Taos County, New Mexico

Regarding your request for information on CARLOS ROMO and MARIA GUADALUPE MEDINA following is the information found.

I-CARLOS ROMO y Maria Guadalupe Medina,Carlos Romo was the son of:

II-MARCELINO ROMO y Francisca Maestas,Marcelino Romeo was the son of:

III-JUAN DE JESUS ROMO y Ana Maria Candelaria,Juan de Jesus Romo was the son of:

IV-JUAN JOSE ROMO y Maria Ygnacia Vigil,Juan Jose Romo was the son of:

V-JOSE MANUEL ROMO DE VERA y Maria Marta Martin.

VI-JOSE ROMO DE VERA y Angela Valdes,Jose Romo De Vera was the son of:

VII-DON FRANCISCO PEREZ ROMO y Dona Petronila de Vera.


LDS Microfilm Reel # 017018.Taos Marriages,Page 154.22 Sept 1913 Married CARLOS ROMO (De Talpa) Son of Marcelino Romero and Francisca Maestas,With MARIA GUADALUPE MEDINA,Daughter of Faustin Medina and Natividad Valerio.Pads:Severiano Romero and Enstaquia Mondragon.By:Jose Guraid

From the Book "Bautismos Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church De Taos-12 July to 27 Dec 1900.Published by The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center Of New Mexico.

Page 115-ROMO,Carlos,of Rio Chiquito,Bapt 23 Nov 1891,Born 18 Nov 1891.Hijo de Marcelino Romo Y De Francisca Mestas.Pads:Hospicio Gallegos Y Sara Romo.By:Off. Jose Valezy.Page 241

Page 240-MEDINA,Maria Guadalupe,of Rio Chiquito,Bapt 13 June 1896,Born 8 June 1896.Hija de Faustin Medina Y Natividad Vallery.Padrinos:Juan Andres Torre Y Maria Gregoria Salazar.By:Off.Federico Deshors.Page 461

Taos County Marriage Index shows MEDINA,Faustin Married VALERIO,Maria Dela Natividad 7 Jan 1876.


From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1848."By:Thomas D.Martinez.Page 509,510.
ROMO,Marcelino Bapt 2-12-1847,5 days old,Father Juan De Jesus Romo,Mother Ana Maria Candelaria,Vecinos de N.S.De San Juan.Paternal Grandparents Juan Jose Romo and Josefa Vigil.Maternal Grandparents Francisco Candelaria and Juana Maria Griego.Padrinos:Juan Miguel Lucero and Maria Manuela Salazar.


From the book "Taos Marriages 1770-1860."By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo. Published by The Genealogical Society Of Hispanic America-Southern Calif.Branch. Frame 405.

27 August 1826 JUAN DE JESUS ROMO with ANA MARIA CANDELARIA,Residents Del barrio Del Rancho.(They were Married in the month of March,They can not remember the day).Sponsors Juan Ygnacio Sanches and Maria Rita Sanches.

From The Book "Santa Cruz Dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By:Thomas D.Martinez Page 384.

ROMO,Juan De Jesus Bapt 1-18-1804,Born 1-15,Father Juan Jose Romo,Mother Maria Ygnacia Vigil.Padrinos:Pedro Martin Y Ysidora (Sister) Martin.

The book "Some Descendants Of Domingo Montes Vigil-Siero,Spain to "La Culebra" 1695-1999."By:Maria C.Martinez,et al.Page 103 lists Juan De Jesus Romo's VIGIL Ancestors as follows:His Mother IGNACIA VIGIL,Daughter of SALVADOR VIGIL,Salvador Vigil Son of JUAN CRISTOBAL MONTES VIGIL.Juan Cristobal Montes Vigil Son of DOMINGO MONTES VIGIL.

Juan De Jesus Romo and Ana Maria Candelaria have the following children baptised in Taos.From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1848."By:Thomas D.Martinez. Pages 509 and 510.I'll list the first entry verbatim and the others with only the Dates,Child and Padrinos names.

