La Plaza de San Francisco.See marriage entry below.

3-ROYBAL,Albino De Guadalupe Bapt 2-22-1829,Father Pablo Roybal,Mother Dolores Lopez.PGP:Andres Roybal and Ana Maria Griego.MGP:Antonio Jose Lopez and Barbara Anaya.Padrinos:Don Miguel Quintana and Dona Teodora Sisneros.

Pablo Roybal and Dolores Lopez are listed as Grandparents in another Picuris Baptism.From the Book listed above:

Page 548.26 May 1854 Maria Dela Asencion.Daughter of Esquipula Roibal and Maria Juana Martines.PGP:Pablo Roibal and Maria Dolores Lopes.MGP:Rafael Martines and Maria Manuela Paiz.Pads:Jose de Jesus Duran and Maria Dolores Vigil,Vecinos de San Antonio del Penasco...** Note Esquipula Roibal and Tomas Roybal were brother that married sisters Maria Dela Cruz Martinez and Maria Juana Martinez....

From the book "New Mexico marriages Church in San Juan Pueblo 1726-1776,1831- 1855 And Church in Santa Clara Pueblo 1726-1832."By:The New Mexico Genealogy Society.

Page 21.Microfilm Reel # 29 AASF,Frame 449.30 Nov 1831 JOSE FRANCISCO TORRES,single son of Jose Bernardo Torres and Maria Gertrudis Jaques of Ojo Caliente,Marrying MARIA MANUELA ROYBAL,single daughter of Pablo Roybal,Deceased and Maria Dolores Lopez,residents of El Guique.Pads:Mariano Sanchez and his Step-daughter (Name Not Listed),who also served as Wit.with Sacristan,Juan Pedro Garcia.San Rafael.

Page 38.Microfilm Reel # 29 AASF,Frame 524 & 525.12 Jan 1846 PEDRO ANTONIO RUIBAL single son of Pablo Ruibal and Dolores Lopes,Marrying MARIA LOCADIA GARCIA,single daughter of Asencion Garcia and Maria Josefa tafoya of San Juan. Wit:Antonio de Jesus Lopes and Juan de Jesus Sisneros.


From the book "New Mexico Marriages Santa Fe-St.Francis Parish and Military Chapel Of Our Lady Of Light (La Castrensa) 1728-1857."By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.Page 32 This Book.from Microfilm Reel # 31 AASF,Frame 92.

6 Feb 1763 ANDRES ROYBAL Marrying MARIA GRIEGO.Wit:Joseph Pacheco and Phelipe Apodaca.

1-ROYBAL,Maria Josepha Bapt 1-21-1770,Father Andre Roybal,Mother Ana Maria Griego,Padrinos:Felipe Sandoval and Josefa Baca.


Regarding your request for information on URSULA ROYBAL;following is the information located.Some of it had been sent to you before.

From the Book "Taos County New Mexico-Materials Published In The New Mexico Genealogist 1962-1988 And Related Research Information."Compiled By:Ralph L.Hayes.Published By;The New Mexico Genealogical Society.Taos County Marriages Page 69 and 83.

Page 69.GARCIA,Leonor and RUIBAL,Maria Ursula,27 Jan 1890.Wit:Cresencio Roybal and Estefana Duran.

Page 83.MARTINEZ,Jose F.and ROYBAL,Ursulita,both of Colonias,16 Nov 1896,By:John M.Whitlock,Presbyterian Minister.Wit:Manuel Romo and Maria Utimia Romo.

The following is from the book "Bautismos-Our Lady of Guadalupe Church De Taos,12 July 1887 to 27 Dec.1900."Transcribed and Published By:The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center Of New Mexico.

