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Tres Piedras Cemetery

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Tres Piedras Cemetery Taos County, New Mexico Submitted by Dorothy Brylinski

This cemetery is located northeast of town (1.797 acres on the NW 1/4 of Section 23, Township 28 North, Range 9 East, Tres Piedras Quadrangle Map). The town of Tres Piedras was settled about 1880 with the coming of the Denver and Rio Grande Western (D&RGW) Railroad. It is at the western edge of Taos County, 30 miles NW of Taos and 30 miles south of the Colorado border. (Lat N 36d38m Long W 105d58m, elevation 8,076 ft.) Order of List: Rows run from north to south, although not all graves are in rows. Compiled in 1993 and updated September 1997 by Dorothy A. (Smith) Brylinski from headstones, families, WPA histories, "Grantham's Booster," census records, early Taos county marriage records, and personal knowledge. "'Grantham's Booster' was a newsletter published in Tres Piedras around 1928. The D&RGW Railroad, popularly called the "Chili Line," ran between Antonito, CO and Santa Fe from 1880 to 1941. I grew up seeing that train go by twice a day; it was our link to the outside world in winter. The water tank can still be seen from the cemetery." . . . D.Brylinski

NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Barger, Virginia Wyonne Sewell born 6/7/1934 died 2/19/1993 Singing in Glory

Benavidez, Jose Floyd born 6/17/2027 died 11/18/1975 child of Flavio Benavidez & Soledad Salazar, Tec 5 US Army WWII

Berry, Adelina Avery born Cir 1870 died Aft 1934 married 6-28-1891 at Barranca

Berry, Charles born Cir 1870 died Aft Aug 1891 married 6-28-1891 at Barranca. John R. Berry, his wife Dora and daughter Mary were listed on the 1900 Census. Was John the brother of Charles?

Berry, Marcus born 1889 died Aft Aug 1948 died near Santa Fe, NM. child of Adelina Avery & Charles Berry.

Blessing, Mildred Eileen born 29 Apr 1937 at Del Norte, Colo died 10 Sep 1937 at Taos infant daughter of Harley O. Blessing and Emma Jane Woodruff buried 10 Sep 1937

Brown, John Jeremy born 3/11/1975 died 5/21/1978 nickname J.J., granchild of Thomas J. Stump, aunt Joan Stump Coats

Castle, Leonard Roscoe born 1865 died Jul. 29, 1921 Castle was a homesteader in early 1920's. Shot in a dispute with another homesteader.

Chapline, Lewis L. died 14 Dec 1944 at Taos age 75y son of M. C. Chaplineand Margaret Lewis

Cissell, Vincent born 1849 died 1932 born: TX. Married: Josephine Ryan Vincent. Cissell homesteaded about ½ mile north of Tres Piedras about 1917.

Cissell, William born 1868 died 1926 born: TX. Called: Willie. Parents: Josephine Ryan, Vincent Cissell.

Coats, Joan F. born Oct. 6, 1940 died Aug. 13, 1999

Coffman, Imogene Miller born 4/7/1932 died 10/24/1964 Parents: Minnie Grisham Miller, John Blyth Miller. Married: Dede Coffman.

Coffman, Jesse E. born 7/28/2009 died 3/18/1981 Married: Ellen Miller.

Coffman, Marvin R. born 5/11/1946 died 5/21/1965 Parents: Ellen Miller, Jesse E. Coffman.

Conklin, Albert M. Jr. born 12/1/1924 died 5/1/1997 born: Morton, WA. Parents: Alta Mae Dengler, Albert Conklin. Served: WW II. Married: Flo Ellen Sawyer.

Conklin, Albert M. Sr. born 1900 died 1979 Married: Alta Mae Dengler.

Conklin, Alta Mae Dengler born 1906 died 1960 Married: Albert Conklin, Sr.

Conklin, Flo E. Sawyer born 7/6/2024 died 12/15/1995 Parents: Ona B. and J. O. Sawyer. Middle Name: Ellen. Married: Albert M. Conklin, Jr.

Conklin, Laura E. Pepper born 1869 died 1957 Married: Melvin H. Conklin.

