Taos County, New Mexico

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church Taos,NM.
3-10-1833 Jose De Altagracia Gonzales con Ana maria Romero Vecinos del Arroyo Ondo. Padrinos: Francisco Gonzales Y Maria Dela Luz Marques, Vecinos de San Fernandez. Testigos Salvador Padilla Y Pedro Padia. (Frame 826)...This entry does not list their parents but the following baptism entry does.

Taos baptisms Frame 440. 1-13-1834 Jose Yginio 3 days old, Son of Jose De Altagracia Gonzales and Ana Maria Romero. PGP: Juan Gonzales and Maria Antonia Martines. MGP: Bentura Romero and Rosario Errera. Pads: Jose Tomas Mes and Maria del carmen Sisneros, residents del Arroyo Ondo.


The book also shows portions of the Marriage entry of FELIPE SANTIAGO MEDINA and MARIA DEL REFUGIO GONZALES as not legible.I Checked the 1850 Taos County Census and was able to find only 2 Maria Del Refugio Gonzales one was 3 months old and the other one was an 8 year old daughter of Ana Maria Romero that would make her about 14 or 15 years old at the time of her marriage date of 1856. An age not uncommon in those times. FELIPE MEDINA is listed as 11 years old in the same Census residing with his parents Faustins Medina and Maria de Jesus Vernal.
Ana Maria Romero is showed as the head of the household.No husband listed.

I checked the Taos Bautismos for any ANA MARIA ROMERO that married a GONZALES and found 3-10-1833 JOSE DE ALTAGRACIA GONZALES con ANA MARIA ROMERO, Vecinos del Arroyo Hondo, Padrinos: Francisco Gonzales and Maria Dela Luz Margues Vecinos de San Fernandez. Testigos: Salvador Padilla Y Pedro Padilla.( Frame 926)

Checking the Bautismos for MARIA DEL REFUGIO GONZALES there is an entry Frame 509.7-30-1843 Maria Refugio, 11 Days old, daughter of Altagracia Gonsales and Anna Maria Romero, residents of La Plaza de Los Dolores del Arroyo Hondo. PGP: Juan Gonsales and Maria Antonia Martinez. MGP: Buenaventura Romero and Maria Del Rosario De Herrera. Pads: Dionicio Gonsales and Juliana Tafoya, Residents of The Plaza de Santisima Trinidad.

Frame 849.5-18-1837 FELIPE SANTIAGO, 5 days old, son of Jose Faustin ?Medina and Maria de Jesus Bernal. PGP: Juan Bautista Medina and Maria Solome Mascarenas. MGP: Felipe Bernal and Maria Candelaria De Herrera, Residents of Arroyo Hondo. Pads: Jose Rafael Salazar and Maria Guadalupe Salazar, Residents of San Fernando.

The following information is regarding JUAN FRANCISCO GONZALES husband of MARIA DOLORES MEDINA; Son of Manuel Gonzales and Maria Torivia Lobato.

Juan Francisco Gonzales was born in San Miguel Del Bado. From the book "New Mexico Baptisms San Miguel del Vado Pecos Mission 1799-1829." By: Luis Gilberto Padilla y Baca. Published by The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico. Page 48. Julio 12 de 1819 [July 12,1819] Bautize a JUAN FRANCISCO GONZALES Hijo Legitimo de Manuel Gonzales Y de Torivia Lovato. Padrinos: Jose Antonio Gallegos Y Maria Josefa Montano.

Manuel Gonzales and Maria Torivia Lovato also had an older daughter baptised; Information from the same book listed above. Agosto 4 de 1814 Bautize a Maria delos Angeles De Jesus Gonzales, de 2 dias de nacida, de el Bado, Espanola, hija legitima de Manuel Gonzales Y De Maria Toribia Lovato, Espanoles. Padrinos: Juan Estevan Lucero Y Maria Dolores Lucero.

The following information is from the book "New Mexico Marriages and Marriage Investigations-San Miguel del Vado 1802-1865." By:Luis Gilberto Padilla Y Baca. Published by the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico.

