Taos County, New Mexico
Penasco Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Archuleta, Toribio born at Penasco died 13 Jan 1920 at Penasco age 36y, husband of Beatris Archuleta son of Severo Archuleta and Francisca M.? buried 14 Jan 1920

Arguello, Maria Irenea born 8 Oct 1871 died 10 Oct 1871 Juan de los Reyes Arguello and Maria Rosario Lopez

Arguello, Maria Rosario Lopez died 5 May 1922 wife of Juan de los Reyes Arguello daughter of Jose de Jesus Lopes and Maria Marcelina Tafoya

Camp, Nannie B. born 18 Aug 1902 at Penasco died 17 Aug 1911 daughter of James Franklin Camp and Samantha Angelina Wallace

Chacon, Andres born 23 Nov 1923 at Penasco died 05 Oct 1924 at Penasco infant son of Gregorio Chacon and Emilia Martinez both parents born Penasco buried 05 Oct 1924

Chacon, Felecita died 25 May 1928 at Penasco age 1y, daughter of Gregorio Chacon and Emelia Martinez

Dockweiler, Prudencia died June 28 1968 age 78y,

Duran, Amadeo died 7 Jan 1955 son of Jose Monico Duran and Maria Ramona Quintana

Duran, Dolorita Roybal born 5/11/1875 died 8/8/1947 born Penasco

Esquibel, Matias died 3 May 1866 husband of Maria Rafaela Cordova

Fernandez, Dolorita B. died 7 May 1909 age 54y,

Gonzales, Bernabe died 20 Oct 1938 at Penasco age 35y, son of Pedro Gonzales and Antonia Maestas

Gonzales, Deluvina Sandoval died 17 Jun 1928 at Penasco age 40y, daughter of Nacanor Sandoval and Juanita Cordova

Gonzales, Elisa died 03 Mar 1928 at Llano Largo age 1y, daughter of Levi Gonzalez and Carlota Fernandez

Gonzales, Fidel born 1921 at Penasco died 08 Sep 1926 at Penasco age 5y, son of Porfirio Gonzalez and Eulogia Gonzales both parents born at Penasco buried 08 Sep 1926

Gonzales, Hermissio died 19 Sep 1935 at Pinasco infant son of Procopio Gonzales and Carolina Quintana

Gonzales, Maria Labradora born 22 Feb 1926 at Penasco died 30 Sep 1926 at Penasco infant daughter of Paul Gonsales and Delfina Sandoval both parents born at Penasco buried 01 Oct 1926

Gurule, Nelson born 1/8/1932 died 8/1/1951 born Penasco

Horner, Charles David died 10 Jul 1929 at Penasco age 62y, husband of Maria Soledad G. Horner

Lopez, Adelina died 12 Sep 1923 at Penasco infant daughter of Antonio Lopez and Genara Sandoval

Lopez, Leandro died March 29, 1968

Lopez, Maria born about 1918 at Penasco died 20 Apr 1924 at Penasco age 6y, daughter of Leon Lopez and Maria Duran buried 20 Apr 1924

Lopez, Maria D. died Feb 9, 1968

Lopez, Maria Gloria died 06 May 1930 at Penasco infant daughter of Juan Jose Lopes and Emelina Leyba

Lopez, Maria Leonarda born 06 Nov 1924 at Penasco died 08 Nov 1924 at Penasco infant daughter of Antonio Lopez and Jenara Sandoval buried 08 Nov 1924

Lopez, Rosa R. died 21 Apr 1937 at Penasco age 35y, daughter of Benito Roybal and Josefita Lovato

Martin, Juan Ysidro died 24 Oct 1892 son of Jose Remijio Martinez and Maria Rumalda Quintana

Martinez, Juan Jose born 8 Jul 1883 died 14 May 1947 husband of Eva Leyba son of Antonio Martinez and Feliciana Vigil

Martinez, Maria Dolores died 30 Aug 1899 daughter of Jose Remijio Martinez and Maria Rumalda Quintana

Martinez, Antonio died Aug 1888 husband of Feliciana Vigil

Mascarenas, Julianita born 5/1886 died 7/9/1946 born Arroyo Seco

Mascarenas, Patrick Louie born 4/14/1936 died 12/10/1947 born Dixon

Medina, Adelina died 4/20/2006age 92y, widow od Juan Manuel Medina

Medina, Francisca born 1852 at Espanola, N.M. died 11 Oct 1924 at Taos age 72y, widow of Severino Archuleta

