Taos County, New Mexico
Sierra Vista Cemetery

This data contributed by Donna D'Angelis and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
Sierra Vista Cemetery - Taos. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn right at Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, slight left at BIA-701.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Abbott, Bingham born7/21/1875 died 12/22/1948 born MI

Adams, Eli L. died 25 Jul 1941 age 61y, husband of Irene Adelaide    

Adamson, Mary Cecilia died 13 Jan 1936 age 37y, daughter of Augustine Adamson and Anna Kennedy

Albright, Mary Loyd died 06 Dec 1936 age 19y, daughter of Paul Brown Albright and Elizabeth L Custer

Allan, Hugh Walden died 15 Sep 1934 age 48y, husband of Gertie Griffin Allan son of Joseph H. Allan, Ursula Lancaster

Allison, Dale O. born Dec. 13, 1916 died Oct. 4, 2010

Andersen, Peter died 03 Mar 1937 age 69y, son of Peter Andersen

Andersen, Sofia died 22 Jan 1927 age 78y, wife of A.C. Anderson

Apodaca, Maria Carlotta born Oct. 27, 1928 died Nov. 18, 2005

Austin, Essie born 7/16/1950 died 7/16/1950 born Nix, TX

Austin, Joe D born 1888 died 1975

Barnes, Marjorie Rebecca born 10/15/1950 died 10/16/1950 born Taos

Beals, Iren Bennett born 3/31/1901 died 9/28/1948 born Missouri

Beals, James Barden born Aug. 13, 1896 died May 25, 1943

Benavides, Carlos born Aug. 6, 1907 died Jun. 17, 1979

Benavides, Ruth Matteson born Aug. 21, 1911 died Jun. 13, 1988

Bennett, Albert Jackson born 1/15/1866 died 9/3/1947 born Iowa

Bergin, Richard A. died 09 Aug 1940 age 36y, husband of Blanche Jones son of Joe A. Bergin and Mary Walter

Berkman, Alicia born 3/29/1948 died 4/22/1948 born Embudo

Berninghaus, Oscar Edmund born 10/02/1874 died 4/27/1952 born St. Louis, MO

Blanchard, Leonard Clifton died 1967

Blanchard, Nell died 3-17-2009

Blanchard, Nell Leola died born Oct. 7, 1891 died Mar. 17, 1981

Bond, George Buttler died 17 Feb 1940 age 60y, husband of Fannie Marie Lum son of Charles Bond and Agnes Southland Daws

Bowen, Hershal died 22 Apr 1937 age 19y, son of John Bowen and Effie Wilson

Boyer, Miles Rutherford born 10/12/1876 died 11/1/1947 born Ohio

Brehl, Albrecht died 1/12/1956

Brito, Adolfo A. born 4/18/1919 died 5/2/1952 born Taos

Burgess, Wescott Howard born 6/16/1896 died 12/9/1949

Burns, James Augustus born 2/26/1875 died 6/20/1951 born Minn.

Burt, Henry Baldwin died 30 Sep 1930 age 29y, husband of Gladys Bourguet Burt son of Henry A. Burt and Elizabeth Baldwin

Burt, Jewel died Jun. 10, 2007

Burt, Pauly died 9-24-2006, age 66

Butler, Billy Jean died 01 Feb 1941 infant daughter of Edward N. Butler and Marjory Lou Archer

Cannard, Joe died 3/10/1950

Cannon, Della P born Aug. 20, 1865 died 24 Dec 1932 age 67y, wife of William D. Cannon daughter of Thomas Phipps and Charlotta Caplin

Cannon, William D. died 29 Mar 1936 age 88y, husband of Della P. Cannon son of Seymour Cannon and Louisa Jane Hose

