Taos County, New Mexico

Cemetery at Red River

Contributed by Ruby Rempe and Tonya Busse, copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell. This cemetery is on a ridge on National Forestry land.

Burns, Lillie died 1905

Simion, Tony died 1952

Branderburg, Harry N. died 1940

Branderburg, Margaret died 1916

Branderburg, Jack died 1976

Branderburg, Lottie Anna died 1960

Clarke, Russell died 1963 son of Grafton and Evelyn Clarke

Burgoine, General A.T.

Phipps, Joseph Milton born 12 Mar 1857 died 25 Aug 1923

Sauls, Cynthia born 1945 died 1970

McClean, Charlie

McClean, Marbeline

Baby or small girl

Gallagher, Maurice born 1890 died 1965, husband of Lulu Alpha Phipps

Pritchett, ?, 1st husband of Mae Burris

Gustine, Floyd

unknown, girl that used to sell milk and eggs

Wagoner, Clyde

Fagerquist, Jon Edward born 15 Aug 1957 died 25 Oct 1970

Waltz, Randy died 1970, car accident by Eagle Rock

Johnston, Enerta died 1968 age 60y

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