Taos County, New Mexico
Unknown Cemetery

Contributed and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell. These burials and cremations took place in Taos, but the cemetery is unknown. If anyone knows where these persons are buried please contact me.

?, Mary Simeona, Sister born 15 Feb 1894 died 12 Jun 1946 born Poland

Archuleta, Eloy Daniel died 20 Jun 2009

Arnold, Kathi Densow born 10 Jun 1955 died 13 Apr 2009 cremation

Asby, Debra Lee died 18 Oct 2009

Burk, Logan L. born 06 Feb 1883 died 21 Jan 1949 born Ark

Cantu, Robert Phillip died 27 Jul 1948 born Embudo

Chinlund, JooPeng Chan born 28 Aug 1932 died 1 Nov 2009

Gallagher, Mary McGarvey died 24 Sep 1916 age 62y, Donegal, Ireland

Gonzales, Maria Encarnacion died 26 Apr 1868 wife of Juan Miguel Suaso

Jaramillo, Louisa Petra Lucero born 26 May 1933 died 11 Oct 2009, cremation

Larson, Arthur died 25 Oct 2009

Ledoux, Loretta died 4 Oct 2009

Leyba, Maria Begnina Muniz died 04 Sep 1934 age 76, wife of Jose Gabriel Leyba daughter of Santos Muniz and Antonia Medina

Lowe, Bonifacia Medina died 14 May 1940 age 20, wife of Ben Lowe daughter of Jose Eugenio Medina and Candida Gonzales

Mauro, Ramoncita Cordova died 01 Apr 1928 age 65, wife of Ramon Mauro daughter of Felipe Cordova

Muniz, Juanita Archuleta died 02 Feb 1940 age 81, wife of Manuel Muniz daughter of Carmen Archuleta and Nestora Maestas

Muniz, Ramon died 14 Aug 1933 age 54, husband of Nieves Esquibel son of Santos Muniz and Tonita Medina

Padilla, Jaclynn Kari died 17 Dec 2005 age 13y, child of Dan and Elsie Padilla, grandchild of Clarence and Trinidad Mondragon and Marvin and Emily Padilla

Rivera, Minnie died 21 Jan 2007 age 92y, widow of Martin Rivera

Samora, Juan Antonio died 13 Apr 1868 son of Jose de Jesus Samora and Maria Consecion Duran

Sisneros, Orlando born 22 Jan 1946 died 18 Sep 1946 born CA

Tafoya, Art died 10 Oct 2009

Torres, Frank died 26 Oct 2009

Trujillo, Feloniz Julianita died 19 Jan 1953 born Taos died of heart disease age 44y buried 22 Jan 1953 refused burial in Catholic cemetery due to marriage by Justice of Peace

Trujillo, Javier A. died 9 Oct 2006 age 26y, child of Victor and Arlene Trujillo, grandchild of Antonio H. and Elisa E. Enriquez and Norberto and Delia Trujillo

Vigil, Darryl died 5 Oct 2009

Vigil, Gaspar Jose died 2 Feb 2007 age 85y, WWII, widow of Dolores Vigil, child of Simes and Genoveva Vigil

Washington, Maria Yvonne Santistevan died 22 Oct 2009

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