Cantu, Angie died Nov. 15, 2008

Cantu, Robert Phillip died 7/27/1948 born Embudo

Carrion, Carlos died 17 Jun 1940 age 65y

Carroll, Caroline B. born 7/05/1868 died 10/23/1952 born Bel Air Plantation, LA

Case, Julia Ann Witt born 10/06/1873 died 1/6/1948 born Arkansas

Casias, Emma Mae died Mar. 27, 2010

Cater, Lucy F. born 7-16-1906 died 1-26-2009

Chavez, David Richard died Jul. 28, 2010

Chavez, Jose Frutoso born 1/16/1862 died 7/15/1947

Cheetham, Francis Theodore born 2/19/1873 died 2/3/1946

Cisneros, Lorencita C. born 7/26/1896 died 12/28/1950 born Ranchos

Claflin, Majel died 17 Dec 1941 age 48y, daughter of John Claflin

Clark, infant born 7/17/1951 died 7/17/1951

Clark, daughter died 21 Jun 1934 infant daughter of Albert Clark and Matilda Barela

Concha, Rose died 11/21/2006 age 76y

Cooksey, Amos William died 02 Sep 1944 infant son of Edmund Cooksey and Romaine Rivera

Couse, Eanger Irving born Sep. 3, 1866 died Apr. 26, 1936

Creel, Ola Howe born 11/11/1916 died 3/26/1951 born Nowata, OK

Cruz, Juan Alberto born 1/25/1895 died 8/3/1948 born Chico, NM

Cruz, Rebecca born 11/16/1945 died 4/8/1947 born Embudo

Cummings, Albert A. died 22 Feb 1934 age 71y, husband of Lizzie M. Cummings son of Isaac Cummings and Elsie A. Featherby

Cunico, John J born Oct. 31, 1916 died Oct. 14, 1973

Cunico, Marie Moore born Jan. 15, 1919 died Feb. 17, 1976

Currie, Grier Eldon born 5/21/1896 died 12/3/1947 born Iowa

David, Jeanette Blanchard died September 1960, daughter of Leonard and Nell Blanchard

Del Margo, Frank E born 1916 died 1982

Denton, Dalton Frank born 3/4/1909 died 12/27/1947

Desgeorges, Patrick born 2/3/1913 died 6/16/1946 born Taos

Donaldson, Hildegarde Nash born 6/4/1895 died 5/1/1946 born Mass.

Dooley, Elsie Witt died 6/16/1955 age 57y

Dooley, Gertrude Bessie died 02 Feb 1929 age 3y, daughter of William Boyd Dooley and Elsie Witt

Driskell, Rudolf died Aug. 23, 2009

Driskell, Wilma J. Holmes died Sep. 21, 2010

DuBor, Flora Ennis born 5/28/1885 died 8/8/1952 born Manassa, CO

Dubor, Inez died 8/8/1952 age 67y

Dubor, John R. Jr. born 12/7/1910 died 11/26/1948 born Antonito, CO

Dunton, Nellie Gertrude born 4/27/1874 died 1/12/1949 born ME

Dunton, William Herbert born Aug. 28, 1878 died Mar. 18, 1936

Dunton, William Herbert died 18 Mar 1936 age 57y, husband of Nellie G. Haitley son of William H. Dunton and Anna Pillsbury

Duran, Juan M. born 9/07/1882 died 7/22/1949 born Ranchos

Dwire, Frances Louise died 16 Jun 1932 age 18y, daughter of Carroll R Dwire and Elsie M Esmay

Dwire, Helen Martin died Jun. 29, 1957

Dwire, Isaac Wesley died 18 Jun 1923 age 73y, husband of Eda L. Holly son of Isaac Dwire and Elisabeth Wittington

Elder, Robert V. born 1886 died 14 Apr 1938 age 51y, son of J. W. Elder

Ellis, Frank Clarence born 3/14/1882 died 4/29/1947 born GA

Eppley, Ralph born 11/21/1894 died 5/10/1946 born Denver

Espinosa, Mela born 1890 died 12/15/1950

Espinoza, Maria Emilia died 8/11/1954 age 85y

Esquibel, Samuel died 11/23/1934 age 68y, single

Farrell, Timothy Joseph died 9/27/1955 age 69y

Ferguson, John Harmon born 11/11/1947 died 11/13/1947 born Taos

Ferguson, Mary died 8/19/1950

Fisher, David born 8/15/1952 died 8/15/1952 born Espanola

Fondy, James Henry died 01 Jul 1936 age 72y, husband of Dona Light son of Henry Fondy and Phoebe Humphries

