Taos County, New Mexico
Arroyo Seco Cemetery
aka Santisima Trinidad Cemetery

Copyrighted by Karen Mitchell. Additional data contributed by Derrick Archuleta.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Abeyta, Jose Amador died 30 May 1862 son of Juan Jose Abeyta and Dolores Bustos

Gonzales, Juan Crisostomo Archuleta y born 27 Jan 1876 died 18 Sep 1958 age 82 child of Manuel Antonio Gonzales and Maria Severiana Archuleta

Archuleta, Eliza A. Martinez born 8/2/1914 died 9/28/2006 age 92 child of Maximiano F. Martinez and Juana Pacheco

Archuleta, Elizardo Eloy born 3/30/1921 child of Juan C. Archuleta and Lorenza Medina; died 7/5/2005 age 84

Archuleta, Felipe Nerio died 7/19/1930 age 76y, child of Jose Ramon Archuleta and Nestora Ortega

Archuleta, Francisco died 15 Dec 1907

Archuleta, Jose Damian born 27 Sep 1911died 22 May 1988 age 77 son of Juan C. Archuleta and Lorenza Medina

Archuleta, Jose de la Cruz died 10 Nov 1863 2 month old son of Jose Manuel Archuleta and Maria Ignacia Fresques

Archuleta, Jose died 6-2-1871 small Indian child of the family of Juan Ramon Archuleta

Archuleta, Lorenza Medina born 5/24/1884 died 10/30/1946 age 62, daughter of Jose Manuel Medina and Guillerma Quintana

Archuleta, Maria died 8-18-1870 small daughter of Florencio Archuleta and Petra Martinez.

Archuleta, Maria Rita died 6 June 1862 adult adopted daughter of Ramon Archuleta and Leandra Lara

Archuleta, Ramon D. born 9/7/1927 son of Juan C. Archuleta and Lorenza Medina, died 10/19/1999 age 72

Archuleta, Roberto died 7 Dec 1914 age 1y 2m 3d, son of Juan C. Archuleta and Lorencita M. de Archuleta

Armijo, Maria died 30 Mar 1854 infant daughter of Francisco Armijo and Maria Dolores Vigil

Armijo, Maria Luisa died 24 May 1854 widow of Juan de la Crus Sanches

Avila, Macedonia Duran died 17 Oct 1921 at Arroyo Hondo age 23y, buried 18 Oct 1921 wife of Enerio Avila daughter of Santana Duran and Encarnacion Duran

Avila, Nerio died 13 Sep 1944 at Arroyo Seco age 50y, husband of Genoveva Avila son of Juan Avila and Fidelia Rael

Baca, Ciria B. born 1901 died 7/2/1949born Arroyo Seco

Baca, Feliciana Padilla born Dec.1890 at Arroyo Seco died 20 Apr 1921 at Arroyo Seco age 31y, buried 21 Apr 1921 wife of Antonio Baca daughter of Jesus Padilla and Tonita Martinez both parents born Arroyo Seco

Baca, George Crisantos died 7-13-2006

Baca, Juan D. died 6-23-1968

Baca, Margarita S. died 11-11-1968 age 86

Baca, Maria Hilaria died 18 Jun 1863 1 year old daughter of Rafael Vaca and Maria Ana Duran

Baca, Maria Leonarda died 3/13/1915 age 69y, child of Juan A. Baca and Simona Valdez

Barela, Catalina R. died Aug. 30, 2006

Barela, Diego died 25 June 1905 age 80y

Barela, Juana died 1/14/1922 age 45y, child of Diego Antonio Barela and Encarnacion Sanchez

Barela, Maria Teodora died 24 Mar 1854 wife of Jose Francisco Duran

Barros, Jose Manuel died 5/14/1932 age 89y, child of Ramon Barros and Rosa Aquero

Boothby, Bonnie Bishop born Feb. 17, 1929 died Feb. 8, 2006

Bustos, Bernardino born 1875 at Cucharas, Colo. died 14 Feb 1920 at Arroyo Seco age 45y, buried 15 Feb 1920 husband of Delfinia Bustos son of Ramon Bustos and Vicenta Barros

Bustos, Manuela died 29 May 1862 daughter of Ramon Bustos and Carmela Valdez

Bustos, Simon Lino died 4 Nov 1863 17 day old son of Jose Ramon Bustos and Cornelia Valdez

Casados, Albino died 23 Feb 1910 age 74y

Casados, Cosme born 9/24/1864 died 1/7/1948 born Arroyo Seco

Casados, Guadalupita died 27 March 1917 age 8 daughter of Marcelino Casados and Tonita S. de Casados

Casados, Juan Julian died 7-18-1869 1 month son of Albino Casados and Maria Dolores Medina.

Casaus, Sabina C. de died 12/11/1934 age 79y, widow of Vicente Sanchez

Casias, Albino died 2/24/1910 age 74y, child of Jose G. Casuas and Ana M. Archuleta

Casias, Demesio died 10 Jun 1935 at Arroyo Seco age 8y, son of Francisco Casias and Beatrice Salazar

Casias, Epimenia died May 3, 2007

Chacon, Amada died 1/16/1916 age 41y, child of Manuel A. Chacon and Soledad Lucero

Chacon, Maria Edna died 03 Jan 1927 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Juan A. Chacon and Anita Vigil

Chacon, Rosaura born May 19, 1921 died Aug. 3, 2008

Coca, Clodovio died 19 Nov 1929 at Arroyo Seco age 23y, son of Leuterio Coca and Fidelia Olivas

Cordova, Almindro A. Cordova died 25 Sep 1938 — Arroyo Seco, Taos, New Meico parents: Virgilio Cordova, Manuelita Flores

Cordova, Almindro died 23 Mar 1935 at Arroyo Seco she 65y, husband of Antonia Romo son of Jose Dimisio Cordova and Magdalena Martinez

Cordova, Amalia Cazaus died 20 Jul 1944 at Arroyo Seco age 36y, wife of Willie Cordova daughter of Leandro Cazaus and Teodorita Sanches

