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Llano de San Juan Nepomuceno Morada Cemetery
Taos, New Mexico

Contributed by Alberto Vidaurre and added to as more information becomes available. Copyrighted by Karen Mitchell.
NOTE: This is not a complete listing. If anyone knows of more burials in this cemetery please contribute them by sending to Karen Mitchell.

Llano (de San Juan Nepomuceno) Morada Cemetery is located in Llano, Taos County, New Mexico. Llano is located within the Santa Barbara Land Grant.

La Merced de Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Land grant) was granted for the second time on 11 January 1796. Five years later on 9 May 1801 Fray Esteban Aumatell, Minister in charge of the San Lorenzo de Picuris parish reported that there were 2 Plazas established by then, Santa Barbara (present day Rodarte) and Llano de San Juan Nepomuceno (present day Llano).

The first mention of Llano in the San Lorenzo de Picuris Baptisms LDS Microfilm Reel # 016868, is the baptism of Manuela Martin 15 Apr 1795, 5 days old. daughter of Ramon Martin and Mariana Cordova, Vecino del Llano. Padrinos: Salvador Duran y Antonia Margarita Molina, Vecinos de Santa Barbara.

Este dia 11 del mes de Agosto A.D.D. 1865 Pedro Antonio Martin y Maria de Los Dolores Martin sold to the members of La " Fraternidad Piadosa del Llano una casa de 4 pieseseitas" and some land for the sum of 32 pesos legal money of the United States. Fraternidad Piadosa also known as Fraternidad Piadosa de Nuestro Padre Jesus de Nazareno or Fraternal Pious Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth. Members of La Morada.
By: Alberto Vidaurre
29 Nov 2009

Following is a list of the people buried in the Morada Cemetery at El Llano de San Juan Nepomuceno, New Mexico. The original listing is by Alberto Vidaurre, and added to as more information is found.

Abeyta, Rebecca Esquibel died 25 Feb 1922 age 37y wife of Max Abeyta

Abeyta, Salome Archuleta died 10 Jan 1930 age 25y daughter of Enriques Archuleta and Lucia Sandoval wife of Max Abeyta

Alaniz, Alejandro born 21 Jul 1909, died 13 Jan 1966. Killed by a hit and run driver.

Arguello, Elma died 17 Aug 1935 at San Juan infant daughter of Tiburcio Arguello and Tonita Arguello

Arguello, Josefa Martinez died 20 Jan 1930age 75y wife of Basilio Arguello

Bonsal, Silveria Martinez died 29 April 1922 age 48y daughter of Antonio Martinez and Feliciana Vigil wife of Fermin Bonsal

Casados, Kimberly died 8 Jan 2009

Casillas, Maria Fermina died 24 Mar 1862 age 1y 3m daughter of Manuel de Jesus Casillas and Maria de la Luz Gallegos, residents of San Francisco de Paula, buried Morada de San Juan.

Chavez, Juana Maria Trujillo died 12 May 1923 age 56y daughter of Martin Trujillo and Maria Antonia Chavez wife of Bartolo M. Chavez

Chavez, Marcos born 25 Sep 1881 died 17 Jan 1967 son of Bartolome Chavez and Juana Nepomucena Martin, husband of Maria Altagracia Martinez married 8 Jan 1902.

Chavez, Maria Altagracia Martinez born 3 May 1881, died 18 Oct 1967 daughter of Cipriano Martin and Rafaela Maes. Mother of Petra, Raquel, Santiago, Evangelina, Juanita, Bartolome, Eustaquio and Merenciana Chavez.

Cordova, Fidel born about 1876 at Llano de San Juan died 04 May 1925 at Llano de San Juan age 49y, husband of Helena Cruz son of Mateo Cordova and Carmelita Lopez father born Llano de San Juan mother born Trampas buried 05 May 1925 occupation: Farmer

Cordova, Jennie Ruth died 23 Sep 1936 at Llano San Juan infant daughter of Gumecindo Cordova and Prudencia Casados

Cordova, Jose Cresencio died 27 Aug 1933 at Llano San Juan age 41y, husband of Maria Ofrecinia Maestas son of Ramon Cordova and Maria Soledad Fresquez

Cordova, Maria Soledad Fresquez died 6 Jun 1947 wife of Ramon Cordova

Cruz, Antonio born 3 Feb 1945 died 9 May 2010

Esquibel, Alfonso son of Juan Nepomuceno Esquibel and Veneranda Trujillo. husband of Escolastica Martinez married 3 Nov 1934. Father of Corrina, Jose Cristobal, and Maria U. Esquibel.