Fox, Marian Tarleton bornFebruary 9, 1917 died December 25, 2006, age 89y

Frayne, William M died 24 Nov 1928 age 68y

Garcia, Benino died 12/17/1937 age 30y, born Colonias, NM

Garcia, Charles S. born 7/03/1898 died 2/20/1947 born Taos

Garcia, Margarita S. born 2/1873 died 4/7/1948 born San Juan

Gaspard, Evelyn Idell born Jan. 1, 1886 died Dec. 11, 1956

Gatlin, Robert born 10/4/1900 died 3/8/1948

Gentry, Pete died 9-24-2001

Giddings, J. Wight died 01 Jul 1933 age 74y, husband of Anna L. Giddings son of Moses Avery Giddings, Caroline Beeckman

Gililland, James Otto died 29 Apr 1933 age 3y, son of James H. Gililland and Sarah B. Nichols

Gonzales, Eliseo born 4/10/1891 died 4/10/1946

Gonzales, Felisa Salazar died 2/19/1953 age 85y

Gonzales, Jose Sicona born 6-17-1885 died 3/4/1938 age 53y, born Atotonilco, Mexico husband of Lupe Medina Gonzales & children: Gustavo, Amparo, Joisefina, Antonio, Ignacio, Nicolas

Gonzales, Minimo Luis born 6/19/1916 died 5/17/1952 born Arroyo Seco

Gonzales, Samuel died 4/24/1953 age 79y

Gowing, James Donald born Nov. 30, 1944 died Jul. 30, 2009

Graham, Torrance Porter born 9/24/1888 died Oct-1949 born CO

Grant, Blanche C. born 9/23/1874 died 6/19/1948 born KS

Gregg, Donald Thomas died Aug. 30, 2010

Gurule, Eloy F. died Nov. 26, 2008

Gurule, Mary Constancia died Feb. 29, 2008

Guttman, Blaz died 02 Jan 1928 age 8y, son of Filipe Gutman and Augustina Gutman

Guttman, Julia B. died 27 Jun 1934 age 22y, daughter of Felipe W. Guttman and Augustina Sanches

Guttman, Teddy died 26 Jan 1932 age 4y, son of F W Guttman and Augustina Sanches

Harwood, Lucy Case died 11 Dec 1938 age 71y

Hearn, James Karl born 8/12/1899 died 12/22/1949 born Springer, NM

Heinsch, Algro Frances died 08 Sep 1941 age 51y, daughter of Nerva Miller

Higgins, Victor born 6/28/1884 died 8/23/1949 born Indiana

Hinde, William Thomas born 6/17/1873 died 3/22/1948 born Kempston, Bedfordshire, England, child of Thomas Woodhams Hinde & Mary Doughty

Hoffman, John B. born 4/10/1884 died 1/6/1950 born Chicago

Holdren, George W. died 25 March 1907

Holgate, Eugene, Jr died 7-19-2001

Holgate, Tonita Ann died Sep. 29, 2010

Hoyt, John died 29 Aug 1940 age 79y, husband of Kate Conner son of William Hoyt and Rachel Cook

Hughes, Infant born 1/19/1952 died 1/19/1952

James, Stephen L. born 5/07/1892 died 8/29/1947 born CO

Jeantete, Filiberto died 1948

Jaramillo, Casilda G. died Apr. 27, 2007

Jaterka, Mary died 10 Dec 1940 age 59y, wife of Anthony Jatarka daughter of Albert Bogal and Annie Kuca

