Taos County, New Mexico
Nuestra Senora del Carmen Cemetery
aka Talpa Cemetery
aka Camposanto De Talpa
aka Rio Chiquito Cemetery

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Talpa Cemetery Ranchos de Taos. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn left at NM-518, turn left at Ortiz Road, turn left at Maestas Road.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Unknown Contributed by Henny Elze.

Unknown Contributed by Henny Elze.

?, Jose Encarnacion no dates

Abeyta, Ramon V. died 12/12/2006 age 86y, child of Santiago & Maria Abeyta, husband of Maria Abeyta

Aragon, Maria de los Nieves died 10/31/1918 age 30y, child of Lugarda Aragon

Aragon, Maria Guadalupe died 12/20/1906 age 70y, child of Juan Cruz Aragon

Archuleta, Cristina died 12/18/1915 age 40y, child of Inasencio Archuleta & Maria Encarnacion Garcia

Archuleta, Manuel Bonifacio born 12/19/1929 died 8/9/1952

Archuleta, Remigio died 4/14/1932 age 68y, child of Jose Ciriaco Archuleta & Maria Rufina Romero

Baros, Prudencio died 28 Jan 1912 age 88y husband of Juanita Fresquez

Brito, Carollina G. died 3-26-1905 age 21 years, 5 months and 11 days

Brito, Jose D. died 15 Aug 1914 age 37y

Brown, Masami died 1/28/2004 age 16y, child of Francis Brown & Katherine Yamazaki

Bustamante, Jose Gregorio died 08 May 1931 at Talpa infant son of Eduardo Bustamante and Esidora Cardones

Candelario, Cencionita died 10/6/2003 age 95y, widow of Fidel Candelario, child of Manuel Anotnio & Tomasita T. Maestas

Candelario, Rafaelita born 1864 died 10/28/1950

Casias, son died 28 Oct 1941 at Talpa infant son of Hipolito Casias and Teresina Medina

Chavez, Josefina died 28 July 1995 age 95y, widow of Eligio Chavez

Coca, Jose Albino born3/1/1910 died 8/11/1968 Contributed by Henny Elze.

Coca, Manuelita born 1866 died 6/12/1946

Coca, Paul A. died Oct. 29, 2009

Coca, Willie E. died 27 Jan 1996 age 64y husband of Andrea Coca

Cortes, Daniel born 12/11/1911 died 12-?-1944 married abt. 1940 in Talpa, NM, husband of Carolina Romo, Contributed by Henny Elze

Cortez, Carmelita Ortiz died 4/22/1936 age 19y, wife of Daniel Cortez

Cortez, Carolina Romo born 12/4/1917 died 2/26/1995 died in Gallup, NM, wife of (1) Roberto Miera, (2) Daniel Cortez, Contributed by Henny Elze

Daugherty, Thomas died 16 Apr 1935 at Talpa age 95y, son of Thomas Daugherty

Duran, Abelina died 6/3/1916 age 70y, child of Jesus Maria Duran & Rafaela Garcia

Duran, Alberto died 8/14/1934 age 26y husband of Maria Ross

Duran, Emerencia Sanchez died 12/16/1936 age 30y wife of Jose Agapito Duran

Duran, Jose Carlos died 1/24/1912 child of Leandro Duran & Maria P. Graham

Duran, Jose Francisco died 3/22/1932 age 35y, child of Leandro Duran & Maria Pacifica Graham

Duran, Jose Margarito born 12/16/1918 died 4/30/2004 buried May 05, 2004, husband of Margarita Tafoya, Contributed by Henny Elze

Duran, Joseph A. died 1 Nov 1994

Duran, Maria Prudencia Gallegos died 12 May 1923 age 50y, wife of Leandro Duran daughter of Santiago Gallegos and Margarita Gallegos

Duran, Romualda Tafoya died 4/5/1936 age 82y wife of Mauricio Duran

Fernandez, Juan Pantaleon died 19 May 1907 son of Jose Santiago Fernandez

Fresques, Jose Leonardo no dates

Fresques, Rafaelita Romero died 4 Sept 1905

Gallegos, Corina Griego died 3 March 1906 wife of Juan Gallegos.