Page 86.Oct 23,1828 Marriage Book M-10. In San Miguel. JOSE RUFINO GONZALES single son of Manuel Gonzales and of Maria Toribia Lovato, with MARIA DE LOS SANTOS LUCERO, single daughter, of Jose Lucero and of Maria Geronima Sandoval, Deceased.

Page 89.Feb 4,1840. Marriage Book M-1. In San Miguel AMBROSIO GONZALES, single son of Manuel Gonzales, Deceased, and of Toribia Lobato, with MARIA ISABEL FRESQUIS, widow in 1st marriage of Juan Archuleta and in 2nd of Jose Antonio Montoya.

From the book "New Mexico Marriages Santa Fe-St.Francis Parish and Military Chapel of Our Lady of Light (La Castrensa) 1728-1857. By The New Mexico Genealogical Society. Microfilm Reel # 31 AASF.

Page 125, Frame 453. 17 Nov 1805 MANUEL GONSALES, widow of Maria Josefa Crespin, Marrying MARIA LOVATO. Godparents; Manuel Brito and Maria Urioste. Witnesses: Miguel Belasquez and Jose Campos.

Page 110, Frame 402. 29 Jan 1795. MANUEL GONZALEZ marrying JUANA JOSEFA CRESPIN, Witnesses: Diego Padilla and Lorenzo Marquez.

From the book "Santa Fe Baptisms 1747-1851."By:Thomas D.Martinez.

Page 191-Maria Francisca Gonzalez 3 days old, Baptized 11-22-1798, Father Manuel Gonzales, Mother Josefa Crespin, Padrinos: Jose Miguel Ortiz and Maria Gertrudis Lobato.

Page 191-Pedro Antonio Gonzalez 3 days old, Baptized 1-31-1807, Father Manuel Gonzalez, Mother Toribia Lobato. Padrinos: Jose Miguel Tafoya and Maria Gertrudis Lobato.


I am responding to your other request for information on JUAN FRANCISCO GONZALES and MARIA DOLORES MEDINA.

1860 Census-Schedule 1-Free Inhabitants in the Precinct of El Llano,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico 2nd day of August 1860.Pedro Valdez,Ass't Marshal.
2797-2797 Juan Gonzalez Age 40 M Farmer Value of Real Estate 450-Value of Personal Estate 400 Born San Miguel County
Dolores Medina Age 38 F Born Taos County
Bartolome Gonzales Age 15 M Farm Laborer Born Taos County
Jose Leandn Gonzalez Age 5 M Born Taos County
Librada Gonzalez Age 3 F Born Taos County

1870 Census:Schedule 1.-Inhabitants in The Town of El Llano,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico,17th day of July 1870.Juan Santistevan,ass't Marshal.
32-32 Gonsales Juan F. Age 40 M W Farmer Value Real Estate 150 Value Personal Estate 100 Born Territory of New Mexico
Dolores Age 30 F W Keeping House Born Territory of NM
Leandro Age 12 M W At Home Born Territory of NM
Librada Age 9 F W Born Territory of NM

From the book "New Mexico Mission de San Lorenzo de Picuris Baptisms 1750-1867."Transcribed from LDS Microfil Reel # 016868 By Betty Pacheco,page 450.
18 June 1849 Antonio Jose Son of Juan [Francisco] Gonsales and [Maria] Dolores Medina. Paternal Grandparents: Manuel Gonsales and Maria Toribia Lobato. Maternal Grandparents: Francisco Medina and Barbara Fresquis. Padrinos: Juan Domingo Sanchez and Dolores Salasar, Vecinos del Llano.

Please note that there were 2 churches in that area San Jose Las Trampas and San Lorenzo de Picuris.The priest stayed in San Lorenzo or at Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe in Taos.The records for that (Southern) area including Mora were kept in San Lorenzo de Picuris (Sometimes ones finds some records in the Taos Church records) One did not have to be Indian to have the records entered in the San Lorenzo Church Records; Also one did not have to be Indian to live in Picuris. It was not until the early 1900s that Non-Indians (Hispanos) were relocated from Picuris Pueblo.