Conklin, Melvin H. born 1867 died 1956 Married: Laura E. Pepper.

Cornett, Goldie E. Newsom born 3/20/1903 died 10/14/1975 born: Dublin, TX. Middle Name: Elizabeth. Nickname: Gold. Parents: Laura Lavinia Peeples, Chauncey Newsom. Married: Marvin Neal Cornett.

Cornett, M. Neal born 29 June 1884 died 3/20/1976 born: Virginia. First Name: Marvin. Called: Neal. Married: Goldie E. Newsom.

Cozart, Frank N. born 7/11/1924 died 3/16/1974 Pvt. U. S. Army WW II

Cozart, Kathleen born 1953 died 1953 Parents: Wilma Watts, George (Dink) Cozart.

Cozart, Woodrow O died Jul., 1941

Cozart, Woodrow O. born 5/10/1919 died 6/26/1959 Married: Edith Pauline Miller. Served: Sgt. 3701 Base Unit AAF WW II.

Davidson, J. F. born Tenn died 14 Feb 1922 at Carson age 50y, husband of S. E. Davidson son of Mr. J. F. Davidson and S. E. Davidson buried 16 Feb 1922

Davis, Jane L. died 27 Nov 1923 at Tres Piedras age 88y wife of Jefferson J. Davis daughter of Frederick Swope

Evans, Nicholas died 14 Jan 1927 at Molybdenum age 36y, husband of Mary Evans son of George Evans

Evans, son died 06 Mar 1937 at Taos infant son of B. Clarence Evans and Lucille Lacy

Fibbs, Lloyd B. died 12 Feb 1944 at Taos age 62y, husband of Ada Glover

Franklin, Maggie born 1885 died 1948 née Daughtery. Married: Sid Franklin.

Franklin, Margaret E. born 06 Aug 1885 at Stephens County, Texas died 13 Dec 1948 at Plainview, Texas age 63y 4m 7d, married daughter of W.T. Cooper and Nancy Ellis buried 14 Dec 1948 at Tres Piedras

Gibson, John S. born 5/20/1936 died 7/17/1989 Parents: Ollie, Van Gibson. Served: A2C US Air Force Korea.

Gonzales, Clara Trujillo born 8/12/1903 died 1/12/1955 born: CO. Married: Maclovio Gonzales. Inscription: A Devoted Wife, Mother.

Gonzales, Edd M. born May 5, 1921 died Feb. 18, 1999

Gonzales, Ernesto Antonio born 10/15/1953 died 10/15/1953

Gonzales, Gilbert G. born 3/12/1913 died 1/23/1991 born: CO. Parents: Clara T.Trujillo, Maclovio Gonzales. Married: Lydia Martinez. Served: US Army WW I.

Gonzales, Javier Guadalupe born 12/11/1979 died 12/12/1979 Parents: Louella, Louis Gonzales.

Gonzales, Jose Filimon born 1/18/1928 died 11/13/1986 Parents: Clara T. Trujillo, Maclovio Gonzales. Married: Eva Romero. Served: US Army WW II.

Gonzales, Lydia F. died 12/13/2006 age 90y, widow of Gilbert G. Gonzales

Gonzales, Maclovio A. born 10/14/1918 died 5/31/1942 born: CO. Parents: Clara T. Trujillo, Maclovio Gonzales. Served: Cpl 200 Coast Arty (AA). died in Action (on Bataan Death March) WW II.

Gonzales, Maclovio born 3-18-1887 died 5/1/1967 born: NM. Inscription: Devoted Husband, Father. Married: Clara T. Trujillo.

Gonzales, Petra born 1900 born: CO. Parents: Teofila, Locadio Gonzales.

Gonzales, son died 01 Nov 1922 at Tres Piedrasinfant son of Victor Gonzales and Manuelita Gonzales buried 02 Nov 1922

Goodge, Neva Luree born 3/24/1924 died 3/24/1924 Parents: Hermina Nolty, Arlan? W. Goodge.

Gurule, Jose E. born 3-25-1897 died 10/8/1975 born NM. Married: Consuela Valdez. Served: Pvt US Army WW II.

