Taos County, New Mexico
Campo Santo De Penas Negras Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Campo Santo De Penas Negras (state Road 240 near Blueberry Hill Road) at Los Cordovas. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn right at Camino de la Placitas, turn left at Ranchitos Road, continue on NM-240 for 2 miles. Taos, NM. Contributed by Patricia Chambers, additional data added by Karen Mitchell and Derrick Archuleta.
Note: most grave markers are made by family members, or friends (even today). The graves are not dug in any particular order, and some markers never did have any words on them. There are about a dozen graves in this cemetery with stone or wooden markers that have no engraving. This is a small private cemetery, so it is very likely that there is a family relationship among all of those buried here.

Abeyta, Emilio born 1918 died 12/28/1948 born Taos

Abeyta, Maximiliano died 3/16/1961 age 89y 3m 23d

Abeyta, Regina died 1/28/1958 age 75y

Aguillar, Epifanio born 2-15-1869 died 11/15/1945

Anaya, Leofredo J born 1/9/1942, son of Loren Anaya and Soledad Martinez; died 3/18/1989

Anaya, Loren born 8/28/1914 died 2/25/1986

Anaya, Manuelita born 1-1-1880 died 6/19/1965

Anaya, Soledad Martinez born 6/3/1916 Arroyo Seco NM, daughter of Maximiano F. Martinez & Juanita Pacheco; died 4/3/1971

Barela, Katalin no dates

Cardenas, Benito A. born 3/21/1921 died 11/28/1958 NM PFC Co K 16 Inf WWII

Cardenas, Eloy Esquipula died Aug. 11, 2007

Chavez, Ernest Steven born 6/24/1951 died 8/20/1951 born Taos

Cordova, Rosana Martinez born 1/23/1926 died 1/7/1996 Mother

Cortez, Carlos born 11-8-1879 died 8/31/1924

Cortez, Doroteo no dates

Cortez, Genoveva born 8/24/1889 died 10/25/1946 born Taos

Cortez, Marieta no dates

Espinosa, Ursula born 1909 died 1946

Espinoza, Lucilla T. born 3/15/1902 died 6/11/1931

Garcia, Pablita M. died 2/17/1917

Gonzales, Carmel Jaramillo born 7/16/1918 died 3/27/1951 age 32y 8m 11d, born Cokedale, CO

Gurule, Emilia born 1875 died 4/25/1946 born CO

Gutierres, Juan Manuel born 5-?-1898 died 9/19/1917

Gutierrez, Angela born 1873 died 9/22/1948 born Garita, CO

Gutierrez, Edward born 1892 died 1960

Gutierrez, Eli born 5/5/1902 died 9/5/1917

Gutierrez, Francisco Antonio died 2/17/1910 age 70y, child of Marcelo Gutierrez & Juana M. Trujillo

Gutierrez, Jesus died 7/14/1913 age 52y, child of Marcelo Gutierrez & Juana Maria Trujillo

Herrera, Teodoro born 11/02/1888 died 6/1/1947 born Taos

Jaramillo, Adelaida born 1-1-1895 died 9/17/1963

Jaramillo, Anita Lorene born 10/18/1948 died 11/6/1948 born Ranchos

Jaramillo, Jose Leandro born 3/13/1886 died 9/21/1947 born Taos

Jaramillo, Manuel J. born 6/24/1913 died 2/25/1963 NM Pvt Co C 298 Engr Const Bn WWII

LeDoux, Blossom Mary born 2/6/1987 died 2/12/1987

LeDoux, Julian Horracio died 10/18/1965 age 64y

Lopez, Salomon died 3/16/1935 NM Pvt 148 Inf 37 Div

Martinez, Albina V. born 3-16-1885 died 5/16/1935

Martinez, Alejandro born 4-23-1877 died 3/5/1961

Martinez, Alfonso J. born 6/9/1902 died 6/30/1958 NM Pvt 115 Svc Comd Unit WWII

Martinez, Alice born 1921 died 1928

Martinez, Anthony D. died 1-?-1956 age 1y 6m

Martinez, Antonio Jose died 7/14/1927 age 80y, child of Jose Maria Martinez & Carmel Sanchez

Martinez, Christina born 7-24-1886 died 12/12/1977

Martinez, Daniel P. died 9/7/1952 age 71y 3m 9d

Martinez, Florida born 11/20/1921 died 9/29/1946 born Ranchos

Martinez, Jose Elias born 12/5/1913 died 5/13/1935 age 21y, child of Juan M. Martinez & ? Mondragon, marker made by Juan M. Martinez

Martinez, Robert Jr. born 7/6/1948 died 7/18/1948

Martinez, Pascual born 1806 died 4-27-1882

Martinez, Rosana Abeyta born 1906 died 1/29/1926 Grandmother, age 25y, child of Tomas Abeyta & Manuela Analla

Martinez, Sarita R. born 5-17-1869 died 9/18/1964

Martinez, Teodora G. born 1817 died 2-3-1870

Martinez, Tobias died 5-?-1938 age 58y

Martinez, Venceslao E. born 1891 died 1955

Martinez, Victor M. born 9-5-1880 died 6/28/1937

Mondragon, Bernardo born 2-2-1868 died 10/28/1951 born Mora

Mondragon, Refugio T. born 10-17-1872 died 1/3/1933

Morgas, Margimo born 1835 died 1911

Ortiz, Exselsa born 5/06/1883 died 4/2/1951 born Taos

Pacheco, Alfonso born 10/5/1902 died 6/16/1989

Pacheco, Alicia Priscilla born 11/9/1935 died 8/12/1951 born Taos

Pacheco, Isadora born 9/21/1912 died 7/21/1949

Pacheco, Jose Isaias born 9/23/1933 died 9/25/1959

Sanchez, Benjamin died 1965 age 85y

Sanchez, Pedro died 12/25/1902 age 40y, son of Juan Sanchez

Santistevan, Alfredo C. born 8-26-1877 died 4/8/1959

Santistevan, Onofre born 10-21-1886 died 6/7/1961 NM PFC Btry E 342 Field Arty WWI

Santistevan, Raymunda Cortez born 1-1-1887 died 12/17/1921

Trujillo, Archuella died 1958 age 68y

Trujillo, Celso F. born 10-20-1890 died no date

Trujillo, Eloy died 11/17/1956

Trujillo, Filomena born 5/19/1941 died 3/9/1937 marker made by Jacinto Trujillo

Trujillo, Gregorita V. born 5-9-1896 died 9/14/1963

Trujillo, J. Meliton born 3-11-1831 died 4/14/1923 marker made by T.A. Trujillo

Trujillo, Jose Esquipulo born 1843 died 11/22/1921 age 67y, child of Simon Lino Trujillo & Josefa Montano

Trujillo, Manuel Antonio born 6-6-1852 died 1-16-1891 marker made by T.A. Trujillo

Trujillo, Manuela born 6/13/1953 died 9/3/1953

Trujillo, Manuelita D. born 5/24/1978 died 12/3/1959

Trujillo, Maria Aurcinia born 1895 died 1946

Trujillo, Ruben born 6-29-1874 died 4/22/1965

Trujillo, Sencionita G. born 7-15-1854 died 1/13/1932

Vacasias, ? died 1/17/1959

Valerio, Maria Margarita born 1886 died 1941

Vigil, Felipe J. born 1878 died 1965

Vigil, Josefita C. born 1884 died 1962

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