Esquibel, Crecencia Gonzales born 1862 at Llano de San Juan died 19 Feb 1922 at Llano de San Juan age 59y, wife of Rafael Esquibel daughter of Juan Gonsales and Agapita Velencia buried 20 Feb 1922

Fresques, Maria Isabel Lujan died 25 Jan 1922 wife of Jose Manuel Fresquis daughter of Jose Victor Lujan and Maria Peregrina Gonzales

Fresques, Maria Visentita Vigil died 29 Nov 1941 at Llano San Juan age 83y, wife of Jose De Gracias Fresques daughter of Jose Maria Vigil and Juanita N. Romero

Fresquez, Elio born 19 Jul 1923 died 20 Nov 1993 son of Victor Fresquez and Matilde Gonzales, husband of Facunda Lopez married 4 Sep 1943

Fresquez, Facunda Lopez born 6 Jan 1925, died 2 Sep 1999 daughter of Maclovio and Matilde Lopez. Mother of Leroy, Albino, Peggy, Elifas, Irene, Ruby, Darlene, Matilde and Josie Fresquez.

Fresquez, Isabel Lujan died 25 Jan 1922 age 47y wife of Manuel Fresquez

Fresquez, Jose de Gracia died 23 Oct 1923 husband of Maria Vicenta Vigil

Fresquez, Lucario died 25 Oct 1931 age 35y son of Urgencio Fresquez and Reyescita Trujillo husband of Cirilia Medina Trujillo

Fresquez, Matilde Gonzales bapt 29 Nov 1894, died 1973. daughter of Ursulo Gonzales and Maria Librada Rodarte. Mother of Elio, Isabel, Corina, Evelyn, Libradita, Victor, Jr.,and Maria E. Fresquez.

Fresquez, Pablo died 26 Dec 1930 age 32y son of Manuel Fresquez and Isabel Lujan husband of Adela Sena

Fresquez, Victor born 24 Mar 1893 married 31 Aug 1922 died 25 Jan 1973. son of Jose Manuel Fresquez and Maria Isabel Lujan husband of Matilde Gonzales.

Fresquez, Victor Jr. died 1981 son of Victor Fresquez and Matilde Gonzales.

Gonzales, Adonias born 16 Jun 1901 died 12 Feb 1989 son of Juan Francisco Gonzales and Maria Ramona Romero husband of Margarita Vigil married 18 Dec 1920

Gonzales, Albina Sanchez died 27 Aug 1922 age 65y wife of Juan Gonzales

Gonzales, Celia born 11 Aug 1920 at Llano died 14 Oct 1920 at Llano infant daughter of Perfecto Gonzalez and Maria Martinez buried 15 Oct 1920

Gonzales, Cirilo born 29 May 1921 died Apr 1971 son of Alejandro J. Gonzales and Sorida Miera

Gonzales, Crestino died 10 Sep 1933 at Llano San Juan age 61y, husband of Beatriz Ortega son of Jose Miguel Gonzalez and Maria Julianita Medina

Gonzales, Epifanio died 04 Jun 1933 at Llano infant son of Valentin Gonzalez and Adela Gallegos

Gonzales, Jose A. died 15 Sep 1932 at Llano San Juan infant son of Roberto Gonzalez and Maria Corina Vijil

Gonzales, Jose Abran born 27 Nov 1934 died 29 May 1981 son of Alejandro J. Gonzales and Sorida Miera husband of Elsie Rodriguez married 10 May 1957

Gonzales, Jose Emilio died 20 May 1928 at Llano infant son of Eduardo Gonzalez and Maria Bersabe Vigil

Gonzales, Margarita Vigil born 16 May 1903 died 6 Feb 1998 daughter of Jose Livorio Vigil and Celestina Tafoya. Mother of Jose Z., Lila, Maria Demetria, Rufina, Moiselio, Arnold, Patricio, Luciano, Juan Alberto and Maria Raquel Gonzales.