1-Maria Rosalia Romo Bapt 9-8-1839,4 days old,Father Juan de Jesus Romo,Mother Ana Maria Candaleria,Vecinos de N.S.de San Juan.Paternal Grandparents:Juan Jose Romo and Maria Ygnacia Vigil.Maternal Grandparents:Francisco Candelario and Maria Juana Griego.Padrinos:Pedro Antonio Gallegos and Maria Ygnacia Duran.

2-Jesus Maria Romeo Bapt 4-12-1829,3 days old,Vecinos de El Rancho.Pads:Gregorio Vigil y Maria Rosalia Martin.

3-Maria Marcelina Romo Bapt 1-19-1832,4 days old,Vecinos de El Rancho.Pads: Ventura Duran y Maria De Jesus Martin.

4-Matias Romo Bapt 9-27-1834,6 days Old,Vecinos de Rio Chiquito.Pads:Matias Garcia Y Ysidora Trujillo.

5-Maria Guadalupe Romo Bapt 12-12-1836,12 days old,Vecinos de Nuestra Senora De San Juan Del Rio Chiquito.Pads:Juan Antonio Romo y Maria Dolores Tenorio.

6-Maria Rufina Romo Bapt 6-9-1841,3 days old,Vecinos de La Plaza de San Juan. Pads:Juan Nepomuceno Duran y Maria Dela Luz Sanchez.

7-Jose Ygnacio Romo Bapt 5-22-1844,4 days old,Vecinos de N.S.de San Juan.Pads: Jose Aragon Y Maria De Jesus Vigil,Padrinos from San Francisco del Rancho.

8-MARCELINO ROMO Bapt 2-12-1847,5 days old,Vecinos de N.S.De San Juan.Pads:Juan Miguel Lucero and Maria Manuela Salazar.


From the book "Some Descendants Of Domingo Montes Vigil-Siero,Spain To "La Culebra"1695-1999.By:Maria C.Martinez,et al.Page 102.

Ignacia Vigil was born about 1781 in New Mexico.She was the daughter of Salvador de Jesus Vigil and Barbara Baca.She Married Juan Jose Romo 29 Jan 1801 at Santa Cruz Dela Canada,NM.He was the son of Jose ANTONIO Romo De Vera and Marta Martin * Note Fray Angelico Chavez in his book "Origins Of New Mexico Families.A Genealogy Of The Spanish Colonial Period."Revised Edition.Published by The Museum Of New Mexico Press.Page 273.List his Name as Jose MANUEL Romo De Vera and Maria Marta Martin.

From the book "Santa Cruz Dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By:Thomas D.Martinez,Page 384.

1-Nicolasa Romo Bapt 12-6-1801,Born 12-4,Father Juan Jose Romo,Mother Maria Ygnacia Vigil.Padrinos:Andres Espinosa and Manuela (Wife) Ortiz.

2-JUAN DE JESUS ROMO Bapt 4-6-1804,Born 1-15.Pads:Pedro Martin and Ysidora (Sister) Martin.

3-Juan Antonio Romo Bapt 4-6-1806,Born 4-2,Pads:Juan Bautista Vigil and Maria Josefa Roybal.


From the book "New Mexico Marriages Santa Fe-St.Francis Parish and Military Chapel of Our Lady of Light (La Castrensa) 1728-1857."Extracted by:Maria J. Roybal and Lila Armijo Pfeufer.Compiled by:Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca.Published by The New Mexico Genealogical Society.Extracted from Microfilm Reel # 31 AASF,Page 44,Frame 133.

21 April 1774 JOSEPH MANUEL ROMO DE VERA and MARIA MARTA MARTIN,Both Spanish.Witnesses:Joseph Quintana and Lorenzo (n.s),the Sacristan.

From the book "Santa Fe Baptisms 1747-1851.By:Thomas D.Martinez Pages 488.

