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Regarding you resquest for information on MARIA DE LOS SANTOS LEAL,JULIAN LEAL and MARIA SILVERA COCA following is the information found:

1860 CENSUS:Schedule 1-Free Inhabitants in The Precinct Of Guadalupita,County of Mora,Territory of New Mexico.15th day of August 1860.Pedro Valdez,Ass't Marshal. Page 467.

4216-4216 Manuel Leal Age 56 M Farmer Value Real Estate 200-Value Personal Estate 200 Born Taos County
Juliana Trujillo Age 39 F Born Rio Arriba County
Donaciano Leal Age 20 M Born Taos County Laborer
Manuel Jose Leal Age 17 M Born Taos County

4217-4217 Cacilio Leal Age 26 M Laborer Value Personal Estate 30 Born Taos County
Feliciana Coca Age 21 F Born taos County
Juliana Leal Age 4/12 F Born Mora County

4218-4218 Julian Leal Age 22 M Laborer Personal Estate 60 Born Taos County
Silvera Coca Age 18 F Born Taos County
Juan Bautista Leal Age 1 M Born Mora County

From the Book "Taos Marriages 1770-1860."By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo Sept.1994.Published By The Genealogical Society Of Hispanic America-Southern Calif.Branch.Book Of Taos Marriages M-39 (Boc 36) 1827-1833,Frame 720.

9-20-1829 MANUEL LIAL,Viudo de Maria Dolores Contreras Con MARIA JULIANA TRUJILLO,Soltera hija de Francisco Trujillo Y De Maria Antonia Tores,Vecinos todos de San Francisco Del Rancho.Testigos:Ramon rael Y Candelaria Varela,Vecinos Del Rancho.

The following infromation is from the Book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1852."By:Thomas D.Martinez.Pages 272 and 273.
1-Maria Alvina Leal Bapt 4-11-1819,8 days old,Father Manuel Leal,Mother Maria Dolores Contreras.Padrinos:Juan Antonio Romero and Maria Viviana Archuleta.
1- Maria Delos Santos Leal Bapt 11-3-1830,3 days old,Father Manuel Leal,Mother Juliana Trujillo,Vecinos de El Rancho.Paternal Grandparents:Manuel Jose Leal and Maria Mariana Quintana.Maternal Grandparents:Francisco Antonio Trujillo and Maria Antonia Martin.Padrinos:Juan Antonio Bueno and Maria Quirina Griego.
2-Cacilio Dela Candelaria Leal Bapt 2-2-1834,2 days old.Father Manuel Leal,Mother Maria Juliana Trujillo,Vecinos de San Francisco del Rancho.PGP:Manuel Jose Leal and Maria Mariana Quintana.MGP:Francisco Antonio Trujillo and Maria Antonia Torres.Pads:Francisco Antonio Martin and Maria Ygnacia Pineda.
3-Jose Julian Leal Bapt 2-6-1836,9 day old.Pads:Felipe Santiago Trujillo and Anna Maria Baldonado.
4-Maria casilda Dela Candelaria Leal Bapt 2-4-1838,4 days old.Pads:Felipe Martin and Maria Guadalupe Martin.
5-Donaciano Leal Bapt 4-1-1840,9 days old.Pads:Juan Bautista (From Pojoaque) Sanchez and Ana Maria (From San Francisco Del Rancho) Vigil.
6-Maria Antonia Leal Bapt 9-30-1842,2 days old.Pads:Juan Miguel Garcia and Maria Manuela Rivera.
7-Maria Gertrudis Leal Bapt 4-13-1844,2 months old.Pads:Francisco Trujillo and Maria Antonia Torres.

From the book "New Mexico Mission De San Lorenzo De Picuris Baptisms 1750- 1867." Extracted and Published By:Betty Pacheco from the LDS Microfilm Reel # 016868.

8-31 Nov 1845 Juan Bautista,son of Manuel Leal and Maria Juliana Trugillo.PGP: Manuel Jose Leal and Maria Ana Quintana.MGP:Francisco Trugillo and Maria Antonia Torres.Padrinos:Manuel Trugillo and Maria Monica Valdes,Vecinos de la Poblacion De Mora.