Johnson, Joseph Harvey born 12/29/1910 died 11/28/1947 born Missouri

Johnson, Weltha Froella Miller died 30 May 1940 age 69y, wife of Wm. R. Johnson daughter of Marion Miller and Sarah Stapleton

Johnson, William Riley born 2/05/1863 died 3/30/1948 born Arkansas

Joseph, John King born 1/06/1887 died 4/1/1950 born Ojo Caliente

Joseph, male died 05 Apr 1921 son of John Joseph and Edith Oakley child of born Ojo Caliente and born Cerro

Joseph, Secundina G died 15 Nov 1932 age 75y, wife of John C Joseph daughter of Tranqulino Gallegos and Josephine Chavez

Kahn, Siegfried born 7/18/188- died 8/28/1950 born Germany

Karavas, James A. born 10/25/1897 died 6/7/1952 born Greece

Karavas, Noula born Nov. 3, 1899 died Sep. 19, 1986

Karavas, Saki born Mar. 8, 1922 died Apr. 16, 1996

Kennedy, Ernest Leslie born Feb. 17, 1884 died Sep. 25, 1962

Kennedy, Hattie Lee Oma Bolander born Jun. 25, 1896 died Apr. 4, 1943

Kennon, Glenn Autrey born 5/17/1936 died 1/5/1950 born Taos

Kilgore, Mary D. Merriott born Sep. 18, 1937 died Jan. 12, 1996

Kitts, Cora Easton born 9/11/1870 died 5/7/1949 born Iowa

Knaack, John William August died 19 Mar 1944 age 65y, husband of Mazie Gabaldon son of Charles Knaack and Emma Knaack

Knight, Carmen Alice born 7/16/1916 died 6/15/1951

Kontary (Contari) Eugenia born 12/26/1864 died 1/12/1950 born Greece

Kyle, J. Taylor died 01 Feb 1930 age 25y, son of Hugh Kyle and Neila Ford

Laforette, Ruben died 14 Nov 1943 age 28y, son of Merdardo Laforette and Eufemia Gomez

Lakey, William Wallace born 10/28/1869 died 5/22/1947 born TN

Lane, Willard Clark died 19 Mar 1935 age 64y husband of Ola Mae Woolsey son of Robert N. Lane and Alice Nelson

Lattimer, Mary born 10/09/1874 died 12/31/1949 born NY

Lavadie, Eleanor C. born 1/22/1926 died 6/2/1951 born Chacon, NM

Lavadie, Sam died 11/11/1954 age 38y

Lawler, William Hardy died 10 Sep 1933 age 32y, husband of Grace Santistevan son of J. R. Lawler and Middy Allen

Leatherman, Emma Elizabeth died 31 Aug 1940 age 87y, wife of Henry R. Leatherman daughter of Francis Gerheart and Emma Gotwalty

Leatherman, Henry R. died 24 Aug 1933 age 82y, husband of Emma Gerhart son of Eli Leatherman and Sarah Gotwals

Letterick, Robert Wells born 11/09/1886 died 3/29/1951 born Cimarron

Lucero, Abimelech born 5-12-1903 died 8-13-2001

Lucero, Blas born 2/02/1850 died 6/12/1947 born Anton Chico, NM

Lucero, David Demetrio born 3/16/1931 died 10/11/1950 born Taos

Lucero, Demetrio Nicodemos born Oct. 25, 1897 died Jul. 13, 1982 (Priest)

Lucero, Margarita born 1/01/1860 died 3/10/1947 born Taos

Lucero, Teofilo born 10/24/1892 died 3/28/1952 born Taos

Lund, Fletcher Marsh died 07 Nov 1943 age 78y, husband of Eva Susan Leonard son of Robert E. Lund and Sophrona Renus

Lynn, Grover Cleveland born 6/09/1882 died 7/15/1946 born KY

Mares, Benito J. born 3/14/1868 died 1/27/1950 born Taos

Mares, Julia C. died Feb. 9, 2010

Mares, Pedro C. born 5/31/1898 died 5/11/1947 born Taos

Mares, Ramon died 3/29/1939 age 84y, leaves Carlos, Ricardo, Clodoveo, Demetrio, Elena

