Taos County, New Mexico
Questa Cemetery
aka Saint Anthony Cemetery

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Saint Anthony Cemetery - Questa Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn right at Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, continue on NM-522, turn right at Cisneros Road.

Anderson, George Henry died 26 Aug 1998 age 78y, husband of Marveene Speegle

Archuleta, Margie Evangeline died 05 Jul 1935 at Questa infant daughter of Ignacio Archuleta and Samanita Gomez

Archuleta, Victoria born 1864 died 29 Jun 1950

Baca, Jose Dionicio died 26 Jan 1915 age 86y 9m 22d

Bailon, Luz Casias died 29 Aug 1968 in Colorado

Bailon, Patricio Claudio died 11 Oct 1940 at Questa infant son of Bernabe Bailon and Bertha Ortiz

Bailon, Salvador died 11 Sep 1933 at Questa age 15y, son of Leandro Bailon and Gusmanita Laforett

Bernal, Martina Gonzales died 19 Apr 1944 at Questa age 74y, wife of Luis Bernal daughter of Eulogio Gonzales

Cisneros, Doloritas Laforette died May 1913 age 54y, wife of Dionicio Cisneros

Cisneros, Eduvigin Gonzales died 14 Nov 1935 at Questa age 67y, wife of Presiliano Cisneros daughter of Grabriel Gonzales and Inez Zeuna

Cisneros, Ernesto born 31 Oct 1920 died 19 Jul 1950 born Questa

Cisneros, Jose died 20 April 1995 age 77y,

Cisneros, Julianita Medina died 04 Jan 1927 at Questa age 30y, wife of Nicanor Cisneros daughter of Ereneo Medina and Juanita Quintana

Cisneros, Maria died 1993 wife of Jose Cisneros

Cisneros, Maria Evarista R. died 1909 age 47y, wife of Julian Cisneros

Cisneros, Modesto born 7 Jul 1927 died 19 Jul 1950 born Questa

Cordova, Elogia Maldonado died 07 Oct 1935 at Questa age 35y, wife of Juan F. Cordova daughter of Miguel Maldonado and Gregorita Rival

Cordova, Higinia died 19 Feb 1910 age 80y,

DeHerrera, Juan Meliton died 27 Jan 1996 age 62y, husband of Connie Deherrera

Duran, Maria Teresa died 7 Jun 1910 age 53y

Duran, Morfin born 1888 died 15 Sep 1948 born Questa

Gallegos, Celina died 20 Sep 1913 age 16y daughter of Sabino Gallegos and F. S. Gallegos

Gallegos, Lucy died 27 Nov 1994 age 71y, wife of Jose Gallegos daughter of Felix Sanchez

Garcia, Eloy L. died 30 Nov 1968 age 63, husband of Emelina Garcia

Garcia, Gabriel died 29 Jun 1940 husband of Elsie Elaine Garcia

Gomez, Antonio J.V. died 1909 age 49y,

Gomez, Jose Ambrosio died 2 Jun 1922 age 25y 7m 21d, husband of Carlota Gomez son of Trinidad and Matilde G. de Gomez

Gonzales, Abelicio Faustin died 16 Jul 1930 at Questa age 1y, son of parents: Daniel Gonzales and Adelaida C. Gonzales

Gonzales, Clovevo buried 21 Dec 1940

Gonzales, daughter died 20 Jul 1936 at Questa infant daughter of Fred Gonzales and Carmelita Q. Gonzales

Gonzales, Elfido died 8 Aug 1968 age 73y, husband of Ofrecina D. Gonzales

Gonzales, Eugenio died 6 Mar 1914 husband of Maria Rosita V. de Gonzales

Gonzales, Feliz born 23 Oct 1918 died 21 Jul 2006 age 87y, wife of Alejandro Jose Gonzales daughter of Jose Eladio and Luz Bailon

Gonzales, Jose Dolores died 11 Sep 1941 at Questa age 31y, husband of Josefita Laforett son of Jose Ramon Gonsales and Simonita Redding