9-26 May 1847 Manuel Jose,son of Manuel Leal and Juliana Trujio.PGP:Not Listed. MGP:Francisco Trujio and Maria Antonia Torres.Pads:Jose Rumaldo Abeita.

The following children's baptisms are of Manuel Jose Leal and Mariana Quintana. The Parents of Manuel Leal who married first to Maria Dolores Contreras and 2nd to Maria Juliana Trujillo...From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1852."By:Thomas D.Martinez,Page 272.

1-Leal,Maria Guadalupe delos dolores bapt 9-24-1788,4 days old.Father Manuel Jose Leal,Mother Mariana Quintana,Vecinos de El Rancho.Padrinos:Jose Mariano Mondragon and Maria Encarnacion (his wife) Espinosa.

2-Leal,Maria Manuela Bapt 5-4-1791,born 4-25.Pads:Juan Christoval Silva and Maria Gertrudis Silva.

3-Leal,Manuel de Jesus Bapt 4-20-1794,born 4-18.Pads:Salvador Manuel Martin and Maria Montoya.

4-Leal,Maria Serefina Bapt 8-27-1797,8 days old.Pads:Felipe Martin Y Ynes Leal.

5-Leal,Estevan Bapt 7-22-1804,born 7-20.Pads:Rafael Romero and Juana Prudencia ?

6-Leal,Maria Rosa Bapt 9-29-1805,14 days old.Pads:Jose Miguel Gonzalez and Maria Ysebal Vigil.

7-Leal,Maria Ynes Bapt 1-14-1810,4 days old.Pads:Juan Jose Gonzalez and Maria Guadalupe Leal.

8-Leal,Jose Antonio Bapt 3-10-1824.Father Manuel Jose Leal,Mother Mariana Quintana,Vecinos de El Rancho.PGP:Nicolas Leal and Ambrosia Martin.MGP:Simon Quintana and Maria Torres.Pads:Nerio Duran and Maria Manuela Duran.

Nicolas Leal and Ambrosia Martin are mentioned in "Origins of New Mexico Families."By Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 366.

Additional information listed by David H.Salazar's article as follows:Children of Jose Julian Leal and Maria Silveria Coca:
1-Juan Bautista Leal born 1860 Married Camilia G. ?
2-Josefa Leal Born 1863.
3-Lola Leal Born 1864 Married Francisco Sanchez.
4-Maria Dolores Leal Born 22 May 1865 (Chacon) married Nicanor Espinoza.
5-Santiago Leal born 25 July 1867 (Coyote) married Apolonia Vigil.
6-Feliciana Leal born 26 March 1870.Married 29 Oct 1888 (Mora) Vidal Medina.

7-MARIA DE LOS SANTOS LEAL born 5 April 1872 (Coyote) Died 17 May 1905 (Ocate) Buried at Hall's Peak Mora County,New Mexico.She married circa 1889 (Socorro County,NM,perhaps in the Township of Paraje).Robert Walker Sammon born 22 Nov 1861 (Newton County,Georgia) Died 2 Dec 1910 (Ocate) (Buried at Hall's Peak Mora County,NM),Son of Robert W.Sammon and Sarah Elizabeth Thrasher.Children as follows:

1-Ruby Sammon born 7 April 1890 (Mora) died 19 Dec 1964 (Pueblo) married Charles LeFebre.
2-Mary Lauleita Sammon Born March 1892 Died 5 Sept 1903 (Ocate)
3-Zachary Walker Sammon born Nov 1893.
4-Elizabeth Clifford Sammon born 7 Feb 1897 (Guadalupita or Coyote) 1st Marriage 19 Jan 1915 (Las Vegas) Berlin Caldwell Born 18 Feb 1883 (Sherman,Tx)died 21 March 1963 (Raton) buried at Springer.He was a New Mexico Lawman for over 30 Years.Son of James Martin Caldwell and Martha Letitia Brown who came to New Mexico from Bentonville Ar.after living in Oklahoma,Texas and Lincoln County New Mexico.Berlin Caldwell 1st marriage was to Matilda Lobato.
5-Robert Sammon.
6-William sammon.
7-Bessie Sammon born 23 April 1903 (Ocate) died 7 Feb 1980 (Walla Walla,Wa.) married Count Caldwell born 31 Oct 1887 (Flint District,Ok.),son of James Martin and Martha Letitia Brown.

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