Taos County, New Mexico
Morada Cemetery

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Morada Cemetery - Penasco. Head northwest on Kit Carson Road towards Barela Lane. Turn left at Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, turn left at NM-518, turn right at NM-75, turn left at NM-73, slight right at Lower Llano Road.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Aguilar, Donaciano died 25 Jun 1917 age 45y, child of Manuel Aguilar and Josefa ?

Archuleta, Apolonia died 6 Jul 1919 age 18y, child of Alberto Archuleta and Matilde Anglada

Archuleta, Dionisio died 20 Sep 1914 age 10y, child of Presciliana Archuleta

Archuleta, Enrique Roberto died 6 Nov 1917 age 11m, child of Alberto Archuleta and Matilde Anglada

Armijo, Jose Manuel died 4 Sep 1921 age 14y, child of Eleuterio D. Armijo and Celia Trujillo

Baca, Luciano died 4 Aug 1916 age 63y, born Pojuaque, child of Tomas Baca and Ines Campos

Cardonetti, Carlo died 19 Jul 1924 age 55y, born Cosenza, Italy, city of Pedivigliago

Casias, Jose M. died 18 Jul 1949

Cisneros, Alicia died 17 May 1914 age 29y, child of David Cisneros and Catalina Ledoux

Cordova, Jose Guadalupe died 2 Oct 1920 age 11m, child of Dalio Cordova and Erminia Armijo

Cortez, Francisquita born 13 Mar 1879 died 29 Nov 1951

Cruz, Maria Filomena died 18 Jan 1920 age 50y

Cruz, Teodosio died 5 Aug 1920 age 83y, child of Jose Gabriel Cruz and Maria Dolores Fernandez

Esquibel, Maria Natividad died 18 Jul 1920 age 84y, child of Jose Rafael Esquibel and Maria Ines Sanchez

Fernandez, Rosendo born 11 Apr 1891 died 2 Feb 1952 born Arroyo Seco

Fresquez, Geneieve Martinez born 1941 died 22 Nov 2009

Fresquez, Maximo no dates

Gallegos, Eloisa Beatriz died 30 Dec 1922 age 1y 10m, child of Telesforo Gallegos and Cirila Archuleta

Gallegos, Luciano died 15 Oct 1924 age 72y, child of Juan Pablo Gallegos and Brigida Archuleta

Gallegos, Maria Antonia died 11 Aug 1920 age 7m, child of Eloisa Gallegos

Gallegos, Pablo died 31 Aug 1922 age 6m, child of Jose Gallegos and Clorinda Martinez

Gallegos, Placida died 5 Apr 1914 age 50y, child of Juan Gallegos and Antonia Maestas

Gomez, Maria Manuela died 17 Jan 1917 age 91y, child of Antonio Mateo Gomez and Maria Silveria Martinez

Gonzales, Alfredo Leonires died 4 Feb 1924 age 1y, child of Leonires Gonzales and Rosaura Trujillo

Gonzales, Luz S. born 16 Jan 1890 died 27 Jan 1949

Guara, Feliz died 18 Nov 1914 age 37y, child of Ventura Guara and Donaciana Santistevan

Gurule, Eliza died 26 May 1921 age 20y, child of Elizardo Gurule and Fidelia Martinez

Ledoux, Maria Catalina died 15 Mar 1924 age 1m, child of Santiago Ledoux and Manuela Tenorio

Ledoux, Maria Nicolasa died 9 Mar 1914 age 82y, born Taos, child of Jose Celedon Gomes and Juana Quintana, wife of Julian Ledoux

Ledoux, Ricardo died 8 Sep 1920 age 61y, child of Julian Ledoux and Nicolasa Gomez

Lucero, Abelina died 19 Jul 1914 age 73y, child of Lorenzo Lucero and Rufina Salazar

Lujan, Maria Esmeralda died 10 Aug 1919 age 2m, born at Dawson, child of Julian Lujan and Rosario F. Barela

Madril, Ventura died 23 Feb 1919 age 63y, child of Vivian Madril and Rita Trujillo

Manzanares, Rafaeladied 18 Mar 1918 age 72y, child of Juan Antonio Manzanares and Manuela Valdez

Martinez, Anastacio died 16 May 1922 age 67y, child of Jose Martinez and Esquipula Silva

Martinez, Celia died 5 Dec 1924 age 2y, child of Ursula Martinez

Martinez, Esteban Joe born 2 Apr 1926 died 20 Mar 1950

Martinez, Jose died 27 Jul 1917 age 60y, child of Miguel Martinez and Rosalia Guara

Martinez, Phillip died 28 Jun 2010

Martinez, Soledad died 30 Dec 1915 age 19y, child of Cesario Martinez and Dolores Trujillo

Montoya, Ernesto F. died 1 Sep 1948

Montoya, Felicita died 5 Apr 1919 age 38y, child of Concepcion Montoya and Luz Lepew

Ribera, Maria Ologia died 10 Jul 1921 age 1y, child of Juan Ribera and Emilia Trujillo

Romero, Abenicio died 14 Dec 1951

Sanchez, Manuel born 09 Jun 1864 died 8 Nov 1950

Sandoval, Carlos died 20 Apr 1923 age 46y, child of Jose Guadalupe Sandoval and Victoria Martinez

Santistevan, Crisofodo died 22 Jan 1925 age 18y, child of Francisco Santistevan and Francisca Duran

Santistevan, Jose Ignacio died 1 Nov 1914 age 82y, child of Manuel Santistevan and Rosalia Medina

Santistevan, Maria Evangelina died 4 Apr 1914 age 1y, child of Jesus Santistevan and Prudencia Romero

Sisneros, Jose Telesforo died 30 Mar 1923 age 1 1/2m, child of Silviana Sisneros and Trinidad Barela

Trujillo, Carlos B. died 6 Apr 1914 age 23y, child of Ruperto Trujillo and Hipolita Trujillo

Trujillo, Eloy J. died 18 Jul 1948

Trujillo, Jose Concepcion died 6 Oct 1914 age 68y

Trujillo, Pablo Ismel born 2 Jan 1941 died 1 Apr 1948

Trujillo, Pedro Jose died 5 Mar 1915 age 50y, child of Agustin Trujillo and Concepcion Archuleta

Trujillo, Ruperto died 19 Jul 1923 age 65y, child of Sostenes Trujillo and Aniceta Esquibel

Valdez, Eduardo died 3 Mar 1923 age 20y, child of Juan Valdez and Felicitas Montoya

Valdez, Augustina M. born 24 Aug 1912 died 7 Oct 1948

Valdez, Jose A. died 15 Feb 1922 age 76y, child of Juan Andres Valdez and Juliana ?

Vargas, Eduardo Roberto died 7 Jan 1925 age 9m, child of Aureliano Vargaas and Feloniz Romero

Vigil, Albert died 2 Nov 2009

Vigil, Berlinda Valencia died 19 Feb 2007

Vigil, Leroy J. born 18 Apr 1948 died 1 Apr 2014

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