Gonzales, Maria Apolonia died 18 Aug 1937 at Llano de San Juan infant daughter of Crestina Gonzales

Gonzales, Maria Dora died 04 May 1928 at Llano infant daughter of Alejandro Gonzalez and Saraida Miera

Gonzales, Maria Oralia died 19 May 1928 at Llano age 4y, daughter of Alejandro Gonsalez and Saraida Miera

Gonzales, Marietta born Llano San Juan died 17 Feb 1921 at Rodarte age 2y, daughter of Luis Gonzalez and Maria Martinez

Gonzales, Soraida Miera born 5 Aug 1905 died 25 Feb 1991 daughter of Ponciano Miera and Gregoria Lujan. Wife of Alejandro J. Gonzales married 15 Nov 1919 son of Jose Francisco Gonzales and Maria Ramona Jaramillo. Mother of Cirilo, Oralia, Melisia Adelina, Jose Eli, Maria Dora, and Jose Abran Gonzales.

Gonzales, Tranquilino died 25 Jun 1931 at Llano age 24y, son of Crestino Gonzalez and Beatriz Ortega

Gonzales, Ursulo died 18 May 1933 at Llano San Juan age 64y husband of Libradita Rodarte son of Alcario Gonzalez and Julianita Romero

Griego, Miguel died 30 Jun 1931 age 21y son of Octavio Griego and Beatrice Trujillo

Griego, Octavio died 12 Aug 1931 age 62y son of Manuel Griego and Margarita Vigil husband of Beatrice Trujillo

Griego, Octavio Benjamin died 23 Mar 1930 age 18y son of Octavio Griego and Beatrice Trujillo

Griego, Remigio born 19 Apr 1926 died 5 Oct 1998 son of Luis Minor Griego and Maria Elaisa Medina, husband of Rufina Gonzales married 9 Feb 1945 daughter of Adonias Gonzales and Margarita Vigil. Father of Remigio A. Jr., Louis S., Marilyn E., Margaret D., David and Ernie Griego

Griego, Reymundo died 5 Sep 1952 age 30y 3m son of Luis Griego and Alicia Padilla husband of Leonarda Sanchez

Herrera, Porfilia Martinez died 27 Aug 1922 age 17y daughter of Gabino Martinez and Elisea Martinez wife of Ramon Herrera

Jaramillo, Christopher born 8 Mar 1958 died 1984. son of Horacio Jaramillo and Teresa Padilla. Father of Selina C. Jaramillo

Jaramillo, Selina C. born 12 Nov 1983 died 22 Dec 1983 daughter of Christopher Jaramillo and _ _ Tafoya.

Leyba, Leonides died 28 Apr 1943 age 66y son of Jose Miguel Leyba and Barbarita Mondragon husband of Manuelita Lopez died in Taos hospital

Lobato, Rosana Griego died 29 April 1922 age 23y 11m 6d daughter of Octavio Griego and Beatriz Trujillo wife of Jose S. Lobato

Lopez, George born 21 May 1954 died 23 Dec 2017

Lopez, Juana Victoriana died 28 Dec 1932 at Llano San Juan infant daughter of Juan de Dios Lopez and Maria Rosa Roybal

Lopez, Julianita died 09 Oct 1938 at Llano San Juan age 58y, daughter of Simon Lopez and Doloritas Abeyta

Lopez, Lusita M. born Lano Largo died Jan 1921 at Lano Largo age 1y, daughter of Herman Lopez

Lopez, Maria Carlota Leonardita died 27 Mar 1929 at Llano San Juan age 3y, daughter of Jose Sabino Lovato and Rosalie M. Lovato

Lopez, Rosita Roybal died 22 Apr 1937 age 35y daughter of Benito Roybal and Josefa Roybal wife of Juan D. Lopez died in childbirth

Lopez, Simon died 27 Aug 1923 at Llano de San Juan age 80y, husband of Maria Dominguez son of Pedro Lopez and Josefa Sanchez

Lovato, Maria Elizaida died 24 Aug 1930 at Llano San Juan infant daughter of Jose Sabino Lovato and Maria Rosalee Martinez

Lucero, Amadeo died 22 Mar 1926 age 19Y son of Jose Gracia Lucero and Celsa Fresquez