GONZALES descendancy.

Sebastian GONZALES & Isabel BERNAL

Alferez GONZALES BERNAL (abt 1627, Santa Fe) & Apolonia BARELA (abt 1622)

Alferez GONZALES BERNAL (abt 1643, Santa Fe-1678) & Nicolasa Zaldivar JORGE

Diego GONZALES BERNAL (abt 1673-1736) & Maria BENAVIDES (abt 1682, Durango, New Spain)

Diego GONZALES II (abt 1705-1745, Santa Cruz) & Elena Montes VIGIL (abt 1714, Santa Cruz)

Miguel GONZALES (1745,Santa Cruz) & Maria Candelaria (Romero) PACHECO;

Phelipe Santiago GONZALES (26 Jan 1768, Chimayo, NM) & Maria Francisca CHACON (b.abt 1771); (m.9 Jun 1789, Santa Cruz, NM);

Estefana GONZALES (b. 2 Jul1802, Santa Cruz); (m.1814 Taos) & Raimundo CORDOVA (1788 Santa Cruz-1872);

Jose Benito CORDOVA (1837 Taos-1925 El Moro, CO) and Marina RIVERA (1846 Taos 1931 Trinidad, CO);

Donaciano CORDOVA (1861 Taos-1941 Trinidad) and Margarita SANTISTEVAN (1865 Taos 1943 Trinidad, CO);

Jose Benito CORDOVA (1884 Taos-1968 Trinidad) and Anna Maria BARRON (1988 Taos-1925 Walsenburg, CO);

L. Barron CORDOVA (1916 Walsenburg-present) and Cora CARMONA (1914 Hastings, CO-1995 Trinidad);

Known family of Sebastian GONZALES & Isabel BERNAL:
Alferez Gonzales Bernal (ca 1627, Santa Fe, NM)

Known family of Alferez GONZALES BERNAL & Apolonia BARELA:
Alferez Gonzales Bernal (ca 1643, Santa Fe, NM)

Known family of Alferez GONZALES BERNAL &
Nicolasa Zaldivar JORGE (married about 1664):
Juan (Bas) Gonzales (ca 1668, Corrales, NM)
Diego Gonzales Bernal (ca 1673, NM)
Ynes Gonzales (ca 1677, Santa Fe, NM)

Known family of Diego GONZALES BERNAL & Maria de BENAVIDES (married 30 Apr 1796, Santa Fe):
Teodora Gonzales (ca 1699)
Leonardo Gonzales (ca 1700)
Diego Gonzales II (ca 1705)
Juan Angel Gonzales (ca 1707

Known family of Diego GONZALES & Elena Montes VIGIL: (children baptized at Santa Cruz, NM)
Ygnacia Gonzales
Francisco Gonzales
Miguel Gonzales
Maria Antonia Gonzales

Known family of Miguel GONZALES & Maria Candelaria PACHECO: (baptized at Santa Cruz, New Mexico
Felipe Santiago Gonzales (26 Jan 1768, Chimayo);
Maria Rosalia Gonzales (bap.5 Oct 1769)

Family of Felipe Santiago GONZALES & Maria Francisca CHACON: (baptized at Santa Cruz, NM)
Jose Ygnacio Gonzales (b.7 Jul 1790);
Maria Micaela de los Dolores Gonzales (b.28 Sep 1792);
Jose Maria Gonzales (b.3 Aug 1796);
Pedro Nolasco Gonzales (b. 30 Jan 1799);
Dorotea Gonzales (b.6 Feb 1801);
Maria Estefana Gonzales (b. 2 Jul 1802);
Dionisio Gonzales (bap. 1805 Picuris);
Carmen Gonzales (Apache Indian, bap 1806, Picuris).