Mares, Robert Juanito born 10/13/1947 died 2/23/1950 born Embudo

Martin, Thomas Paul born 1864 died 1935

Martinez, Agapito died 6/7/1929 age 79Y, child of Juan Pascual Martinez & Maria Teodora Gallegos

Martinez, Alfred W. died 11/2/1952 born Costilla

Martinez, Anastacio died 10/12/1952 age 28y

Martinez, Carlos Federico born 7/08/1877 died 8/14/1951

Martinez, Carlos Federico died 8/13/1951 age 75y

Martinez, Eduardo P. died 11/6/1954 age 40y

Martinez, Evangelina died 6/13/1954 age 24y

Martinez, Gloria died Jul. 16, 2008

Martinez, Leonarda born 4/5/1951 died 6/23/1952 born Taos

Martinez, Rowena Matteson born Jul. 31, 1909 died Mar. 6, 2000

Martinez, Sam V. died Jan. 4, 2006

Martinez, Simona born 8-28-1912 died 12-23-1999

Mascarenas, Valda C. born Aug. 17, 1927 died Jun. 24, 2008

Matthews, Henrietta Young born 28 Jan 1893 at Cerro died 30 Apr 1920 at Taos widow of J. Rhode Matthews daughter of Henry Young and Mary Sivier

McCarthy, Justin Henry died 12 Aug 1944 age 71y husband of Emma De Gan son of Felix McCarthy and Elizabeth Gill

McCarthy, Justin Joseph born 9/1/1905 died 3/1/1946 born IL

McCarthy, Loretta E. born Feb. 2, 1910 died Oct. 4, 2007

McClure, Mary Travor died 25 Nov 1935 age 83y, wife of William L. McClure

McClure, William L. died 03 Jan 1930 age 80y, husband of Mary McClure son of W. P. McClure

McCoy, Eva G. died 26 Sep 1927 age 59y, wife of George W. McCoy

McDonald, Rozelle Bennie born 4/23/1897 died 12/2/1948

McFadden, Alice Elenor born 8/01/1874 died 1/14/1949 born CA

McFarland, Agnes born 9/21/1915 died 12/29/2006 age 91y, Child of William H. Morehart & Bertha A. Cooper, widow of Russell McFarland

McHorse, Betty Jane died 20 Aug 1937 age 1y, daughter of Mace McHorse and Feloniz Trujillo

McHorse, Nathan Jean died 25 Aug 1935 infant son of Mace McHorse and Feloniz Trujillo

McKean, William born 07 Apr 1854 at Ohio died 08 Feb 1926 at Taos age 71y, widowed occupation: Lawyer - Retired buried 11 Feb 1926

McKee, William J. born 12/06/1866 died 12/5/1947 born Mass

McMullen, John T. died 26 Dec 1938 age 68y

Mertian, Helen C Logue born May 1, 1911 died Jun. 12, 1992

Mertian, Peter A born Sep. 4, 1903 died Jun. 18, 1989

Meyers, Joseph J. died 24 Jun 1936 age 72y, son of Martin Meyers and Elizabeth ?

Middleton, John H. died 6/4/1955 age 74y

Miller, Edna died 9-26-199 wife of Wylie

Miller, Jacob Arthur born 2/17/1897 died 7/21/1952

Miller, Linda Sue born 1/16/1951 died 1/16/1951 born Taos

Miller, Lou Ann died 12 Nov 1938 infant daughter of Andrew Miller and Rebecca Wheateroft

Mills, Sarah Brown died 05 Jan 1944 age 86y, wife of Edmund M. Mills daughter of James B. Brown and Hariett B. Randall

Minton, Carol Sue died Feb. 21, 2009

Miramon, Eliza V. died 15 Jan 1930 age 45y, wife of Alfred Miramon daughter of Hipilito Montoya and Romalda Gallegos