1-JUAN JOSE ROMO DE VERA Bapt 2-13-1775,Father Jose Romo De Vera,Mother Maria Marta Martin.Padrinos:Nicolas Rael and Theodora Ortiz.

2-Maria Josefa Romo De Vera Bapt 11-3-1776,Pads:Jose Miguel Ortiz and Tomasa Rosalia Anaya Almazan.

3-Juan Nepomuceno Romo De Vera Bapt 4-8-1778.Pads:Alfonso Rivera and Magdalena (His Sister) Rivera.

4-Maria Antonia Romo De Vera Bapt 7-1-1782,2 days old.Pads:Nicolas Ortiz and Maria Alberta Maese.

From the book "Origins of New Mexico Families."By:Fray Angelico Chaves.Book listed prior.Page 273.Jose Manuel Romo De Vera married Maria marta Martin on April 21 1774.Three known children of theirs were:Juan Jose Born Feb 13,1775,Juan Nepomuceno August 2,1778 and Maria Antonia,June 29 1782.Jose Manuel Had Enlisted as a Soldier,thirty seven years of age,in 1783.

Spanish Enlistment Papers of New Mexico 1732-1820.Spanish Archives of New Mexico Reel # 21,Frames 741 through 1380.By:Virginia L.Olmsted,C.G.

JOSE MANUEL ROMO,son of Don Juan Romo and Angela Valdes,of Santa Fe.Weaver.5'7",37.Black Hair and Eyebrows,Moles in both eyebrows,heavy beard.7 March 1783. Signed.On Invalid Roster 15 July 1801. (Frame 901).

JUAN NEPOMUCENO ROMO,Son of Jose Romo and Marta martin,of Santa Fe.Farmer. 5'2". 26.Dark Chestnut hair,black eyebrows,dark eyes,large nose,swarthy skin,average beard.1 June 1806.Single.Signed.Service Record.On Invalid Roster 1 Feb 1828. (Frame 1181)


From the book Origins Of New Mexico Families,A Genealogy Of The Spanish Colonial Period."By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Revised Edition.Published by Museum of New Mexico Press.Page 273.

Jose Romo de Vera came from the City Of Mexico prior to 1731 and settled in Santa Fe.When he made his last will in 1754,he declared as his parents Don Francisco Petrez Romo and Dona Petronila DE Vera,bothe deceased.His first wife had been MARIA MALDONADO Y SOLIS,by whom he had 19 Children (In Mexico City),all now dead.

His second wife was Angela Valdes,daughter of Domingo Valdes and Ana Marquez.Of their Three children,only one was living,JOSE MANUEL.Angela had died on April 13,1749,and Jose followed on March 12,1754.


New Mexico 1850 Territorial Census-Vol III.Taos and San Miguel Counties.By The New Mexico Genealogical Society,Inc.Page 3,Sheet 94.24 Oct 1850.
ROMO,Juan de Jesus 46 M NM
Ana Maria 34 F NM
Jesus Maria 20 M NM
Maria Marselina 14 F NM
Matias 12 M NM
Guadalupe 10 F NM
Maria Rufina 8 F NM
Jose Ygnacio 6 M NM
Marselino 4 M NM
Maria Ygnacia 1 F NM

1860 Census;Schedule 1-Free Inhabitants in the Precinct of El Rayada (Error forms just prior and right after entered as EL RANCHO),County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.7th day of July 1860..Pedro Valdez,Ass't Marshal.Page 123.
1106-1106 Juan de Jesus Romo Age 60 M Farmer Value Real Estate 1500 Value Personal Estate 100 Born Taos County NM
Candelaria Griego Age 40 F Born Bernalillo Co.NM
Jose Ygnacio Romo Age 15 M Laborer Born Taos Co NM
Marcelino Romo Age 12 M Born Taos Co.NM
Ygnacia Romo Age 9 F Born Taos Co.NM

