Taos County, New Mexico
Civil War Commissions

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Albuquerque Daily Citizen, 22 July 1891.

The commissions of the following military officers have recently been discovered among the old archives of the territory, says the [Santa Fe] New Mexican. Gov. Prince has instructed Adjutant General Fletcher to publish the names in order that those who are entitled to them can recover these valuable documents. Such as are not called for in reasonable time will be deposited with the Historical society for safekeeping.

Nicolas PINO, Galisteo, brigadeer general. September 9, 1861.
Robert STAPLETON, Socorro, colonel. December 6, 1861.
Ambrosio ARMIJO, Albuquerque, division inspector. November 8, 1861.
Perfecto C. IDALGO, Socorro, aide-de-camp. October 6, 1861.
Nasario GONZALES, Santa Fe, lieutenant colonel. November 11, 1861.
Nasario GONZALES, 1st lieutenant. August 7, 1860.
Vicente GARCIA, Santa Fe, major. November 11, 1861.
Joshua JONES, Jr., Socorro, major. January 7, 1861.
Romulo SALAZAR, captain. January 7, 1862.
Felipe SANDOVAL, Santa Fe, captain. January 7, 1862.
Cayetano TAFOYA, Socorro, captain. November 13, 1861.
Jose Antonio MARTINEZ, Taos, captain. February 3, 1861.
Tomas MONTOYA, Bernalillo, captain. December 13, 1861.
Matias CONTRERAS, Socorro, 1st lieutenant. November 13, 1863.
Jesus Maria de HERRERA, 1st lieutenant. November 7, 1861.
Guadalupe ARMIJO, Bernalillo Co., 1st lieutenant. December 7, 1861.
Manuel SALAZAR, 1st lieutenant. January 7, 1862.
Juan GUTIERREZ, Socorro, 1st lieutenant. November 13, 1861.
Eulogio MORA, 2nd lieutenant. January 7, 1862.
Felipe ROMERO, Santa Fe Co., captain. December 11, 1863.
Benito ROMERO, Santa Fe Co., captain. December 11, 1863.
R. M. STEPHENS, Santa Fe, captain and aide-de-camp to General Pino. November 7, 1861.
Jose GONZALES, captain. November 12, 1861.

The following New Mexico Civil War Soldiers all joined the Union Army in Kansas. The date given is the date they enlisted. Although the spellings are obviously wrong, I present them here as they were on the enrollment.
Romulus Alorid 06 September 1863
Publo Montola 17 August 1863
John J Meira 14 August 1863
Jose Olgin 09 September 1863
Delfino Romo 14 August 1863
Luviano Sesinairo 18 August 1863
Provincio Vernal 17 August 1863

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