Cordova, Anselmo born 19 Apr 1859 at Arroyo Seco died 21 Apr 1921 at Arroyo Seco husband of Maria Ygnacita Sanchez son of Antonio J. Cordova and Albina Duran buried 22 Apr 1921

Cordova, Antonia Vicenta died 2 May 1862 daughter of Rafael Cordova and Damasia García

Cordova, Antonio Domingo died 10/15/1911 age 64y, child of Antonio Jose Cordova and Maria Albina Duran

Cordova, Eleanor died 25 June 1995 age 85, wife of Jose Cordova

Cordova, Emilia A. died 09 Dec 1936 at Arroyo Seco age 73y, husband of Eulalio Cordova daughter of Ciquia Apodaca

Cordova, Faustin died 08 Jul 1929 at Arroyo Seco age 78y, husband of Nasaria Romero son of Jose Antonio Cordova and Albina Duran

Cordova, Jose Daniel died 11/9/2006 age 74y, child of Felimon and Isabel Cordova

Cordova, Jose Daniel died Jun. 24, 2009

Cordova, Jose Jacobo Orlando died 16 Jul 1936 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Patrocinio Cordova and Eufracia Marques

Cordova, Juanita M. died Nov. 27, 2005

Cordova, Lorenzo died 6 April 1907 age 16y, son of Julian Cordova

Cordova, Maria Carmelita died 03 Sep 1933 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Gillermo Cordova and Amalia Vasquez

Cordova, Maria Felonis died 21 Jan 1930 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Jose Cordova and Aurora Varos

Cordova, Maria Rosalia died 22 Jan 1944 at Arroyo Seco age 78y, wife of Julian Cordova daughter of Antonio Cordova and Alvina Duran

Cordova, Tomacita Arellano died 22 Jul 1940 at rural Taos age 53y, wife of J. S. Cordova daughter of David Arellano and Eulalia Martinez

Cruz, Genoveva died 12/1/1918 age 27y, child of Jose Cruz and Aniceta Lujan

Dice, Louise R. Reyburn born Apr. 7, 1925 died Apr. 24, 2010

Duran, Amalia died 1 Jan 1914, age 6y 8m, daughter of Apolino Duran and wife.

Duran, Anna C. died Sep. 26, 2006

Duran, Candido died 7/24/1938 age 31y 10m, husband of Anastacia Fresquez, 3 sons

Duran, Cristobal died Dec 6,1968

Duran, Donaciano died 30 Nov 1914 age 69y 6m, husband of Maria Lugarda Romero son of the deceased Jose Guadalupe Duran and Clarita Fernandez.

Duran, Eduardo died 7/27/1936 age 63y

Duran, Emma C. died September 26, 2006

Duran, Encarnacion born 23 March 1833 died 25 May 1914

Duran, Eva died 4 Jan 1914 age 5y, daughter of Apolino Duran and wife.

Duran, Jose Manuel died 13 Nov 1914 age 78y, married, son of Gregorio Duran and Maria Clarita Fernandez

Duran, Juan Basilio died 20 Jun 1853 1 1/2 year old son of Maria Guadalupe Duran

Duran, Juana Maria died 10/21/1929 age 64y, child of Jose Doroteo Lujan and Maria Jesusita Maes

Duran, Librado died 3/10/1932 age 67y, child of Encarnacion Duran and Benigna Gutierrez

Duran, Maria Agustina died 2 June 1862 daughter of Isidro Duran and Manuela Medina

Duran, Maria Albina died 7/29/1908 age 78y, child of Jose F. Duran and Teodora Barela

Duran, Maria Luisa born 6/15/1866 died 7/19/1947 born Santa Fe

Duran, Maria Quirina died 13 Dec 1863 4 year old daughter of Jesus Maria Duran and Maria Concepcion Tenorio

Duran, Maria Virginia died 11/9/1928 age 72y, child of Jose Doroteo Duran and Jesusita Maes

Duran, Nicolas died 4/30/1925 age 60y, child of Encarnacion Duran and Benigna Gutierrez

Duran, Santos died 12/6/1920 age 62y, child of Encarnacion Duran and Antonia Bachicha

Fernandez, Anita died Jul. 28, 2005

Fernandez, Antonio died 1 Dec 1914 age 78y,

Fernandez, Benigna died 20 Feb 1862 daughter of Jose Fernandez and Antonia Gallegos

Fernandez, Benigno died 2 Mar 1862 infant son of Jose Fernandez and Antonia Gallegos

Fernandez, Francisquita S. died 22 April 1940 age 23y 6m 19d, wife of Emilio Fernandez daughter of Francisco B. Sanchez and Sabina P. Sanchez

Fernandez, Jose Manuel died 30 Dec 1867

Fernandez, Juan Gregorio born May 9, 1933 died Apr. 6, 2010

Fernandez, Kim Marie died Nov. 15, 2009

Fernandez, Leonardo died 3/15/1924 age 67y, child of Jose Fernandez and Maria Antonia Gallegos

Fernandez, Maria Antonia Rosa Aragon died 26 Feb 1870 wife of Manuel Fernandez, deceased.

Fernandez, Maria Josefa died 11 Nov 1863 7 month old daughter of Jose Francisco Fernandez and Maria Antonia Gallegos

Fernandez, Maria Micaela died 7 Feb 1855 wife of Francisco Maria A?

Fernandez, Prescilla E. died Dec. 3, 2008

Fernandez, Reynaldo Gilbert born 4/11/1945 died 11/12/1948 Arroyo Seco

Fernandez, Rumualda Ortiz died 8/4/1937 age 78y, born 1859

Flores, Jose Antonio died 3/18/1906child of Miguel Flores

Flores, Manuelita died Aug. 23, 2010

Flores, Maria Martina died 24 Feb 1868 infant daughter of Ramon Flores and Apolonia Garcia

Flores, Maria Paredes died 14 Nov 1863 1 year old daughter of José Antonio Flores and Maria Encarnación García

Flores, Serafin Jose died Mar. 19, 2008

Fresques, Juan Julian died 3 June 1862 infant son of Bartolome Fresques and Maria Dolores Sanchez

Fresques, Juliana died 15 Apr 1862 daughter of Eugenio Fresques and Maria Carmen Lucero

Fresques, Manuel Gregorio died 05 Aug 1930 age 64y, husband of Crestina Fresques son of Eugenio Fresques and Carmelita Lucero

Fresquez, Fidel died 10/19/1918 age 24y, child of Ricardo Fresquez and Leonarda Lara

Fresquez, Juan Bautista died 5-6-2001

Fresquez, Maria Reyes Sanchez died March 1871 wife of J. Fresquez.

