Taos County, New Mexico
Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno Cemetery

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NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Aguilar, Jose Maria died 3/8/1926 child of Teresina Aguilar born at Taos age 10mo

Aragon, Jose Francisco died 3/6/1921 child of Hernisimo M. Aragon and Josefa Torres born at Taos age 4mo

Avila, Cornelio died 2/28/1921 child of Leandro Avila and Juana Ortega born at Taos age 75yrs

Blattman, Emily died 1/2/1923 child of Henry E. Blattman and Marguerite Williams born at Questa age 50yrs

Cardenas, Jose Rafael died 4/11/1922 child of Preciliano Cardenas and Maria de Jesus Padilla born at Prado age 55yrs

Cardenas, Manuela Macedonia died 12/25/1916 child of Felix Cardenas and Maria Petra Valdez born at Prado age 3mo

Casias, Abran died 10/28/2003 age 66y, husband of Epimenia Casias

Chavez, Gabino died 9/29/1915 child of Pablo Chavez and Sabina Esquibel born at Taos age 57yrs

Chavez, Jesus Maria died 1/22/1922 child of Francisco Esteban Chavez and Jesusita Montano born at Abiquiu age 75yrs

Chavez, Jose Maria died 7/9/1916 child of Benito Chavez and Leonarda Lujan born at Prado age 2yrs

Chiotis, Perfecta M. died April 30, 2006

Cisneros, Emerenciana died 12/16/1918 child of Reyes Cisneros and Rafaela Martinez born at Prado age 32yrs

Coca, Fidel Porfirio died Jan. 27, 2009

Cortez, Francisco died 10/14/1916 child of Francisco Cortez and Maria Josefa Gallegos born at Prado age 65yrs

Cortez, Pedro Antonio died 5/4/1916 child of Jose Maria Cortez and Dolores Crespin born at Luceros age 61yrs

Cruz, Juan Francisco died 9/1/1917 child of Flavio Cruz and Elena Trujillo born at Taos age 2mo

Dominguez-Chavez , Anita died 11-22-2000

Esquibel, Demetrio died 1/23/1921 child of Jesus Esquibel and Magdalena Trujillo born at Ranchitos age 41yrs

Fernandez, Jose Eloy died 4/21/1915 child of Santiago Fernandez and Bartola Romero born at Prado age 80yrs

Flores, Cristobal died 1/10/1923 child of Jose Hilario Flores and Delfina Martinez born at Prado age 5yrs

Fresquez, Emilia G. died 8-19-2005

Garcia, Adelaida died 7/25/1915 child of Pablo Garcia and Ologia Valdez born at Prado age 27yrs

Garcia, Eligia M. died 10-22-2000

Garcia, Filia M. died Jan. 28, 2008

Garcia, Juan B. died 8/25/1919 child of Prisciliano Garcia and Carmel Lujan born at Prado age 48yrs

Garcia, Manuel died unknown

Garcia, Pablo Antonio died 5/16/1919 child of Mateo Garcia and Valentina Apodaca born at Taos age 61yrs

Garcia, Piedad died 5/29/1921 child of Presciliano Garcia and Carmel Lujan born at Prado age 45yrs

Garcia, Porfiria died 6/7/1924 child of Prisciliano Garcia and Carmel Lujan born at Cimarron age 45yrs

Gonzalez, Ana died 5/14/1921 child of Isidro Gonzalez and Simona Ribera born at Prado age 20yrs

Gonzalez, Cisto died 7/9/1917 child of Faustin Gonzalez and Emerenciana Cisneros born at Prado age 3yrs

Gonzalez, Cora died 1/21/1918 child of Eustacio Gonzalez and Margarita Ribera born at Roy age 2yr 5mo

Gonzalez, Cruz died 7/4/1925 child of Emasiano Gonzalez and Isabel Suazo born at Questa age 61yrs

Gonzalez, Faustin died 12/25/1916 child of Juan Antonio Gonzalez and Crescencia Montoya born at Aqua Fria age 42yrs

Gonzales, Theodore died 5-21-2006 Sgt.

Hopper, Dennis born 5-17-1936 died 5-29-2010 Hollywood actor and legend

Jaquez, Manuela died 10/12/1915 child of Lucas Jaquez and Isadora Trujillo born at Pojoaque age 62yrs

Lopez, Trinidad died 2/2/1918 child of Trinidad Lopez and Rosenda Naranjo born at Prado age 1yr 6mo

Lucero, Adelina nodates wife of Carlos Lucero

Lucero, Carlos died 2/7/2007 age 81y, widow of Adelina Lucero, child of David & Estella Lucero

Lucero, Santa Ana died 6/27/1917 child of Agustin Lucero and Francisca ? born at Prado age 52yrs

Lujan, Anastasio died 3/10/1916 child of Felipe Lujan and Carmel Maestas born at Luceros age 68yrs

Lujan, Maria Dolores died 8/5/1918 child of Dolores Lujan and Maria Wheaton born at Clayton age 14yrs

