Taos County, New Mexico
Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno Cemetery

Contributed by Jennifer Flores and copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Aguilar, Jose Maria died 8 Mar 1926 child of Teresina Aguilar born at Taos age 10mo

Aragon, Jose Francisco died 6 Mar 1921 child of Hernisimo M. Aragon and Josefa Torres born at Taos age 4mo

Avila, Cornelio died 28 Feb 1921 child of Leandro Avila and Juana Ortega born at Taos age 75yrs

Blattman, Emily died 2 Jan 1923 child of Henry E. Blattman and Marguerite Williams born at Questa age 50yrs

Cardenas, Jose Rafael died 11 Apr 1922 child of Preciliano Cardenas and Maria de Jesus Padilla born at Prado age 55yrs

Cardenas, Manuela Macedonia died 25 Dec 1916 child of Felix Cardenas and Maria Petra Valdez born at Prado age 3mo

Casias, Abran died 28 Oct 2003 age 66y, husband of Epimenia Casias

Chavez, Gabino died 29 Sep 1915 child of Pablo Chavez and Sabina Esquibel born at Taos age 57yrs

Chavez, Jesus Maria died 22 Jan 1922 child of Francisco Esteban Chavez and Jesusita Montano born at Abiquiu age 75yrs

Chavez, Jose Maria died 9 Jul 1916 child of Benito Chavez and Leonarda Lujan born at Prado age 2yrs

Chiotis, Perfecta M. died 30 Apr 2006

Cisneros, Emerenciana died 16 Dec 1918 child of Reyes Cisneros and Rafaela Martinez born at Prado age 32yrs

Coca, Fidel Porfirio died 27 Jan 2009

Cortez, Francisco died 14 Oct 1916 child of Francisco Cortez and Maria Josefa Gallegos born at Prado age 65yrs

Cortez, Pedro Antonio died 4 May 1916 child of Jose Maria Cortez and Dolores Crespin born at Luceros age 61yrs

Cruz, Juan Francisco died 1 Sep 1917 child of Flavio Cruz and Elena Trujillo born at Taos age 2mo

Dominguez-Chavez , Anita died 22 Nov 2000

Esquibel, Demetrio died 23 Jan 1921 child of Jesus Esquibel and Magdalena Trujillo born at Ranchitos age 41yrs

Fernandez, Jose Eloy died 21 Apr 1915 child of Santiago Fernandez and Bartola Romero born at Prado age 80yrs

Flores, Cristobal died 10 Jan 1923 child of Jose Hilario Flores and Delfina Martinez born at Prado age 5yrs

Fresquez, Emilia G. died 19 Aug 2005

Garcia, Adelaida died 25 Jul 1915 child of Pablo Garcia and Ologia Valdez born at Prado age 27yrs

Garcia, Eligia M. died 22 Oct 2000

Garcia, Filia M. died 28 Jan 2008

Garcia, Juan B. died 25 Aug 1919 child of Prisciliano Garcia and Carmel Lujan born at Prado age 48yrs

Garcia, Manuel died unknown

Garcia, Pablo Antonio died 16 May 1919 child of Mateo Garcia and Valentina Apodaca born at Taos age 61yrs

Garcia, Piedad died 29 May 1921 child of Presciliano Garcia and Carmel Lujan born at Prado age 45yrs

Garcia, Porfiria died 7 Jun 1924 child of Prisciliano Garcia and Carmel Lujan born at Cimarron age 45yrs

Gonzalez, Ana died 14 May 1921 child of Isidro Gonzalez and Simona Ribera born at Prado age 20yrs

Gonzalez, Cisto died 9 Jul 1917 child of Faustin Gonzalez and Emerenciana Cisneros born at Prado age 3yrs

Gonzalez, Cora died 21 Jan 1918 child of Eustacio Gonzalez and Margarita Ribera born at Roy age 2yr 5mo

Gonzalez, Cruz died 4 Jul 1925 child of Emasiano Gonzalez and Isabel Suazo born at Questa age 61yrs

Gonzalez, Faustin died 25 Dec 1916 child of Juan Antonio Gonzalez and Crescencia Montoya born at Aqua Fria age 42yrs

Gonzales, Theodore died 21 May 2006 Sgt.

Hopper, Dennis born 17 May 1936 died 29 May 2010 Hollywood actor and legend

Jaquez, Manuela died 12 Oct 1915 child of Lucas Jaquez and Isadora Trujillo born at Pojoaque age 62yrs

Lopez, Trinidad died 2 Feb 1918 child of Trinidad Lopez and Rosenda Naranjo born at Prado age 1yr 6mo

Lucero, Adelina nodates wife of Carlos Lucero

Lucero, Carlos died 7 Feb 2007 age 81y, widow of Adelina Lucero, child of David and Estella Lucero

Lucero, Santa Ana died 27 Jun 1917 child of Agustin Lucero and Francisca ? born at Prado age 52yrs

Lujan, Anastasio died 10 Mar 1916 child of Felipe Lujan and Carmel Maestas born at Luceros age 68yrs

Lujan, Maria Dolores died 5 Aug 1918 child of Dolores Lujan and Maria Wheaton born at Clayton age 14yrs