Gallegos, Jose Ignacio died 9/10/1921 age 23y, child of Santiago Gallegos & Margarita Martinez

Gallegos, Prudencio died 5/13/1923 age 43y, child of Santiago Gallegos & Margarita Martinez

Gallegos, Santiago 5 April 1909 husband of Margarita Martinez

Garcia, Juan Melquides died 1-13-1851 age 8d, child of Marcelino Garcia & Maria Feliciana Vigil

Garcia, Luciano age 77y

Garcia, Rafaelita R. died 1 Sept 1905

Garcia, Rose Amalia died Apr. 23, 2008

Garduno, Corina Susana died 3/30/1928 age 1y 7m, child of Rafael Garduno & Antonia Griego

Gomez, Demetrio died 3/10/1937 age 65y married

Gonzales, Alicia Viola Gonzales died 03 Mar 1928 at Talpa infant daughter of Isac Gonzales and Cliotilde Sandoval

Graham, Jose Amaranteborn 3/7/1909 died 2/18/1996 died in Farmington, San Juan, NM married bef. 1930 in Taos, NM Contributed by Henny Elze

Graham, Josefita Vigil died 25 August 1906 wife of Antonia Maria Graham.

Graham, Julianita G. born 7-11-1880 died 8/18/1949

Graham, Maria Rufina died 4/10/1917 age 47y, child of Antonio Maria Graham & Josefa Vigil

Graham, Mary Teresina Tafoya born 10/12/1913 died 11-?-1971 wife of of Jose Amarante Graham, Contributed by Henny Elze

Griego, Clarita born 4-25-1916 died 12-25-2007

Griego, Corina died 3 March 1906 age 22y, wife of Juan Gallegos

Griego, Eloy G. died 5-4-2002

Griego, Ernesto J. died 11-15-2000

Griego, Jacinto died 6/27/1905 age 49y, husband of Ruperta V. Griego son of Soledad Cruz

Griego, Joe Ben died March 24, 2006 88y, husband of Felicitas Griego

Griego, Jose Narciso died 7/25/1927 age 36y, child of Luciano Griego & Carmel Ruival

Grover, Carolina died 3/27/1905 age 22y, child of George Grover

Gutierres, Francisco died 14 Mar 1932 at Talpa age 63y, son of Francisco Gutierres and Veneranda Cortez

Gutierres, J. Eligario died 15 Feb 1923 at Talpa infant son of Francisco S. Gutierrez and Veneranda C. Gutierrez

Gutierres, Leandro born 4 June 1859 died 7/22/1909 age 55y, child of Bernardo Gutierres & Maria I. Vigil

Gutierrez, Maria Librada died 1/8/1922 age 63y, child of Bernardo Gutierrez & Maria Higinia Vigil

Gutierrez, son born 03 Apr 1938 at Taos County died 04 Apr 1938 at Talpa infant son of Dora Gutierrez buried 04 Apr 1938

Gutierrez, Veneranda Cortez died 09 Jul 1930 at Talpa age 44y, wife of Francisco Gutierrez son of David Cortez and Genoveva Valdez

Herrera, Clorinda died 1/28/1931 age 18y, child of Cruz Herrera & Virginia Romero

Herrera, Eloisa D. born 5/11/1905 died 8/27/1949

Herrera, Gilbert Alandro died 30 Jan 1935 at Talpa infant son of Dennis Herrera and Eloisa Duran

Herrera, Johnny died Jun. 27, 2008

Herrera, Juan de la Cruz died 8/29/1931 age 82y, child of Maria Dolores Herrera

Herrera, Manuel died abt 23 Sept 1913 grandson of Juan A. Martinez

Ledoux, Celia born 1902 died 1928 Contributed by Henny Elze

Lopez, son died 02 Apr 1936 at Talpa infant son of Lucinda Lopez

Lopez, Selina died 28 Oct 1929 at Talpa infant daughter of Adolfo Lopez and Senovia Duran

Madril, Melisandra Martinez born 04 Dec 1884 at Ranchito died 19 Jul 1922 at Talpa age 30y, widowed wife of Presentancion Madril daughter of Perfecto Martinez and Marta Martinez both parents born at Ranchito buried 20 Jul 1922

Maestas, Carmen died 14 Nov 1994 wife of Eloy Maestas

Maestas, Cleofas born 3-?-1870 died 12/24/1948

Maestas, David James died December 20, 1968

Maestas, Estefana died 12/29/1921 age 53y, child of Jose Encarnacion Maestas & Maria Juliana Vigil

Maestas, Guillermo Alfonso died 3/28/1921 age 25y, child of Manuel Antonio Maestas & Maria Tomasa Trujillo Killed in action WWI

Maestas, Jose Encarnacion died 3/6/1912 age 68y, child of Esquipula Maeatas & Maria G. Montoya

Maestas, Juana died 5/2/1915 age 14y, child of Juan de Jesus Maestas & Cleofes Romo

Maestas, Juanito died 1 May 1915 son of Juan de Jesus Maestas and Cleofas R. de Maestas.

