Taos County, New Mexico
San Jose de Gracia Cemetery

Contributed by Karen Mitchell
San Jose de Gracia Cemetery - Trampas. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn left at NM-518, turn right at NM-75, turn left at NM-76, turn left.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Arguello, Maria Tomasa Domingues died 30 May 1845 wife of Julian Arguello

Casillas, Francisco Antonio Rafael died 14 Jan 1781 age 2y, son of Bernando Casillas and Maria Rosa Lujan

Casillas, Juan Nepomucino de los Dolores died 1 Sep 1827 husband of Maria Ysidora Teodora Tafoya son of Bernando Casillas and Maria Rosa Lujan

Casillas, Maria Apolonia de La Luz born 7 Feb 1783 died 17 Nov 1783 daughter of Bernando Casillas and Maria Rosa Lujan

Chavez, David Jr. died April 6, 2001

Cordova, Anna Maria died 26 Feb 1781 daughter of Sebastian Cordova and Maria Josepha Dominguez

Cruz, Natividad died 2/13/1930 age 82y

Domingues, Jose de la Encarnacion died 28 Apr 1845 son of Jose Tomas Dominguez and Maria de la Luz Ortega

Domingues, Maria Josepha died 17 Mar 1798 wife of Sebastian Cordova

Garcia, Bibiana died 2 Mar 1781 daughter of Diego Antonio Garcia and Maria Antonia Nicolasa Leyva

Garcia, Fernando died February 8, 2010

Leyba, Daniel died 12/14/1928 WWI NM Pvt 1Cl 314 Engrs 89 Div

Leyba, Eligio born 12-15-1873 died 11/15/1918

Leyba, Faustin died 7/13/1909

Leyba, Jesus born 5-18-1874 died 1/13/1946

Leyba, Jose Esequiel born Sep. 11, 1902 died 1911

Leyba, Manuelita R. born 1847 died 1927

Leyba, Epifania B. born 1-6-1887 died 2-63-1922

Leyba, Maria Rita died 6/20/1942 age 72y

Leyba, Nicanor died 12/27/1919 WWI NM Pvt 125 Field Arty 34 Div

Leyba, Ramon born 1870 died 1/25/1945 age 75y

Leyba, Salvador Antonio died 19 Dec 1815 husband of Maria Antonia Martin

Leyba, Senaida T. dates unknown

Leyba, Tillie born 5/4/1915 died 6/26/1917

Leyba, Vicenta born 6/6/1902 died 3/5/1919

Leyva, Jose Hermenegildo born 15 Apr 1777 died 4 Jun 1844 husband of Maria Ysidora Sena son of Salvador Antonio Leyba and Maria Antonia Martin

Leyva, Jose Manuel born 25 Dec 1780 died 26 Jan 1781 son of Salvador Antonio Leyba and Maria Antonia Martin

Lopez, Agarito died 3/5/1935

Lopez, Enriquez H. died Mar. 6, 1992

Lopez, Josefita died 1/16/1942 age 69y

Lopez, Lucisita dates unknown

Lopez, Manuela born 5-1-1893 died 5/1/1935

Lopez, Manuelita R. born 4-12-1866 died 10-?-1943

Lucero, Margarita Leyba died 28 Feb 1781 wife of Valentin Lucero

Lucero, Jose Antonio died 19 Feb 1781 husband of Maria Ysabel Villalpando

Lucero, Jose Benigno died 16 Sep 1853 son of Antonio Lucero and Juana Lopez

Lucero, Maria Manuela Lucero born 15 Sep 1779 died 23 Feb 1781 daughter of Jose Antonio Lucero and Maria Ysabel Villalpando

Lujan, Maria Rafaela Mestas died 8 Sep 1845 wife of Antonio Lujan

Padilla, Felipe de Jesus died 22 Feb 1781 son of Juan Jose Padilla and Maria Manuela Lucero

Rodriques, Antonia Margarita died 13 Sep 1777

Romero, Andrellita G. born 1867 died 4/16/1942 age 75y

Romero, Jose Francisco died 12 Dec 1846 son of Jose Romero and Maria Ysabel Lujan

Romero, Juan Cristoval born 21 Oct 1814 died 25 Jan 1815 son of Francisco Romero and Maria Paula Ortega

Romero, Juan Domingo died 2 Sep 1828 husband of Maria Barbara Martin

Romero, Juan Policarpio died 11 Aug 1827 husband of Maria Felipa Ortega son of Juan Domingo Romero

Romero, Juana Catarina born 23 Nov 1798 died 12 Jan 1800 daughter of Juan Domingo Romero

Romero, Ramon born 8-31-1840 died 7/31/1931

Romero, born 10 Nov 1799 died 9 Jan 1800 daughter of Juan Policarpio Romero and Maria Felipa Ortega

Speaks, Elizabeth Ann born 8/9/1943 died 6/7/1999

Velarde, Carolina born 9/13/1917 died 12/11/1934

Vigil, Bertha Lopez died May 20, 2008

Vigil, Francisco born 11-2-1881 died 2/13/1940

Vigil, Petrita M. died 12/16/1943

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