Gallegos, Antonia died 8-18-1870 small daughter of Gabriel Gallegos and Simona Valdez.

Gallegos, Eligio died 12-25-1865 natural son of Maria Rita, Indian, and Gabriel Gallegos.

Gallegos, Felicitas died 1/5/1915 age 43y, child of Antonio Birsio Gallegos and Josefa Quintana

Gallegos, Francisco Antonio died 11/29/1932 age 73y, child of Antonio Tersio Gallegos and Josefa Quintana

Gallegos, Jose Rafael died 17 May 1862 son of Antonio Felis Gallegos and Maria Josefa Quintana

Gallegos, Maria O. died 5 Oct 1854 2 year old daughter of Jose Darío Gallegos and Eulogia Valdez

Gallegos, Maria Guadalupe died 2-20-1863 young adopted daughter of Jose Dario Gallegos and Eulogia Valdez.

Gallegos, Maria Juliana died 5-16-1850 age 13y, child of Hermenegildo Gallegos and Juana Maria de la Cruz Quintana

Gallegos, Maria Soledad died 12-5-1870 small daughter of Rita Gallegos.

Gallegos, Maria Trinidad died 18 Jun 1863 22 year old adopted daughter of Narciso Gallegos and Maria Rafaela Gallegos

Garcia, Antonia Maria died 5/14/1932 age 89y, child of Luciano Garcia and Maria Gregoria Madril

Garcia, Doroteo born 2/16/1853 died 3/12/1946 born Arroyo Seco

Garcia, Eloisa died Dec. 6, 2005

Garcia, Heliodoro B. died 4-5-2000

Garcia, Jose Benigno died 6 June 1862 infant son of Luciano García and Maria Madrid

Garcia, Jose Ignacio died 10 April 1914 age 65y

Garcia, Jose Toribio died 3-6-1871 small son of Maria Dolores Garcia.

Garcia, Josefa died 10/14/1927 age 92y, child of Joaquin Andres Garcia and Encarnacion Vigil

Garcia, Juana Maria died 30 May 1862 daughter of Toribio García and Carmen Montoya

Garcia, Maria Dilia died 12 July 1913 age 2m. daughter of Feliberto Garcia

Garcia, Maria Encarnacion died 11/1/1907 age 75y, child of Desiderio Garcia and Manuela Martinez

Garcia, Maria Encarnacion Vigil born 26 May 1811 at Ranchos de Taos baptised 26 May 1811 at Ranchos de Taos died 5 May 1890 at Arroyo Seco wife of Jose Andres Joaquin Garcia daughter of Juan Cristoval Vigil and Maria Antonia Bibianna Torres

Garcia, Maria Gertrudis Abeyta died 12-5-1870 wife of Pablo Garcia, daughter of Andres Abeyta and Gregoria Isadora Martin.

García, Maria Gregoria died 20 Mar 1862 daughter of Juan García and Paula Martínez

Garcia, Piedad born 1874 died 11 Apr 1926 age 52y, wife of Luciano Garcia daughter of Cresencio Roybal and Estefanita Duran buried 12 Apr 1926

Garcia, Polinito died 24 Nov 1863 6 month old son of José García y Bibianita Trujillo

Garcia, Presciliano died 11/28/1934 age 75y, husband of Ursula Lopez

Garcia, Rumaldo died 17 June 1912

Garcia, Viviana Trujillo died 12-8-1869 wife of Jose García, daughter of Faustin Trujillo and Dolores Cordova.

Gonzales, Alice F. died Jun. 7, 2007

Gonzales, Ambrosio died abt 1940 son of Teresita Duran de Gonzales

Gonzales, Benito Placedes born 7/20/1920 died 7/20/1946 born Arroyo Seco

Gonzales, Cristobal died 27 Mar 1855 husband of Maria Simona Trujillo

Gonzales, Efren died Oct. 18, 2005

Gonzales, Feliz died 1-25-1865 small son of Juan Gonzales and Maria Gertrudis Madrid.

Gonzales, Jose de la Luz born 23 Dec 1843 died 12 April 1907 age 64y, husband of Maria Eleonarda Baca

Gonzales, Juan Francisco died 6 Nov 1868 son of Juan de Jesus Gonzales and Maria Viviana Valdez

Gonzales, Leonarda B. died 12 March 1915 age 65y buried 13 March 1915

Gonzales, Luis died 29 Mar 1940 at Arroyo Seco age 90y, husband of Teresita Duran son of Juan De Jesus Gonzales and Viviana Valdez

Gonzales, Manuela died 2-15-1863 young daughter of Francisco Gonzales and Josefa Olguin.

Gonzales, Maria Juana died 8 Aug 1862 adopted daughter of Dionisio Gonzales and Juliana Tafoya

Gonzales, Maria Letisia died 23 Oct 1852 infant daughter of Guadalupe Gonzales and Maria Encarnacion Romero

Gonzales, Maria Teresita died 26 Nov 1940 at Arroyo Seco age 81y, wife of Luis Gonzales daughter of Doroteo Duran and Maria Jesusita Maes

Gonzales, Prisciliano died 8 May 1863 7 year old adopted son of Lioniso Gonzáles and Maria Juliana Gonzáles

Gonzales, Teresita Duran died 26 Nov 1940

Gonzales, Tobias R. died 1 Oct 1907 age 42y, husband of Petra Lucero son of Jose de la Luz Gonzales and Leonarda Baca

Gonzales, Victoriana S. died 06 Dec 1937 at Arroyo Seco age 70y, daughter of Juan Santistevan and Justa Sandoval

Gurule, Jose Alberto died 15 Oct 1854 2 month old son of Juan Gurule and Maria Estefana Medina

Gurule, Juan Nepumucenio died 9-4-1867 husband of Estefana Medina, son of Antonio Gurule, (other records show his father as Jose Maria Gurule and mother Josefa Candelaria).

