Taos County, New Mexico
Vadito Cemetery

This data contributed by Donna D'Angelis and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

?, Rodolfo S

Aguilar, Phil

Archuleta, Maria Cleofas born 1848 died 2/22/1916

Baca, Apolonia M. born 6-20-1894 died 3/29/1984

Baca, Pablita

Barela, Evangelina died 7/31/1948

Barela, Florentino born 3/1891 died 11/6/1947

Barela, Florinda G. born 8/23/1919 died 11/24/1982

Barela, M.

Barela, Maria de la Paz born 9-18-1893 died 1/21/1973

Bisaraga, Trinidad Romero died 08 Apr 1923 at Vaditoage 20y, wife of Alfred Bisaraga daughter of Lucas Romero and Teresa Lopez

Brito, Jose De Jesus Gonzales died 28 Jun 1930 at Vadito age 88y, husband of Maria Sencion Lujan son of Dolores Brito

Cordoba, Josefita Gonsales born 1858 at Embudo, NM died 21 Apr 1926 at Vadito age 68y, wife of Jose De Jesus Cordoba daughter of Jose Gonsales and Guadalupe Vialpando both parents born at Embudo buried 22 Apr 1926

Cordova, Indalencia P. died 28 Sep 1936 at Vadito age 45y, wife of Florencio Cordova daughter of Narciso Pacheco and Genoveva Rodriquez

Cordova, Mary S. born 11/22/1914 died 9/22/1980

Cordova, Matilde Hazel died 26 Jul 1941 at Vadito daughter of Lauriano Cordova and Manuelita Cordova Cordova, Max died 1924

Cordova, Ruben born 1924 died 1972

Dominguez, Corina

Fernandez, Juan Antonio born 7-10-1880 died Dec 9, 1968 age 88

Garcia, Joseph Jamie born 12/24/1978 died 11/30/1997

Garcia, Stella P. born 4/22/1965 died 5/28/1965

Gomez, Francisca Elvira died 29 Jul 1931 at Vadito age 91y, daughter of Cristoval Romero and Anicita Montoya

Gonzales, Anthony

Gonzales, daughter died 14 Feb 1933 at Vadito infant daughter of Jose C. Gonzales and Emelina Romero

Gonzales, daughter died 22 Jul 1944 at Vadito infant daughter of Juan Luis Gonzales and Eliza Padilla

Gonzales, Domisinda died 1947

Gonzales, Edwin born 4/12/1986 died 4/12/1986

Gonzales, Elisea died 14 Aug 1968 age 84

Gonzales, Elsia born 10-23-1885 died 8/14/1968 age 84y buried Aug 16, 1968

Gonzales, Evangelina died 12/17/1951

Gonzales, Felipe no dates

Gonzales, Jose Cecilio born 8/19/1907 died 10/15/1992

Gonzales, Jose Norberto born 18 Apr 1924 at Vadito died 16 May 1924 at Vadito infant son of Ruben M. Gonzales and Evangelina Romero both parents born at Vadito buried 16 May 1924

Gonzales, Liopoldo born 1937 died 1967

Gonzales, Maria Flores born 12/10/1947 died 12/18/1947

Gonzales, Nieves born 1877 died 1974

Gonzales, Oinero died 18 Jan 1937 at Vadito infant son of Ruben M. Gonzales and Evangelina Romero

Gonzales, Rubel born 5-28-1892 died 1/4/1985

Gonzales, Ruben born 8-10-1895 died 9/12/1959

Gonzalez, Julio born 1872 died 1950

Gonzalez, Magdalena born died 5/11/1905

Gonzalez, Precilia died 05 Dec 1928 at Vadito age 2y, daughter of Jose Jesus Gonzales Jr and Demecia Lopez

Guillen, Jose David Nelson died 19 Aug 1938 at Vadito infant son of David Guillen and Magdalena Romero

Gurule, Genoveva B.

Gurule, Remijio born 2-?-1884 died 7-?-1964

Herrera, Brandon Paul born 2/2/1993 died 2/4/1993

Kniseley, Theresa Valdez born 12/3/1926 died 4/3/1992

Leyba, Paulita V. born 6-29-1894 died 12/9/1937

Lujan, Celso died 1911

Lujan, Cornelio born 1914 died 1982

Lujan, Dolores died 1958

Lujan, Edward born 1966 died 1971

Lujan, Francis born 11/11/1939 died 7/24/2004

Lujan, Lupe born 1918 died 1947

Lujan, Maurio born 1848 died 1948

Lujan, Odelia born 12/23/1920 died 2/14/1949

Lujan, Selustriana born 1898 died 1974

M - M.M.

