Taos County, New Mexico
San Cristobal Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Arellano, Ana Maria died 4-24-1850 age 4m, child of Mariano Arellano

Arellano, Catarina Cordoba died 17 Dec 1944 at San Cristobal, age 72y, wife of Juan A. Arellano daughter of Buenaventura Cordoba and Maria Pastora Vigil

Cordova, Felipe N died 16 Sep 1932 at San Cristobal age 58y husband of Leonides V Cordova son of Jose G Cordova and Isabelita Santistevan

Cordova, Jose died Dec. 11, 2007

Cordova, Jose S. born 7/25/1881 died 11/30/1950

Cordova, Leonel date unknown, daughter of Jose S. and Ophelia Cordova

Cordova, Ophelia died 7-29-2000

Cordova, Rosita D. born at Arroyo Hondo died 04 Jan 1920 at Arroyo Hondo age 4y, daughter of Felipe Cordova and Leonides B. Vigil buried 05 Jan 1920

Cordova, Rufinita Maes born 16 Nov 1886 at San Cristobal died 04 Jul 1922 at Taos age 35y, wife of Jose Santago Cordova daughter of Jose Abel Maes and Eulalia Silva buried 05 Jul 1922

Cordova, Senaida died 07 Feb 1928 at San Cristobal age 1y, daughter of John F. Cordova and Manuelita Santistevan

Glenn, Steven dates unknown

Herrera, Jose Luis died 17 Apr 1934 at San Cristobal infant son of Presidia Herrera

Herrera, Juan Climaco died 07 Aug 1944 at San Cristobal age 86y, husband of Adelida Fernandez son of Juan Emilio Herrera and Rufinita Moran

Martinez, Benedito died 11 Oct 1905

Martinez, Pedro A. born 11/29/1872 died 2/24/1950

Martinez, Petrita born 4/28/1864 died 2/12/1949

Medina, Eulogia S. born 6/13/1906 died 8/11/1947

Medina, Julia O. died May 15, 2009

Medina, Margarita Avila died 15 Mar 1934 at San Cristobal age 80y, wife of Epimenio Medina daughter of Vicente Avila

Morris, Noah V. born 29 Aug 1881 at Stephens Co., Texas died 18 Jun 1938 at San Cristobal age 56y, husband of Maggie Morris son of Dewitt Morris and Anna Parthene father born either Ky Or NY mother born Benton Co., Tenn. occupation: Bee Man

Padilla, Joe L. born 1883 died 6/9/1946

Padilla, Maria Eutilia died Jul. 24, 2009

Romero, Adelmo born 27 Jun 1930 at San Cristobal died 25 Mar 1938 at Taos age 7y, son of Gabriel Romero and Domitilla Vigil father born Arroyo Seco mother born Arroyo Hondo buried 25 Mar 1938

Santistevan, Jose P. born 7/25/1872 died 4/20/1946

Santistevan, Leo J. died 5/24/2006 age 72y, widow of Connie Santistevan, child of Ruben & Delia Santistevan

Santistevan, Neves A. born 6/1878 died 1/20/1951

Silva, Celedonio died 12/10/1936 age 72y 9m, husband of Gregoria Nuanes

Silva, Jose Evaristo died 4/8/1935 age 37y, child of Celedon Silva & Gregorita Silva

Twitty, Sandra M. born Nov. 27, 1928 died Jun. 11, 2008

Valdes, Jose Maria died 9-18-1851 age 22y, child of Maria Salome Valdes, struck by lightening, buried without priest

Vandiver, Joseph Lane born 9/15/1852 died 7/24/1946

Vandiver, Mary A. died 7/20/1946

Vigil, Adelberto Claudio died Apr. 18, 2010

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