Gurule, Maria Dolores died 1-3-1851 age 9m, child of Juan Mepomucenio Gurule and Maria Estefana Medina

Herrera, Antonio died 26 Aug 1930 at Desmontes age 65y, husband of Tomasita Barros son of Juan Pablo de Herrera and Pablita Vigil

Jaramillo, Epimenio died 26 Nov 1943 at Arroyo Seco age 51y, son of Jesus Jaramillo and Agustina Jaramillo

Lacome, Jose Candido died 12/31/1929 age 37y, child of Agustin Lacome and Crescencia Archuleta

Lara, Candelario born 02 Feb 1839 at Alcalde, Rio Arriba Co., N. M. died 30 Mar 1920 at Arroyo Seco age 81y, husband of Clara Cacias son of Benarito Lara

Lara and Gabriela Martinez occupation: Farmer buried 31 Mar 1920

Lara, Felipe died 1 July 1905 age 84y

Leiba, Placida died 4-15-1871 small daughter Antonia Leiba.

Lopez, Amado died Jun. 4, 2009

Lopez, Eloisa died Aug. 18, 2006

Lopez, Julian died 4 Apr 1869

Lopez, Lucia died 10/22/1928 age 26y, child of Juan Celedon Lopez and Carmel Martinez

Lopez, Maria Soledad born 10/6/1832 La Estaca, Rio Arriba Co. died 10/5/1909 age 77y, child of Salvador Lopes and Apolonia Martinez

Lopez, Petrita born 4/29/1865 died 9/27/1951East Arroyo Seco

Lucero, Jose G. died 12/31/2006 age 70y, Vet, child of Benjamin Lucero, husband of Patricia Lucero

Lucero, Juliana died 27 May 1862 daughter of Jose de la Merced Lucero and Paula Sanchez

Lucero, Maria died 23 Dec 1994

Lucero, Maria Jacinta died 8-2-1867 10 months old daughter of Alfonso Lucero and Maria Victoria Maes.

Lucero, Pedro Ignacio died 3 Jul 1854 widow of his second wife Maria PeregrinaSanches

Lucero, Rosario Martinez died 11/9/1935 age 76y, wife of Jose Refugio Lucero

Madrid, Agapito died 4/2/1921 age 27y, child of Ramon Madrid and Candelaria Rival

Madrid, Casimira R. died Aug. 24, 2008

Madrid, José Manuel died 19 Jul 1863 2 month old son of Juan Manuel Madrid and Maria Esquipula Salazar

Madrid, Juan Manuel died 10/30/1918 age 21y, child of Manuel Madrid and Candelaria Ruival

Madrid, Juana Maria died 29 Oct 1868 infant daughter of Juan Manuel Madrid and Maria Salazar

Madrid, María De La Paz died Mar. 8, 2006

Madrid, Vicente died 8-7-1871 husband of Maria Manuela Deluvina Salazar, son of Jose Cristoval Madrid and Maria Manuela Gertrudis Medina

Madril, Genoveva died 2/7/1928 age 21y, child of Ramon Madril and Candelaria Ruival

Madril, Ramon died 3/26/1923 age 66y, child of Juan Manuel Madril and Esquipula Salazar

Maes, Maria Guadalupe died 19 Jul 1853 18 year old daughter of San Juan Maes and Maria Margarita Martinez,

Maes, Maria Josefa died 24 Dec 1854 wife of the deceased Sanches

Maestas, Nasaria born 7/28/1887 died 11/15/1946

Maldonado, José Antonio died 15 Jan 1854 smaill son of Victorio Maldonado and Maria Guadalupe Olguin

Maldonado, Jose de Jesus died 24 July 1868 infant son of Jose Francisco Maldonado and Maria Dolores Salazar

Maldonado, Maria Nestora died 29 Mar 1854 small daughter of Victorio Maldonado Y de Maria Guadalupe Olguin

Mares, Enrique died 9/3/1921 age 11y, child of Alfonso Mares and Dolores Romero

Mares, Ercilia died 21 Oct 1994 age 65y, wife of Jose D. Mares

Marquez, Aloysious died 6/28/1948

Marquez, Leocadita died Aug 1914 age 9m daughter of Gabriel Marquez and Bersabe M. de Marquez.

Marquez, Leopoldo Gregorio died 16 Dec 1928 at Arroyo Seco age 5y, son of Grabiel Marques and Bersabe Marques

Marquez, Maria Francisca died 9 Apr 1855 newborn daughter of Miguel Antonio Marques and Maria Candelaria Sandoval

Marquez, Steven died Oct. 23, 2009

Martin, Andrea died 22 May 1862 daughter of Julian Martin and Josefa García

Martin, Francisco Leandro died 18 Jun 1863 18 day old son of Juan Gerónimo Martin and Maria Saturnina Márquez

Martin, José del Carmen died 23 Oct 1863 2 month old son of Jose Manuel Martin and Paula Vigil

Martin, Juan Francisco died 18 Jun 1863 1 day old son of Serbino Martin and Maria Emiliana Sanchez

Martin, José Luciano died 19 Sep 1855 7 month old son of Juan Gerónimo Martín and Maria Saturnina Márquez

Martin, Luis Maria died 9-5-1871 husband of Maria Lucia Mestas

Martin, Maria Cleofe died 30 Sep 1863 buried 3 Oct 1863 9 month old daughter of Luis Maria Martin and Maria Luisa Martin

Martin, Maria Jacinta died 10 Oct 1863 daughter of Geronimo Martin and Maria de los Reyes Pando

Martin, Maria Pelegrina died 9 Dec 1854 wife of Jose Dolores Martines

Martin, Maria Victoria died 12 July 1862 daughter of Severino Martin and Emiliana Sánchez.