M. - J.F.M.

Maes, Anthony born 8/12/1953 died 12/4/1953

Maes, Francis born 1986 died 1917

Maes, Jose Rafael died 06 Nov 1932 at Vadito age 89y, husband of Francisca Gonzales son of Diego Maes and Manuelita Martinez

Maes, Louella died 1/29/1950

Maes, Rafael born 1856 died 11/20/1932

Martinez, Adelaide Ortiz born 13 Apr 1901 died 13 Sep 1924 at Vadito age 23y, wife of Procopio Martinez daughter of Manuel Ortiz and Gregorita

Martinez born Santa Barbara buried 14 Sep 1924

Martinez, Alfredo born 5/27/1912 died 10/18/1994

Martinez, Apolonio died 1944

Martinez, Arthur O. born 8/27/1917 died 3/25/1970

Martinez, Beleriano born 11-14-1882 died 6/27/1968

Martinez, Bernardita G. born 1853 died Aug 7, 1968 age 74y,

Martinez, Christine J. born 11/24/1963 died 12/18/1971

Martinez, Fabian born 11/3/1913 died 5/14/1935

Martinez, Frank born 7/2/1969 died 1/7/1979

Martinez, Joe A. born 5/18/1923 died 9/5/1975

Martinez, Jose Nelson born 1/5/1928 died 1/12/1928

Martinez, Juanita G. born 5-7-1895 died 1/10/1967

Martinez, Marie M.

Martinez, Max Adelio born 4/12/1939 died 10/22/1953

Martinez, Max R.

Mascarenas, Christina born 9/24/1973 died 9/4/1974

Mascarenas, Efren born 4/1/1914 died 10/3/1994

Mascarenas, Francis R. born 3/7/1917 died 9/17/1952

Mascarenas, Jonathan M. born 12/9/2000 died 12/10/2000

Mascarenas, Jose Dolores born 1867 died 1951

Mascarenas, Jose Ramon born 7/1/1939 died 6/12/1966

Mascarenas, Moises born 2/3/1949 died 6/7/1971

Mascarenas, Rosalia

Mehuletio, Juan Lorenso born 1848 died Jul 1921 at Vadito age 33y, husband of Maria Pableta Baca occupation: Farmer buried 03 Jul 1921

Montoya, Andres died 04 Dec 1936 age 21y, son of Higinio Montoya and Bersabe Suazo

Montoya, Candido died 31 Dec 1936 age 16y, son of Higinio Montoya and Petra Cisneros

Montoya, Jacobo born 6/10/1917 died 9/27/1989

Montoya, Jaylene S. born 1968 died 1974

Montoya, Moises

Pacheco, Elisea born 1883 died 1974

Pacheco, Lionides Jr. born 02 May 1937 at Taos died 30 Apr 1938 at Taos infant son of Lionides Pacheco and Maclovia Romero buried 30 Apr 1938

Pacheco, Louisa died 21 Jul 1923 at Vadito age 68y, daughter of M. Pacheco and Teofila Martinez

Pacheco, Robert born 1964 died 1974

R. - D.R.

R. - E.R.

Romero, Abelino Florentino died 01 Sep 1941 at Vadito son of Aureliano Romero and Clorinda Rodriguez

Romero, Agapito died 11 Apr 1923 at Vadito age 2y, son of Demetrio Romero and Amada Romero

Romero, Aileen L. born 11/8/1967 died 2/4/1984

Romero, Amadita R. born 7/15/1901 died 12/18/1971

Romero, Benito Antonio born 3-20-1868 died 10 Oct 1936 at Vadito age 68y, husband of Maria Rafaelita Lopez son of Ramon Romero and Candelaria Cordova

Romero, Bernardita born 27 Jun 1937 at Dixon, Rio Arriba Co., N. M. died 15 Aug 1937 at Vadito age 1y, daughter of Abel Romero and Bernardita Miera both parents born at Vadito buried 15 Aug 1937

Romero, Celestino born 1906 died 1977

Romero, Clorinda

Romero, Corina Oralia died 01 Jul 1944 at Vadito daughter of Claudio Romero and Eulalia Zamora

Romero, Cristina Suazo died 18 Apr 1923 at Vadito age 72y, wife of Eugenio Romero daughter of Florentino Suazo and Doloritas Martinez

Romero, Demecio born 1891 died 1983

Romero, Dolores Therese born 6/22/1971 died 6/5/1973

Romero, Eliria died 16 Aug 1933 at Vadito daughter of Aureliano Romero and Clorinda Rodrigues

Romero, Eloy died 04 Aug 1935 at Vadito age 31y, husband of Emilia Padilla son of Dolores Romero and Pablita Romero

Romero, Eloy S. born 1948 died 1970

Romero, Epemenio born 1884 died 1974

Romero, J. William born 7/11/1944 died 1/5/2002

Romero, J.A. born 1867 died 1949

Romero, Jacobo born 3/30/1910 died 4/14/2013

Romero, Jose born 5/1/1900 died 9/15/1919

Romero, Jose Melisandro born 06 Jul 1937 at Vadito died 16 Aug 1937 at Vadito son of Laudes Romero and Eulalia Samora both parents born at Vadito buried 17 Aug 1937

Romero, Jose Nicomedes died September 14, 1998 age 62y,

Romero, Jose V. born 1908 died 1937

Romero, Juan

Romero, Juan A.

