Taos County, New Mexico
Deaths 1701 - 1722

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?, Ana 7.2.1703 Ana infant of the Taos Nation

?, Ana 5.17.1719 Ana married 70 years old more or less to Pedro

?, Ana Maria 5.14.1717 Ana Maria infant

?, Antonia 5.17.1720 Antonia daughter of Diego resident of the Pueblo of San Agustin

?, Antonia 2.19.1721 Antonia infant 8 days old

?, Antonio 1.5.1704 Antonio infant

?, Antonio 9.21.1705 Antonio, infant, 5 ?

?, Antonio 5.27.1721 Antonio 4 years old

?, Antonio 4.7.1725 Antonio 20 years old

?, Antonio Geronimo 1.30.1709 Antonio Geronimo

?, Augustin 6.15.1721 Augustin? 7 years old

?, Catalina 1.12.1704 Catalina Infant

?, Christoval 1.28.1709 Christoval infant

?, Christoval 2.22.1725 Christoval 40 years old

?, Diego 6.8.1704 Diego Infant of this Pueblo

?, Diego 1.13.1709 Diego unreadable widow of Maria Achena

?, Diego 4.22.1724 Diego

?, Diego 5.25.1725 Diego 25 years old more or less

?, Domingo 9.4.1709 Domingo infant son of Diego and unreadable

?, Francisca 5.26.1717 Francisca 80 years old

?, Francisco 7.25.1705 Francisco, infant

?, Francisco 10.6.1706 Francisco, infant

?, Francisco Antonio 2.14.1721 Francisco Antonio infant of 30 days old

?, Francisco Xavier 9.4.1717 Francisco Xavier

?, Geronima 9.4.1709 Geronima infant daughter of Geronimo and Juana

?, Geronimo 10.4.1707 Geronimo

?, Geronimo 11.10.1718 Geronimo single

?, Geronimo Domingo 11.23.1710 Geronimo Domingo infant

?, Joaquin 9.12.1709 Joaquin infant son of Diego and Ysabel

?, Joseph 2.23.1707 Joseph, infant of this Pueblo

?, Juan 1.17.1709 Juan infant

?, Juan 2.3.1709 Juan and Lucia both died

?, Juan de Dios 1.8.1709 Juan de Dios married to Maria.

?, Juana 6.12.1702 Juana 12 years old daughter of Lucia unreadable

?, Juana 1.1.1704 Juana Infant

?, Juana 1.25.1707 Juana widow of the Taos Nacion

?, Juana 2.3.1709 Juana infant daughter of unreadable

?, Juana 9.24.1709 Juana daughter of Francisco and Magdalena

?, Juana 6.2.1721 Juana 2 years old

?, Juana 6.13.1721 Juana 15 years old

?, Lucia 7.19.1703 Lucia single of the Taos Nation

?, Lucia 5.18.1704 Lucia Infant

?, Lucia 6.20.1704 Lucia Infant of this Pueblo

?, Lucia 3.1.1707 Lucia, of the Pueblo

?, Lucia 1.3.1709 Lucia wife of Sabastian

?, Lucia 2.2.1709 Lucia married to unreadable

?, Lucia 2.3.1709 Juan and Lucia both died

?, Lucia 10.16.1709 Lucia infant daughter of Don Geronimo

?, Lucia Monica 5.25.1721Lucia Monica

?, Lucian 1.20.1707 Lucian, infant

?, Luisa 4.10.1724 Lusia 12 years old also Ysabel

?, Magdalena 9.3.1705 Magdalena, infant of the Pueblo

?, Magdalena 3.1.1721 Magdalena infant 2 years old

?, Maria 11.11.1703 Maria infant of the Pueblo Taos

?, Maria 11.28.1703 Maria infant of the Pueblo of Taos

?, Maria 7.3.1704 Maria unreadable of the Taos Nacion, married to Fernando unreadable.

?, Maria 3.5.1707 Maria, infant of this Pueblo

?, Maria 1.3.1709 Maria widow of Diego

?, Maria 1.13.1709 Maria infant daughter of unreadable

?, Maria 9.9.1709 Maria infant daughter of Francisco and Juana

?, Maria 1.29.1717 Maria married to Hernando

?, Maria 11.22.1719 Maria widow of 80 years more or less

?, Maria 3.25.1724 Maria 50 years old

?, Maria 3.10.1711? Maria infant daughter of Francisco and Maria

?, Micaela 11.1.1704 Micaela, infant

?, Miguel 1.24.1705 Miguel, infant

?, Miguel date unreadable, between 11-22-1719 and 5-17-1720 Miguel ? married of 28 years old

?, Pablo 5-27-1702 Pablo infant son of the Taos Nation

?, Pedro 9.2.1704 Pedro, infant of the Taos Nacion.