Gurule, Sammie born 8/5/1925 died 8/6/1984 Parents: Consuela Valdez, Jose E. Gurule. Married: Loyda Trujillo. Inscription: We Will Meet Again.

Gurule, Sammy James born February 11, 1988 died November 9, 2006 son of Edwin and Phyllis Gurule

Hensley, Barbara Jo born 5/12/1956 died 5/12/1956 Inscription: Asleep. Parents: Barbara Woodall, Glen Hensley.

Heston, Hubert Harrison born 10-16-1886 died 12/12/1940 Inscription: At Rest. Married: Insamaun Heston.

Heston, Insamaun Rhodes born 8/19/1892 died 9/8/1974 Age 82y Married: Hubert Heston.

Horsch, John died 25 Jul 1934 at Taos age 59y, husband of Maria Horsch son of David Horsch

Howe, Robert H died Nov. 20, 1900 Served: Co B 140 PA Inf. Pvt

Hudson, William H. born 1836 died May 13, 1901 Served: Co I 130 IND Inf.

Hudson, William P. born 1870 died 1897 Note: In 1906, Mrs. E. J. Hudson had a rooming house in Tres Piedras and Oscar H. Hudson was a barber.

Jaramillo, Antonio died 24 Dec 1941 at Tres Piedras infant son of Manuel Jaramillo and Alamosa Espinoza

Kaneaster, Infant dates unknown

Kling, Edward John died 28 May 1930 at Taos age 63y, husband of Jennie Kling

Kuykendall, Augusta Rae Maupin born 8/1/1918 Parents: Beulah M. Mayfield, Roy B. Maupin. Married: Harry Spencer Kuykendall.

Kuykendall, Harry D. born 1889 died 1971 born: Georgia. Middle Name: Dale. Married: Mabel M. Goodge. Nickname: Kirk.

Kuykendall, Harry Spencer born 11/22/1915 died 12/1/1994 Married: Augusta Rae Maupin. Parents: Mabel M. Goodge, Harry D. Kuykendall.

Kuykendall, Mabel M. Goodge born 1898 died 1978 born: Denver, CO. Middle Name: Melvina. Married: Harry D. Kuykendall.

Lea, Charles W. born 9/3/1922 died 9/12/1922 Parents: Jessie Perry, Ben Lea Inscription: Our Darling.

Lea, Robert D. born 9/20/1951 died 9/24/1951 Parents: Betty Lou Conklin, Jimmie Lea.

Lyon, Adelia Ann Wood born 12-28-1853 died 8-8-1893 Inscription: Rest in Peace. headstone: Mrs. Adelia Lyon

Lyon, Bertha Bacheldor no dates

Lyon, Elsie Agnes born 7-6-1893 died 7-8-1893

Lyon, Emma Myrtle born 3-3-1877 died 10-12-1896

Martinez, Estella Valdez born 1/29/1912 died 3/6/1977 Married: Solomon Martinez.

Martinez, L. S. born 2/6/1908 died 1/19/1981 Middle Name: Solomon. Called: Solomon Married: Estella V. Valdez

Martinez, Nabor died 21 Jan 1906

Martinez, Toby no dates

Martinez, Tony J. born 1/8/1946 died 2/11/1991 Mother: Sylvia Martinez

Maupin, Beulah Mayfield born 1881 died 1959 born: TN. Married: Roy B. Maupin.

Maupin, Junius D. born 9/11/1911 died 9/26/1983 born: CO. Nickname: June. Parents: Beulah Mayfield, Roy B. Maupin. Married: Mildred B. McGinnis.

Maupin, Mildred B. born 1/25/1912 died 9/14/1991 née McGinnis. Married: Junius (June) D. Maupin. Inscription: The Lord is My Shepherd.

Maupin, Ronald J. born 2/4/1941 died 1/28/1977 Parents: Mildred McGinnis, June Maupin.

Maupin, Roy B. born 1876 died 1952 born: MO. Married: Beulah M. Mayfield.