Martin, Rita Sanchez died 4-10-1871 wife of Jose Martin, daughter of Antonio Jose Sanchez and Faustina Varela.

Martin, Secundina, died 21 June 1862 daughter of Cruz Martin and Cenobia Valencia

Martinez, Adelaida died 4-8-1920, buried 4-10-1920, age 38y, born Arroyo Seco, wife of Pablo Martinez, daughter of Navor and Juliana Martinez

Martinez, Amado born Colonias died 23 Feb 1920 age 1y, son of Tobias Martinez and Emalina Garcia both parents born Arroyo Seco

Martinez, Anacito died 1/10/1919 age 32y, child of Manuel R. Martinez and Martina Martinez

Martinez, Angelina R. died Jun. 26, 2005

Martinez, Antonia died 7/23/1909 age 46y, child of Francisco Medina and Rafaela Barron

Martinez, Benito died 05 Aug 1928 age 21y, child of Manuel Antonio Martinez and Leonarda Martinez

Martinez, Bertha no dates, daughter of Dora G. Martinez

Martinez, Dora G. died 22 Feb 1995 age 72y,

Martinez, Edward died 27 May 1940 age 12y, son of Reyes and Matilde M. Martinez

Martinez, Eligio died 2/19/1928 age 15y, child of Leandro Martinez and Juana Medina

Martinez, Escolastico died 11 Jan 1910

Martinez, Facunda died 3/28/1915 age 92y, child of Jose Francisco Martinez and Paula Baldonado

Martinez, Fidelino died 31 Aug 1936 at Arroyo Seco age 1y, son of Fortunato Martinez and Sobeida Martinez

Martinez, Frutosa died Apr. 26, 2005

Martinez, J. Miguel born 7/5/1899 child of Juan de Dios Martinez and Ramona Sanchez; died 12/5/1979 age 80.

Martinez, Jesus M. born 10/21/1871 died 2/20/1948 born El Rito

Martinez, Jose Benjamin died 15 Nov 1995 age 67y, husband of Medalia Martinez

Martinez, Jose Francisco died 5/23/1931 age 84y, child of Mariano Martinez and Maria Gertrudes Madril

Martinez, Jose Griego died 23 Jul 1853 husband of Maria Magdalena Sanches

Martinez, Jose Jacobo died 3/6/1927 age 36y, born Mora, child of Francisco Martinez and Victoria Martinez

Martinez, Jose Luciano died 9-19-1855 age 7 months son of Juan Geronimo Martin and Maria Saturnina Marquez

Martinez, Jose Maria died 6-18-1850 born Arroyo Seco, child of Jose Antonio Martines and Maria Barbara Tafoya

Martinez, Josefa died 1/1/1918 age 63y, child of Mariano Martinez and Gertrudes Madrid

Martinez, Josefa Maldoner died 5/10/1939 age 95y

Martinez, Joseph died Nov. 2, 2007

Martinez, Juan Geronimo died 9/10/1909 age 77y, child of Jose Francisco Martinez and Pabla Baldonado

Martinez, Juana Pacheco born 12/28/1892 child of Cosme Pacheco and Lugarda Martines; died 5/2/1975 age 82.

Martinez, Julian died 2/16/1912 age 82y, child of Jose M. Martinez and Juana M. Aragon

Martinez, Leondrita M. born 1875 died 2/12/1950born Taos

Martinez, Levinio F. born 11/4/1918 child of Maximiano F. Martinez and Juana Pacheco; died 6/2003 age 84

Martinez, Loyola Alice born 7/5/1945 died 3/10/1946born CA

Martinez, Lugarda died 4/14/1934 age 33y, child of Rosalia Martinez and Teresa Montoya

Martinez, Manuel R. died 10/1/1934 age 70y, husband of Delfina Martinez

Martinez, Manuel R. died Jul. 24, 2005

Martinez, Manuelita S. born 1877 died 11/6/1947 born Arroyo Seco

Martinez, Maria Isabel died 1 Jan 1868 infant daughter of Antonio Luciano Martinez and Francisca Tafoya

Martinez, Margarito died 26 Nov 1995 age 77y, husband of Elizaida Martinez

Martinez, Maximiano F. born 5/29/1890 died 2/29/1960 age 69 son of Juan de Dios Martinez and Ramona Sanchez

Martinez, Norbert born Jun. 6, 1945 died Jul. 21, 2009

Martinez, Pedro Damian died 4/13/1931 age 59y, child of Juan Geronimo Martinez and Severina Marquez

Martinez, Rafaela Pacheco born 6/6/1898 child of Cosme Pacheco and Lugarda Martines; died 11/26/1980 age 82.

Martinez, Rosalia died 1/27/1919 age 51y, child of Jose Francisco Martinez and Maria Guillermo Garcia

Martinez, Seferino born 2/20/1874 died 2/17/1946 born Arroyo Seco

Martinez, Tomas V. died Aug. 26, 2008

Mascarenas, Pablo died 4/20/1906 age 75y, born at Embudo, child of Tomas Mascarenas

Mascias, Juan Esteban died 7 Sep 1852 infant son of Francisco Mascias and Maria del Rosario Romero

Mayer, Charles died 18 Nov 1994 age 81y, husband of Nicole Mayer

Medina, Feliciana died 4/22/1924 age 83y, child of Jose Manuel Medina and Maria Ignacia Lucero

Medina, Guillerma Quintana born 1861 at Arroyo Seco died 22 Dec 1924 at Arroyo Seco buried 24 Dec 1924 age 63y wife of J. Manuel Medina daughter of Jose M. Quintana and Teodora Valdez both parents born at Arroyo Seco

Medina, Jose Manuel died 4/20/1934 age 73y, child of Pedro Nolasco Medina and Lorenza Archuleta

Medina, Luis Maria Medina died 12-28-1870 small son of Juan Medina and Librada Martinez

Medina, Maria died 5 Mar 1862 daughter of Jose Manuel Medina and Maria Cruz Romero

Medina, Maria de la Luz died 14 Nov 1867 infant daughter of Juan de los Reyes Medina and Maria Romualda Maes

