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Regarding your request for information on MARIA RAMONA PADILLA MARTINEZ,following is the information located.


Maria Ramona Padilla Martinez was the daughter of Manuel Jesus Padilla Y De Maria Antonia Martinez.From the book "Bautismos Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church de Taos 12 July 1887 to 27 Dec 1900."By:The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center Of New Mexico,Page 188.PADILLA,Maria Ramona,of Arroyo Seco Born 31 Aug 1894,Bapt 9 Sept 1894.Hija de Jesus Padilla Y Antonia Martinez.Padrinos:Doroteo Garcia Y Ana Maria Duran.Off:Jose Valezy. Page 378.


Manuel Jesus Padilla hijo de Jose Manuel Padilla Y De Maria Feliciana Ortiz married Maria Antonia Martinez hija de Juan Dela Cruz Martinez Y De Maria Cenovia Valencia. ...Marriage here...PADILLA,Manuel De Jesus Y MADRID,Maria Antonia 2 Dec 1882. PADILLA,Jesus Y MARTINEZ,Maria Antonia 9 April 1888
Manuel de Jesus Padilla was married twice.Information is from CHERYL'S web page "Padilla Marriages." htt://members.aol.com/_ht_a.genealogydr/padilla/index.htm1

2 Dec 1882 PADILLA,Manuel De Jesus,son of Jose Manuel Padilla and Maria Feliciana Ortiz,and MADRIL,Maria Antonia,daughter of Juan Manuel Madril and Maria Esquipula Salazar.At Nusetra Senora De Guadalupe Church,Taos NM.From FHL # 17017,Dates 1856-1895.

9 April 1888 PADILLA,Jesus son of Jose Manuel Padilla and Maria Feleciana Ortiz,and MARTINEZ,Maria Antonia,daughter of Jose Dela Cruz Martinez and Maria Cenobia Valencia (Husband Previously Married) at Nuestra Senora De Guadalupe Church Taos,NM.From FHL # 17017.Dates 1856-1895.

From the Our Lady Of Guadalupe Bautismo Book By HGRCNM Listed prior:

1.Page 52. PADILLA,Maria Magdalena of Arroyo Seco,Born 25 May 1889,Bapt 11 June 1889.Hija de Jesus Padilla Y Maria Antonia Martinez.Pads:Jose Albino Flores y Maria Ursula Martinez.Off:Jose Valezy..Page 111.

2.Page 113.PADILLA,Maria Sabina of Arroyo Seco,Born 19 Oct 1891,Bapt 24 Oct 1891 Hija de Jesus Padilla Y De Antonia Martinez.Pads:Doroteo Garcia Y Juana Maria Duran.Off:Jose Valezy .Page 236.* Note..Baptismal record states that she married Apolonio Duran on April 8,1952 in Trinidad,Colorado.

3.Page 145.PADILLA,Feliciana of Arroyo Seco,Born 26 Dec 1892,Bapt 3 Jan 1893. Hija de Manuel De Jesus Padilla Y De Maria Antonia Martinez.Pads:Manuel Duran Y Francisca Garcia.Off:Jose Valezy.Page 300.

4.Page 188.PADILLA,MARIA RAMONA Of Arroyo Seco,Born 31 Aug 1894 Bapt 9 Sept 1894 Hija de Jesus Padilla Y Antonia Martinez.Pads:Doroteo Garcia Y Ana Maria Duran. Off:Jose Valezy.Page 378.


Jose Manuel Padilla hijo de Jose Antonio Padilla Y De Maria Josefa Maestas Married Maria Feliciana Ortiz hija de Alejandro Ortiz Y De Maria Dolores Gonzales.

New Mexico Roots LTD:By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 1455.1835 Oct 31 (Nos.70-71),SANTA CLARA.JOSE MANUEL PADILLA (24),Son of Jose Antonio Padilla and Maria Josefa Maestas,And MARIA FELICIANA ORTIZ (19),of the S.Ildefonso Parish,Daughter of Alejandro Ortiz and Maria Dolores Gonzales.Wit:Juan Valencia (65),Jose Noberto Martin (30),Jesus Valdes (27),both single.

From the book "Abiquiu Baptisms 1754-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez page 281.

1-Maria Eugenia Ramona Padilla Baptized 1-19-1838,8 days old.Father Jose Manuel Padilla,Mother Feliciana Ortiz,Vecinos de El Rito.Paternal Grandparents:Jose Antonio Padilla Y Josefa Maestas.Maternal Grandparents:Alexandro Ortz y Maria Dolores Gonzales.Padrinos:Domingo Lopez y Maria Del Carmen Ortiz.

2-Maria Dolores Padilla Bapt 2-5-1844,6 days old.Pads:Manuel Lorenzo Martin Y Maria Teresa Lopez.

From the book"San Juan delos Caballeros Baptisms 1726-1870."By:Thomas D.Martinez Page 461.