Mayo, Donald L. died January 15, 2006

Mayo, Edwin Strauther born 2/13/1914 died 5/11/1962 born: Gordon, TX. died: Alamosa, CO. Nickname: Pete. Married: Mary Gibson. Served: TX, Pvt, Co A 554 Signal AWBN WW II.

Mayo, Ledford Burt born 11/26/1911 died 2/5/1994 Brother: Edwin Strauther (Pete) Mayo. Nickname: Led.

McCausland, Loyal Beotice died 27 Jan 1941 at Taos age 73y, husband of Belle N. McCausland son of Claremont A. McCausland and Samantha Henderson

Miller, Glen M. born 9/1/1936 died 12/11/1938 born: NM. Parents: Minnie Grisham Miller, John Blyth Miller.

Miller, John B. born 3-27-1871 died 2/11/1940 born: MO. Inscription: Father. Married: Minnie M. Grisham.

Miller, John W. born Dec. 3, 1919 died Mar. 11, 2000

Miller, Lewis F. born Dec. 5, 1921 died Aug. 22, 1999

Mills, James Lee born Sep. 21, 1944 died Jun. 9, 2000

Mollenkopf, Charles E. died Abt 1922 Wooden cross. Pat Rush remembers his father making a rough box, possibly the coffin and a wooden cross, which still stands. His mother helped with lining the coffin. The school children came to sing at the service. He was a shoe and harness maker. (from estate sale Aug 1922.)

Moore, Justin L. born Dec. 26, 1957 died May 3, 2005

Moreland, Sally Etta died 28 Sep 1940 at Taos age 70y, wife of Martin S. Moreland daughter of Oliver Kinkead and Mary Woods

Neal, Margaret Ellen Miller born 2/11/1924 died 5/3/1996 Parents: Minnie Grisham Miller, John Blyth Miller. Married: (1) Jesse E. Coffman (2) Jake Neal. Inscription: Beloved wife and mother.

Newsom, Barney Adrian born 8-16-1896 died 11/2/1964 born: Dublin, TX. Parents: Laura Lavinia Peeples, Chauncey Newsom. Served: WW I.

Newsom, Chauncey born 10/25/1865 died 7/8/1933 born: Bartholomew County, IN. Parents: Edith A. Mason, David Newsom. Married: 1) Laura

Lavinia Peeples, bur Cone, TX, 2) Tennessee Selby, bur near Shamrock, TX.

Newsom, Dewey A. born 12-18-1897 died 9/2/1984 born: Dublin, TX. Middle Name: Aladdin. Nickname: Dood. Parents: Laura Lavinia Peeples, Chauncey Newsom. Married: Geronima (Jerrie) Martinez. Inscription: Husband.

Newsom, Dewey A. Jr. died 10/5/1946 Parents: Jerrie Martinez, Dewey Newsom.

Newsom, Edith P. born 1-7-1891 died 9/24/1974 born: Dublin, TX. Middle Name: Pauline. Nickname: Ede. Parents: Laura Lavinia Peeples, Chauncey Newsom.

Newsom, Minnie M. born 9-3-1894 died 1/8/1974 née Grisham. born: OK Territory. Middle Name: Margaret. Married: (1) John B. Miller, (2) Oliver W. Newsom.

Newsom, Oliver Windle born 3-26-1894 died 7/18/1965 born: Dublin, TX. Nickname: Ol. Parents: Laura Lavinia Peeples, Chauncey Newsom. Married: (1) Mary Cantrell, (2) Minnie Grisham. Served: U. S. Army France WW I.

Odom, Ruby born Tierra Amarilla died 11 Nov 1926 at Taos age 24y, wife of R.B. Odam buried 11 Nov 1926

Pearson, Marion Hale born 24 Jan 1922 at Santa Fe, N. M. died 20 Aug 1922 at Taos infant daughter of Ralph Pearson and Margaret Hale mother born Chicago, Ill buried 21 Aug 1922

Penfield, Elmer born 12-12-1898 died 1-3-1899 Parents: Amma Sims Penfield, Edward Penfield. Elmer was born and died in Tres Piedras. Location of grave is unknown.