Family of Maria Estefana GONZALES & Raymundo Cordova
1. Antonio Aban Cordova (ca 1820-ca 1851;
2. Jose de Jesus Cordova (b. 1822);
3. (unreadable) Cordova (1825);
4. Maria Antonia Aban Cordova (1828-1834);
5. Maria Paula Cordova (1830);
6. Maria de Jesus Cordova (1832);
7. Maria Dolores Cordova (
8. Mariano de Jesus Cordova (20 Aug1834?);
9. Maria Rosa Cordova (29 Dec 1834?);
10.Jose Benito Cordova (1837-1925)

Regarding your request seeking help to find information on your family origins,Joseph Arturo Gonzales and his parents Daniel Gonzales and Leodula Archuleta,following is the information found.

I-JOSEPH ARTURO GONZALES was the son of II-Daniel Gonzales and Leodula Archuleta

II- DANIEL GONZALES was the son of III-Rafael Gonzales and Maria Manuela Martinez.

III-RAFAEL GONZALES was the son of IV-Juan De Dios Gonzales and Margarita Montoya.

IV-JUAN DE DIOS GONZALES was the son of V-Ygnacio Gonzales and Maria Josefa Lalanda.

V-YGNACIO GONZALES was the son of VI-Felipe Santiago Gonzales and Maria Francisca Chacon.

VI-Felipe Santiago Gonzales was the son of VII-Miguel Gonzales and Maria Candelaria (Pacheco) Romero.

From LDS Microfilm Reel # 0017014,Page 223.Taos Baptisms 1925-1936.August 30,1929 Baptised JOSE ARTURO Born 7 August,de Ranchos,Son of Daniel Gonzales and *-B(D)esdula Archuleta.Padrinos:Jose Garcia and Juana Pacheco. By:Jos Giraud

From LDS Microfilm Reel # 017018,Page 140.Taos Marriages 1895- 1956.Gonzales and Archuleta.Oct 25,1926 Married DANIEL GONZALES,Single,from Ranchos,Legitimate son of Rafael Gonzales and Manuela Martinez,Baptised in Taos,With,*-T(L)EODULA ARCHULETA,Widow of Manuel Trujillo. (Lege Civili..?)from Cieneguilla,Daughter of Manuel Archuleta and Eva Martinez,Baptised Taos 4 Aug 1906.Wits: Eugenio Medina and Casandra Gonzales.By:Jose Giraud,Pastor.*-Note..The name of Daniel Gonzales' spouse is entered as Besdula,Desdula and Leodula Archuleta.

From LDS Microfilm Reel # 0017017,Page 286.Taos Marriages 1856-1895.Rafael Gonzales y Maria Manuela Martinez.7 Nov 1892,En esta Parroqua de Taos,Yo el paraco Jose Valezy despues de la delegincias Case Y Vele a RAFAEL GONZALES,dela Corrillera del Ranchos,Soltero Hijo legitimo de Juan De Dios Gonzales y de Margarita Montoya,Con,MARIA MANUELA MARTINEZ,Soltera hija legitima de Matias Martinez y de Josefa Trujillo.Fueron Test:David Valverde y Marina Valdez.By:Jose Valezy (Rubric)

From the book "Bautismos Our Lady Of Guadalupe Church de Taos 12 July 1887 to 27 Dec 1900."By The Hispanic Genealogical Research Center Of New Mexico."
Page 214.GONZALES,Maria Casandra,of La Cordillera del Rancho.Born 2 June 1895,Baptised 28 June 1895.Hija de Rafael Gonzales y Maria Manuela Martinez.Pads: Benedito Lopez y Maria Delfina Cortez.By:Simon Alvernhe.Page 418.
Page 278.GONZALES,Roberto of Cordillera.Born 5 Nov 1897,Baptised 2 Dec 1897.Hijo de Rafael Gonzales y Manuela Martinez.Pads:Moyses Garcia y Virginia Gonzales By:Henry C.Pouget.Page 6.
Page 334.GONZALES,Jose Daniel,of Rancho.Born 21 Sept 1900,Baptised 23 Sept 1900. Hijo de Rafael Gonzales y Manuela Martinez.Pads:Jacobo Trujillo y Fidelia Trujillo.By:Jose Krayer.Page 76.