Lujan, Onofre died 19 Feb 1917 child of Anastacio Lujan and Maria Placida Medina born at Prado age 38yrs

Lujan, Rebeca died 21 Jul 1922 child of Anastacio Lujan and Maria Placida Medina born at Prado age 52yrs

Maestas, Alejandro died 3 Apr 1915 child of Reymundo Maestas and Rosa Cardenas born at Embudo age 75yrs

Maestas, Jose died 5 Feb 1920 child of Soledad Maestas born at Valdez age 47yrs

Maestas, Juana Teresa died 14 Oct 1919 child of Diego A. Maestas and Rufina Padilla born at Prado age 54yrs

Martinez, Alta Gracia died 2 May 1921 child of Antonio Martinez and Encarnacion Maldonado born at Arroyo Seco age 60yrs

Martinez, Manuel died 7 Apr 1922 child of Jacinto Martinez and Maria Josefa Gonzalez born at Cordobas age 72yrs

Martinez, Nestor died 25 Jul 1919 child of Jacinto Martinez and Maria Josefa Gonzalez born at Cordovas age 74yrs

Martinez, Octaviano died 5 Feb 1918 child of Inocencio Martinez and Anastasia Medina born at Plazita age 19yrs

Montoya, Elviria died 21 Jul 1921 child of Pedro Montoya and Natividad Barela born at Prado age 40yrs

Montoya, Pedro died 13 May 1921 child of Eusebio Montoya and Diluvina Cortez born at Prado age 67yrs

Padilla, Maria de los Dolores died 10 Jan 1917 child of Tomas Padilla and Maria de la Luz Trujillo born at Alcalde age 90yrs

Padilla, Maria Josefa died 14 Mar 1921child of Tomas Padilla and Maria de la Luz Trujillo born at Luceros, Rio Arriba age 77yrs

Quintana, Ursula died 19 Dec 1920 child of Alizardo Quintana and Adela Martinez born at Prado age 11yrs

Rael, Pacifica died 30 Oct 1923 child of Juan Rael and Antonia ? born at Cerro age 60yrs

Romero, Eddie died 13 Feb 2007 age 60y son of Louis Romero and Cora Struck

Romero, Laureano died 3 May 1921 child of Juan Pedro Romero and Juana Vigil born at Taos age 1yr

Romero, Santiago died 2 Jun 1925 child of Juan Felipe Romero and Maria Nieves Lujan born at Cordobas age 87yrs

Salazar, Michael P. born 13 Aug 1956 died 2 Sep 2006 child of Jose and Margarita Salazar

Sanchez, Reyes died 5 Jun 1916 child of Jose Antonio Sanchez and Guadalupe Marquez born at Rio Arriba age 71yrs

Sandoval, Delfina S. died 1 Sep 2005age 87y, widow of Feliz Sandoval

Sandoval, Guadalupe died 18 Dec 1921 child of Jose Dolores Sandoval and Maria Juana Martinez born at Prado age 20yrs

Sandoval, Maria Consuelo died 14 Dec 1927 child of Luciano Sandoval and Maria Magdalena Barela born at Taos age 2mo

Sandoval, Socorro died 3 Oct 1915 child of Luis Sandoval and Refujio Gallegos born at Taos age 51yrs

Santistevan, Guillermo died 24 Feb 2006

Sisneros, Manuel de los Reyes died 30 Dec 1919 child of Nerio Sisneros and Melisia Garcia born at Prado age 3mo

Suazo, Leopoldo died 22 Sep 1918 child of Rubilis Suazo and Celestina Fresquez born at Prado age 5mo

Suazo, Rebeca died 20 Nov 1917 child of Francisco Suazo and Elena Tafoya born at Cieneguilla age 22yrs

Trevizo, Luis Carlos died 27 Nov 2005age 45y, husband of Betty Tafoya, child of Manuel Trevizo and Socorro Arvizo de Trevizo

Trujillo, Carmel died 12 Oct 1915 child of Antonio S. Trujillo and Eleonor Montano born at Taos age 23yrs

Trujillo, Eufrasio died 27 Jun 1921 child of Jose Rafael Trujillo and Pabla Martinez born at Chimayo age 84yrs

Trujillo, Jose Rafael died 26 Jan 1917 child of Juan Trujillo and Maria Ignacia Gallegos born at Ranchitos age 62yrs

Valdez, Alfonso Serafin died 2 Feb 1918 child of Pablo Valdez and Cleofes Cardenas born at Prado age 3yrs

Valdez, Juana died 5 Mar 1918 child of Agapito Valdez and Talpa Sandoval born at Taos age 62yrs

Valdez, Ologia died 29 Dec 1918 child of Juan Ramon Valdez and Margarita Lidous born at Prado age 65yrs

Vargas, Fidelia died 12 Mar 1922 child of Justo Vargas and Eleonor Chavez born at Prado age 39yrs

Velasquez, Belarmino died 10 Aug 1921 child of Perfecto Velasquez and Victoriana Rivali born at Plazitas age 22yrs

Vigil, Andrea S. died 3 Feb 2006 age 88y, widow of Marshall Vigil, child of Iley Nunn Selph and Carolina Sandoval

Vigil, Marshall no dates

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