Penfield, Eva Grace born 6-16-1888 died 12-10-1888 Parents: Amma Sims Penfield, Edward Penfield. Eva Grace was born in Chama and died in Tres Piedras. Location of grave is unknown. From Penfield Family Bible of Penny (Olive Penfield) DeAngelis

Penfield, Frederick E. born 4-12-1885 died 4-17-1889 Parents: Amma Sims Penfield, Edward Penfield. Fredrick was born and died in Tres Piedras. Location of grave is unknown.

Penfield, Raymond born 4-8-1896 died 4-17-1896 Parents: Amma Sims Penfield, Edward Penfield. Raymond was born and died in Tres Piedras. Location of grave is unknown.

Perry, Leroy R. born 9/5/1919 died 7/8/1920 Inscription: Darling. Parents: Edith W. Rager, Walter J. Perry.

Perry, Mahala born 7/12/1913 died 7/12/1913 Inscription: Darling. Parents: Edith W. Rager, Walter J. Perry.

Pinkston, Phama born 8/12/1921 died 8/5/1924 Parents: Zelma Goodge,...? Pinkston.

Prestwood, John Thomas died 17 Jul 1927 at Taos age 32y, son of John T. Prestwood and Chellie Boyd

Ragland, Hazel O. died 30 Apr 1937 at Taos age 38y, daughter of Axel Olson

Reigner, Horatio Ortlip died 18 Dec 1938 at Taos age 38y, son of Romanus D. Reigner and Goldie Ortlip

Reisman, Mary A. died 15 Aug 1934 at Taos age 74y, wife of W. J. Reisman

Rinker, John P. born 12-25-1856 died 1/13/1938 New carved wooden marker. Judge Rinker settled in Tres Piedras about 1879.

Royal, Catharine Cantonwine born 1820 died 1903

Royal, John William born 1818 died 1904

Royal, Oliver born 1-?-1852 died no date born: IA. Married: Augusta Royal. Source: 1900 Census.

Rush, Anna Laura born 1876 died 1949 née Cissell. born: TX. Father: Vincent Cissell. Married: William H. Rush 18 Dec 1895 in TX.

Rush, Donald Lee born 4/3/1944 died 7/29/1984 Parents: Fay Marie Hembree, Pat Rush.

Rush, Fay Marie born 1913 died 1961 née Hembree. Married: Patton (Pat) Rush Called: Marie. Inscription: Mother.

Rush, Gerald Dee born 1939 died 1944 Parents: Fay Marie Hembree, Pat Rush.

Rush, Lester born 3-23-1898 died 7/8/1994 born: Beeville, TX. Parents: Anna Laura Cissell, William H. Rush. died: Farmington, NM. Married: Ramona June Vincent.

Rush, Martin L. born 4/6/1915 died 4/2/1985 born: TX. Parents: Anna Laura Cissell, William H. Rush. Served: U. S. Army WW II.

Rush, Owen V. born 1906 died 1985 born: NM. Nickname: O.V. Parents: Anna Laura Cissell, William H. Rush. Married: Winona Shaw.

Rush, Ramona June born 4/6/1906 died 8/29/1990 née Vincent. Married: Lester Rush. Mother: Pearl June Vincent.

Rush, Walter Eugene born 1935 died 1935 Parents: Fay Marie Hembree, Pat Rush.

Rush, William C. born 9-12-1896 died 7/12/1974 born: Bee County, TX. Middle Name: Cissell. Called: Cissell. Parents: Anna Laura Cissell, William H. Rush. Served: Pvt US Army WW I.

Rush, William H. born 1869 died 1959 born: TX. Nickname: Will. Married: Anna Laura Cissell.

Rush, Winona M. Shaw born Sep. 23, 1912 died Apr. 30, 2003

Sanchez, Alfonso born 5/5/1908 died 7/21/1984 Served: T Sgt US Air Force WW I Married: Emily G. Gonzales.

Sanchez, Annie born 3-30-1914? died 6/4/1997 née Martinez. Married: John Sanchez.