From the Book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867."By:David Salazar and Bill Trujillo Sept 1994.Published By:The Genealogical Society Of Hispanic America-Southern Calif. Branch.
Book of Baptisms B-48a Taos (Box 72)June to Dec 1837,Frame 310.Sept 27 1837 Baptised JUAN DE DIOS,6 days old,son of Ygnacio Gonzales and Maria Josefa Lalanda,Residents of The Plaza of San Francisco Del Rancho.Sponsors:Jose Martin and Maria Dolores Cordoba,Residents of the Plaza of San Francisco De Paula.
Book of Baptisms B-50 Taos (Box 74) 1837-1844,Frame 181.March 22,1840 Baptised MARIA MARGARITA,6 days old,Daughter of Mariano Montoya and Maria Dela Luz Tafoya Residents of the Plaza of San Francisco del Rancho.Paternal Grandparents:Jose Ramon Montoya and Luisa Sandoval.Meternal Grandparents:Juan Tafoya and Lorensa Quintana.Padrinos:Pedro Vigil and Maria Josefa Quintana of the same place.
Book of Baptisms B-58 Taos 1859-1869,Frame 104.22 Sept 1861 Baptised MARIA BRIGIDA,6 days old,Daughter of Juan de Diuos Gonzales and Maria Margarita Montoya.Padrinos:Mariano Montoya and Maria Dela Luz tafolla,Residents all of San Francisco Del Rancho.

From the book "Santa Cruz Dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By:Thomas D.Martinez.
Page 146.GONZALES,JOSE YGNACIO Baptised 7-10-1790,Born 7-7,Father Felipe Santiago Gonzales,Mother Maria Francisca Chacon,Vecinos de La Plaza Del Carmen. PGP:Miguel Gonzales y Maria Candelaria Romero.MGP:Rosa Chacon.Pads:Juan Antonio Vargas y Maria Lujan,Padrinos de Trampas.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1852."By:Thomas D.Martinez.
Page 268.LALANDA,MARIA JOSEFA,Baptised 12-25-1808,9 days old.Father (*)Juan Bautista Lalanda,Mother Maria Rita Abeyta.Padrinos:Christobal Lucero y Maria Manuela Sandoval. * From the book "The Taos Trappers,The Fur Trade In The Far Southwest,1540- 1846."By:David J.Weber,Published by The University Of OKlahoma Press.Pages 35,36,37.The first of these foreigners to reach Santa Fe from the American Louisiana was BAPTISTE LA LANDE in 1805."Juan Bautista LaLanda"as he came to be known in New Mexico,aquired land in Taos,married at least 3 times,sired 5 known children before his death in February 1821.

From the book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1852."By:Thomas D.Martinez,Pages 242 and 243.
I'll list the first entry verbatim and the rest with only the date,child's and padrinos name.

1-Gonzalez,Jose Dionicio Bapt 4-8-1824,Father Ygnacio Gonzalez,Mother Maria Josefa Lalanda,Vecinos de El Rancho.PGP:Felipe Gonzalez y Maria Francisca Chacon MGP:Juan Bautista Lalanda y Maria Rita Abeyta.Padrinos:Reymundo Cordova y Maria Estefana Gonzalez... Jose Dionicio Gonzales married Maria Gertrudis Aragon,hija de Jose de Jesus Aragon y de Maria de Jesus Vigil...

2-Gonzalez,Maria Rosa Bapt 11-30-1823.Pads:Don Felipe Gonzalez.

3-Gonzalez,Juan Antonio Bapt 6-13-1829,5 days old.Pads:Policarpio Cordova y Maria Miocaela Gonzalez.

4-Gonzalez,Maria Rita Bapt 4-22-1832,5 days old.Pads:Juan Domingo Tafoya y Maria Gertrudis Cordova.

5-Gonzalez,Maria Dolores Bapt 6-17-1835,6 days old.Pads:Policarpio Cordova y Maria Micaela Gonzalez,Padrinos from Santisima Trinidad de Arroyo Seco.

6-GONZALEZ,JUAN DE DIOS,Bapt 9-27-1837,6 days old.Pads:Jose Martin y Maria Dolores Cordova,Padrinos from San Francisco De Paula.

