Taos County, New Mexico

Additional information was recently located on JOSE YGNACCIO MADRID Y MARIA NIEVES GONZALES. From the books "The Quintana's." By: Ida R.Foraci.

Volumes 7 and 8 Page 768-g1. 1787, 9-2, Santa Cruz. JOSE IGNACIO MADRID 23, Espanol, Son of Cristoval Madrid and Margarita Sanches, and MARIA NIEVES GONZALES 19, Espanola, Daughter of Juan Domingo Gonzales and Gregoria Martin. Witnesses: Juan Romero 38, Antonio varela 45, Juan Antonio Archuleta 49, Francisco Cordova 40, All Espanoles...[*Gregoria Martin Mother of Maria Nieves Gonzales is also listed as MARIA GREGORIA MARTIN SANGIL].

Volumes 5 and 6 Page 636-b4. Chart has the following JOSE IGNACIO MADRID hijo de CRISTOBAL MADRID y Margarita Sanches, Cristobal Madrid Hijo de BERNARDO MADRID y Gertrudis Martin, Bernardo Madrid hijo de PEDRO MADRID y Isabel Lujan Serna, Pedro Madrid hijo de ROQUE De MADRID Y de Juana Arvide Gamboa.

Volumes 3 and 4 Page 493-a. ROQUE de MADRID Sargento Mayor of all Troops, was the son of Francisco de Madrid and Sebastiana Ruiz Caceres. Roque de Madrid's 1st wife was Juana Lopez De Arvide Pacheco Gamboa Daughter of Maria Pacheco, reputed father was Juan de Gamboa. His 2nd wife Josefa (Lujan) Duran Daughter of Salvador Duran and Ana Marquez (Lujan) and the Widow of Augustin Griego. Roque de Madrid escaped the 1680 Massacre with his wife and 2 small children and was described in 1681 as a native of New Mexico, a Captain, Married, Age 37, Tall and slim in stature, Swarthy, with a grey beard and thick black hair.

Volumes 3 and 4 pages 493-c and 493-d.1689,1 El Paso del Norte, PEDRO MADRID, 20, Native of Santa Fe, Soldier of the Presidio, Son of Sargento Mayor Roque de Madrid and Juana de Arbisu de Gamboa, and ISABEL LUJAN, 16, Native of Rio Arriba in New Mexico, Daughter of Alferez Felipe Serna and Isabel Lujan. Witnesses: Francisco Gomez Robledo 62, Former Maese de Campo of the Kingdom; Fernando de Chaves 44, Former Captain of the Kingdom; Luis Martin 60, Former Captain of the Kingdom; Antonio Martin 42, 1st Cousin of the bride.

1714,6-21, San Ildefonso, BERNARDO MADRID 22 of El Paso del Norte, Soldier of The Santa Fe Presidio, son of Pedro Madrid and Isabel Serna, Natives of New Mexico, Both Deceased, and GERTRUDIS MARTIN 15, of Pojoaque, Daughter of Diego Martin and Pascuala de Soto. Witnesses: Ignacio de Roybal 42, Native of the Archbishopric of Santiago in Galicia and Married; Sebastian Duran 57 and Married; Jose Trujillo 40 and Married; Juan Lopes 30 and single. Pair married with Witnesses Pascual Trujillo and Antonia Duran. [Note Gertrudis Martin is of the MARTIN SERRANO FAMILY] ..By 1727 Bernardo Madrid was dead and Gertudis Martin married Lazaro Atienza, son of Jose de Atienza Y Alcala and Estefania Moreno Y Trujillo.

Taos County Marriage Index lists MADRID,Jose Pilar marrying CORDOVA,Maria Teofila 17 Sept 1884.Marriage performed by Rev.Roberto Garassu,Cura,Parish of Costilla.

1885 CENSUS Schedule NO.1-Inhabitants in Cerro,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.7th Day of July 1885.Aloys Scheurich,Enumerator.
60-45 Cordoba,Jose Dol. W M 48 Farmer
Maria Antonia W F 48 Wife

46 Madril,Jose Pilar W M 22 Farmer
Maria Teof. W F 17 Wife

47 Madril,Jose And. W M 24 Farmer Maria Fern. W F 26 Wife

(It seems that Maria Teofila may have been the daughter of Jose Dolores Cordova.Jose Pilar Madril (Madrid) and his Brother (?)Jose Andres Madril (Madrid) are residing in Jose Dolores Cordova's house).

1910 CENSUS:Schedule No.1-Inhabitants in Cerro Precinct 11,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.5th Day of June 1900.Demostenes Martinez,Enumerator.
41-45 Madril,Jose Pilar Head W M Dec 1865 Age 34 Married 16 Years Day Laborer
Maria Teofila Wife W F Jan 1870 Age 30 Married 16 Years 10 Children Born 3 Living
Maria Tranqulina Daughter W F July 1870 Age 9
Jose Silviano Son W M March 1892 Age 8
Melaquias Son W M Aug 1898 Age 1

42-46 Madril,Jose Andres Head W M Jan 1862 Age 37 Married 19 Years Farmer
Fermina Wife W F Aug 1865 Age 34 Married 19 Years 2 Children Born 2 Living
Eloy Son W M April 1894 Age 6
Jose Acencio Son W M Dec 1899 Age 5/12

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