Sanchez, Emily Gonzales born 1916 died 4/6/1992 Parents: Clara T.Trujillo, Maclovio Gonzales. Married: Alfonso Sanchez. Nickname: Nana.

Sanchez, John born 3/30/1911 died 11/22/1979

Sawyer, J. O. born 1-7-1889 died 10/2/1961 Married: Ona B. Sawyer.

Sawyer, Ona B. Melton born 11-1-1898 died 6/30/1981 Married: J. O. Sawyer.

Schofield, Richard R. born 1/26/1923 died 10/14/1971 born: CO. Parents: Ethel, Hiram Schofield. Married: Kate Gibson. Served: MM3 US Navy WW II.

Smith, Lynetta Schofield born Aug. 11, 1925 died Jan. 2, 2009

Smith, Vera L. born 6-24-1899 died 2/8/1978 née Newsom. born: Dublin, TX. Middle Name: Laura. Nickname: Ve. Parents: Laura Lavinia Peeples, Chauncey Newsom. Married: Dorr K. Smith (bur Santa Fe Nat'l.Cemetery).

Stewart, Ora Raymond Jr. died 05 Feb 1930 at Taos age 2y, son of Ora Raymon Stewart and Vinnie Fay Johnson    

Stump, Thomas J. born 8/1/1915 died 10/19/1994 daughter is Joan Stump Coats

Terry, Patrick died 1922 Inscription: Baby Patrick Terry.

Thomas, James Willie born 4-3-1896 died 10/22/1918 Inscription: Resting.

Tomecek, Joseph Raymond died 30 Nov 1933 at Taos age 26y, husband of Frances Varks son of Joseph Tomecek and Annie Sivek

Trujillo, Loyda G. born 1928 died 1983 née Gurule. Parents: Consuela Valdez, Jose E. Gurule. Inscription: Beloved Wife.

Valdez, David Elevi born 5/5/1964 died 7/29/1985 Parents: Gloria Martinez, Elevi Valdez.

Valdez, Ed J. Jr. born 1949 died 6/9/1967 carved wooden cross

Valdez, Rosa born 1911 died 1992 Married: Elizar Valdez. Grave is surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

Valdez, Rudy H. born 1942 died 1947 Parents: Rosa Aldaz, Elizar Valdez. .Inscription: Beloved Son. Grave is surrounded by a wrought iron fence.

Valentine, Leon Clare died 03 Jul 1938 at Taos age 39y, son of Fred C. Valentine and Jennie Sylvia Keaner

Vandiver, baby girl died 10-?-1922 child of Samuel & Mary Vandiver

Vandiver, Grace Souther died 18 Jan 1923 at Taos wife of George Vandiver daughter of James F. Souther

Vandiver, Mary Jane Garrett born Miller Grove, Tex. died 23 Nov 1922 at La Madera age 37y, wife of S. E. (Gene) Vandiver daughter of Wm. McGowen and Mary Easter Preston buried 23 Nov 1922 Married: 1) Elijah Garrett, 2) Samuel Eugene Vandiver. Mother of: Baby Girl Vandiver (died at birth), Joseph Lane Vandiver McGowan. Other record shows father as John Wesley McGowan.

Vincent, Pearl June born 1879 died 1973 Mother of: Ramona June Vincent.

Wilson, Clyde born 1928 died 1928 Parents: Frances Benavidez, Robert K. Wilson.

Wilson, Frances born 4/4/1910 died 11/14/1996 née Sisneros. (temporary marker) born: San Miguel, NM (near Ortiz, CO). Married: Robert K. Wilson.

Wilson, Loyld born 1927 died 1927 Parents: Frances Benavidez, Robert K. Wilson.

Wilson, Robert K. B. born 1926 died 1926 Parents: Frances Benavidez, Robert K. Wilson.

Wilson, Robert K. born 3 Nov 1887 died 5/3/1969 born: MO. Nickname: Bob. Mother: Rebecca A. Wilson. Married: Frances Sisneros. Served: Cpl Mail Distr Svc Asc WW I.

Zimmerman, William born 1871 in Kentucky died aft 1920 William was listed on the 1920 Census in Tres Piedras.

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