Medina, Jose Francisco died 4 Oct 1863 3 year old son of Maria Geronima Mestas

Miera, Antonia Rose Addelle died 10/24/2006 age 16y, child of Anthony Miera and Tammy C. Roybal

Mondragon, Andrew D. died Jul. 12, 2007

Mondragon, Maria de la Lus Montoya died 4-6-1855 wife of Miguel Mondragon

Montano, Alex Phillip born 6/8/1948 died 9/1/1948born Taos

Montano, Bilia died 2 Jan 1914 age 1y 8m, daughter of Leocadio Montano and wife

Montano, Melitón Locario died Sep. 15, 2007

Montoya, Cristobal Enrique died 24 Sep 1941 at Desmontes infant son of Cristoval Montoya and Rafaelita S. Montoya

Montoya, Dionisio died 11/6/1930 age 76y, child of Mariano Montoya and Maria Lara

Montoya, Jose Conrado died 03 Oct 1929 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Juan De Dios Montoya and Adelina Martinez

Montoya, Maria de la Lus died 6 Apr 1855 wife of Miguel Mondragon

Montoya, Maria del Carmen died 10/13/1919 age 58y, child of Jose T. Montoya and Maria C. Lopez

Montoya, Maria Pabla born 1/17/1865 died 6/4/1949born Arroyo Seco

Montoya, Martin died 11/12/1918 age 66y, born Agua Fria, child of Jose Ignacio Montoya and Maria Carmel Lopez

Oakeley, Agapita Cordova born 28 Jul 1895 at Arroyo Seco died 04 Sep 1920 at Taos buried 05 Sep 1920 age 25y, wife of W. H. Oakeley daughter of Antonio D. Cordova and Gertrudes Sanchez

Ortega, Ilfonso died 28 Mar 1862 infant son of Dolores Ortega

Ortega, Maria Luisa died 30 Apr 1863 at Arroyo Hondo buried 18 Jun 1863 daughter of Maria Dolores Ortega

Ortiz, Jose Abram Casimiro died 12-2-1870 small son of Encarnacion Ortiz and Peregrina Sanchez.

Ortiz, Jose Antonio died 20 Oct 1937 at Arroyo Seco age 1y, son of Juan Ortiz and Felis Casados

Ortiz, son died 30 Nov 1940 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Juan Ortiz and Felis Casados

Pacheco, Antonio D. died 12/6/1918 age 60y, child of Manuel A. Pacheco and Maria A. Martinez

Pacheco, Cosme born 9/27/1859 La Villita, Rio Arriba Co. died 5/24/1933 age 74y, child of Juan Isidro Pacheco and Soledad Lopez

Pacheco, Cosme died 30 Aug 1933 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Marcos Pacheco and Nicolasa Duran

Pacheco, daughter died 25 Oct 1937 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Pablo Pacheco and Amalia Ortega

Pacheco, Elvira born 12/17/1929 died 9/8/1946 born Arroyo Seco

Pacheco, Evangelina died 28 Oct 1933 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Walfredo Pacheco and Marianita Rendon

Pacheco, Evilia G died Dec. 10, 2004

Pacheco, Felis Elsie died 12 Oct 1938 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Camilo Pacheco and Abedonia Fernandez

Pacheco, Francisco died 07 Nov 1937 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Marcelino Pacheco and Matilde Sierra

Pacheco, Jose Eulogio born 3/17/1866 died 1/5/1949 born Rio Arriba County

Pacheco, Jose Luis, Jr died Apr. 7, 2009

Pacheco, Juan A. died Jan. 19, 2008

Pacheco, Juanita Marta died 16 Jan 1943 at Desmontes infant daughter of Ramon Pacheco and Rosana Martinez

Pacheco, Leonor died 2/3/1919 age 59y, child of Manuel Antonio Pacheco and Maria Antonia Martinez

Pacheco, Lugarda Martines born 10/14/1875 child of Severino Martin and Emiliana Sanchez; died 1/15/1960 age 84.

Pacheco, Maria Dela Luz Sanchez died 25 Dec 1928 at Arroyo Seco age 62y, wife of A.C. Pacheco daughter of Pedro Sanchez and Guadalupe Sanchez

Pacheco, Maria Gregoria died 28 Nov 1863 buried 13 Dec 1863 2 year old daughter of Juan Isidro Pacheco and Maria Soledad López

Pacheco, Ocklis born 7/1/1946 died 12/3/1946

Pacheco, Presilliano died 15 Nov 1937 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Marcelino Pacheco and Matilde Sierra

Pacheco, Rosa born 8/30/1907 died 8/19/1947 born Arroyo Seco

Pacheco, Rudy Antonio born 8/23/1949 died 1/25/1950 East Arroyo Seco

Pacheco, Silveriana died 11/17/1918 age 24y, child of Antonio D. Pacheco and Reyes Sanchez

Pacheco, Soledad Lopez died 5 Oct 1909 age 72y,

Pacheco, Sylvia D. born 21 Jan 1934 at New Mexico died 06 Feb 1961 at Texas age 27y, daughter of Jose Albino Sanchez and Corina Martinez buried 08 Feb 1961

Pacheco, Teresita died 11 Dec 1915 age 2y 7m, daughter of Jose Eulogio Pacheco and wife

Padilla, Bonifacia died 25 Oct 1930 at Arroyo Seco age 26y, daughter of Manuel Padilla and Florencia Maldonado    

Padilla, Florencia P. born 5/10/1884 died 4/21/1949 born Arroyo Seco

Padilla, Manuel died 8 Aug 1909 age 33y, husband of Silveria V. de Padilla

Padilla, Maria Felipa died 10-7-1862 daughter of Jose Manuel Padilla and Feliciana Ortiz

Padilla, Maria Manuelita died 24 Sep 1941 at Arroyo Seco age 2y, daughter of Celestino Padilla and Mariana Martinez

Padilla, Maria Severina Sanchez died 10-30-1870, wife of Rafael Padilla.

Pineda, Maria Eduvigen died 8-18-1870 small daughter of Tomas Pineda and Placida Valdez.