Lucero, Jose de Gracia born 1874 died 28 May 1956 husband of Maria Excelsa Fresquez son of Jose Narciso Romero and Maria Remedias Lucero

Lucero, Juan Amadeo born 15 Mar 1907 died 22 Mar 1926 son of Jose de Gracia Lucero and Maria Excelsa Fresquez

Lucero, Juan B. born 24 Jun 1909 died 6 Oct 2009

Lucero, Maria Estela died 6 Apr 1941 daughter of Jose de Gracia Lucero and Maria Excelsa Fresquez

Lucero, Maria Excelsa Fresquez born 23 Apr 1897 died 1 Oct 1966 wife of Jose de Gracia Lucero

Lujan, Jose Benjamin born 9 Mar 1911 died 8 Jan 2002 son of Juan de Jesus Lujan and Maria Domitilia Martinez husband of 1st Elis Leyba married 3 Dec 1934 2nd Clorinda Tafoya

Lujan, Maria Domitilia Martinez born 8 Mar 1888 married 24 Jul 1909 died 14 Apr 1962 daughter of Marcos Camilio Martin and Maria Perfecta Vasquez (Velasquez) Wife of Juan de Jesus Lujan son of Jose Ramon Lujan and Martina Gallegos. Mother of Jose Benjamin, Abraham, Maria Clara and Manuel Lujan

Madrid, Jose Ignacio died 20 Nov 1922 age 79y son of Antonio Madrid husband of Estefanita Martinez

Maestas, Beronice Sanchez died 3 Dec 1936 age 40y daughter of Macedonio Sanchez and Cleofes Romero wife of Candido Maestas died at Gillman CO.

Martinez, Feliciana Vigil died 30 May 1927 wife of Antonio Martinez

Martinez, Juanita died 7 Jan 1953 age 90y wife of Telesfor Martinez

Martinez, Juanita Lujan died 12 May 1923 age 40y wife of Seferino Martinez

Martinez, Libradita Lujan born 29 Dec 1869 died 9 Dec 1964 daughter of Victor Lujan and Pelegrina Gonzales. Wife of 1st Blas Martin, 2nd Cornelio Martinez married 29 Nov 1901 son of Antonio Martin and Felisiana Vigil

Martinez, Lorenzo died 6 May 1928 age 18y

Mondragon, Jose Alfredo born 4 Jun 1893 died 19 Jan 1974 son of Juan Antonio Mondragon and Maria Dolores Martin husband of Maria Yglesaria Chacon married 3 Feb 1923 daughter of Juan Florencio Chacon and Benigna Cordova. Father of Maria Adelia, Clorinda, Arturo, Maria Dolorita, Juan Antonio, Juan Florencio and Maria Benina Mondragon.

Mondragon, Juan C. died 8 Jan 1924 age 50y son of Juan A. Mondragon and Dolores Martinez husband of Delfina Lujan

Mondragon, Mercedes died 05 Dec 1935 at San Juan daughter of Juan Cristobal Mondragon and Delfina Lujan

Mondragon, Raquel M. Romero wife of Juan Mondragon

Munez, Melitona Tiodora died 22 Mar 1932 daughter of Arculano Muniz and Avelina Sanchez

Ortega, Benerito died 27 Nov 1937 age 86y son of Alvino Ortega and Maria Ramona Sanchez husband of 1st Gertrudes Vigil Sanchez married 7 Jan 1872, 2nd Juana Maria Leyva married 11 Jan 1902. Father of Virginia, Floripa, Eloisa, Margarita and Jose Salomon Ortega.

Ortega, Delfino

Ortega, Jose Esequil

Ortega, Juana Maria Leyba died 18 Dec 1923 age 65y daughter of Juan Leyba and Incarnacion Martinez wife of Benerito Ortega

Ortega, Maria Libradita died 11 May 1931 at Llano infant daughter of Filiberto Ortega and Rosenda Esquibel

Ortega, Matilde Martin born 28 Jul 1896 died 25 Aug 1980 daughter of Juana Maria Leyba and Benerito Ortega. Mother of and also Buried in this cemetery, their children Jose Esequil, Delfino, and Manuelita Arsilia Romero.