7-Gonzalez,Maria Dolores Bapt 12-7-1839,1 day old.Pads:Juan Nepomuceno Duran y Maria Manuela Sanchez,Padrinos from N.S.de San Juan.

8-Gonzalez,Juan Bautista Bapt 7-14-1841,3 days old.Pads:Tomas Lalanda y Maria Margarita Martin,Padrinos from the Plaza de Dolores.

9-Gonzalez,Felipe Santiago,Bapt 10-4-1844,6 days old.Pads:Dionisio Gonzalez y Maria Juliana Tafoya,Padrinos from Santisima Trinidad de Arroyo Seco.

From the book "The Quintana's."Volumes 13 and 14.Page 1088-b.By:Ida R.Foraci. Felipe Gonzalez was the son of Miguel Gonzalez and Maria Candelaria Pacheco, He married Maria Francisca Chacon the natural daughter of Rosa Chacon,June 20,1789.

From the book "Santa Cruz dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By:Thomas D.Martinez. Page 146.

1-GONZALEZ,JOSE YGNACIO,Bapt 7-10-1790,Born 7-7,Father Felipe Santiago Gonzalez y Maria Francisca Chacon,Vecinos de La Plaza de Carmen.PGP:Miguel Gonzalez y Maria Candelaria Romero.MGP:Rosa Chacon.Padrinos:Jose Cristobal Trujillo y Maria Josefa Romero.

2-Gonzalez,Maria Micaela Delos Dolores,Bapt 10-4-1792,Born 9-28,Vecinos de La Cuchilla.Pads:Juan Antonio Vargas y Maria Lujan,Padrinos de Trampas..From "The Quintana's."Volumes 13 and 14,By:Ida R.Foraci,Page 1088-b. Married Policarpio Cordova,hijo de Antonio Aban Cordova y Juliana Torres.

3-Gonzalez,Jose Maria Bapt 8-7-1796,Born 8-7.Pads:Manuel Gregorio Duran y Gerarda (his wife) Mascarenas.

4-Gonzalez,Pedro Nolasco Bapt 2-3-1799,Born 1-30.Pads:Jose Antonio Trujillo y Ana Maria (his wife) Borrego.

5-Gonzalez,Dorotea Bapt 2-8-1801,Born 2-6.Pads:Antonio Mondragon y Clara (wife) Varela.

6-Gonzalez,Maria Estefana Bapt 7-8-1802,Born 7-2.Pads:Juan Antonio Lovato y Maria Ygnacia Sanchez.


From the book "The Quintana's."Volumes 13 and 14.Page 1088-c.By:Ida R.Foraci.It is believed that Miguel Gonzales was the son of Diego Gonzales and Elena Montes Vigil.

From the book "Santa Cruz Dela Canada Baptisms 1710-1860."By:Thomas D.Martinez. Page 153.

1-GONZALEZ,FELIPE SANTIAGO Baptised 1-30-1768,Born 1-26,Father Miguel Gonzalez,Mother Candelaria Pacheco,Vecinos de Chimayo.Padrinos:Blas Trujillo y Maria Ygnacia Trujillo...Married Maria Francisca Chacon..

2-Gonzalez,Maria Rosalia Baptised 10-5-1769.Father Miguel Gonzalez,Mother Maria Candelaria Romero,Padrinos:Ygnacio Mestas y Maria Varela...From the book "The Quintana's."Volumes 9 and 10,Page 818-b2.By.Ida R.Foraci.Maria Rosalia Gonzalez became the 2nd wife of Silvestre Lopez.

New Mexico Roots LTD.By:Fray Angelico Chavez.Page 927.1786 9-2,Santa Cruz,Silvestre Lopez (33),Espanol of San Antonio del Quemado,son of Gregorio Lopez and Juana Romero,And ROSALIA GONZALES (14),Espanola,Daughter of Miguel Gonzales and Candelaria Pacheco.Both Deceased.Wits:Manuel Cristobal Varela 26;Blas Lopez 38;Antonio Jose Olivas 35;Feliz Valerio 76;All Espanoles.