Maestas, Luisa died 12/13/1930 age 56y child of Catalina Maestas

Maestas, Maria Catalina died 2/7/1908 age 60y, child of Esquipula Maestas & Maria Denes

Maestas, Maria Felicitas died 5/10/1910 age 24y, child of Manuel A. Maestas & Maria T. Trujillo

Maestas, Maria Francisca died 2/28/1916 age 62y, child of Esquipula Maestas & Maria Guadalupe Montoya

Maestas, Maria Juana died 5/4/1930 age 75y, child of Esquipula Maestas & Maria G. Montoya

Maestas, Maria Luz died 8/26/1951

Maestas, Pabla died 5/31/1912 age 17y, child of Francisco Maestas & Juana Vigil

Maestas, Rafael died 4/7/1905 age 55y, child of Esquipula Maestas

Maestas, Raymundo "Landy" born 4/22/1942 died 2/26/2005

Maestas, Sarah M. born 1880 died 2 June 1917 age 37y, wife of Trinidad Maestas

Maestas, Tomasita born 3-16-1869 died 3/11/1947

Martinez, Albina Romero died 09 Feb 1935 at Talpa age 33y, wife of Elfido (or Alfredo) Martinez daughter of Rafael Romero and Dominaida Archuleta

Martinez, Enrique died 7/7/1928 age 16y, child of Tobias Martinez & Bonifacia Medina

Martinez, Guadalupe died 19 Aug 1907

Martinez, Juanita M. died 3 Oct 1910 wife of Vicente F. Martinez

Martinez, Manuel Anastacio died 7/28/1921 age 54y, child of Antonio Esquipula Martinez & Maria Dolores Duran

Martinez, Margarita died 6/25/1916 age 56y, child of Jose Ignacio Martinez & Rafaela Ruival

Martinez, Maria Pastora Aragon died January 1917 wife of Santos Martinez

Martinez, Rafael died 1/6/1923 age 47y, child of Antonio Martinez & Maria Dolores Duran

Martinez, Vicente F. born Jan. 4, 1835 died Nov. 4, 1909

Medina, Abel F. died 10/29/2005 age 75y,

Medina, Dora G. died 6/12/2006 age 92y, widow of Esias Medina

Medina, Juan Del Carmen died August 2,1968

Medina, Leopoldo died 1/15/1919 age 15y, child of Eliseo Medina & Adelaida Maestas

Medina, Maria Anastacia born 3/21/1931 died 12/17/1952

Medina, Maria Florida died 1/28/2004 age 83y

Medina, Sipriano born Talpa died 15 Aug 1926 at Capulin age 47y, married, son of Reymundo Medina and Vaselia Montoya occupation: Farmer buried 16 Aug 1926

Miera, Roberto no dates born abt. 1917 died bef. 1940 in Taos, married abt. 1937 in Taos, husband of Carolina Romo. Contributed by Henny Elze

Mondragon, Bella M. died 23 Jan 1996 wife of Gilbert A. Mondragon

Montoya, Cilia born 16 Jan 1908 at Taos died 01 Aug 1926 at Taos age 18y, son of Vidal Montoya and Zoraida Vigil buried 02 Aug 1926

Ortiz, Encarnision born 24 Mar 1878 at Talpa died 23 Nov 1922 at Talpa age 44y, wife of Lorenzo Ortiz, daughter of Sabastiano Romero and Catalina Griego buried 26 Nov 1922

Ortiz, Laureanita died Jan 1940 wife of Emilio Ortiz daughter of Jose Leandro Trujillo and Luz Maestas.

Ortiz, Leandro died 6/18/1904 age 48y, child of Hipolito Ortiz

Ortiz, Lorenzo died 22 Nov 1941 at Talpa age 68y, husband of Catalina Martinez son of Jose Leandro Ortiz and Julianita Gallegos

Ortiz, Teresa Viola born 2/7/1930 died 10/29/1951

Rael, Eduardo died 6/14/2005

Rael, Juan B. born 11 April 1847 died 9 July 1912

Romero, Benigno born 18 Oct 1926 at Talpa died 21 Nov 1926 at Talpa infant son of Selestino Romero and Juanita Romo child of born Talpa and born Canon buried 22 Dec 1926

Romero, Celso died 11 Jan 1933 at Talpa infant son of Urban Romero and Emigidia Tafoya