Ortega, Pedro Antonio died 02 Dec 1929 at Llano de San Juan age 60y, husband of Maria Julianita Lopez son of Juan Nepomuseno Ortega and Doloritas Dominguez

Ortiz, Ramoncita Sanchez died 27 May 1921 age 99y wife of Albino Ortiz

Pacheco, Francisquita Leyba died 11 Aug 1945 age 47y daughter of Eligio Leyba and Euphemia Montoya wife of Benjamin Pacheco died in Dixon hospital

Pacheco, Jose Hipolito died 7 Jun 1862 age 9y son of Francisco Pacheco and Maria Petra de Herrera, residents of N.S. de San Juan.

Pacheco, Maria Gregoria died 16 Mar 1862 age 1y daughter of Francisco Salas Pacheco residents of Rio Chiquito, buried in the cemetery of de N.S de San Juan.

Padilla, Maria Erelinda born 08 Sep 1937 at Llano de San Juan died 21 Jan 1938 at Llano de San Juan infant daughter of Feladelfio Padilla and Doloritas Mondragon both parents born at Llano de San Juan buried 22 Jan 1938

Quintana, Benito died 12 Apr 1928 at Llano age 20y son of Juan Estevan Quintana and Maria Libradita Leyba

Quintana, Elizabeth Bessy Viola born 1929 died 23 Jun 1930 at Llano de San Juan age 1y, daughter of Manuel Quintana and Maria Lupita Martinez

Quintana, Estela born 25 Nov 1926 died 22 May 1928 at Llano age 1y, daughter of Estevan Quintana and Bersabe Fresquez

Quintana, Franklin born 1938 died 29 Oct 1938

Quintana, Jose Esteban born 2 Sep 1893 died 6 Apr 1962 son of Juan Estevan Quintana and Maria Libradita Leyba

Quintana, Juan Estevan born 1 Aug 1867 died 30 Mar 1952 husband of Maria Librada Leiba son of Maria Dolores Quintana

Quintana, Juanita died 19 Sep 1928 at Llano age 6y, daughter of Estevan Quintana and Bersabe Fresquez

Quintana, Juanita Estelita born 1930 died 20 Sep 1931 at Llano age 1y, daughter of Jose Estevan Quintana and Bersabe Fresquez

Quintana, Maria Amelia died 20 May 1928 at Llano infant daughter of Manuel Quintana and Gudalupe Martinez

Quintana, Maria Erelinda born 8 Jul 1924 died 10 Jun 1928 daughter of Jose Esteban Quintana and Maria Bersabe Fresquez

Quintana, Maria Guadalupe Martinez born 27 Apr 1901 died 30 Oct 1938 wife of Manuel de Atocha Quintana daughter of Jose Remijio Martinez and Maria Rumalda Quintana

Quintana, Maria Virginia born 04 May 1937 at Llano San Juan died 21 Dec 1937 at Llano San Juan infant daughter of Manuel Quintana and Lupita Martinez both parents born at Penasco buried 22 Dec 1937

Quintana, Nelson born 24 Nov 1925 died 12 Sep 1988 son of Manuel de Atocha Quintana and Maria Guadalupe Martinez

Quintana, Sarita born 01 Apr 1921 at Llano San Juan died 08 May 1938 at Llano San Juan age 17y, daughter of Estevan Quintana and Bersabe Fresquez both parents born at Llano buried 09 May 1938

Quintana, son died 29 Oct 1938 at Llano San Juan infant son of Manuel Quintana and Lupita Martinez

Rodarte, Billy Joe born 20 Aug 1977, died 16 Feb 2004.

Rodarte, Kimberly A. born 26 Mar 1979 died 4 Oct 2009

Rodarte, Peggy Fresquez born 22 Feb 1952 died 2 Mar 2002 daughter of Elio Fresquez and Facunda Lopez. Wife of Joe Mike Rodarte. Mother of Geraldine, Joe Mike Jr. and Billy Joe Rodarte.

Rodarte, Raquiel Martinez died 7 Aug 2008

Rodarte, Rubel born 15 Jun 1912 died 13 Oct 1984 husband of Raquel Martinez son of Jose Rosendo Rodarte and Maria Cleofas Leyba

Rodriguez, Bersabe M. died 24 Feb 1968

Romero, Guillermo died 17 Jun 1949 age 56y son of Narciso Romero and Demetria Vasquez husband of Matilde Trujillo died in Albuquerque Veterans Hospital

Romero, James born 23 Feb 1959 died 4 Mar 1976.