Portillo, David died 05 Nov 1929 at Arroyo Seco age 30y, son of Ambrosio Portillo and Rebecca Martinez

Quintana, Luisa Lopes died 15 Dec 1928 at Arroyo Seco age 68y, wife of Francisco Quintana daughter of Miguel Lopes and Antonia Sanches

Quintana, Maria Fidelia died 16 Aug 1930 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Jose Manuel Quintana and Josefa Martinez

Rascon, Ramon died Jul. 9, 2007

Rendon, Adelaide O. died 31 Mar 1930 at Arroyo Seco age 45y, daughter of Santana Ortiz

Rendon, Juanita M. Padilla died 3 May 1910 age 25y 11m wife of Ricardo Rendon

Rendon, Virginia Fresquez born 09 Aug 1892 at Des Montes died 05 Apr 1938 at Arroyo Seco age 46y, wife of Tomas Rendon daughter of Ricardo Fresquez and Leonarda Lara both parents born at Des Montes buried 06 Apr 1938

Rodríguez, Antonio de la Luz died 30 Dec 1863 5 month old son of Miquel Rodríguez and Maria Petra Sandoval

Romero, daughter died 05 Mar 1932 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Donaciano Romero and Crusita Martinez

Romero, Ana Maria died 12 Aug 1868 adukt daughter of Jose Romero and Miquela Fresques

Romero, Eddy died 29 Nov 1940 at rural Taos infant son of Jose Leonides Romero and Perfecta Lujan

Romero, Encarnacion died 9/12/1906 born at Bosque Redondo, child of Maria Encarnacion Romero

Romero, Guillermo died 10/17/1934 age 48y, single

Romero, Jose Ignacio born 22 May 1842 at Talpa died 27 Mar 1920 at Arroyo Seco age 78y, husband of Leonarda Casados son of Jesus Romero and Anamaria both parents born Talpa buried 28 Mar 1920

Romero, José Ramón died 6 Nov 1854 small son of Pedro Romero and Maria Marta Medina

Romero, Manuel died 2 Apr 1862 son of Francisco Antonio Romero and Antonia García

Romero, Maria Agueda de Jesus Maes died 5-17-1850wife of Juan de Jesus Romero

Romero, Maria Josefa died 29 Apr 1863 16 year old daughter of Jose Romero and Manuela Fresques

Romero, Maria Manuela died 9-16-1855 age 10 days daughter of Jose Tomas Romero and Maria Petra García

Romero, Martiniano died 4/10/1928 at Arroyo Seco age 68y, husband of Adelaida Romero son of Tomas Aquino Romero and Petra Garcia

Romero, Placida died 2/3/1929 age 60y, child of Miguel Romero and Feliciana Medina

Romero, Santiago Oligario died 25 Sep 1928 at Arroyo Seco age 1y, son of Donaciano Romero and Ernesta M Romero

Romero, Shawn Quintana died Nov. 1, 2009

Ruival, Maria Barvara died 4 Jun 1852 wife of the deceased Jose Antonio Ortega

Sahd, Albert J. died 20 May 1995 husband of Elvira Sahd

Sahd, Elvira T. Martinez born 5/26/1929 died 2/17/2007 age 77 child of Maximiano F. Martinez and Juana Pacheco;

Salazar, Alfonso died 8/19/1921 age 26y, child of Miguel Salazar and Placida Cruz

Salazar, Luciano died 6 Jan 1862 husband of Maria Antonia Ruival

Salazar, María Antonia died 6 Nov 1863 1 year 6 month old adopted daughter of Andres Salazar and María Anacleta Vigil

Sanches, Maria Vitalia died 4-21-1851 age 1m, child of Jose Sanches and Maria Estefana Medina

Sanches, Mariano died 5-6-1850 husband of Maria del Rosario Martines and Maria Josefa Maes

Sanchez, Abel died 18 Sept 1914 age 1y 6m, son of Andres Sanchez and Eulalia F. de Sanchez

Sanchez, Antonio born 9/01/1869 died 8/16/1948

Sanchez, Emiliana died 3/23/1922 age 81y, child of Santiago Sanchez and Rafaela Martinez

Sanchez, Encarnacion died 3/16/1920 age 77y, child of Juan de Jesus Sanchez and Josefa Romero

Sanchez, Eulalia Fernandez died 17 April 1915 age 30y, wife of Andres Sanchez.

Sanchez, Filiberto died 3/31/1922 age 34y, child of Albino Sanchez and Dolores Padilla

Sanchez, Francisca Antonia Duran died 5/25/1936 age 27y, wife of Fernandez P. Sanchez, child of Juan P. Duran

Sanchez, Irene Medina died 10/15/1934 age 22y, wife of Rudolfo Sanchez

Sanchez, Jose Melcor died 6/15/2006 age 77y, child of Alfredo and Gomicinda Sanchez

Sanchez, Jose Narciso died 3-6-1871 small son of Albino Sanchez and Maria Dolores Padilla.

Sanchez, Laura E. Archuleta born 12/1/1916 child of Juan C. Archuleta and Lorenza Medina; died 12/18/1996 age 80

Sanchez, Lucesita born 10 Feb 1920 at Arroyo Seco died 20 Feb 1920 daughter of Felix Sanches and Tonita Salazar buried 20 Feb 1920

Sanchez, Margarita died 10/31/1932 age 47y, child of Albino Sanchez and Maria Dolores Padilla

Sanchez, Maria Cleofes died 5-25-1850 age 2y, child of Jose Miguel Sanchez and Maria Candelaria Vigil

Sanchez, Maria de la Luz died 12/27/1928 age 63y, child of Pedo Sanchez and Guadalupe Sanchez

Sanchez, Maria del Refujio died 3-24-1871 small daughter of Eugenio Sanchez and Maria Soledad Sizneros.

