Taos County, New Mexico

Regarding your request On JOSEPH MILTON PHIPPS Auto Accident in Questa,NM.The following information is from the microfilm copy of "Revista Popular De Nuevo Mexico."September 1,1925 Edition News Paper.(Popular Review of New Mexico).Be advised that this newspaper did not carry Obituaries as we know them.They had what was called "Resoluciones de Condolencias and also Defuncions,"It seems that the first one (Resolutions of Condolence) a group of citizens would draw up a resolution that had the information we find in todays obituary and request the newspaper publish it.The 2nd Defuncions (Death Notice) also looks like an obituary but it seems to have been done by a family member.I could not find either of the two on Joseph Milton Phipps.What I found was a short news story in spanish.I will translate it for you.- - Mr.Joe Phipps a few days ago while traveling through the town of Questa and descending the hill lost his Equilibriumin and the auto in which he rode overturned causing him grave injuries so that he succumbed to his (grave) sepulcher Friday this past week.Mr.Phipps was well known and for many years resided in the mining camp of Red River,this county."

The 1920 Fourteenth Census of The United States.(Microfilm Series # T-625 Roll # 1080)Red River Precinct # 18,County of Taos,State of New Mexico 23rd Day of January 1920.Thomas P.Martinez,Enumerator.

26-26 PHIPPS,Joseph Head M W Age 64 Married Born Iowa,Father Born Unknown,Mother Born Iowa.Farmer.
Getna Wife F W Age 44 Married Born Iowa,Father Born Denmark,Mother Born Denmark.
Teddy Son M W Age 14 Single Born NM
Johhny Son M W Age 12 Single Born NM
Charley Son M W Age 7 Single Born NM

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