Taos County, New Mexico
Taos County Marriages

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Ullenque, Juana30 Sep 1833 – Geronimo Romero, son of Francisco Romero and Felipa Naranjo with Juana Ullenque, single daughter of Jose Miguel Ullenque, deceased and Rosa Romero, originally from the Pueblo of San Geronimo of Taos, Padrinos: Pedro Romero and Maria Antonia Lobato, also from the Pueblo, as is the groom. Witnesses: Juan de Jesus Guerrero and Juan Antonio Lucero, originally from the Pueblo
Urioste, Maria4 May 1793 – Juan Cristobal Silva single, with Maria Urioste, single, Witnesses: Antonio Domingo Romero, Juan Domingo Leal, Antonio Martin and Carlos Vigil
Urioste, Maria Antonia4 Nov 1833 Juan Miguel Quintana widower of Maria Gertrudis Martin with Maria Antonia Urioste single, residents of San Francisco del Rancho. Padrinos: Vicente Balverde and Maria Ysidora Martin. Witnesses: Pedro Trugillo and Rafael Vigil residents of the same place.
Urioste, Maria Antonia 15 May 1788 Mateo Coca, son of Juan Coca, deceased and Micaela Ruibal with Maria Antonia Urioste daughter of Felix Urioste deceased and Josefa Romero, residents of el Rancho, nominated for NP.S (meaning unknown) Francisco (no surname) de las Trampas, Padrinos: Pascual Aragon and his wife Maria Gertrudis Coca, Witnesses: Simon Armenta, Juan Mirabal and Jose Martin
Urioste, Maria Barbara16 Jun 1780 – Juan Baptista Benavides, single Español, son of Ysabel Trujillo deceased and father unknown with Maria Barbara Urioste, single, Española daughter of Felix Urioste deceased and Josefa Romero, all residents of this pueblo, Witnesses: Juan Miguel Atencio and Juana Maria Marques, residents of this pueblo
Urioste, Maria Concepcion 14 Jul 1805 Jose Antonio Gonzales of Sante Fe son of Lorenzo Gonzales and Rita Martin, deceased, married Maria Concepcion Urioste widow of Juan Cristoval Silva. Witnesses Jose Francisco Tafoya and ? Romero.
Urioste, Maria Guadalupe 12 Dec 1842 – Jose Calletano Cardenas, single, son of Jose Manuel Cardenas and Juana Maria Vigil, originally from the Villa of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, and resident of the Plaza of San Francisco del Rancho with Maria Guadalupe Urioste, single, daughter of Juan Urioste and Maria Manuela Vigil originally from this parish of Taos and resident of the same plaza, Padrinos: Miguel Romero and Maria Manuela Bueno, residents of the same place Witnesses Pablo Sandoval and Julian Urban, residents of the Plaza of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
Urioste, Rosa25 Dec 1809 – Manuel Gregorio Duran, son of Ygnacio Duran and Antonia Sanchez, with Rosa Urioste, daughter of Francisco Urioste and Rita Martin, deceased, Padrinos: Agustin Martin and Maria Candelaria Chaves

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