Gonzales, Jose Ignacio died 1 April 1915

Gonzales, Manuela born at Cerro died 22 Apr 1922 at Questa age 50y, daughter of Gabriel Gonzales and Ines C. Gonzales buried 23 Apr 1922

Gonzales, Manuel A. died 07 Jan 1934 at Questa age 49y, husband of Celina Lacombe Gonzales son of Jose Dolores Gonzales and Manuelita Maestas

Gonzales, Ramon Armando died 24 Aug 1937 at Questa infant son of Juan Romero and Elvira Gonzales

Gonzales, Simonita Redding born 1881 died 27 Sep 1950 born Questa

Herrera, Elfido died 02 Jul 1937 at Questa infant son of Luis L. Herrera and Rosabel Cordoba

Herrera, Gabriel born 19 Mar 1866 died 8 Feb 1951 born Questa

Herrera, Jose died 03 Nov 1940 at Questa infant son of Alfredo Herrera and Faustina Jaramillo

Herrera, Juan N. died 29 Mar 1910

Herrera, Liberato Lafayette Jr. died 31 Jan 1941 at Questa infant son of Liberato Lafayette Herrera and Rosabel Cordova

Herrera, son died 12 Jul 1940 at Questa infant son of Fermin Herrera and Ursulita Rael

Jaramillo, Marie died 25 Jan 1935 at Questa infant daughter of Bernabe Jaramillo and Florinda Rael

Laforett, Antonio born 15 May 1828 died 1 Nov 1910 age 82y

Laforett, Jose Epifanio born 13 Jan 1870 died 24 Nov 1948 born Questa

Laforett, Porfiria born 13 Aug 1897 died 11 Aug 1947 born Questa

Laforett, Rumaldita died 12 Jan 1950 82 yrs

Lopez, Mary died 21 Oct 1940 at Questa infant daughter of Manuel Lopez and Deluvina Martinez

Madrid, Preside Herrera died 13 Jan 1934 at Questa age 25y, daughter of Hipolito Herrera and Eulogia Cierra

Martin, Jose Cenobio died 2 Sep 1875 son of Juan Bautista Martinez and Maria Elueteria Rael

Martinez, Donaciano died 15 Sep 1907 age 51y, son of Pedro I. Martinez

Martinez, Elizabeth Marie died 7 Nov 1995 age 89y, wife of Fred Martinez

Martinez, Epimenia G. died 08 Mar 1951 73 yrs born Walsenburg, CO

Martinez, Floyd born 31 Jul 1947 died 21 Oct 1947 born Questa

Martinez, Kathy died 2 Nov 2003 daughter of Alex Quintana and Olivia Quintana

Martinez, Ramona died 20 Dec 1909 age 45y, daughter of Agustin Martinez and Maria Antonia Gonzales

Martinez y Vigil, Diego died 12 May 1910 age 108y

McConahay, Mary Mick died 22 Jan 1934 at Questa age 1y, daughter of Flavius P. McConahay and Effie Allison

Mondonado, Antonio born 23 Oct 1894 died 20 Feb 1948 born Questa

Mondonado, John P. died 21 May 1995 age 65y,

Mondonado, Jose Inocencio died died 1 Nov 1968 age 79y, husband of Maria Mandonado

Mondragon, Maclovia born 29 Sep 1900 died 23 Oct 1951 born Questa

Montoya, Antonia Martinez died 07 Jan 1944 age 60y, daughter of Juan B. Martinez and Eluntina Rael

Montoya, Aurelio died 7 May 1940 age 50y, husband of Anna R. Montoya

Montoya, Elviria born Questa died 03 Oct 1926 at Taos age 8y, daughter of Aurelio Montoya and Virginia Romero buried 04 Oct 1926

Montoya, Margarita S. died 1907 age 52y 9m 7d, wife of Narciso Montoya

Montoya, son died 10 Mar 1935 infant son of Adriano Montoya and Fedelia Vijil

Montoya, Virginia Romero died 06 Jun 1932 age 40y, wife of Aurelio Montoya daughter of Jose Gregorio Romero and Irinea Cruz