Page 136-GARCIA,Maria Epigmenia of Arroyo Seco Abajo.Born 11 Aug 1892,Bapt 14 Aug.1892.Daughter of Leonor Garcia and Ursula Ruival.Padrinos:Juan Luis Abeyta and Juana Trujillo.By:Off.Jose Valezy

Page 214-GARCIA,Amadeo of Arroyo Seco,Born 20 June 1895 Bapt 30 June 1895.Son of Eleonor Garcia and Ursula Ruival.Pads:Cresencio Ruival Y Estifana Duran.By:Off.Jose Valezy

Page 284-MARTINEZ,Maclovio of Arroyo Seco Born 6 Mar 1898,Bapt 13 Mar 1898.Son of Francisco Martinez and Maria Ursula Ruibal.Pads:Fares Duran and Petra Garcia.By:Off.Henry C.Pouget

Page 324-MARTINEZ,Maclovia de Jesus of Arroyo Seco,Bapt 25 March 1900,3 days old.Daughter of Francisco Martinez and Ursula Ruybal.Pads:Jesus Santisteban and Prudencia Romero.By:Off.J.B.A.Mariller

LDS Microfilm Reel # 032-007B 0017012,Taos Baptisms Page 205 Entry # 164.MARIANA MARTINEZ Bapt Oct 24,1906,Born Oct 6,1906.From Arroyo Seco,Hija de Francsico Martinez Y De Ursula Rivala.Pads:Teodoro Martinez and Teofila _ _ .By:Jos.Pajot

1900 CENSUS:Precinct # 1 Taos,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.28th Day of June 1900.Laureano Mares,Enumerator.Microfilm Publication # T-623,Roll # 1003.
273-273 Martin,Francisco Head W M July 1877 Age 23 Married 3 Years Farm Laborer
Ursula Wife W F Feb 1878 Age 22 Married 2 Children Born 2 Living
Epimenia Daughter W F Aug 1898 Age 1
Amadeo Son W M April 1900 1/12

274-274 Garcia,Laureno Head W M Aug 1874 Age 25 Married 7 Years Day Laborer
Piedad Wife W F May 1877 Age 23 Married 1 Child Born 1 Living
Librada Daughter W F July 1895 Age 5
Nicolas Father W M Sept 1832 Age 67 Widowed

275-275 Garcia,Benigno Head W M Feb 1858 Age 47 Married 19 Years
Clara Wife W F April 1867 Age 33 Married 2 Children Born 2 Living
Feliberto Son W M Feb 1895 Age 5
Cirilia Daughter W F April 1898 Age 2

276-276 Ribal Crecencio Head W M Nov 1858 Age 49 Married 22 Years
Estefana Wife W F Jan 1857 Age 49 Married 8 Children Born 8 Living
Silas Son W M June 1879 Age 20 Single Shepherd
Rosabel Daughter W F Oct 1882 Age 17 Single
Federico Son W M Dec 1892 Age 7

1910 CENSUS:Precinct # 4 Los Luceros,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.11th day of May 1910.Antonio A.Rivera,Enumerator.Microfilm Publication # T624 Roll # 919.
222-232 Garcia,Laurino Head M W Age 44 Married 1-19 Years Farmer
Piedad Wife F W Age 34 Married 0 Children Born 0 Living

223-233 Martinez, Francisco Head M W Age 32 Married Twice-Married 12 Years Herder Sheep Ranch.
Ursula Wife F W Age 32 Married Twice-Married 12 Years 8 Children Born 5 Living.
Epimenia Step-Daughter F W Age 18 Single
Amadeo Step-Son M W Age 15 Single
Eliu Son M W Age 7
Maria Daughter F W Age 4

224-234 Ribal,Estefana Head F W Age 63 Widowed 9 Children Born 7 Living Federico Son M W Age 18 Single Herder Sheep Ranch

1920 CENSUS:Precinct # 4 Los Luceros (Prado Village),County of Taos,State of New Mexico.26th Day of January 1920.Jose R.Pacheco,Enumerator.Microfilm Publication # T625 Roll # 1080. 149-149 Martinez,Francisco Head M W Age 39 Laborer Street Work Ursilita Wife F W Age 42 Married Eliu Son M W Age 18 Single Salesman Dept Store Marianita Daugh F W Age 14 Single

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