Taos County, New Mexico

I-FABIAN MASCARENAS married twice,was the son of;

II-VICENTE MASCARENAS and Maria Ramona (Cordova) Romero. Vicente was the son of;

III-JUAN RAFAEL MASCARENAS and Maria Rosalia Sandoval.Juan Rafael was the son of;

IV-MANUEL BICENTE MASCARENAS and Maria Lucia Jaramillo.Manuel Bicente was the son of;



I-FABIAN MASCARENAS seems to have been married twice.His first wife seems to have been Felicitas Branch,married 24 Jan 1898 and his second wife was Sara Maes,married 16 Aug 1902. From the Taos County Marriage Index.

Tobian (Fabian) Mascarenas and Felecita Branch of Canon de Taos Married 24 Jan 1898,By:J.M.Whitlock,Pres.Minister.Wits: Gregorio Garcia and Libradita Garcia.

Jose Fabian Mascarenas and Sarah Maes,Married 16 Aug 1802, By:Bartolome Gonzales,MG,at Rincones.Wits:Candelario Mascarenas and Agapito Sanchez.

II-Vicente Mascarenas and Maria Ramona Cordova (Romero) were married Nov 5,1862.Where her surname is listed as Romero but 2 of her childrens baptism records list her surname as Cordova.The marriage record does not show their parents.From the Matrimonios de Picuris LDS Microfilm Reel # 16869.

The following baptisms information is from the book "New Mexico Mission de San Lorenzo de Picuris Baptisms 1750-1867."By:Betty Pacheco.Extracted from LDS Microfilm Reel # 016868.

Page 335.5 Mar 1842 JUAN VICENTE,16 days old,son of Rafael Mascarenas and Maria Rosalia Sandoval.Paternal Grandparents: Bicente Mascarenas and Maria Lucia Xaramillo.Maternal Grandparents:Manuel Sandoval and Presciliana Gonzales.Pads: Juan de Jesus De Hexxexa and Maria Dolores Gomas,Vecinos todos del Penasco.

Page 686.30 Nov 1864 Maria Andrea,daughter of Vicente Mascarenas and Ramona Cordova.Grandparents not listed.Pads: Juan Bautista Mascarenas and Juana Nepomucena Fernandez.

Page 708.2 Jan 1867 Jose Julian De Jesus,3 days old son of Vicente Mascarenas and Ramona Cordova.Grandparents names not listed.Pads:Juan Felipe Cordova and Maria Francisca Espinoza.

III-Juan Rafael Mascarenas and Maria Rosa Sandoval.From the book "San Lorenzo de Picuris Marriages 13 June 1726 to 30 Oct 1837."By:Betty Pacheco.Extracted from LDS Microfilm Reel # 016869.Page 57.

13 March 1834-Mision de San Lorenzo de Picuries.JUAN RAFAEL MASCARENAS,single,vecino de Santa Barbara,son of Bicente Mascarenas and Maria Lucia Garamillo;Marrying.MARIA ROSA SANDOBAL,Single,vecina de la Parroquia de San Juan,Daughter of Manuel Sandobal,Deceased and Maria Preciliana Gonzales,now residents of Santa Barbara.Pads:Juan Andres Txugillo and Maria Paubla Sandobal,Vecinos del Penasco.Wits Jose Antonio Martin and Jose Antonio Pando,Vecinos del Picuries and others

IV-Manuel Bicente Mascarenas and Maria Lucia Jaramillo.From the book."The Quintana's."By:Ida R.Foraci.Volumes 15 & 16. Page 1240-c.Santa Cruz dela Canada Marriages.March 6,1804. Manuel Vicente Mascarenas Hijo Legitimo de Thomas Mascarenas y de Antonia Duran,ya difunta.Con Maria Lucia Jaxamillo,Hija Legitima de Ysidro Jaxamillo y de Maria Trujillo.Testigos: Lo...0 Atencio y Francisco Paes.

Note that these Mascarenas have several offsprings baptisms recorded in the Santa Cruz Dela Canada and at the San Lorenzo de Picuris Church.


From the book "New Mexico 1850 Territorial Census-Vol.3."Taos and San Miguel Counties.By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society,Inc.