1-Jose Rafael Padilla,Bapt 6-20-1841,6 days old.Father Jose Manuel Padilla,Mother Maria Feliciana Ortiz,Vecinos de Los Ranchitos de Ojo Caliente.PGP;Juan Antonio Padilla Y Josefa Mestas.MGP:Alexandro Ortiz Y Maria Dolores Gonzales. Pads:Manuel Antonio Valdes Y Maria Margarita Valdez,todos de Ranchitos del Ojo Caliente.

RADILLA,Rafael and SALAZAR,Virginia Married 9 January 1871.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1848."By:Thomas D.Martinez. Page 438.

1-Maria Ysabel Padilla,Bapt 11-5-1846,3 days old,Father Jose Manuel Padilla,Mother Maria Feliciana Ortiz,Vecinos Dela Santisima Trinidad.PGP:Jose Padilla Y Dolores Gonzales,MGP:Manuel Ortiz Y Maria ? .Pads:Juan Gurule Y Maria Estefana Medina.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867."By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo. Published by The Genealogical Society of Hispanic America-Southern Calif.Chapter

Book of Baptisms B-53 (Box 76) 1847-1850.Frame 367.6 May 1849 Maria Del Carmen Felipa,daughter of Manuel Padilla and _ _ _ .PGP:Jose Antonio Padilla and Maria Josefa Maestas.MGP:Alexandro Ortiz and Maria _ _ .Sponsors:Jose _ _ Sanchez and Gabriela _ _ ,Residents of the same place.

From the book "Extracts From LDS Family History Library Film No.0016622."By: Maria C.Martinez.

Page 16-PADILLA,Manuel Doroteo Bapt 1-9-1853,3 days old.Son of J.Manuel Padilla and Maria Feliciana Ortiz.PGP:J.Antonio Padilla and M.Josefa Maestas.MGP: Alejandro Ortiz and M.Dolores Gonzales.Pads:J.Damasio Maes and Maria Garcia.

Padilla,Manuel Doroteo and Cordova,Remedios.Married 15 Nov 1880.

Page 60-PADILLA,J.Manuel Bapt 5-29-1856,Son of J.Manuel Padia and Feliciana Ortis.Pads:Rafael Martin and Maria Matea Valdes,from Arroyo Hondo.(* * I think this is Jesus Manuel)

Page 179-SANCHEZ-PADILLA.2-16-1854 J.Antonio son of Mariano Sanchez and Maria Josefa -illegible- of Taos,and Maria Eugenia,Daughter of Manuel Padilla and Maria Feliciana Ortis from Arroyo Hondo.

Page 193-SANCHEZ-PADIA.2-1-1858 Albino Son of Manuel Sanchez and Maria Dela Soledad Valdonado,and Maria Dolores Daughter of J.Manuel Padia and Maria Feliciana Ortis.

Page 200-VAROS-PADILLA.12-28-1861 Ramon Varos,Widower of Maria Rosa Garcia,son of Diego Varos and Concesion de Herrera,deceased,and Maria Eugenia,Widower of J.Antonio Sanchez,daughter of J.Manuel Padilla and Maria Feliciana-illegible-,de Arroyo Seco.

Page 203-PINEDA-PADILLA.1-12-1863 J.Francisco Son of Santos Pineda and Maria Dolores Martin,deceased and Isabel,Daughter of J.Manuel Padilla and Feliciana Ortiz,Arroyo Seco.


Jose Antonio Padilla hijo de Antonio Padilla Y De Ysabel Martin married Josefa Maestas hija de Juan Antonio Maestas y de Encarnacion Vegil.

From the book "New Mexico Marriages,Church in San Juan Pueblo 1726-1776,1831 - 1855 and Church in Santa Clara Pueblo 1726-1832."Extracted by M.Eloise Arellanes Compiled by Margaret Leonard Windham and Evelyn Lujan Baca.Published by The New Mexico Genealogical Society.From Microfilm Reel # 30 AASF.

26 Nov 1791 JOSE ANTONIO PADILLA,son of Antonio Padilla y Ysabel Martin,both deceased,of the jurisdiction of San Juan,Marrying JOSEFA MAESTAS,daughter of Juan Antonio Maestas,deceased,and Encarnacion Vegil of this Mission.Wit: Francisco Garcia Y Alonso Truxillo.

New Mexico Roots LTD.By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 1448.1816 April 28 (No.18),SANTA CLARA.Juan Antonio Padilla (38),Of S.Jose in this district son of Jose Padilla and Josefa Maestas And Maria Luz Martin (18),Daughter of Juan Antonio Martin and Petra Salazar.Wit:Juan Jose Gallegos (62),Agustin Lobato (30),Antonio Jose Salazar (25),Rafaela Garcia ( 36).

From the same marriage book listed prior by The New Mexico Genealogical Society. Page 98.15 May 1816 Juan Antonio Padilla,son of Jose Padilla y de Josefa Maestas of La Plaza de San Jose,both Spanish,marrying Maria dela Luz Martina,daughter of Juan Antonio Martin y Petra Salazar.Wit:Jose Manuel Salazar y Antonia Vegil,along with the rest of the pueblo.

