Taos County, New Mexico
Rio Colorado Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Archuleta, Jose Ylario died 21 Oct 1862 infant son of Felipe Archuleta and Gumecinda Garcia

Arellano, Ana Maria, died 23 Jan 1855 infant daughter of Juan Pomucenio Arellano and Maria Rafaela Romero

Basques, Maria Ydubigen died 11 Jun 1855 age 2m daughter of Juan Pedro Basques and Maria Rosario Tafoya

Cordoba, Francisco Antonio died 12 Aug 1863 age 39y husband of Josefa Romero

Garcia, Andres Antonio died 18 Oct 1863 husband of Maria Juliana de Jesus Garcia, son of Jose Manuel Garcia, deceased and Maria Juana Perea

Gonzalez, Jose Albino died 12 Jun 1864 husband of Maria Pelegrina Ortega

Martin, Jose Cenobio died 2 Sep 1875

Martin, Maria Rafaela Candelaria died 7 Jul 1863 age 12m daughter of Maria Concepcion Martin

Martines, Maria Vesania died 2 Sep 1855 age 2m daughter of Juan Martines and Juana Maria Maese

Miera, Maria Manuela died 10 Sep 1855 age 1y daughter of Jose Venito Miera and Maria Paula Sanches

Miera, Juan Andres died 10 Sep 1855 age 1 year son of Juan Antonio Miera and Maria Juliana García

Mitotes, Maria Josefa Nomil died 24 Nov 1851 wife of Francisco Mitotes

Montolla, Miguel died 20 Jun 1864 husband of Maria Rosalia Valerio

Pacheco, Juan Trinidad died 11 Jan 1864 age 8m son of Estevan Pacheco and Seferinia Espinosa

Pando, Maria Rufina died 11 Jan 1864 age 1m daughter of Manuel Antonio Pando and Maria Manuela Sisneros

Rael, Juan Manuel died 5 Feb 1875

Sánchez, Jose Bernabel died 20 Oct 1863 age 1y 2m son of Juan Cristobal Sanchez and Maria Marta Segura

Sandoval, Juana Maria, died 3 Feb 1855 infant daughter of Juan Sandoval and Maria de Gracia Sanches

Sisneros, Antonio Cornelio died 21 May 1855 age 3m son of Antonio Jesus Sisneros and Maria Rosalia

Vigil, Jose Eduvigen died 2 Mar 1875

Vigil, Juan de Jesus died 14 Sep 1863 son of Juan Julian Vigil and Maria Justa Romero

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