1107-1107 Matias Romo Age 28 M Value Real Estate 70 Value Personal Estate 25 Born Taos Co.NM
F_ _ Santistevan Age 19 F Born Rio Arriba Co.NM
Margarita Romo Age 2 F Born Taos Co.NM
Antonio Romo Age 2/12 M Born Taos Co.NM
Jesus M.Romo Age 27 M Farm Laborer Born Taos Co.NM

1108-1108 Ciriaco Archuleta Age 22 M Farm Laborer Value Real Estate 98 Value Personal Estate 100 Born Taos Co.NM
Maria Rufina Romo Age 18 F Born Taos Co.NM
Meliton Archuleta Age 3 M Born Taos Co.NM
Seferina Cruz Age 6 F Born Taos Co.NM

1870 Census Schedule 1-The Town of El Rancho,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.22nd Day of July 1870.Juan Santistevan,Ass't Marshal.Page 19.
204-176 Romo,Jesus Maria Age 45 M W Farmer Value Real Estate 375 Born Territory Of New Mexico
Juana Maria Age 35 F W Keeping House Born Territory of NM
Petra Age 16 F W At Home Born Territory of NM
Benigno Age 12 M W At Home Born Territory of NM
Doroteo Age 9 M E Born Territory of NM
Juan De J. Age 3 M W Born Territory of NM
Cornelio Age 7/12 M W " " "

205-177 Candelaria,Ana Maria Age 57 F W Farmer Value Real Estate 485 Born Territory of NM
206-178 Romo,Matias Age 30 M W Farmer Value Real Estate 300 Born Territory NM
Feliciana Age 30 F W Keeping House Born Territory of NM
Margarita Age 12 F W At Home Born Territory of NM
Antonio Age 9 M W Born Territory of NM
Gregoria Age 7 F W Born Territory of NM
Lucas Age 8/12 Oct. M W Born Territory of NM

207-179 Romo,Jose Ygnacio Age 29 M W Farmer Value Real Estate 380 Born Territory Of New Mexico
Maria Jesus Age 25 F W Keeping House

208-180 Romo,Marcelino Age 25 M W Farmer Value Real Estate 410 Born Terr.Of NM
Francisca Age 19 F W Keeping House Born Territory of NM

261-228 Medina,Ysidro Age 24 M W Farmer Value Real Estate 400 Value Personal Estate 250 Born Territory of NM
Manuela Age 18 F W Keeping House Born Territory of NM
Vigil,Marcelina Age 45 F W Farmer Value Real Estate 800 Value Personal Estate 500 Born Territory of NM
Faustin Age 18 M W Farm Laborer Born Territory of NM
Reymundo Age 15 M W Farm Laborer Born Territory of NM
Pedro Age 13 M W At Home Born Territory of NM
Encarnacion Age 3 F W Born Territory of NM
Laureno Age 2 M W Born Territory of NM

1880 Census Schedule 1-Inhabitants in El Rancho,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.9th Day of June 1880.Guillermo Martinez,Enumerator.Page 4.
37-37 Medina Reymundo W M Age 38 Farmer
Basilia W F Age 24 Keeping House Wife
Elizeo W M Age 4 Son
Daniel W M Age 2 Son

38-38 Medina Faustin W M Age 38 Farmer
Natividad W F Age 24 Keeping House Wife
Silvano W M Age 4 Son
Juan Jose W M Age 2 Son

76-76 Romo Jesus W M Age 58 Black Smith
Juanita W F Age 30 Keeping House Wife
Benigno W M Age 23 Laborer Son
Nicolasa W F Age 7 Daughter
Doroteo W M Age 2 Son
Cornelio W M Age 10 Son

78-78 Romo Ana Maria W F Age 80 Widowed Keeping House

79-79 Romo Marcelino W M Age 34 Farmer
Francisca W F Age 25 Keeping House Wife
Sara W F Age 11 At Home Daughter
Eulalia W F Age 9 Daughter
Maclovo W M Age 6 Son
Utima W F Age 2 Daughter