Romero, Jose Adonio died 06 Aug 1932 at Llano San de Juan age 1y, son of Manuel Vijil Romero and Bersabe Martinez

Romero, Pvt. Juan Francisco born 29 Sep 1921 died 25 Apr 1945 in Germany son of Guillermo Romero and Matilde Trujillo

Romero, Juan Manuel born 05 Apr 1843 at Chamasal died 28 Jul 1920 at Penasco age 77y, husband of Maria Vasquez son of Juan Antonio Romero and Maria Lopez buried 28 Jul 1920

Romero, Manuelita Arsilia Ortega

Romero, Maria died 15 Feb 1936 at Llano San de Juan age 2y, daughter of Jose Leonides Romero and Raquel Mondragon

Romero, Maria Orcelia died 30 Jan 1928 at Llano infant daughter of Jose Leonides Romero and Raquel Mondragon

Romero, Tomasito Alesandro died 08 Jan 1938 at Llano de San Juan age 1y, son of Jose Leonides Romero and Raquel Mondragon

Romero, Tomasito Losauro born 04 Oct 1936 at Llano de San Juan died 08 Jan 1938 at Llano de San Juan age 1y, son of Jose Leonides Romero and Raquel Mondragon buried 08 Jan 1938

Romero, Tranqulino born 13 Apr 1886, died 15 Mar 1945, son of Jose Leon Romero and Maria Juliana Martinez, husband of 1st Maria Isodora Martinez married 25 Nov 1910, 2nd Matilde Martin Ortega married 29 Oct 1917 born 28 Jul 1895 died 29 Aug 1980. Tranqulino Romero and Matilde Martin Ortega. Father of Jose Esequil, Alice, Delfino, Manuelita Arsilia and Adelina Romero.

Sanchez, Acencionita Munez died 11 Aug 1941 age 35y, daughter of Antonio D. Munez and Francisita Martinez wife of Jose Maria Sanchez

Sanchez, Andronico died 20 Feb 1946 age 24y son of Meliton and Josefita Sanchez husband of Ofelia Sanchez died in Rock Springs Wyoming

Sanchez, Blas died 10 Mar 1945 in Germany age 32y buried 5 May 1948 son of Meliton Sanchez and Josefita Romero husband of Rosa Griego

Sanchez, Celia born 18 Apr 1956 died 19 Apr 1956

Sanchez, Elizabeth R. Vigil born 22 Oct 1955 died 18 Mar 1975 daughter of Procopio Vigil and Vivianita Rodriguez. Wife of John Sanchez.

Sanchez, Juanita S. born 30 Nov 1958 died 10 Aug 2000.

Sanchez, Meliton died 2 Dec 1930 age 48y husband of Josefita R. Sanchez

Sanchez, Pasquala Medina born 11 Nov 1927 died 23 Feb 1997 daughter of Siriaco Medina and Socorro Martinez. Mother of Orlando, Virginia and Ascencion Sanchez.

Sanchez, Petrolina Medina born 1 Nov 1908 died 7 May 1998 daughter of Siriaco Medina and Adelina Martin. Wife of Varolin Sanchez. Mother of Maria Gracia, Jose Liberato, Jose Feliberto, Jose Elifar, Efren, Rosinaldo (Reynaldo), Cleofas, Escolastico, Bolivar, Luis and Merlyn Sanchez.

Sanchez, Phil died 11 Oct 2010

Sanchez, Robert E. born 17 Jul 1960 died 3 Jul 1995

Sanchez, Santos born 10 Jun 1925 died 20 Nov 1999 son of Jose Maria Sanchez and Ascencion Muniz husband of Pasquala Medina.

Sanchez, Varolin born 29 Mar 1906 died 4 Aug 1985 son of Macedonio Sanchez and Cleofas Romero husband of Petrolina Medina married 27 Jan 1928.

Sena, Clarence born 25 Oct 1919 died 12 Jun 2005 son of Eugenio Sena and Maria Clara Lopez husband of 1st Seloniz Lopez married 2 Jan 1945, 2nd Dulcina Vigil married 13 Aug 1977.