Romero, Elverio died 16 Feb 1935 at Talpa age 22y, son of Donaciano Romero and Matilda Cruz

Romero, Encarnacion died 11/26/1922 age 44y, child of Sebastian Romero & Catalina Griego

Romero, Estefanita Maestas born Oct 1868 died 28 Dec 1921 wife of Juan Andres Romero daughter of Encanacion Mestas and Julianita Vigil

Romero, Felipa born Socoro died 06 Apr 1926 at Taos age 75y, widowed wife of Vidal Romero, cremation, buried 07 Apr 1926

Romero, George died 11 Oct 1937 at Talpa infant son of Sebero Romero and Elidia Griego

Romero, Guillerma "Willie"died 8/28/2006 age 81y, widow of Antonio Lopez, child of Andres & Eloisa Meastas, wife of 2nd husband Jose de la Luz Romero

Romero, Irenea Cruz died 8/10/1912 age 77y, child of Juan Romero & Maria A. Vasquez

Romero, Jose Sebastian born 6-?-1893 died 3/12/1951

Romero, Jose Rafael died 24 Aug 1905

Romero, Jose Rafael 1968

Romero, Juan Andres died 30 Dec 1931 at Talpa age 73y, husband of Louisa Maestas Romero son of Antonio Domingo Romero and Maria Guadalupe Aragon

Romero, Juan Bautista died 29 Aug 1941 at Talpa age 75y husband of Pablita Romero son of Sebastian Romero and Catalina Griego

Romero, Juan de Dios died 5/27/1904 age 55y, child of Jose Benito Romero

Romero, Juanita Maestas died 03 May 1930 age 74y, wife of Jose Franciso Romero, daughter of Esquepula Maestas and Lus Montoya

Romero, Marcela died 30 Oct 1906 widow of Juan de Dios Romero.

Romero, Maria Nieves died 11/23/1903 age 45y, child of Rafael Romero

Romero, Maria Reyes Garcia died 8/7/1935 age 73y wife of Marcelo Romero

Romero, Pablita born 1-25-1864 died 8/10/1948

Romero, Rodolfo died 12 Feb 1933 at Talpa age 2y, son of Trinidad Romero and Leonarda Tafoya

Romero, Santita Tafoya died 12 Dec 1915 age 26y wife of Vicente F. Romero

Romo, Antonio died 1/15/1950age 92y

Romo, Antonio Jose died 16 Oct 1909 age 1y 5m 26d son of Maclovio Romo and Doloritas R. de Romo

Romo, Apolonia Fernandez born 2-19-1876 died 7/23/1947

Romo, Carlos Boromayo born 11-18-1891 died 1919 married September 22, 1913 in Taos, husband of Maria Guadalupe Medina. Contributed by Henny Elze

Romo, Carolina died 24 March 1996 age 86y

Romo, Dolores died 2/24/1937 age 52y widow

Romo, Juan B. born 1880 died 5/16/1946

Romo, Maclovio died 10/30/1926 age 52y, child of Juan Marcelino Romo & Francisca Maestas

Romo, Marcelino died 10/19/1919 age 72y, child of Juan de Jesus Romo & Ana Maria Candelaria

Romo, Margarita died 9/9/1911 age 53y, child of Matias Romo & Feliciana Santistevan

Romo, Maria F. died 28 March 1921 daughter of Maclovio Romo and Doloritas Romo.

Romo, Nicolas Matias died 10/2/1908 age 70y, child of Juan de Jesus Romo & Ana Maria Candelaria

Romo, Rufina died 5/2/1918 age 77y, child of Juan de Jesus Romo & Ana Maria Candelaria

Roybal, Simonita born 10-20-1888 died 7/31/1948

Sandoval, Abran died 2 April 1921 age 66y, husband of Gregoria Tenorio

Sandoval, Juan Louis born 1857 at Taos died 17 Jan 1938 at Talpa age 81y, husband of Odisia Smith son of Agustin Sandoval and Dominga Sandoval buried 18 Jan 1938

Serna, Juana died 12/11/1916 age 85y, child of Maria Serna

Tafoya, Eduardo died 18 March 1995

Tafoya, Jose Domingo born 1861 died 10/7/1948

Tafoya, Leo F. died Feb. 27, 2008

Tafoya, Maria Guadalupe Medina Romo born 6-6-1896 died 8/8/1986 died in Las Vegas, San Miguel, NM wife of (1) Carlos Boromayo Romo, (2) Ramon Tafoya. Contributed by Henny Elze