Romero, Juan A. born 5-18-1888 died 11/2/1953

Romero, Juan Agustin died 20 Mar 1936 at Vadito age 4y, son of Jose Vicente Romero and Celia C. Martinez

Romero, Juanita C. born 1876 died 5/20/1953

Romero, Juanita Clorinda died 20 Mar 1936 at Vaditoage 5y, daughter of Benjamin Romero and Floraida Martinez

Romero, Juanito born 16 Oct 1921 at Vadito died 16 Oct 1921 at Taos infant son of Magarito Romero and Elvira Romero buried 17 Oct 1921

Romero, Juanito died 05 Apr 1934 at Vadito son of Aureliano Romero and Clorinda Rodriguez

Romero, Maria Antonia born 1902 died 1950

Romero, Maria Ignacia died 11 Jul 1933 at Vadito daughter of Jose Abel Romero and Bernardita Miera

Romero, Maria Rupertita died 14 Sep 1935 at Vadito daughter of Eloy Romero and Emilia Padilla

Romero, Octaviano died 05 May 1931 at Vaditoage 1y, son of Adanto Romero and Cleofas Pacheco

Romero, Rafaelita L. born 4-27-1874 died 5/18/1961

Romero, Rosita Rosalia born 20 Jul 1920 at Vadito died 06 Apr 1921 at Vadito daughter of Lucas Romero and Teresita Lopez father born Vadito mother born Chamisal buried 07 Apr 1921

Romero, Saturnino born 4/6/1934 died 12/27/1976

Romero, Senaida

Romero, Serafin died 28 Jun 1933 at Vadito age 62y, husband of Manuelita Fresques son of Marselino Romero and Severeana Fernandez

Romero, Tranquilino died 05 Aug 1938 at Vadito son of Celedonio Romero and Maclovia Martinez

Romero, Trinidad born 1902 died 1923

Romero, Victoriano born 3/18/1922 died 7/3/1957

Salazar, Ciria born 1904 died 3/26/1970

Sanchez, Amadita born 4/20/1946 died 12/27/1946

Sanchez, Jose Benito born 1848 died 4/6/1908

Sanchez, Reginaldo G. born 9/30/1941 died 8/13/1971

Valdez, ? died 7/10/1957

Valdez, Arturo N. born 1908 died 1955

Valdez, Benedito born 04 Jul 1923 at Vadito died 25 Sep 1924 at Vadito age 1y, son of Juan Valdez and Fidelina Barela both parents born at Vadito buried 26 Sep 1924

Valdez, Carmen born 1972 died 1973

Valdez, Cleofas born 8/25/1917 died 8/28/1944

Valdez, Corina F. born 7/27/1929 died 6/1/1990

Valdez, J. Benito born 1890 died 1958

Valdez, Jose Manuel died 21 Jan 1937 at Vadito age 54y, son of J. Casimiro Valdez and Maria Andreita Miera

Valdez, Juan de Jesus born 5-11-1896 died 3/27/1954

Valdez, Juanita Bersabel born 17 Jan 1937 at Vadito died 10 Feb 1938 at Vadito age 1y, daughter of Juan De Jesus Valdez and Cliotilde Fedelina Barela

Valdez, Malquiades died 22 Mar 1931 at Vadito, age 5y, son of Juan De Jesus Valdez and Fedelina Barela

Valdez, Maria S. born 6-12-1895 died 6/15/1975

Valdez, Miguel A. born 6/8/1923 died 12/2/1996

Valdez, Rosalia Romero died 21 Dec 1943 at Vaditoage 22y, wife of Benedicto Valdez daughter of Marcelino Romero and Guadalupe Garcia

Valdez, Rosalia Viola died 30 Aug 1944 at Vadito daughter of Benedicto Valdez and Rosalia Romero

Valdez, Valentin born 2/14/1867 died 3/3/1951

Valdez, Virginia M. born 1869 died 1960

Vigil, Jesusita Fernandez born 1855 at Truchas died 08 Apr 1926 at Vadito age 71y, widowed wife of Trinidad Vigil daughter of Salvador Fernandez and Jesusita Fernandez both parents born at Truchas buried 09 Apr 1926

Visarraga, Escolastica Romero born 1885 died 1946

Visarraga, Jose Nicanor born 1854 died 1932

Visarraga, Mauricio born 9/15/1910 died 10/25/1948

Zamora, Abrora Romero died 23 Apr 1933 at Vadito age 22y, wife of Luis Zamora daughter of Dolores Romero and Pablita Romero

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