From the book "New Mexico Spanish and Mexican Colonial Censuses-1790-1823-1745." Translated and Compiled by Virginia Langham Olmsted,G.R.S..Published By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.The Spanish Census of 1790.Province of New Mexico. Spanish Archives of New Mexico,Microfilm Reel # 12.

1790 Spanish Census of 1790.Villa De Santa Cruz Dela Canada.Frame 472.
242.Phelipe Santiago Gonsalez,M.20,day Laborer;m.Francisca Chacon,M.19;1 Son:1.

From the book "New Mexico 1850 Territorial Census-Volume III."Taos and San Miguel Counties.Published By:The New Mexico Genealogical Society.
Page 11. Sheet 101-3 Nov.1850

GONSALES,Ygnacio 49 M NM
Lalanda,Maria Josefa 37 F NM
Gonsales,Antonio 20 M NM
Maria Dolores 15 F NM
Juan de Dios 13 M NM
Juan Bautista 8 M NM
Felipa Santiago 1 M NM

GONSALES,Francisco 24 M NM
Garcia,Maria natividad 15 F NM

GONSALES,Jose Dionius 27 M NM
Aragon,Maria Getrudis 17 F NM
Gonsales,Maria 3 F NM

1870 Census.Schedule 1-Inhabitants in The Town of Cordova,County Of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.24th Day of July 1870.Juan Santistevan,Ass't Marshal. Sheet N0.1 & 2.

12-12 Gonsales,Juan D. 38 M W Farm Laborer Value Real Estate 125
Jaramillo Manuel 18 M W Farm Laborer
Gonsales,Margarita 35 F W Keeping House Value Real Estate 45
Brigida 8 F W
Roberto 5 M W
Virginia 1 F W

1880 Census Schedule 1-Inhabitants in Ranchos,County Of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.8th Day of June 1880.Guillermo Martinez,Enumerator.Page 1.
1-1 Gonzales,Juan D. W M Age 40 Laborer
Margarita W F Age 30 Wife
Brigida W F Age 18 Daughter
* RAFAELA W F Age 9 Daughter * Error Should be RAFAEL W M Age 9 SON
Virginia W F Age 8 Daughter
Cincion W F Age 1 Daughter

1900 Census Schedule No-1.Population in Precinct No.3,Ranchos of Taos,County Of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.1st Day of June 1900.Marina Martinez,Enumerator. Sheet 1.

1-1 GONZALES,Juan D.Dios Head W M June 1840 Age 60 Married 37 Years Farmer
Margarita Wife W F Jan 1846 Age 54 Married 37 Years 8 Children Born 4 Living
Virginia Daughter W F May 1874 Age 26 Single
Cencionita Daughter W F May 1880 Age 20 Single

2 RAFAEL Head W M Oct 1867 Age 32 Married 8 Years Farmer
Manuelita Wife W F Mar 1877 Age 23 Married 2 children Born 2 Living
Casandra Daughter W F Jun 1896 Age 4
Roverto Son W M Nov 1898 Age 2

1900 Census Schedule No-1.Population In Precinct # 19,Cieneguilla,County Of Taos,Territory Of New Mexico.29th Day of June 1900.Manuela Martinez,Enumerator. Sheet 16.

264-265 ARCHULETA,Matias Head W M Jan 1850 Age 50 Married 28 Years Farm Laborer
Leonarda Wife W F 1852 Age 48 Married 28 Years 15 Children Born 5 Living
Lucaria Daughter W F Oct 1876 Age 23 Single Laundress
MANUEL Son W M July 1881 Age 18 Single Day Laborer
Utimia Daughter W F Jan 1897 Age 13 Single At School
Silviano Son W M Dec 1892 Age 7
Bernabe Son W M June 1898 Age 2
Archuleta,Luz Mother W F Mar 1822 Age 78 Widowed 1 Child Born 1 Living

