Taos County, New Mexico
Rio Lucio Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Rio Lucio Cemetery - Penasco - Go northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn left at NM-518, turn right at NM-75 for 6.9 miles.

Archuleta, Abel died 4 Jan 1939 age 28y son of Jose Archuleta and Adela Sanchez

Archuleta, Josefita died 1 Sep 2010

Archuleta, Trinidad died 6 Oct 1923 age 25y daughter of Ana Maria Archuleta

Arguello, Josefita Martinez died 20 Jan 1930 age 75y wife of Basilio Arguello

Barela, Manuel born 2 Nov 1907 died 1 Apr 1943 son of Teofilo Barela and Celia Medina husband of Eralia Laforett

Craft, David Anthony born 26 Jun 1962 died 15 Sep 1989

Duran, Emilia Torres born 3 Jul 1922 died 19 Feb 1943 daughter of Santaigo Torres and Gertrudes Gonzales wife of Adelaido Duran

Duran, Jose Monico died 29 Oct 1932 husband of Maria Ramona Quintana

Duran, Maria Ramona Quintana born 1 Jul 1870 died 30 Jan 1945 wife of Jose Monico Duran daughter of Maria Dolores Quintana

Duran, Monico died 29 Oct 1932 age 52y son of Jose Duran and Doloritas Vigil husband of Ramoncita Duran

Duran, Onofre died 24 Jul 1937 son of Jose Monico Duran and Maria Ramona Quintana

Gonzales, Delfina died 17 Jun 1928

Gurule, Eliseo born 1861 died 19 Jun 1946 born Pilar

Gurule, Elizaida died 24 Aug 2009

Gurule, Estefanita Joseph died 4 Feb 1930 age 23y daughter of Pedro Joseph and Felicita Joseph wife of Elfido Gurule

Gurule, Ursinia died 2 Mar 1930 age 38y wife of Onofre Gurule

Hoover, Annette Marie born 2 Apr 1969 died 21 Apr 1969

Hoover, Mary Jane Lopez born 18 Jun 1947 died 10 Feb 2008

Joseph, Sinforosa died 24 May 2007

Lopez, Eddie Arnold died 28 Apr 1968 age 1y, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elizardo Lopez.

Lopez, Elizabeth born 1940 died 1941

Lopez, Leandro, Sr born 16 Mar 1901 died 25 Mar 1968

Lopez, Maximiana Roybal born 7 Jun 1878 died 25 Aug 1966

Lopez, Nicanor born 1869 died 1946

Lopez, Shirley born 1949 died 1953

Lucero, Maclovia Lopez born 1895 died 1972

Martinez, Maria Rumalda Quintana born 17 Jun 1873 died 30 Jan 1946 wife of Jose Remijio Martinez daughter of Maria Dolores Quintana

Martinez, Vicente V. died 18 Nov 2008

Mascarenas, Demesio died 7 Nov 1945 age 75y son of Desiderio Mascarenas and Pablita Maestas husband of Flores Martinez

Mascarenas, Rugillio died 9 Feb 1929 age 6y son of Candido Mascarenas and Emilia Roybal

Medina, Margarita Pacheco died 5 Oct 1931 age 45y daughter of Simon Pacheco and Manuelita Sanchez wife of Perfecto Medina

Olguin, Juan died 9 Jul 1951 age 41y 5m son of Antonio Olguin and Anita Olguin husband of Telesfora Olguin

Olguin, Tobias died 11 Sep 2009

Ortiz, Gumisinda Mascarenas died 11 Feb 1933 age 58y daughter of Desierio Mascarenas and Pablita Maestas wife of Felix Ortiz

Pacheco, Henry died 9 Jan 1950

Pacheco, Leonides died 1 Oct 2005 age 97y, widow of Maclovia R. Romero, child of Moises and Sofia Pacheco

Pacheco, Manuel died 10 Jul 1935 at Rio Lucio age 4y, son of Jose Pacheco and Pablita Griego

Pacheco, Rubencio 11 Oct 1923 age 1y 7m son of Cruz Pacheco and Rosarito Gonzales

Pacheco, Venerito died 16 Nov 1947 age 87y husband of Sofia M. Pacheco

Paez, Nicolas Cular died 2 Mar 1857 husband of Maria Tomasa de Jesus Lopez son of Manuel de la Trinidad Paez and Maria Antonia Martin

Perraglio, Elizabeth Ann died 5 Jan 2009

Quintana, Juan died 30 Mar 1952 age 85y 2m husband of Librada Quintana

Quintana, Maria Romalda died 30 Jan 1946 buried 31 Jan 1946 child of Dolores Quintana. age: 72 years. resident of Penasco

Rodriguez, Amelia died 17 Nov 2008

Rodriguez, Barbara Ann died 4 Dec 2005 age 61y, wife of Joseph Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Daniel died 8 Nov 1932 age 43y son of Jacobo Rodriguez and Eutimia Rodriguez husband of Eulogia Romero

Rodriguez, Desiderio died 28 Feb 1929 age 59y

Rodriguez, Emelina Rodarte died 21 Dec 1950 age 33y daighter of Jose Inez Rodarte and Amadita Medina wife of Fedelino Rodrigues died in Socorro

Rodriguez, Frederico died 14 Dec 1945 son of Hipolito Rodriguez and Eloisa Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Maria Eulogia Romero died 8 Nov 1932 age 43y daughter of Jose Ignacio Romero and Rafelita Suazo wife of Daniel Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Rodolfo died 23 Sep 2010

Rodriguez, Sebedeo Sr. born 22 Sep 1908 died 7 May 2008

Romero, Corrina Suazo died 17 April 1923 age 72ydaughter of Florencio Suaso and Dolores Martinez wife of Eugenio Romero

Romero, Leroy P. died 3 Sep 2009

Romero, Rafaelita Suazo died 8 Nov 1932 age 72y daughter of Florentino Suazo and Doloritas M. Suazo wife of Jose Ignacio Romero

Roybal, Benito died 26 May 1951 age 79y son of Tomas Roybal and Cruzita Roybal husband of Ruperta Lopez

Roybal, Francisco died 25 Oct 1932 age 76y son of Tomas Roybal and Antonia Quintana

Roybal, Rudolfo M. died 10 May 1937 age 25y son of Pablo Roybal and Patrocinia Roybal

Sanchez, Dulcinea died 10 Feb 1943 age 68y daughter of Juan Sanchez and Leonor Sanchez

Sandoval, Amadeo died 5 Jun 2000

Simbola, Tommy died 12 May 1968

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