Mitchell, Linda Gene born 12/3/1951 died 4/9/1952 born Taos

Montaner, Jose Grine died 15 Sep 1934 age 59y, husband of Mariquita Martinez son of Francisco Montaner and Teresa Grine

Montaner, Mariquita born 2/06/1866 died 7/29/1951 age 90y, born Ocate

Montgomery, Dalton E. died Feb. 10, 2009

Montoya, Christina born 6/10/1950 died 11/16/1950 born Taos

Montoya, Juanita M. died 2/17/2006 age 101y, widow of Juan Jose Montoya, child of Samuel & Aurelia Lavadie

Moore, Perry Allen born Nov. 4, 1886 died Jan. 27, 1961

Muller, Dr. Fred born 12/25/1892 died 11/12/1947 born Santa Fe

Munden, Frank Earl born 4/10/1890 died 6/6/1949 born NE

Naglich, Thomas died 13 Apr 1938 age 19y, son of Mary Naglich

Nelson, Infant born 1/24/1949 died 1/24/1949 born Taos

Nixon, Mary Quigg born 12/23/1891 died 12/28/1950 born Turkey Mtn, NM

Oakeley, Dorla Dean born 2/15/1945 died 1/1/1949 born Taos

O'Hay, Patrick Irving died 18 Oct 1944 age 73, husband of Dorothy Mantell son of Patrick O'Hay and Evelyn Asshton

Olivas, Margarita died 7-?-1945

Olivas, Santos G. born 11-1-1876 died 5-15-1967

Olmos, Ruth Genevieve Henry died 08 Feb 1932 age 24y, wife of Louis Olmos daughter of Everett Henry and Mary LeWright

Onstine, Teresa died 4/28/1951 age 28y

Ortiz, Joseph Edwin born 1/24/1944 died 10/26/2006

Ortiz, Robert Louis died 9/17/2003 age 64y, child of Joe & Julia Ortiz

Pacheco, Leonides died 4/30/1938 age 1y, born 5-2-1937

Packard, Anastasia born January 16, 1929 died May 4, 1998

Packard, Rose Marie died Dec. 16, 2008

Packard, Sia born 1-16-1929 died 5-4-1998

Padilla Benigno E. died 8/9/1948

Padilla, Candido Rogero born 2/07/1895 died 2/3/1949 born Springer

Palmer, Omer Earl born 7/3/1903 died 8/13/1951 born Jasper, Ark.

Passmore, Jon Michael born Jun. 23, 1944 died Oct. 16, 1975

Pena, Carla Olivia born 7/5/1946 died 12/26/1946

Perez, Pedro died 7/17/1954

Peyer, John Joseph died 01 Dec 1938 age 64y son of Joseph Peyer and Theresa Faber

Phillips, Bert Geer born Jul. 15, 1868 died Jun. 16, 1956

Pond, Hazel Hallet born Aug. 2, 1885 died Nov. 27, 1954

Pooler, Robert C. died 26 March 1909

Price, Steven Caroll died 6/10/1963

Quigg, Amos T. died 18 Aug 1941 age 84y, husband of Mary Barnum    

Quintana, Crisoforo G. died 9/24/2005 age 89y, child of Pablo & Eloisa Quintana, husband of Ada Quintana

Quintana, Juan Andres died Sept 19, 1968

Rael, Melissa born 1963 died 1965

Randall, Benjamin G. died 10 May 1934 age 61y, husband of Stella Simpson Randall son of Milo Randall and Ella Gurilee

Randall, Charles Howard died 23 Oct 1943 age 75y, husband of Minnie Bumpas son of ? Randall and Mary Record

Randall, sondied 11 Nov 1930 infant son of Elijah Randall and Eva Gertrude Kletke

Rasmussen, Joseph A. born 7/07/1889 died 10/29/1952

Rayburn, Isadora Reynolds born 3/11/1891 died 7/3/1949

Read, Myrtle Gertrude died 27 Mar 1944 age 59y, wife of James B. Read daughter of John Hampel and Mary Jane Griffin