1910 Census Schedule 1-Population Precinct No.3,County Of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.29th Day of April 1910.Lulu L.Valdez,Enumerator.Sheet 10-b.
196-198 GONZALES,Rafael Head M W Age 36 Married Once 17 Years Farmer
Manuelita Wife F W Age 34 Married Once 8 Children Born 4 Living
Casandra Daughter F W Age 13 Single
DANIEL Son M W Age 8
Pablo Son M W Age 6
Margarita Daughter F W Age 2
GONZALES,Juan De Dios Father M W Age 69 Widowed
Virginia Sister-In-Law F W Age 33 Widowed

1910 Census Schedule 1-Population Cienaguilla Precinct No 16,County Of Taos,Territory Of New Mexico.Manuel Cordova,Enumerator.Sheet 18 A.
255-255 ARCHULETA,Manuel J. Head M W Age 26 Married Once Shepherd Herding Sheep
Eva Wife F W Age 20 Married Once 5 Years 3 Children Born 3 Living
TIOFILITA Daughter F W Age 3
Josecito Son M W Age 2
Senaida Daughter F W Age 5/12

1920 Census Schedule 1-Population in Ranchos de Taos,Precinct No 3,County Of Taos,State Of New Mexico.Andres Valerio,Enumerator.Sheet 7-A.

105-121 GONZALES,Rafael Head M W Age 46 Married Laborer
Manuelita Wife F W Age 40 Married
DANIEL Son M W Age 19 Single
Pablo Son M W Age 14 Single
Margarita Daugh F W Age 12 Single

1920 Census Schedule 1-Population in Precinct 16 (Pilar,P.O.)Cieneguilla Village,County Of Taos,State Of New Mexico.19th Day of April 1920.Miguel C.Jaramillo.Enumerator.Sheet 8-A.(Side note-All This People Live Near the Road Taos to Santa Fe)

6-6 ARCHULETA,Jose Manuel Head M W Age 36 Married Laborer Saw Mill
Eva Wife F W Age 31 Married
LEODULA Daughter F W Age 13 Single
Jose Matias Son M W Age 12
Zenaida Daughter F W Age 10
Leonarda Daughter F W Age 9
Celina Daughter F W Age 7
Nazario Son M W Age 3-1/2
Antonio Son M W Age 3/12

The following information is from the Book "Taos Baptisms 1701-1867,"By David Salazar and Bill Trujillo.This book's page NO.565-Top of page states "Books of Baptisms B-48a Taos (Box 72) June to Dec 1837.Frame 318.

10-31-1837 JOSE * EVARITO 6 days old,son of Joe De Alta Gracia Gonzales and Anna Maria Romero,Residents of the Poblacion of Arroyo Hondo.Sponsors Juan Andres Romero and Maria del Rosario DeHerrera,Residents of the same place.
* Note name be have been mispelled during transcription.

The following information from the same book.Heading "Book of Baptisms B-49 Taos (Box 73) 1822-1837.Frame 438."Page 440.

1-13-1834 JOSE YGINIO 3 days old,son of Jose De Alta Gracia Gonsales and Anamaria Romero.Paternal Grandparents Juan Gonzales and Maria Antonia Martines.Maternal Grandparents Bentura Romero and Rosario Errera.Sponsors Jose Tomas Ammes and Maria Del Carmen Sisneros,Residents del Arroyo Ondo.

Same book.Headed "Book of Baptisms B-48 Taos (Box 72) 1830-1833.Frame 157."Page 372.

12-25-1831 MARIA NATIVIDAD del Ranco,6 days old,daughter of Buenaventura Romero and Maria Rosario de Herrera.Paternal Grandparents Juan De Los Reyes Romero and Maria Soledad Lucero ?? Maternal Grandparents Jose de Herrera and Josefa Rael.Sponsors Jose francisco Gonsales and Maria de la Luz-Unreadable-.

The following information from the Book "Taos Marriages 1770-1860,"Same Authors.Frame 826.Page 84.
3-10-1833 JOSE DE ALTAGRACIA GONZALES con ANA MARIA ROMERO,Vecinos del Arroyo Ondo.Padrinos Francisco Gonzales Y Maria dela Luz Marques,vecinos de San Fernandes.Testigos Salvador Padilla y Pedro Padia

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