Mossman, William Margot born 10 Jun 1895 died 10 Sep 1947 born Baldy, NM

Ortega, Elizardo born 1908 died 19 Dec 1946

Ortega, Jose Matias died 14 Aug 1896

Ortega, Maria Alicia died 18 Jan 1937 at Questa infant daughter of Eduardo Ortega and Francisca Rael

Ortega, Maria Polonia V. died 13 Oct 1910 age 76y, wife of Jose Matias Ortega

Ortega, Qurina born 1866 died 21 Jun 1951 born Questa

Ortega, Santiago died 03 Dec 1928 at Questa age 69y, son of Loyolo Ortega and Cicila Medina

Ortega, Santiago died 7 Feb 1996 age 69y, husband of Ida Maria Ortega

Ortega, son died 21 Jul 1936 at Questa infant son of Eulagio Ortega and Rosita O. Rael

Payne, William B. born 1 Oct 1907 died 24 Jan 1946 born Questa

Purdy, Charles died 16 Jan 1905

Quintana, Linda died 12 Aug 1934 at Questa infant daughter of Reymundo Quintana and Ciria Gallegos

Rael, Jose Eulogio died 28 May 1907 age 55y

Rael, Juan Manuel died 5 Feb 1875 son of Filomeno Rael and Maria Vitalia Archuleta

Rael, Juan S. died 11 Apr 1913 age 23y,

Rael, Melquiades died 24 Aug 1913

Redding, Green died 16 Jan 1905

Romero, Alcario died 10 Aug 1941 at Questa age 103y, husband of Inez Medina son of Isidora Romero

Romero, Andres died abt 12 Mar 1951

Romero, Leontino died 29 Mar 1937 at Questa age 9y, son of Romalo Romero and Rebeca Martinez

Romero, Ramonita R born about 1898 at Questa died 17 Dec 1921 age 23y, wife of Patrias Romero daughter of Demitreo Rael and Piedad G. Rael burial date: 18 Dec 1921

Rubyann, Anna died 28 Sep 1998 age 48y,

Sanchez, Mario Carlos born Jun 28, 1980 died 9 Sep 2006 age 26y, husband of Rebecca Muniz son of Andamo and Linda Sanchez Sisneros, Carmelita R.

Sisneros, Carmelita R. died 19,1968 age 85y

Valdez, Maria Bonifacia died 25 Oct 1906 age 65y

Vandevere, Mary Corina died 22 Oct 1941 at Taos age 32y, wife of Darrel Vandevere daughter of Celedon Silva and Gregorita Martinez

Vandevere, son born 10 May 1920 died 10 May 1920 at Questa son of Eugene Vandevere and Rosella Reynolds father born Georgia mother born Kansas  

Velasquez, Josefa born 19 Mar 1857 died 19 Jul 1948 born El Rito

Velasquez, Tito M. died 12 Mar 2006 age 71y, husband of Oclides Velasquez son of Miguel and Cristina Velasquez

Vigil, Beatrice died 10 Feb 1968 wife of Juan A. Vigil

Vigil, Climico born May 1884 died 26 Dec 1950

Vigil, Cleotilde Ortega died 18 Mar 1968 age 56y,wife of Agapito Vigil

Vigil, daughter died 25 Jan 1937 at Questa infant daughter of Feliciano Vigil and Amalia Quintana

Vigil, Eladio Gallarto died 16 Jan 1931 at Questa infant son of Joe Vigil and Erlinda Gonsalez

Vigil, Jose Eduvigen died 2 Mar 1875 son of Rafael Vigil and Rafaela Martin

Vigil, Juanita died 11 Feb 1941 at Questa infant daughter of Ismael Vigil and Ursulita Aralia Cortez

Vigil, son born Questa died 04 Oct 1922 at Questa infant son of Nicanor Vigil and Andreita Gomez buried 04 Oct 1922

Weston, John Roy died 13 May 1944 at Questa age 37y, husband of Juanita Yarbrough

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