?, Pedro 11.26.1704 Pedro, infant

?, Phillippa 9.17.1709 Phillippa infant daughter of Diego and Maria

?, Rosa 9.3.1703 Rosa infant of the Pueblo of Taos

?, Rosa 4.2?.1721 Rosa

?, Rosa 6.8.1721 Rosa 8 months old

?, Ysabel 1.29.1709 Ysabel

?, Ysabel 11.16.1720 Ysabel 30 years old more or less

?, Ysabel 1.29.1721 Ysabel 80 years old

?, Ysabel 4.10.1724 Lusia 12 years old also Ysabel

Augaigue, Juana 12.27.1701 Juana 20 years old daughter of Diego and Chatalina Augaigue

Baca, Francisco 9.7.1711 Francisco Baca? married to Lucia unreadable

Bacuavachole, Rosa 1.22.1709 Rosa Bacuavachole infant

Builachan, Diego 1.24.1709 Diego Builachan widow of unreadable Chuichan

Cadero, Francisco 6.5.1725 Francisco Cadero? 18 years old

Cala, Antonio 1.27.1709 Antonio Cala married to Ysabel Pamague

Camaca, Lucia 1.19.1709 Lucia Camaca married to Antonio Tuza

Cantar, Juan 7.9.1720 Juan Cantar 90 years old

Capasdi, Maria 1.22.1709 Maria Capasdi? Single

Cata, Juan 11.4.1708 Juan, infant son of two days son of Antonio Cata and Lucia Conuiga

Catoi, Juan 5.22.1704 Juan Catoi single

Chalo, Antonio 1.10.1709 Antonio married to Maria Chalo

Chalo, Maria 1.17.1709 Maria Chalo widow of Antonio Humare

Cheavase, Ysabel 1.22.1709 Ysabel Cheavase infant

Chemgua, Antonio 1.25.1709 Antonio Chemgua infant son of Juan Heme and Maria Guauia

Chenda, Diego 5.16.1704 Diego Chenda married to Marria ****

Chetla, Pablo 4.27.1704 Pablo Chetla single

Chiale, Phellipe 1.17.1709 Phellipe Chiale single

Chicule, Juana 4.?.1721 Juana Chicule 43 years old

Chilmacal, Juana 12.28.1708 Juana infant daughter of Juan Chilmacal, dead, and Maria

Chinnague, Juan 12.27.1708 Juan Chinnague married Maria Vaues

Chioquela, Francisco 5. 29.1708 Francisco Chioquela

Cloatche, Diega 1.23.1709 Diega Cloatche girl

Conuiga, Diego 10.20.1708 Diego, infant son of Juan and Juana Conuiga

Conuiga, Maria 10.5.1708 Maria daughter of Diego and Maria Conuiga

Conuige, Ana Maria 1.3.1709 Ana Maria, daughter of Pedro and Maria Conuige

Conuige, Lorenza 1.3.1709 Lorenza, infant daughter of Christoval and Maria Conuige

Crigue, Miguel 1.31.1709 Miguel Crigue married to Maria Cinchula

Cuacuacho, Maria 1.22.1709 Maria Cuacuacho married to Diego Besepo resident of the Pueblo of San Juan

Cuatiu, Juana 1.8.1709 Juana married to Juan Cuatiu

Cumcholi, Maria 5.20.1717 Maria Cumcholi 60 years old

Cunmacur, Maria Maguichole 1.14.1709 Maria Maguichole daughter of Diego Cunmacur and Maria Tunha

Duran, Maria 10.8.1721 Maria Duran 40 years old more or less

Ema, Maria 1.23.1709 Maria Ema single

Emi, Martin Amoy 1.11.1709 Martin Amoy son of Juan Emi and Maria Guali

Erchole, Juan 1.10.1709 Juan Erchole married to Maria Gualgui

Etola, Juan 6.20.1702 Juan infant son of Antonio Etola and Anna Gualanamague

Fama, Francisco 6.10.1721 Francisco Fama 50 years old

Gelli, Raphael 1.16.1709 Raphael infant son of Christoval and Maria Gelli

Genachole, Miguel 10.17.1710 Miguel infant son of Nicolas and Lucia Genachole

Gentiren, Diego 1.7.1709 Diego Gentiren, single

Guagua, Maria 1.16.1709 Maria infant daughter of Maria Guagua

Guaguachora, Maria 1.10.1709 Maria Guaguachora married to Juan Armaza

Guaiame, Maria Jecui 1.8.1709 Maria Jecui single daughter of Diego Guaiame and Lucia Euogua

Gualace, Lucia 1.23.1709 Lucia Gualace single

Gualipaga, Catarina 7.1.1706 Catarina Gualipaga of the Tigua Nacion

Gualipapo, ? 11.8.1706 name unreadable married to Juan Gualipapo of the Piro Nation

Gualnacha, Cathalina 12.7.1718 Cathalina Gualnacha

Guanema, Maria 5.4.1707 Maria Guanema, single

Guanzena, Maria Juachana 7.24.1703 Maria Juachana of the Taos Nation. Married to Diego Guanzena