Lujan, Onofre died 2/19/1917 child of Anastacio Lujan and Maria Placida Medina born at Prado age 38yrs

Lujan, Rebeca died 7/21/1922 child of Anastacio Lujan and Maria Placida Medina born at Prado age 52yrs

Maestas, Alejandro died 4/3/1915 child of Reymundo Maestas and Rosa Cardenas born at Embudo age 75yrs

Maestas, Jose died 2/5/1920 child of Soledad Maestas born at Valdez age 47yrs

Maestas, Juana Teresa died 10/14/1919 child of Diego A. Maestas and Rufina Padilla born at Prado age 54yrs

Martinez, Alta Gracia died 5/2/1921 child of Antonio Martinez and Encarnacion Maldonado born at Arroyo Seco age 60yrs

Martinez, Manuel died 4/7/1922 child of Jacinto Martinez and Maria Josefa Gonzalez born at Cordobas age 72yrs

Martinez, Nestor died 7/25/1919 child of Jacinto Martinez and Maria Josefa Gonzalez born at Cordovas age 74yrs

Martinez, Octaviano died 2/5/1918 child of Inocencio Martinez and Anastasia Medina born at Plazita age 19yrs

Montoya, Elviria died 7/21/1921 child of Pedro Montoya and Natividad Barela born at Prado age 40yrs

Montoya, Pedro died 5/13/1921 child of Eusebio Montoya and Diluvina Cortez born at Prado age 67yrs

Padilla, Maria de los Dolores died 1/10/1917 child of Tomas Padilla and Maria de la Luz Trujillo born at Alcalde age 90yrs

Padilla, Maria Josefa died 3/14/1921child of Tomas Padilla and Maria de la Luz Trujillo born at Luceros, Rio Arriba age 77yrs

Quintana, Ursula died 12/19/1920 child of Alizardo Quintana and Adela Martinez born at Prado age 11yrs

Rael, Pacifica died 10/30/1923 child of Juan Rael and Antonia ? born at Cerro age 60yrs

Romero, Eddie died Feb. 13, 2007 age 60y son of Louis Romero and Cora Struck

Romero, Laureano died 5/3/1921 child of Juan Pedro Romero and Juana Vigil born at Taos age 1yr

Romero, Santiago died 6/2/1925 child of Juan Felipe Romero and Maria Nieves Lujan born at Cordobas age 87yrs

Salazar, Michael P. born 8/13/1956 died 9/2/2006child of Jose & Margarita Salazar

Sanchez, Reyes died 6/5/1916 child of Jose Antonio Sanchez and Guadalupe Marquez born at Rio Arriba age 71yrs

Sandoval, Delfina S. died 9/1/2005age 87y, widow of Feliz Sandoval

Sandoval, Guadalupe died 12/18/1921 child of Jose Dolores Sandoval and Maria Juana Martinez born at Prado age 20yrs

Sandoval, Maria Consuelo died 12/14/1927 child of Luciano Sandoval and Maria Magdalena Barela born at Taos age 2mo

Sandoval, Socorro died 10/3/1915 child of Luis Sandoval and Refujio Gallegos born at Taos age 51yrs

Santistevan, Guillermo died 2-24-2006

Sisneros, Manuel de los Reyes died 12/30/1919 child of Nerio Sisneros and Melisia Garcia born at Prado age 3mo

Suazo, Leopoldo died 9/22/1918 child of Rubilis Suazo and Celestina Fresquez born at Prado age 5mo

Suazo, Rebeca died 11/20/1917 child of Francisco Suazo and Elena Tafoya born at Cieneguilla age 22yrs

Trevizo, Luis Carlos died 11/27/2005age 45y, husband of Betty Tafoya, child of Manuel Trevizo & Socorro Arvizo de Trevizo

Trujillo, Carmel died 10/12/1915 child of Antonio S. Trujillo and Eleonor Montano born at Taos age 23yrs

Trujillo, Eufrasio died 6/27/1921 child of Jose Rafael Trujillo and Pabla Martinez born at Chimayo age 84yrs

Trujillo, Jose Rafael died 1/26/1917 child of Juan Trujillo and Maria Ignacia Gallegos born at Ranchitos age 62yrs

Valdez, Alfonso Serafin died 2/2/1918 child of Pablo Valdez and Cleofes Cardenas born at Prado age 3yrs

Valdez, Juana died 3/5/1918 child of Agapito Valdez and Talpa Sandoval born at Taos age 62yrs

Valdez, Ologia died 12/29/1918 child of Juan Ramon Valdez and Margarita Lidous born at Prado age 65yrs

Vargas, Fidelia died 3/12/1922 child of Justo Vargas and Eleonor Chavez born at Prado age 39yrs

Velasquez, Belarmino died 8/10/1921 child of Perfecto Velasquez and Victoriana Rivali born at Plazitas age 22yrs

Vigil, Andrea S. died 2/3/2006age 88y, widow of Marshall Vigil, child of Iley Nunn Selph & Carolina Sandoval

Vigil, Marshall no dates

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