Medina, Margarita died 23 August 190

Medina, Maria L born 09 Aug 1925 died 28 Oct 1925 at Penasco infant daughter of M. Medina buried 28 Oct 1925

Medina, Monica Rae died 25 January 1968

Montoya, Petra born at Penasco died 16 Sep 1922 age 20y, wife of Higinio Montoya daughter of Manuel Sisneros and Eulogia Cordova, both parents born at Penasco buried 17 Sep 1922

Muniz, Edonilia no dates wife of Jose Muniz

Muniz, Jose died 12/25/2003 age 90y, widow of Edonilia Muniz

Ortega, Juan born about 1836 died 17 Apr 1921 at Penasco age 85y, husband of Donaciana O. Trujillo

Ortiz, Josefa died 19 Feb 1932 at Penasco age 79y, wife of Isadias Roybal daughter of Jesus Ortiz and Manuela Abeyta

Ortiz, Samuel born 13 Sep 1923 at Gilman, Colorado died 13 Sep 1924 at Penasco age 1y, son of Alfonso Ortiz and Veroniz Roybal both parents born Penasco buried 13 Sep 1924

Quintana, daughter born 12 Jan 1938 at Penascodied 12 Jan 1938 at Penasco infant daughter of Jose Quintana and Maria Lusita Vigil father born at Wagonmound mother born at Llano buried 12 Jan 1938

Quintana, Maria Dolores born 1856 at San Ildefonso died 07 May 1922 at Penasco age 86y, daughter of Miguel Quintana and Pabla Roybal both parents born San Ildefonso buried 07 May 1922

Quintana, Maria Erelinda born 8 Jul 1924 died 10 Jun 1928 daughter of Jose Esteban Quintana and Maria Bersabe Fresquez

Quintana, Maria Juanita Estela born 26 Sep 1929 died 20 Sep 1931 daughter of Jose Esteban Quintana and Maria Bersabe Fresquez

Romero, Emelina R.died July 16, 1998

Roybal, Jose Benito born 5/03/1872 died 5/26/1951 born Penasco

Roybal, Maria Antonia died 20 Sep 1924 wife of Francisco Roybal daughter of Maria Dolores Quintana

Sanchez, Beatriz A. born 17 July 1876 died 24 August 1905 age 29y wife of Estevan Sanchez daughter of Santiago Abreu and Librada S. de Abreu

Sanchez, Catalina died 26 Sept 1909

Sanchez, Esteban died 24 Sept 1905 age 28y, 7m, 28d, widower of Beatriz A. Sanchez son of Ramon Sanchez

Sanchez, Evelyn Pauline born 7/2/1946 died 9/25/1946 born Penasco

Segura, Lusinda S. died 22 Apr 1925 age 25, wife of Tomas Segura daughter of Santiago Sandoval and Lola Sandoval

Smith, Alberto born Jun 1921 at Penasco died 12 Mar 1921 at Penasco infant son of Efren Smith and Josefa Ranero buried 13 Mar 1921

Smith, Efren born Penasco died 20 Oct 1920 at Penasco age 7y, son of Efren Smith and Josefa R. Smith buried 27 Oct 1920

Smith, Josefita Romero born 19 Mar 1886 at Penasco died 07 Dec 1924 at Penasco age 38y, wife of Fred Smith daughter of Manuel Romero and Genoveva Guilgis buried 08 Dec 1924

Smith, Petrita Martinez died 10 Oct 1927 at Penasco age 72y, daughter of Antonio Martinez and Francisca Tafoya

Vasquez, Luisita M. died 23 Jun 1937 at Penasco age 49y, daughter of Pantalion Martinez and Felicitas Griego

Vasquez, Maria Del Rosario Fresques died 12 Apr 1930 at Penasco age 70y, daughter of Esquipula Fresques and Monica Archuleta

Vigil, Isais died 12 Aug 1923 at Penasco infant son of Rafael Vigil and Lorna Roybal

Vigil, Jose G. (Pvt.) died 6/8/1951 died in Korea

Vigil, Marcelo died 15 Oct 1909

Visarraga, George died 1/31/2006 age 70y, child of Abel & Senaida Visarraga, husband of Oralia M. Lopez

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