Reddick, Anna Baldwin born 5/22/1874 died 8/12/1950 born MI

Reyna, Hilario died July 12, 1968

Riley, Abelina R. died 22 Jan 1940 age 80y, wife of Frank Riley daughter of Pedro Rodriguez and Tibercia Rael

Ritter, Frank O. died 8/21/1955 age 28y

Roberts, Joseph born 10/8/1946 died 10/8/1946 born Taos

Robinson, Linda Ennen born 5/6/1948 died 5/23/1948 born Embudo

Rodriguez, Bialquín died Mar. 27, 2010

Rodriguez, Joseph Louis born 4/19/1918 died 2/13/1951

Rogers, Benjamin, IV died Apr. 4, 2009

Rogers, Millicent A. died 1/1/1953 age 53y

Romero, Gilbert died 1/22/1953 age 38y

Romero, Infant born 7/24/1949 died 7/24/1949 infant of Tony Romero

Romero, Juan Pedro born 5/15/1880 died 7/25/1946 born Taos

Romero, Juanita Cleotilde died 8/5/1948born Black Lake, Colfax Cou nty

Romero, Margarita born 1/21/1897 died 6/14/1949born Ranchos

Romero, Tim died 1948

Saavedra, Maria Carlotta Apodaca born Oct. 27, 1928 died Nov. 18, 2005

Sanchez, Adonelia died Jun. 30, 2009

Sanchez, Ernest Paul born 10/10/1948 died 1/5/1949 born Embudo

Sanchez, Eufelio died Feb. 12, 2008

Sanchez, Joe A. died 1/28/1955 age 71y

Sanchez, Manuelita V born Sep. 30, 1896 died Apr. 5, 1988

Santistevan, Anthony R. died 12/4/2003 age 55y, Vietnam Vet, child of Alfonso & Marcelina Santistevan

Santistevan, Fred E. born 6-30-1924 died 8-6-2000

Santistevan, Jose Eloy born 11/26/1905 died 1/13/1948 born Taos

Santistevan, Jose Manuel born 7/10/1860 died 2/25/1946

Sawyer, Maria Elvina died 14 Oct 1935 age 13y, daughter of Ben Sawyer and Salida Padilla

Schneider, Anna born February 12, 1918 died October 3 , 2005

Seargent, Andrew Jackson born 5/05/1870 died 12/26/1948 born TX

Shaffer, Baby born 1/8/1946 died 1/8/1946 born Taos child of Martin Shaffer

Shaw, Millie Anna died 06 Feb 1937 age 75y, daughter of Jesse C. McDaniel and Anna Beets

Sisneros, Aneda died May 12, 1998

Sisneros, Delia Guará born Sep. 9, 1921 died Dec. 5, 2009

Sisneros, Hypolito died 4/12/1953 age 84y

Sister Agnes Marie born 2/19/1869 died 11/2/1946 born Cascade, Iowa

Smith, Freda Helen died 28 Jun 1936 infant daughter of Ervin Smith and Valeria Neff

Smith, Minnie Malinda Flynn died 06 Mar 1938 age 65y daughter of William Flynn

Snyder, Carl Earl born 1865 died 12/1/1948 born KY

Southerland, B F died 21 Jul 1928 age 61y, husband of Lula Southerland son of Elihu Southerland and Becky Bynam

Stone, Richard H. born 5/05/1868 died 4/17/1948 born Chicago

Struck, Celina Montoya born Dec. 8, 1911 died May 30, 1985

Struck, David born 4/20/1885 died 7/27/1951

Struck, George died 7/10/1925 age 55y, child of David Struck & Josefa Mondragon

Struck, Mercedes born 3/26/1924 died 1/22/1998

Struck, Terecina Tafoya died 1-3-1965

Sudlow, Ann Rivers born 9/20/1920 died 11/24/2006 age 86y, widow of Peter Duval, wife of 2nd husband David S. Robertson, widow of 3rd husband Donald E. Sudlow

