Taos County, New Mexico
Pueblito Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Archuleta, Crecilia died 04 Jan 2006

Arguello, Izabella Eralia died 7 Dec 2009

Aguilar, Paul died 30 Nov 2009  

Cisneros, Eralia Ortiz died 4 Aug 2009 age 89y

Dillon, Todd died 23 Feb 2006

Espinoza, Veroniz G. died 24 Mar 2000

Gallegos, Joseph L. died 28 Oct 2009 age 39y,

Gonzales, Alfirio B. born 2 Sep 1919 died 13 Jul 2006 1st Cav Arty Div US Army WWII

Gonzales, Earl died ? Sep 1999, buried 7 Sep 1999

Gonzales, Feliz born 23 Oct 1918 died 21 Jul 2006

Gonzales, Gilbert R. died 20 Dec 2009 age 85y

Gutierrez, Tony Jose died 9 Jan 2001

Maes, Jose Ben born 6 Nov 1932 died 9 Dec 2009 son of Ventura and Rebecca Maes

Martinez, Adolph J. born 11 Jan 1929 died 1 30 Apr 2005, son of Max L. Martinez and Dolores Abeyta, husband of Eloisa Edella Ortiz.

Martinez, Paul Evaristo died 7 Jun 2006

Ortega, Tessie Rael died 10 Sep 2005 age 82y, widow of Max Ortega, child of J.P. and Ester Real

Ortiz, Andalesio (Andy) born 25 Dec 1938 died 5 May 1982, son of Miguel A. Ortiz and Juanita M. Archuleta.

Ortiz, Delfino L. born 15 Aug 1914 died Wednesday, 28 Oct 2009 son of Jose Cardenas and Manuelita Ortiz, Wife #1: Eutimia Quintana, Wife #2: Carol Mae Davis

Ortiz, Juanita M. Archuleta born 27 May 1902 died 29 Aug 1966, daughter of Hipolito Archuleta and Maria Ascension Herrera. wife of Miguel A. Ortiz. also

Ortiz, Miguel A. born 20 May 1894 died 20 Oct 1965, son of Benito Louis Ortiz and Maria de la Cruz Medina, husband of Juanita M. Archuleta. also

Rael, Cecilia died 3 Feb 1999

Romero, Ernest no dates son of Octaviano and Nepomusena Romero

Romero, Nepomusena no dates wife of Octaviano

Romero, Octaviano died 31 Jan 2004 age 80y, WWII, widower of Nepomosena Romero

Romero, Tony died 19 Dec 2005 age 83y, widow of Sofia Maria Blea, husband of 2nd wife Margaret Romero

Sanchez, Viola L. died 1 Nov 2003 age 78y, wife of John R. Sanchez

Sena, Luis Gabriel Jr. died 3 May 2006 age 49y, child of Luis and Ricarda Sena, grandchild of Abelino and Rita Sena and Melquiades Sena, husband of Flora Sena

Shirley, Patricia born 10 Jun 1934 died 22 Dec 2009 daughter of Floyd and Dell Walton

Vigil, Delia C. died 31 Jan 2006 age 75y, wife of Elfido Vigil, child of Celestino and Estrella Aranda

Vigil, Elfido died 26 Apr 2006 widow of Delia Vigil, child of Placido and Aurelia Vigil, WWII

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