1900 Census Schedule Inhabitants in Precinct NO.3,Ranchos de Taos,County of Taos Territory of New Mexico.14th Day of June 1900.Marina Martinez,Enumerator.
207-210 Romo Marcelino W M Feb 1847 Age 53 Married 32 Years Farm Laborer
Francisca W F Feb 1861 Age 39 Wife 11 Children Born 7 Living
Macolvio W M Dec 1877 Age 22 Son Single Day Laborer
Juan W M July 1881 Age 18 Son Single Day Laborer
Leonarda W F Nov 1885 Age 14 Daughter Single At School
Besente W M Apr 1887 Age 13 Son At School
Carlos W M Nov 1890 Age 9 Son At School

163-165 Medina Faustin W M Mar 1851 Age 49 Married 25 Years Farmer
Natividad W F May 1857 Age 12 Children Born 7 Living
Silviano W M Apr 1882 Age 18 Single Son Farm Laborer
Juan D.J. W M Oct 1885 Age 14 Single Son Farm Laborer
Andres W M Nov 1885 Age 14 Single Son Farm Laborer
Francisco W M July 1888 Age 11 Son
Agustina W F May 1891 Age 9 Daughter
Leandro W M Feb 1872 Age 7 Son
Guadalupe W M June 1895 Age 4 Son * ERROR Should be F Daughter

1910 Census Schedule 1-Inhabitants in Talpa Precinct # 19,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.18th Day of April 1910.Lulu L.Valdez,Enumerator.
37-39 Romo Marcelino Head W M Age 62 Married Once 30 Years Farmer
Francisca Wife F W Age 49 12 Children Born 7 Living
Carlos Son M W Age 19 Single Farmer
Gutierrez Rafaelita Grand Daughter F W Age 16 Single

38-40 Romo Vicente Head W M Age 23 Married Once 2 Years Laborer Odd Jobs
Maria Santos Wife W F Age 19 1 Child Born 1 Living
Maria Clorinda Daughter W F Age 1-7/12

39-41 Romo Benigno Head W M Age 52 Married 2 8 Years Laborer Odd Jobs
Giquela Wife W F Age 27 [Name is Maria Esequiela Mondragon]
Laurenzo Son W M Age 7
Juana Alviria Daughter W F Age 5
Alfredo Timoteo Son W M Age 1-8/12

40-42 Romo Maclovio Head W M Age 36 Married 2 7 Years Farmer
Doloritas Wife W F Age 26 Married 1 3 Children Born 1 Living
Felicita Daughter W F Age 3
Rael Juan B.Father-In-Law W M Age 64 Widowed Laborer Sheep Herder

1920 Census Schedule 1-Inhabitants In Talpa Precinct NO.19,County of Taos,State Of New Mexico.13th Day of Jan 1920.Andres Valerio,Enumerator
70-78 Tafoya Ramon Head M W Age 34 Married Laborer Farm
* Guadalupe M. Wife W F Age 24 Married
Bernardita Daughter F W Age 8
Teresina Daughter F W Age 6
Romo Merenciana Step Daughter F W Age 5
Donilia Step Daughter F W Age 6
Carolina Step Daughter F W Age 2
* Carlos seems to have died within the years 1918 and 1920

71-79 Romo Begnino G.Head M W Age 64 Widowed Carpenter
Lorinzo F. Son M W Age 16 Single
Juanita _ Daugh. F W Age 14
Alfredo Son M W Age 12
_ _ _fina Daugh. F W Age 8

72-80 Romo Visente F. Head M W Age 33 Married Laborer Rail Road
Sofia A. Wife F W Age 24 Married
Clorinda Daughter F W Age 12
Felipe Son M W Age 10
Versabe Daughter F W Age 6
Manuel C. Son M W Age 11/12

73-81 Romo Maclovio Head M W Age 45 Married Laborer Farm
Doloritas R. Wife F W Age 35 Married
Felissitas Daugh. F W Age 13
Rosendo Son M W Age 8
Jose Francisco Son M W Age 3
Maria Felonis --

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