New Mexico Roots LTD:By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 1868.1826 April 13 (No.67). SANTA CLARA,Miguel Mateo Tafoya (24),of Taos,Son of Juan Domingo Tafoya and Dolores Maes,and Juana Padilla (22),of Chama,Daughter of Jose Antonio Padilla and Josefa Maesta.Wit:Jose Antonio Suazo,Notary;Juan de Jesus Vigil (50),And Manuel Ortega (28),of Taos,Both Married;Antonio Trujillo (36),Juan Manuel Mestas (30).

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867."By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo. Published by The Genealogical Society of Hispanic America-Southern Calif.Chapter

Book of Baptisms B-49 Taos (Box 73) 1833-1837.Frame 563.30 Jan 1835 Jose Antonio 4 days old,son of Antonio Domingo Padilla and Maria Seferina Medina,Residents of San Francisco del Rancho.PGP:Jose Antonio Padilla and Maria Josefa Maestas.MGP: Gregorio Medina and Maria Ysebal Romero.Sponsors:Antonio Domingo Medina and Maria Josefa Griego,Residents of the same place.

Book of Baptisms B-47 Taos (Box 71) 1827-1830.Frame 590.29 March 1827 Juana Maria,del Rancho,2 days old,daughter of Juan Antonio Padilla and Maria Dela Luz Garcia,residents of San Francisco del Rancho.PGP:Jose Padia and Maria Josefa Maestas.MGP:Estevan Garcia,deceased and Petra Salazar,also deceased.Sponsors: Maria Antonia Vigil,resident of San Francisco del Rancho.


From the book "Santa Cruz dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By:Thomas D.Martinez. Page 346.

1-Juana Rita Padilla Bapt 2-22-1765 Born 2-13,Father Jose Antonio Padilla,Mother Ysabel Martin.Padrinos:Pedro Bernal Y Maria Martin.

2-Maria Antonia Padilla,Bapt 3-8-1766,Born 3-6,Father Jose Antonio Padilla Y Ysabel Martin.Pads:Mathias Martin Y Juana Martin.

Both Jose Antonio Padilla and Ysabel Martin are listed as deceased at the time of their son's Jose Antonio Padilla marriage to Josefa Maestas on 26 Nov 1791.

1818 Census Santa Clara Spanish Settlers,Plaza De Senor San Jose: Jose Padilla;Wife,Josefa Maestas;Children:Juana,Domingo.Jose Manuel,Maria Marta,Maria Rita.

1850 New Mexico Territorial Census Volume III-Taos and San Miguel Counties.By: The New Mexico Genealogical Society,Inc.Page 47.Sheet 139 23 November 1850.
Padia,Jose Manuel Age 43 M NM
Ortiz,Maria Feliciana Age 23 F NM
Padia,Maria Eugenia Age 13 F NM
Jose Rafael Age 10 M NM
Maria Dolores Age 8 F NM
Maria Isabel Age 5 F NM
Maria Del Carmen Age 2 F NM

1860 Census.Schedule 1-Free Inhabitants In The Precinct of Arroyo Seco,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.24th Day of July 1860.Pedro Valdez,Ass't Marshal. Pages 267-268.
2414-2414 Jose Manuel Padilla Age 59 M Farm Laborer Value Real Estate 60 Value Personal Estate 70 Born Rio Arriba County
Feliciana Ortiz Age 36 F Born Santa Fe County
Maria Eugenia Padilla Age 23 F Born Rio Arriba County
Rafael Padilla Age 21 M Farm Laborer Born Rio Arriba County
Maria Isabel Padilla Age 14 F Born Taos County
Maria Del Carmen Padilla Age 11 F Born Taos County
Manuel Doroteo Padilla Age 7 M Born Taos County
Manuel De Jesus Padilla Age 4 M Born Taos County
Benito Sanchez Age 3 M Born Taos County
Jose Encarnacion Ortiz Age 30 M Farm Laborer Born Santa Fe County

1870 Census Schedule-1.Inhabitants in The Town of Arroyo Seco,County Of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.11 Aug 1870.Juan Santistevan,Ass't Marshal.Page 15.
142-142 Padilla,Jose Manuel Age 50 M W Farmer Value Real Estate 100
Feliciana Age 48 F W Keeping House
Ysabel Age 22 F W At Home
Manuel De J. Age 15 M W Farm Laborer
Pando,Bartolo Age 7 M W
Antonia Age 4 F W

143-143 Padilla,Rafael Age 25 M W Farm Laborer
Seferina Age 25 F W Keeping House
Antonia Age 5 F W
Juana Maria Age 1 F W

1900 Census Schedule 1-Inhabitants in Precinct NO.5 Arroyo Seco,County Of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.19th day of June 1900.Jose E.Mondragon Enumerator.
215-215 Padia,Eugenia Head W F Jan 1883 Age 67 Widowed 10 Children Born 0 Living Plasterer
Sanchez,Benito Son W M May 1863 Age 37 Married 6 Years Day Laborer
Delaida F. D-In-Law F W Jan 1879 Age 21 0 Children Born

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