Sena, Francisca Sandoval died 19 Feb 1929 age 79y wife of Donaciano Sena

Sena, Maria Clara Lopez born 2 Dec 1898 died 14 Apr 1983 daughter of Meliton Lopez and Piedad Mestas. Wife of Eugenio Sena son of Donaciano Sena and Francisca Sandoval. Mother of Filadelfio, Encarnacion, Clarence, Juan Florencio, Maria Josefina, Virginia, Martha and Jose Aurelio Sena.

Sena, Placida Rodarte died 20 Aug 1952 age 70y wife of Jose Sena

Tafoya, Alfredo died 31 Aug 1931 age 42y son of Alejandro Tafoya and Cenobia Esquibal died in Bingham

Tafoya, Epimenia Vijil died 19 Feb 1932 at Llano de San Juan age 56y, wife of Marcelo Tafoya daughter of Francisco Vijil and Doloritas Cordova

Tafoya, Jose Eloyso born 18 Sep 1932 died 11 Aug 1985 son of Lucario Tafoya and Eufemia Miera husband of Virginia Sena married 20 Jan 1952.

Tafoya, Juan Nelson died 04 Feb 1937 at San Juan infant son of Locadio Tafoya and Eufemia Miera

Tafoya, Manuel A. born 1 Aug 1927, died 30 Jul 1986.

Tafoya, Marcelo died 13 Sep 1945 age 84y son of Antonio Tafoya and Encarnacion Tafoya husband of Epimenia Tafoya

Tafoya, Pelegrina Martinez born 16 Jun 1903 died 3 Jan 1994 daughter of Manuel Fresquez and Isabel Lujan. Adopted parents Cornelio Martinez and Librada Lujan. Wife of Onesimo Tafoya married 23 Oct 1924 son of Jose de Gracia Tafoya and Maria Epimenia Esquivel. Mother of Gregoria, Manuel Alfonso, Jose Conrado, Maria Mable, Lorenzo Anselmo y Reynaldo Tafoya.

Tafoya, Virginia Sena born 13 Apr 1935, died 29 Mar 2003. daughter of Eugenio Sena and Clara Lopez. Wife of Jose Eloyso Tafoya.

Trujillo, Adam Jonathan born 15 Nov 1975, died 27 May 1981. son of Patrick Trujillo y Joanna Vidaurre Trujillo.

Trujillo, Jose Benito died 29 Dec 1946

Trujillo, Juan Nepomucino died 22 Oct 1922 age 70y husband of Maria Benigina Silva

Trujillo, Leopoldo dates unknown son of Jose Estanislado Trujillo and Juana Maria Padilla husband of Matilde Ortega married 14 Mar 1910.

Trujillo, Manuel died 17 Sep 1936

Trujillo, Maria Florida died 16 Dec 1930 age 3d daughter of Benjamin Trujillo and Adela Tafoya

Trujillo, Matilde Ortega daughter of Juan Bautista Ortega and Juana Maria Ortega. Mother of Manuel G. and Carolina Trujillo.

Trujillo, Ramon died 11 Feb 1922 age 50y husband of Nieves Esquibel

Valencia, Cenaida Chacon died 5 Feb 1922 age 43y wife of Demesio Valencia

Valencia, Demesio born 1870 died 30 Jan 1922 age 40y son of Vicente Valencia and Antonia Sena husband of Cenaida Chacon occupation: Farmer burial date: 31 Jan 1922

Valencia, Lanciano died 20 Nov 1930 son of Jose Daniel Valencia and Cesaria Archuleta

Vigil, Encarnacion Gonzalez died 13 Nov 1928 at Llano age 67y, wife of Manuel Lujan Y Vigil daughter of Miguel Gonsalez and Julianita Medina

Vigil, Juan F. died 13 Nov 1944

Vigil, Manuel Lujan died 22 Dec 1928 at Llano age 76y, husband of Encarnacion Gonsalez son of Francisco A. Lujan and Rafaelita Vigil

Vigil, Procopio born 27 Dec 1918 died 17 Feb 1955 son of Jose Livorio Vigil and Celestina Tafoya husband of Vivianita Rodriguez married 24 Jul 1939 daughter of Jose Maria Rodriguez and Emilia Gurule. Father of Maria Clara, George, Edna, Elizabeth Josephine, Juan George, Modesto, Teresita, Selestina Arabela, and Rose Elizabeth Vigil.

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