Sudlow, Donald E. died 2/4/2006 age 90y, of Taos, WWII, husband of Ann R. Sudlow

Swanson, Amelia Ohlstrom died 21 Jan 1927 age 79y, wife of Albert Swanson

Swisher, Worden Louis died 04 Sep 1941 age 63y, husband of Lula M. Koons son of Simon Peter Swisher and Melissa Coon

Tarleton, Henry Wallace born 3/20/1864 died 8/17/1952 born County Lough, Ireland

Tejada, Florentina born 5/11/1874 died 1/12/1946 born Spain

Tejada, Simeon born 3/24/1878 died 7/21/1946 born Spain

Terry, Joseph Valentine died 10 Jun 1932 age 25y, husband of Nellie Terry son of Lawrence Terry and Mary Colletti

Thomas, Maida Lee born 1916 died 2007

Thompson, Barbara Bradley born 1919 died Mar. 31, 2004

Travis, George C. died 19 Jan 1944 age 61y, husband of Mabel Allison son of George C. Travis Sr. and Mary Frances Murphy

Trisler, John Charles born 7/14/1950 died 7/14/1950 born Taos

Trujillo, Amanda R born 1879 died 1944

Trujillo, Federico T born 1884 died 1945

Trujillo, Guillermo born Feb. 9, 1879 died May 11, 1955

Trujillo, Jose D born Apr. 6, 1871 died Feb. 15, 1945

Trujillo, Josephina Q born 1888 died 1982

Trujillo, Luis Ambrosio born 12 Apr 1903 at Taos died 28 Apr 1969 at Houston, Texas age 66y, married, son of Pedro Trujillo and Rebecca Valdez occupation: Foreman and Lumber buried 29 Apr 1969

Trujillo, Pedro R. died 2/19/1936 husband of Virginia, 5 sons 1 daughter

Trujillo, Salome S. born 10/12/1873 died 1/2/1950 born Taos

Tsoodle, Charlie born Dec. 29, 1911 died Mar. 1, 2002

Valdez, Samuel Levi died 1/6/2006 age 64y, husband of Rose Tollardo Valdez

Valencia, Pedro born 10/19/1877 died 2/5/1949 born Arroyo Seco

Vargas, Ele died 5/13/1950 age 29y

Vargas, Eli born 1918 died 5/9/1950

Vargas, Jose Abel born 8/03/1890 died 5/20/1949

Varos, Ernest Nelson born 3/15/1945 died 7/8/1946 born Taos

Vickrey, Charles Henry died 24 Jun 1936 age 29y, son of John Madison Vickrey and Emily Teresa Burchey

Vigil, Elaisa Garcia de died 11/8/1951 age 66y

Vigil, Elaiza born 3/15/1885 died 11/8/1951 born Questa

Vigil, Jose Jesus born 4/15/1866 died 4/8/1951 born Ranchos

Wagner, John died 10 Mar 1927 age 65y,

Wailes, Julia Mae born 5/4/1949 died 5/11/1949 born Taos

Weber, Charles August born 5/30/1866 died 3/10/1948 born Ohio

Wetsel, Robert B. born 7/10/1865 died 3/10/1952 born Collen Col, TX

White, Roger Claude born 6/8/1948 died 4/14/1950 born Cimarron

Williams (male) died 9/28/1946

Witt, Wilford B. died 03 May 1929 age 22y, son of Lee Witt and Rose B. Bames

Wood, Sarah E. died 17 Dec 1923 age 76y, daughter of Henry Kemp and Sara Kemp

Youma, Amada died 06 Jan 1932 at Taos age 52y, wife of Jose Youma daughter of Abraham Aub

Youma, Jose born 3/17/1867 died 10/30/1949 born Syria

Youma, Juanita born 4/18/1905 died 7/28/1949 born Taos

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