Taos County, New Mexico
Pilar Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Archuletta, Nazario born Apr. 24, 1917 died Aug. 31, 2008

Gurule, Epifiano died 23 Nov 1927 at Pilar age 15y son of Filberto Gurule and Emelia Gurule

Jaramillo, Doris died 1/21/2004 age 76y, wife of Gilbert Clarence Jaramillo

Jaramillo, Gilbert died Jan. 15, 2006

Jaramillo, Jose Eleuto born at Pilar died 1921 at Pilar age 3y, son of Francelino Jaramillo and Julianita M. Jaramillo buried 10 Feb 1921

Martinez, Allen died Feb. 10, 2008

Martinez, Carlos Ernesto died Jul. 9, 2010

McDowell, Larry born 1936 died Nov. 13, 2003

Peralta, Simon E. born 11-18-1937 died 9-18-1998

Romero, Jose Alfonso Ernesto died 29 Aug 1935 infant son of Juan Romero and Florentina Martinez

Romero, Lorna Mae born 1/30/1947 died 1/21/1951 born Embudo

Romero, Nestora V. Sanchez died 10 Dec 1936 at Pilar age 92y, wife of Ruperto Romero daughter of Marcelino Sanchez and Crusita Espinosa

Romero, Tomas D died 23 Oct 1932 at Pilar age 54y, son of Ruperto Romero

Salazar, Fred E. died 3/21/2006 age 66y, child of Jose Bernabe & Cassandra Salazar, husband of Dora Salazar

Segura, Alberto died 23 Oct 1933 age 41, husband of Selistina Segura

Suazo, Bridget died about April 4, 1968

Suazo, Constancia born 1910 died 1/21/1949 born Dixon

Suazo, Corina Alberta died 9/24/2005 age 86y, widow of Abiguel Suazo

Suazo, Jacqueline Elizabeth died Dec., 2005

Suazo, Macaria born 1887 died 8/13/1952 born Pilar

Suazo, Robert Jr. died September 18, 2003 age 61y, son of Roberto and Costancia Suazo

Trujillo, Alcarita born 4/11/1852 died 5/10/1950 98 yrs born Penasco

Vigil, Cora died 03 Sep 1940 at Pilar daughter of Francisco Vigil and Filadelfia Gurule

Vigil, Francisco A. born 10/05/1866 died 1/20/1947 born Ranchos

Vigil, Jeronimo died 10 Jul 1928 at Pilar age 82y, husband of Isabelita A Vigil son of Manuel Vigil and Maria Lucy Sandoval

Vigil, Jose born 10/12/1869 died 2/12/1951 born Ranchos

Vigil, Juan born 05 Dec 1926 at Pilar died 05 Dec 1926 at Pilar infant son of Felipe Vigil and Elaisa Suaso buried 06 Dec 1926

Vigil, Juan Jose died 06 Dec 1934 at Pilar age 4y, son of Jose M. Vigil and Rita Romero

Vigil, Maria Cordilia died 06 Jun 1934 at Pilar age 1y, daughter of Felipe Vigil and Eloisa Suaso

Vigil, Maria Elise born 01 Feb 1922 at Pilar died 05 Mar 1922 at Pilar infant daughter of Jose Maria Vigil and Maria Rita Romero father born Pilar mother born Rinconada

Vigil, Pilar V. died 29 Mar 1928 at Pilar age 30y, wife of Domingo Vigil daughter of Lasaro Vigil and Lucy D. Vigil

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