Taos County, New Mexico
Santisima Trinidad Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Abila, Maria Manuela died 3-19-1851 age 6d, child of Antonio Anastacio Abila & Maria Dolores Salasar

Archuleta, Maria de Cristina died 2-14-1852 age 1y, child of Jose Maria Archuleta & Maria Dolores Sanches

Archuleta, Rafael died 9-8-1851 husband of Maria Encarnacion Cordova

Arguello, Maria Eurevia died 3-22-1851 age 2m, child of Juan Manuel Arguello & Maria Nieves Romero

Bachicha, Jose de Jesus died 8-23-1850 husband of Maria Josefa Martines

Bachicha, Jose Tomas died 6-18-1850 born Arroyo Seco, age 29y, son of Antonio Bachicha & Ana Maria Belasques

Beaubien, Juana Maria died 11-21-1851 age 3y, died in Arroyo Hondo, parents unknown

Cordova, Jose Perfecto died 3-18-1853 age 1y, child of Jose Rafael Cordova & Maria Damasia Garcia

Cordova, Maria de la Encarnacion died 9-24-1851died 9-8-1851, widow of Rafael Archuleta

Duran, Jose Juliano died 2-11-1852 age 4m, child of Jose Doroteo Duran & Maria de Jesus Maes

Duran, Maria Albina died 4-8-1853 child of the deceased Juan Bautista Duran & Maria Encarnacion Martines

Fernandes, Maria Micaela died 2-7-1855 daughter of Francisco Fernandes & Maria

Gallegos, Maria Clara died 9-20-1850 wife of Jose Dolores Duran

Garcia, Jose Florensio died 11-11-1851 age 17y, child of Desiderio Garcia & Maria Manuela Martines

Gonzales, Cristobal died 3-27-1855 husband of Maria Simona Trujillo

Gonsales, Maria Rita died 11-28-1850 age 1m 20d, child of Jose Guadalupe Gonsales & Maria Encarnacion Romero

Gutierres, Jose Eulogio died 3-21-1853 age 1y, child of Jose Reyes Gutierres & Maria Rosa Sanches

Gutierres, Maria Guadalupe died 3-10-1851 age 3y, child of Jose Reyes Gutierres & Antonia Rosa Sanches

Gutierres, Maria Victoria died 3-15-1851 age 8m, child of Reyes Gutierres & Maria Antonia Rosa Sanchez

Lucero, Juan Antonio died 2-8-1852 husband of Barbara Antonio ?

Madrid, Jose Doroteo died 4-30-1854 age 3y, child of Juan Madrid & Margarita Romero

Madrid, Maria de Jesus died 2-14-1852 wife of Juan de Jesus Madrid, 7 children

Madrid, Maria Loreta died 7-15-1850 age 1y 1m, child of Jose Vicente Madrid & Maria Deluvina Salazar

Maes, Juan Cristobal died 2-14-1851 age 2m, child of Santiago Maes & Maria Dolores Belasques

Maes, Maria Juana Catarina died 6-27-1850 age 7y, child of Francisco Maes & Maria Rosario Romero

Maes, Maria Margarita died 3-16-1852 age 1m, child of Jose Felis Maes & Maria de la Trinidad Cordova

Maes, San Juan died 3-5-1853 husband of Margarita Martines, 2 children

Marques, Maria Francisca died 4-9-1855 newborn daughter of Miguel Antonio Marques & Maria Candelaria Sandoval

Martin, Jose Rafael died 2-14-1851 age 1m, child of Manuel Martin & Maria Guadalupe Bustos

Martines, Jose Francisco died 4-13-1851 age 3m, child of Antonio Jose Martines & Maria Rita Sanches

Martines, Jose Ramon died 3-23-1851 age 4m, child of Jose Francisco Martines & Maria Francisca Bustos

Martines, Maria Andrea died 10-29-1851 age 2m, child of Geronimo Martines & Maria de la Los Reyes Vialpando

Martines, Maria Erinea died 3-7-1851 age 2y, child of Manuel Martines & Maria Guadalupe Bustos

Martines, Maria Hermenegilda died 9-15-1851 age 3y, child of Jose Francisco Martines & Maria Paula Bustos

Medina, Jose Manuel died 3-18-1851 age 26y, son of Antoio Rafael Medina & Maria Concepcion Romero

Medina, Julian died 6-11-1850 born Arroyo Seco, widowed of Maria Paula Sanches

Roibal, Maria de las Nieves died 10-6-1851 age 5y, child of Juan Domingo Roibal & Maria Ascencion Vargas

Romero, Jose Benigno died 4-1-1851 age 7m, child of Jose Romero & Refujio Garcia

Salasar, Maria Juana died 3-20-1852 age 8m, child of Jose Rafaael Salasar & Maria Josefa Espinosa

Sanches, Juan Maria died 1-31-1852 age 7y, child of Juan de la Crus Sanches & Maria Luisa Armijo

Sanches, Maria Irenea died 3-25-1853 age 6m, child of Jose Andres Sanches & Maria Estefana Medina

Sandoval, Maria Micaela died 12-17-1851 widow of Carpio Sandoval, 4 sons, 1 daughter

Tafoya, Maria Albina died 3-11-1851 wife of Jose Miguel Vigil, 5 children

Tafoya, Maria Ignacia died 6-23-1851 age 1y, child of Jose Bernardo Tafoya & Alisia Lovato Tafoya

Tenorio, Jose del Espiritu Santo died 3-18-1851 age 1y 4m, child of Maria Concepcion Tenorio

Vigil, Jose de la Crus died 3-22-1851 age 6m, child of Jose Miguel Vigil & Maria Albina Tafoya

Vigil, Juan de Jesus died 9-6-1850 husband of Maria Manuela Trujillo of 2nd marri age

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