Taos County, New Mexico
Morada Cemetery

Contributed by Donna D'Angelis. Copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
Morada Cemetery - Penasco. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn left at NM-518, turn right at NM-75, turn left at NM-73, slight right at Lower Llano Road.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Aguilar, Donaciano died 6/25/1917 age 45y, child of Manuel Aguilar & Josefa ?

Archuleta, Apolonia died 7/6/1919 age 18y, child of Alberto Archuleta & Matilde Anglada

Archuleta, Dionisio died 9/20/1914 age 10y, child of Presciliana Archuleta

Archuleta, Enrique Roberto died 11/6/1917 age 11m, child of Alberto Archuleta & Matilde Anglada

Armijo, Jose Manuel died 9/4/1921 age 14y, child of Eleuterio D. Armijo & Celia Trujillo

Baca, Luciano died 8/4/1916 age 63y, born Pojuaque, child of Tomas Baca & Ines Campos

Cardonetti, Carlo died 7/19/1924 age 55y, born Cosenza, Italy, city of Pedivigliago

Casias, Jose M. died 7/18/1949

Cisneros, Alicia died 5/17/1914 age 29y, child of David Cisneros & Catalina Ledoux

Cordova, Jose Guadalupe died 10/2/1920 age 11m, child of Dalio Cordova & Erminia Armijo

Cortez, Francisquita born 3/13/1879 died 11/29/1951

Cruz, Maria Filomena died 1/18/1920 age 50y

Cruz, Teodosio died 8/5/1920 age 83y, child of Jose Gabriel Cruz & Maria Dolores Fernandez

Esquibel, Maria Natividad died 7/18/1920 age 84y, child of Jose Rafael Esquibel & Maria Ines Sanchez

Fernandez, Rosendo born 4/11/1891 died 2/2/1952 born Arroyo Seco

Fresquez, Geneieve Martinez born 1941 died 11-22-2009

Fresquez, Maximo no dates

Gallegos, Eloisa Beatriz died 12/30/1922 age 1y 10m, child of Telesforo Gallegos & Cirila Archuleta

Gallegos, Luciano died 10/15/1924 age 72y, child of Juan Pablo Gallegos & Brigida Archuleta

Gallegos, Maria Antonia died 8/11/1920 age 7m, child of Eloisa Gallegos

Gallegos, Pablo died 8/31/1922 age 6m, child of Jose Gallegos & Clorinda Martinez

Gallegos, Placida died 4/5/1914 age 50y, child of Juan Gallegos & Antonia Maestas

Gomez, Maria Manuela died 1/17/1917 age 91y, child of Antonio Mateo Gomez & Maria Silveria Martinez

Gonzales, Alfredo Leonires died 2/4/1924 age 1y, child of Leonires Gonzales & Rosaura Trujillo

Gonzales, Luz S. born 1/16/1890 died 1/27/1949

Guara, Feliz died 11/18/1914 age 37y, child of Ventura Guara & Donaciana Santistevan

Gurule, Eliza died 5/26/1921 age 20y, child of Elizardo Gurule & Fidelia Martinez

Ledoux, Maria Catalina died 3/15/1924 age 1m, child of Santiago Ledoux & Manuela Tenorio

Ledoux, Maria Nicolasa died 3/9/1914 age 82y, born Taos, child of Jose Celedon Gomes & Juana Quintana, wife of Julian Ledoux

Ledoux, Ricardo died 9/8/1920 age 61y, child of Julian Ledoux & Nicolasa Gomez

Lucero, Abelina died 7/19/1914 age 73y, child of Lorenzo Lucero & Rufina Salazar

Lujan, Maria Esmeralda died 8/10/1919 age 2m, born at Dawson, child of Julian Lujan & Rosario F. Barela

Madril, Ventura died 2/23/1919 age 63y, child of Vivian Madril & Rita Trujillo

Manzanares, Rafaeladied 3/18/1918 age 72y, child of Juan Antonio Manzanares & Manuela Valdez

Martinez, Anastacio died 5/16/1922 age 67y, child of Jose Martinez & Esquipula Silva

Martinez, Celia died 12/5/1924 age 2y, child of Ursula Martinez

Martinez, Esteban Joe born 4/2/1926 died 3/20/1950

Martinez, Jose died 7/27/1917 age 60y, child of Miguel Martinez & Rosalia Guara

Martinez, Phillip died June 28, 2010

Martinez, Soledad died 12/30/1915 age 19y, child of Cesario Martinez & Dolores Trujillo

Montoya, Ernesto F. died 9/1/1948

Montoya, Felicita died 4/5/1919 age 38y, child of Concepcion Montoya & Luz Lepew

Ribera, Maria Ologia died 7/10/1921 age 1y, child of Juan Ribera & Emilia Trujillo

Romero, Abenicio died 12/14/1951

Sanchez, Manuel born 6/09/1864 died 11/8/1950

Sandoval, Carlos died 4/20/1923 age 46y, child of Jose Guadalupe Sandoval & Victoria Martinez

Santistevan, Crisofodo died 1/22/1925 age 18y, child of Francisco Santistevan & Francisca Duran

Santistevan, Jose Ignacio died 11/1/1914 age 82y, child of Manuel Santistevan & Rosalia Medina

Santistevan, Maria Evangelina died 4/4/1914 age 1y, child of Jesus Santistevan & Prudencia Romero

Sisneros, Jose Telesforo died 3/30/1923 age 1 1/2m, child of Silviana Sisneros & Trinidad Barela

Trujillo, Carlos B. died 4/6/1914 age 23y, child of Ruperto Trujillo & Hipolita Trujillo

Trujillo, Eloy J. died 7/18/1948

Trujillo, Jose Concepcion died 10/6/1914 age 68y

Trujillo, Pablo Ismel born 1/2/1941 died 4/1/1948

Trujillo, Pedro Jose died 3/5/1915 age 50y, child of Agustin Trujillo & Concepcion Archuleta

Trujillo, Ruperto died 7/19/1923 age 65y, child of Sostenes Trujillo & Aniceta Esquibel

Valdez, Eduardo died 3/3/1923 age 20y, child of Juan Valdez & Felicitas Montoya

Valdez, Augustina M. born 8/24/1912 died 10/7/1948

Valdez, Jose A. died 2/15/1922 age 76y, child of Juan Andres Valdez & Juliana ?

Vargas, Eduardo Roberto died 1/7/1925 age 9m, child of Aureliano Vargaas & Feloniz Romero

Vigil, Albert died 11-2-2009

Vigil, Berlinda Valencia died 2-19-2007

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