Taos County, New Mexico

Regarding your request for Baptism information on JOSEPH CLOUTHIER sometimes people not from the Catholic Church would be baptised just prior to their marriage.I could not locate this baptism.I do not know if you were searching for the baptism to identify the parents but The marriage information IDs them as follows:

LDS Microfilm # 0017017.(The marriage is entered in Spanish I'll translate it). January 27,1864 JOSE CLOUTHIER Single Legitimate Son of Jose Clouthier and Maria (Surname not legible looks like) Renarsdette,deceased With JUANA CATALINA BEAUBIAN Single Legitimate Daughter of Carlos Beubian and Paula Lovato.Both from this place Fernandez.3 Banns done and no impediments raised.The church presents (Conducts)their matrimony in front of the witnesses:Antonio Jose Valdez,Antoni(o) (a) Quintana,Leopoldo Chesne_ _.(Priest)Gabr.Ussel (Rubric)

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