Tafoya, Ramon Jose born 7-20-1886 died 3/6/1969 married abt. 1920 in Talpa, NM, husband of Maria Guadalupe Medina. Contributed by Henny Elze

Tafoya, Ronnie Timothy born 2/7/1959 died 1/14/1982 son of Tony Tafoya and Betty Martinez Tafoya. Contributed by Henny Elze

Tafoya, Santos died 12/13/1915 age 26y, child of Jose D. Tafoya & Maria de las Nieves Romero

Talpa, Anselmo died Feb. 14, 2010

Torres, Celso died Jan 23, 1968

Torres, Delfino died 3 Dec 1917 age 3m 18d son of Selso Torres and Euralia Torres

Torrez, Cicilia Maria died Jul. 26, 2008

Torrez, Cordelia died 15 Nov 1995 age 72y,

Torrez, Victoria died 7/19/2006 age 87y, child of Celso & Eralia Torrez

Trembley, Angela died 9/18/1907 age 45d, child of Frank Trembley & Matilda Rudolph

Trujillo, Albert Matthew born Oct. 30, 1969 died Aug. 20, 2003

Trujillo, Alberto Jan 1913 age 1y 3m 3d

Trujillo, Andres died 9/30/1915age 75y, child of Buenaventura Trujillo & Maria Josefa Romero, may be Andrea

Trujillo, Claudio died 3/18/1911age 11y, child of Juan B. Trujillo & Daria de Herrera

Trujillo, Felipe N. died 11-16-1999

Trujillo, Jose Encarnacion died 6/20/1926 age 57y, child of Pedro Jose Trujillo & Maria Rita Mondragon

Trujillo, Juan del Carmel died 7/27/1935 age 26y, child of Leandro Trujillo & Maria de la Luz Maestas

Trujillo, Maria Lupita born 6-6-1896 died 8-8-1986

Trujillo, Telesforo died 1912 son of Encarnacion Trujillo

Trujillo, Tito M. died 6/13/2005

Valdez, Antonio Domingo born 04 Dec 1833 at Talpa died 18 Apr 1922 at Talpa age 89y, widowed buried 20 Apr 1922

Valerio, Celso died 2/1/1937age 42y, married

Valerio, Flavio Gregorio died 22 Mar 1943 infant son of Flavio Albert Valerio and Encarnacion Ortiz

Valerio, Juanita Maestas died 24 Jun 1931 age 64y, wife of Antonio Valerio daughter of Encarnacion Maestas and Juliana Vigil

Varos, Lucrecia born about 1909 at Talpa died 30 Dec 1921 at Talpa age 12y, son of Crecencio Varos and Juanita Vacos both parents born at Talpa buried 31 Dec 1921

Vasquez, Maria Antonia died 5/8/1909 age 95y, child of Juan Estevan Vasquez & Soledad Maestas

Velarde, Francisco died 11/21/1930 age 51y, child of Francisco Velarde & Concepcion Silva

Vigil, Alice died 28 Sept 1995 wife of Cesario Vigil

Vigil, Aurora born 1916 at Taos died 17 Mar 1920 at Talpa age 5y, daughter of Pedro Vigil and ? Gallegos both parents born at Talpa buried 17 Mar 1920

Vigil, Delfino died 15 Oct 1932 at Talpa infant son of Federico Vigil and Navidad Trujillo

Vigil, Dolores Maestas died 1/11/1935 age 74y, widow of Bernabe Vigil

Vigil, Faustina M. born 10 Feb 1892 at Llano Quemado died 12 May 1922 at Talpa age 30y, wife of Alfonso Vigil daughter of Gregorio Mondragon and Albinita Torrez buried 16 May 1922

Vigil, Juliana died 2/23/1930 age 32y child of Librado Vigil & Librada Archuleta

Vigil, Manuelita M. died 05 May 1938 at Talpa age 65y, daughter of Deciderio Mondragon and Talpita Torres

Vigil, Maria Antonia died 3/25/1916 age 29y, child of Antonio Vigil & Guadalupe Romo

Vigil, Maria Trujillo died 2/11/1936 age 83y wife of Andres Bautista Vigil

Vigil, Patricio died 26 Sep 1932 at Talpa infant son of Eduardo Vigil and Bersabel Romo

Vigil, Pedro died 15 Aug 1940

Vigil, Ramona died 10/31/1907 age 58y, child of Mariano Vigil & Maria L. Archuleta

Vigil, Ruben died 19 Apr 1944 at Talpa infant son of Helen Vigil

Vigil, Ruperta died 4/18/1929 age 62y, child of Reyes Vigil & Albina Duran

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