Guapahol, Juana 1.20.1709 Juana Guapahol single

Guato, Juan 1.23.1709 Juan Guato widow of Juana Guatono

Guaula, Maria 1.28.1709 Maria Guaula married to Juan Heme

Gueapuara, Geronimo 1.4.1702 Geronimo infant son of Antonio Gueapuara and Lucia Schoacha

Guela, Juana 1.10.1709 Juana unreadable, single daughter of Pedro Guela and Maria

Guemaca, Pasguala 1.20.1709 Pasguala infant daughter of Margarita Guemaca

Guiguachan, Maria 1.25.1709 Maria infant daughter of Maria Guiguachan and Diego Besejuu

Guihchan, Maria 1.19.1709 Maria Guihchan married to Diego Tihachan

Guipao, Ana 1.16.1709 Ana Guipao Married Nicolas Violo

Hazuema, Maria 1.8.1709 Maria Hazuema married to Diego Sucuni

Hefula, Nicolas 1.24.1709 Nicolas Hefula married to Maria Guipayno

Hetali, Maria 1.20.1709 Maria Hetali married Juan Mime? Or Anime

Hichague, Mathias 1.12.1709 Mathias infant son of Geronimo and Maria Hichague

Hiemcao, Juan 1.23.1709 Juan Hiemcao married to Maria Compa

Hotoi, Juana 1.17.1709 Juana Hotoi married to Diego Lope

Huaco, Sebastian 1.12.1709 Sabastian Huaco widow of Lucia Aloipa

Jimi, Maria 1.19.1709 Maria Jimi single

Lanapuacia, Angelina 10.8.1706 Angelina unreadable, married to Esteban Lanapuacia.

Loipe, Diego 1.17.1709 Diego Loipe married to Maria Pamagua

Lujan, Diego 5.12.1717 Diego Lujan infant

Maig, Magdalena 2.16.1719 Magdalena infant daughter of Juan Maig and Ana Leigue naturales all of this Pueblo of Taos

Muchachi, Diego 1.2.1709 Diego Muchachi, son of unreadable

Nacha, Christoval 1.26.1709 Christoval infant son of Diego Nacha and Ysabel Genachole

Nachiaya, Antonio 1.30.1704 Antonio Nachiaya married Juana unreadable

Nauchiyo, Juana 1.7.1709 Juana widow of Antonio Nauchiyo

Oche, Maria 1.20.1709 Maria Oche married to Diego Paca

Paba, Maria 12.28.1708 Maria married to Diego Paba

Pacheco, Juan 2.1.1721 D. Juan Pacheco 70 years old more or less

Paegai, Maria 5-17-1704 Maria Paegai married to Antonio ****

Papah, Maria 1.20.1709 Maria Papah Married to Fernando Nuri

Peachole, Maria 5.30.1704 Maria Peachole

Peagaho, Ana 1.28.1709 Ana Peagaho single

Peipala, Joseph 1.21.1709 Joseph Peipala married to Ana Pechori

Pejuiela, Diego 1.19.1709 Diego infant son of Diego Pejuiela and Juana Piencholi

Petrona, Maria 4.22.1721 Maria Petrona

Pia, Diego 1.25.1709 Diego Pia married to Maria Bescohoi

Pianagacan, Maria 5.12.1704 Maria Pianagacan Single of the Taos Nation

Piane, Diego 11.29.1718 Diego Piane married to Lucia 30 years old more or less

Piaresau, Ysabel 1.16.1719 Ysabel Piaresau widow of 78 years old

Piji, Antonio 4.6.1704 Antonio Piji married to Magdelina Gualapi

Pile, Lucia 1.27.1709 Lucia Pile single

Pitu, Simon 12.28.1708 Simon Pitu married to Magdalena Guipate

Puipogue, Magdalena 1.17.1709 Magdalena Puipogue girl

Punatabao, Gregoria 3.4.1721 Gregoria Punatabao 7 years old

Romero, Maria 7.14.1720 Maria, grandmother of Ygnacio Romero

Tache, Diego 1.22.1709 Diego Tache single

Tacoli, Maria 1.19.1709 Maria infant daughter of Francisco Tacoli and Maria Peusili

Tacule, Domingo 10.25.1717 Domingo Tacule 80 years old

Torogue, Ana 1.22.1709 Ana Torogue girl of the church

Tuichan, Maria 1.19.1709 Maria Tuichan married to Juan Achema

Tursa, Joseph 1.26.1709 Joseph infant son of Antonio Tursa and Lucia Camaca

Vienchese, Maria 1.26.1709 Maria Vienchese widow of Joseph

Xapa, Catharina 1.20.1709 Catharina Xapa married to Diego Mogui

Xioapapa, Maria 1.20.1709 Maria Xioapapa married to Francisco Penaio

Zgue, Maria 12.29.1708 Maria Zgue single

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