Taos County, New Mexico
Santa Cruz Cemetery

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Santa Cruz Cemetery - Penasco - Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn left at NM-518, turn right at NM-75, turn left at NM-76, turn right at La Plaza Road, turn left at Vallecitos Road, slight left.

Ansures, Maria de Guadalupe died 2 Jun 1737 age about 60y, widow of Fulano Ansures.

Atiensa, Francisco de died 17 Nov 1740, age 32y, husband of Maria de Medina.

Atiensa, Joseph died 21 Jan 1731, married, age 70y.

Benavides, Benito died 9 Oct 1738, single, age 14y.

Benavides, Rosa died 2 May 1729, single, age 16y.

Cardenas, Maria died 5 Nov 1737, age 3y, daughter of Antonio Cardenas, mulato, and Pasquala Lopes, india.

Castillo, Lazaro died 26 Jun 1737 age 2y, legitimate son of Manuel del Castillo and Maria Francisca Chaves.

Cortes, Dionisio died 3 Nov 1736 age about 36y.

Dominguez, Josefa died 26 May 1736 age about 70y.

Fresquis, Jose died 22 Nov 1830, son of Jose Andres Fresquis and Maria Josefa Quintana residents of La Canada.

Gamboa, Felipa died 12 Oct 1738.

Garcia, Juanita died 18 Jul 2008

Giron, Maria Paula Cordova died 18 Nov 1830, wife of Juan Phelipe Giron residents of Taos.

Gonzalez, Ygnacia died 7 Oct 1737 age 3y, daughter of Diego Gonzalez and Elena Vigil.

Herrera, Antonio died 27 Sep 1737 age 2y, son of Manuel de Herrera and Juana Jaramillo.

Jaramillo, Francisca Xaviela died 6 Aug 1738, legitimate daughter of Roque Xaramillo and Petrona Cardenas.

Jaramillo, Miguel died 31 Aug 1728 son of Roque Jaramillo and Petrona Cardenas.

Leiba, Angela died 1 Apr 1727 age 70y, widow of Cristobal Torres.

Lopez, Antonia died 28 Feb 1727 age 2m legitimate daughter of Juan Antonio Lopez and Juana Maria Romero.

Lopez, Juan Antonio died 2 Jan 1736, age about 35y husband of Juana Maria Romero.

Lopez, Juana died 23 Aug 1734 age 100y.

Marquez, Antonia died 28 Jun 1733 infant, legitimate daughter of Jose Marquez and Juana Balverde.

Marquez, Captain Diego died 29 Apr 1729, age 46y.

Marquez, Juana Valverde died 5 May 1734 wife of Jose Marquez, age 25y.

Martin, Cristobal died 23 Nov 1736 age about 70y.

Martin, Domingo died 27 Feb 1735, age 90y.

Martin, Jose Antonio died 4 Jul 1864 husband of Maria Antonia Padilla, residents of Parroquia de la Canada. Enterado por los Indios.

Martin, Juan de la Cruz died 2 Jun 1738, age 12y, son of Blas Martin and Rosa Machuca.

Medina, Juana died 22 Oct 1726, married, age 30y.

Mora, Manuela died 7 Jul 1736 age about 40y.

Mora, Maria Josefa died 11 Jul 1736 age about 36y.

Moraga, Antonia died 5 Aug 1729, married, age 80y.

Naranjo, Diego died 23 Jun 1737 age about 5y.

Olibas, Polonia died 26 Sep 1737 legitimate daughter of Pedro Atencio de Olibas and Ana Baca.

Pacheco, Jose Manuel died 14 Nov 1830, husband of Maria Josefa Madril residents of La Canada (Santa Cruz).

Quintana, Francisca died 12 Oct 1737, daughter of Joseph Quintana and Lugarda Tafoya.

Quintana, Francisco died 18 Dec 1728, single, age 19 or 20y.

Quintana, Maria died 12 Oct 1737 age 2y, daughter of Juan de Quintana and Francisca Xaviela Sanchez.

Quintana, Miguel died 24 Jan 1738, age 2y, son of Juan Quintana and Ysavel Sanchez.

Rivera, Lilio E. born 28 May 1919 died 8 Dec 2005

Romero, Diego died 9 Feb 1729 age 40y.

Romero, Juan Gabriel died 1 Sep 1728 infant, age 2m, son of Diego Romero and Josefa Medina.

Romero, Maria de Ynojos died 22 Dec 1731 wife of Francisco Xavier Romero.

Ruiz, Andres died 2 Oct 1733, vecino del Paso, married, age 48-50y.

Ruiz, Maria de la Concepcion died 26 Sep 1737 age 1y, daughter of Matias Ruiz.

Salas, Alonso died 9 Oct 1737 age 2y, legitimate son of Sebastian de Salas and Francisca de Salazar.

Salazar, Agustin de died 17 Feb 1740, age 90y, husband of Felipa Gamboa.

Sandoval, Juan de Dios Martinez died 12 Mar 1732, married, age 72y.

Silva, Maria Manuela Martin died 15 Jun 1850 wife of Jose Mariano Silva daughter of Joseph Julian Martin and Maria Rosa Mascarenas

Sisneros, Juana died 16 Nov 1830, daughter of Pablo Sisneros and Ysidora Archuleta residents of El Ranchito.

Tafoya, Eleutero died 26 Sep 2010

Tapia, Maria died 4 Nov 1726, age 80y.

Torres, Cristobal died 2 Dec 1726, married, age 77y.

Trujillo, Juan died 31 Mar 1738, newborn son of Pablo Trujillo and Francisca Marquez.

Valdes, Domingo died 14 Oct 1737, age 10m, son of Ygnacio Valdes and Gertrudis Dominguez.

Valdes, Isabel died 11 Nov 1731 age 1m, daughter of Ygnacio Baldes and Gertrudis Dominguez.

Valdes, Juan Domingo died 26 Feb 1733 son of Francisco Valdes and Lugarda Martin.

Valdes, Maria Anastasia died 25 Nov, 1830, daughter of Jose Antonio Valdes and Maria Juana Tafoya.

Valdes, Maria de Medina y Cabrera died 23 Jan 1731 age 58y, widow of Captain don Jose Ruis de Baldes.

Valensuela, Domingo died 12 Oct 1737, age 1y, son of Martin Valensuela and Maria de Aragon.

Vargas, Jose Patricio died 1 May 1738, son of Tomas de Vargas and Maria de Benavides.

Velasquez, Micaela died 19 May 1736 age 22y, wife of Lorenzo Velasquez.

Vigil, Captain Francisco Montes died 11 Sep 1731, married, age 80y.

Xiron, Barbara died 1 Dec 1737, newborn daughter of Vicente Xiron.

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