Taos County, New Mexico

The marriage record from San Antonio Church in Penasco,New Mexico.Microfilm Reel 50A AASF,Page 104.Says that Rev.Leon Delavelle on the 20th of March (1915) married JULIA DELAVELLE born in 1878 in France,Daughter of Emilio Delavelle and Al_ _ Le_ _ or Se_ _ (name not legible).And ANTONIO ARCHULETA,single born in 1890,son of Ana Maria Archuleta.Witnesses:Ramon Sanchez and Virginia Medina.

1910 Census of Penasco Precinct 10,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico.4th Day of May 1910.Manuel Cordova,Enumerator.

222-222 Delavelle,Leon Rev.M W Age 30 Single born in France Preacher(Was a Roman Catholic Priest)
Julia (His Sister) F W Age 31 Single Born France Maid.

1910 Census Rio Lucio,Penasco Precinct 10,County of Taos,Territory of New Mexico 27th day of April 1910.Manuel Cordova,Enemerator.Sheet 9-A.

134-134 Archuleta,Ana Maria Head F W Age 42 Single 4 Children Born 4 Living Farmer General Farm
Teodoro Son M W Age 21 Single Laborer Odd Jobs
Antonio Son M W Age 19 Single Laborer Home Farm
Simonita Daughter F W Age 14 Single
Trinidad Son M W Age 12 Single

The marriage record of Ana Maria Archuleta's brother Jose Andres Archuleta list his parents as Antonio Archuleta and Ana Maria Medina.

The book "Lamy's Legion."By:Nancy Hanks,PhD,Published by HRM Books.ISBN 0-9665859-1-7.Page 39 has Delavelle,Leon Joseph Ferreol,son of Virgile and Laura Delavelle.

Note that the names of Julia Delavelle's parents as listed by Rev.Leon Delavelle and those listed as his parents do not seem to be the same.

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