Sheet 124,30 Nov 1850,Page 32
Mascarenas,Rafael Age 30 M NM
Sandoval,Maria Rosa Age 25 F NM
Mascarenas,Buena Ventura Age 12 M NM
Maria Pastora Age 10 F NM
Vicente Age 7 M NM
Maria Dolores Age 3 F NM
Maria De Jesus Age 1 F NM
Maria Dela Crus Age 1/12 F NM

1860 Census Free Inhabitants in the Rio del Pueblo Precinct of El Llano,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.1st Day of August 1860.Pedro Valdez,Ass't Marshal.Page 305.

2746-2742 Rafael Mascarenas Age 30 M Farm Laborer Value Real Estate 80 Value Personal Estate Born Rio Arriba County
Rosa Sandoval Age 29 F Born Rio Arriba
Vicente Mascarenas Age 18 M Born taos County
Pastora Mascarenas Age 24 F Born Taos County
Maria Dolores Mascarenas Age 21 F Born Taos County
Paula Martinez Age 30 F Born Rio Arriba County
Jesus Valdez Age 10 M Born Rio Arriba Conty

1870 Census Schedule 1-Inhabitants in the Town of Rio Del Pueblo,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.19th day of July 1870.Juan B.Santistevan,Ass't Marshal.Page No.3.

25-25 Mascarenas Vicente Age 30 M W Farmer Value Real Estate 175
Ramona Age 18 F W Keeping House
Fabiana Age 3 F W
Librada Age 2 F W

1880 Census Schedule 1-Inhabitants in Penasco,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.29th and 30th day of June 1880. Page No.38,James S.Sterling,Enumerator.

442-453 Mascarenas Vicente W M Age 38 Laborer
Ramona W F Age 29 Wife Keeping House
Amador W M Age 6 Son
Neives W F Age 9 Daughter
Librada W F Age 5 Daughter
Fabian W M Age 3 Son

1900 Precinct Schedule 1-Inhabitants in Precinct 1 Taos, County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.26th Day of June 1900. Lauriano Mares,Enumerator.Sheet No.13.

257-257 Mascarenas Vicente Head W M May 1842 Age 58 Married 38 Years Day Laborer
Ramona Wife W F Oct 1848 Age 51 Married 38 Years 10 Children Born 6 Living
Amador Son W M Sept 1878 Age 21 Single Day Laborer
Rosita Daughter W F Sept 1880 Age 19 Single
Margarita Daughter W F April 1885 Age 15 Single At School
Nieves Daughter W F April 1876 Age 25 Divorced 3 Children Born 1 Living
Mascarenas Rafael Grandson W M May 1892 Age 8

1910 Census Population in Taos Precinct No.1,County of Taos, Territory of New Mexico.10th Day of May 1910.Frank E.Ellis, Enumerator.Sheet 22 A.

277-330 Mascarenas Carme Head M W Age 32 Born NM Farm Hand Sheep Ranch
Matilde Wife F W Age 23 0 Children Born

278-331 Mascarenas Domecenti (Vicente written above Domecenti)Head M W Age 70 Married 50 Years Born NM
Ramoncita Wife F W Age 68 10 Children Born 5 Living
...-332 Mascarenas Flavian Head M W Age 34 Married Twice-7 Years Farm Hand Sheep Ranch
Sara Wife F W Age 23 Married 7 Years 3 Children Born 3 Living
Anita Daughter F W Age 4
Doloritas Daughter F W Age 3
Lebrida Daughter F W Age 11/12

279-333 Mascarenas Amador Head M W Age 22 Married 6 Years Farm Hand Sheep Ranch
Reyes Wife F W Age 24 Married 6 Years 3 Children Born 1 Living
Daniel Son M W Age 4/12
Silas Rosita Sister F W Age 21 Married 5 Years 0 Children Born
Mascarenas Vicenta Niece F W Age 14 Single
Maes Francisco Boarder M W Age 52 (32?)Widowed Farm Hand

1920 Census Precinct No 1 Taos,County of Taos,State of New Mexico.22nd Day of January 1920.Sheet 13 A.Enumerator's name not listed.Form Prior and after this one has Richard F.Oakley
(Written on side of form "Tienditas")
282-292 Mascarenas Fabian Head M W Age 42 Married Born NM Farmer Home Farm
Sara C.Wife F W Age 33 Married Born NM
Doloritas Daughter F W Age 12 Born NM
Libradita Daughter F W Age 10 born NM
Andres Son M W Age 8 Born NM
Ramon Son M W Age 6 Born NM
Abran A.Son M W Age 2-7/12 Born NM

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