Sanchez, Maria Guadalupe died 1/15/1929 age 92y, child of Pedro Sanchez and Maria de la Luz Sisneros

Sanchez, Maria Rufina died 6 Jan 1854 small daughter of Maria Dolores Sanches

Sanchez, Narcisa died 21 Mar 1862 adult daughter of Juan dela Cruz Sanchez and Luisa Armijo

Sanchez, Placida Romero died 03 Feb 1929 at Arroyo Seco age 59y, daughter of Miguel Romero and Feliciana Medina wife of Albino Sanches

Sanchez, Veronis Martinez died 6/7/1938 age 24y, wife of Max Sanchez

Sandoval, Elsa Patricia born 11/9/1945 died 3/26/1946 born Arroyo Seco

Sandoval, Juliano died 8 Apr 1869 7 months old son of Benito Sandoval and María Basilia Martin

Sandoval, Severino died 18 June 1862 infant son of Benito Sandoval and Cecilia Martin

Santistevan, Rafaela died 3/11/1932 age 81y, child of Juan Santistevan and Justa Sandoval

Sena, Jose Isac died 9 Sep 1868 infant son of Maria Teresa Sena

Sierra, Higinio born Arroyo Seco died 29 Jan 1920 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Pedro A.M. Sierra and Eulalia Jaramillo buried 30 Jan 1920

Sierra, Sara died 6/17/1915 age 26y, child of Reyes Cruz Sierra and Anastasia Madril

Tafoya, Apolonio Tafoya died 6-12-1869 small son of Pedro Antonio Tafoya and Felipa Romero.

Tafoya, Hipolito died 8-19-1867 husband of Catalina Trujillo, son of Paulino Tafoya and Isabel Cordova.

Tafoya, Jose de la Luz died 4/14/1907 age 64y, child of Pedro Tafoya, adopted by Dionisio Gonzales

Tafoya, Maria Natividad died 10 Jun 1853 wife of Jose Francisco Torres

Tenorio, Maria Paula died 29 Mar 1854 small daughter of Maria Concesión Tenorio

Torrez, Daniel died 2-15-2009

Trujillo, Antonio B. died 10/30/1920 age 58y, child of Amador Trujillo and Dolores Martinez

Trujillo, Leandro died 11/22/1918 age 55y, child of Pedro Jose Trujillo and Rita Mondragon

Trujillo, Maria Dolores died 10-15-1867 infant natural daughter of Maria Gertrudis Trujillo.

Trujillo, Maria Gregoria died 17 Nov 1854 widow of Manuel Sanches

Vachicha, Genobevo died 7-14-1869 3 years old son of Ramon Vachicha and Juana Rosalia Gallegos

Valdez, Agustina died 5 Mar 1862 daughter of Jose Maria Valdez and Maria la Cruz Gonzales

Valdez, Cirila Graciana died 06 Oct 1938 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Frank Valdez and Adelina Apodaca

Valdez, Elionor Martinez died 15 Jun 1932 at Arroyo Seco age 82y, wife of Quinto Valdez daughter of Antonio Martinez and Encarnacion Mando?

Valdez, Maria Amelia died 20 May 1932 at Arroyo Seco infant daughter of Frank Valdez and Adelina Apodaca

Valdez, Peter Joaquin died Jun. 27, 2007

Valdez, Ruben died 05 Sep 1938 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Frank Valdez and Adelina Apodaca

Valdez, son died 15 May 1932 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Frank Valdez and Adelina Apodaca

Valencia y Lobato, Rafael died 26 Aug 1913 husband of Dionicia M. de Valencia

Valencia, Juan Bautista died 22 May 1854 2 year old son of Rafael Balencia and Maria Rosalía Lovato

Valencia, Leocaida died Aug. 17, 2009

Valencia, Luis died 10/9/1922 age 72y, child of Rafael Valencia and Rosario Lovato

Valencia, Maria Benigna Cruz Valdez died 10 Jan 1907 age 67y, wife of Nemecio Valencia buried 11 Jan 1907

Valencia, Maria Ferminia Jesusita died 23 Dec 1938 age 99y, daughter of Rafael Valencia and Rosalia Labato

Vargas, Gilberto C. died 10/24/2006 age 77y, widow of Stella Vargas, child of Gilberto and Herminda Vargas

Vargas, Juana Maria died 13 Sep 1863 9 year old daughter of Domingo Bargas and Marta Fernandes

Varos, Eugenia O.died 12 Aug 1905 age 77y

Varos, Frank died Nov 22, 1968 age 58y, husband of Emily Varos

Varos, Guadalupe F. died 15 April 1910 age 36y 4m 4d, wife of Perfecto Varos

Varos, Juanita Viola died Jun. 8, 2008

Varos, Severo Amos died 29 April 1995 age 65y

Velasquez, Maria Dolores died 21 Dec 1863 60 year old wife of Felipe Santiago Maes

Vigil, Adelina died May 13, 2007

Vigil, Basilio Roberto died 04 Aug 1940 at Arroyo Seco infant son of Johnny Vigil and Juanita Martinez

Vigil, John Manny died July 24, 1998 age 59y,

Vigil, Jose Rafael died 25 Feb 1869 husband of Maria del Carmen Valerio, son of Diego Antonio Vigil

Vigil, Jose Otero died 6 Dec 1863 8 month old son of Vidal Vigil and Maria Andrea Gallegos

Vigil, Juan de Dios died 9 Dec 1863 son of Juan de Dios Vigil and Paublita Sánchez

Vigil, Julian died 23 Jan 1864 3 month old son of Antonio Abad Vigil and Paula Gallegos

Vigil, Maria Dolores died 12 Jun 1853 16 day old daughter of Miguel Vigil and Maria Guadalupe Crus

Vigil, Maria Eulalia died 11 Dec 1907 age 9m 3d, daughter of Julian C. Vigil and Juanita A. Vigil

Vigil, Maria Ramona died 16 Nov 1863 1 year old daughter of Jose Miguel Vigil and Maria Guadalupe Cruz

Vigil, Prudencia Elvira died Jan 1914 age 8y 3m 17d, daughter of F. A. Vigil and Silverita de Vigil

Vigil, Tobias died 29 Apr 1944 at Arroyo Seco age 77y, husband of Natividad Duran daughter of Manuel Vigil and Juanita Martinez

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